If You Lead, I Will Follow: The Men Of Gilmore Girls, Ranked

It's hard to believe that Gilmore Girls first premiered nearly two decades ago in 2000. Sure, the Netflix revival definitely earned some new fans, but the show had managed to stay popular year after year even before that. There was just something about the quippy banter, heartwarming friendships, and familial relationships that drew people in.

Now, while the mother/daughter relationship between Rory and Lorelai was obviously the main focus of the show, it's hard to ignore all the men who appeared throughout the show. Some were staples who appeared in every season, like Luke Danes. Some were Stars Hollow residents who would pop in when the storyline needed then. And, some were romantic relationships who were on the show as long as their relationship with whichever Gilmore Girl they were dating lasted.

So, since the 20th anniversary of the show is creeping up on us, we've decided to take a look at the men of Gilmore Girls. Everyone has their preferences, and everyone has traits that they look for in a guy—but chances are, whatever they like, fans will find one man on the show who makes them swoon. There's just such a wide variety!

Here are the men of Gilmore Girls, ranked.

24 Mitchum Huntzberger: Ruthless And Rude

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Mitchum Huntzberger obviously goes at the bottom of the list because, well, he was kind of everyone's last pick. Now yes, a lot of what Rory did after his comments about how she wasn't going to make it in the journalism field was her own fault. She chose how to react to his comments.

However, his comments were kind of rude, and not exactly very constructive.

He also didn't always seem like the best father to Logan and was overall just focused on business and not really one to care about people. He may have been talented in the boardroom or the newsroom, but his people skills left something to be desired.

23 Jason "Digger" Stiles: Spoiled And Inconsiderate

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Jason "Digger" Stiles was someone that Lorelai dated who, surprisingly, came from her old world. In fact, their history went back so far that she still remembered his silly nickname from summer camp. She was introduced to him when he became partners in business with her father, and he just wasn't really a great guy.

First of all, he tried to make her choose between him and her literal family when his business with Richard went south. He also made Lorelai's mother, Emily, feel bad about her party hosting skills. And, he was a bit weird, with his need to sleep entirely alone and relegate Lorelai to the guest bedroom. Digger wasn't exactly a catch.

22 Christopher Hayden: Emotional Roller Coaster

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David Sutcliffe, the actor who plays Christopher Hayden, is definitely charming. So, it can sometimes be tough to see past that charm and realize that Christopher was kind of a lousy guy.

Lorelai and Christopher will always have a tie thanks to their daughter Rory, but Christopher had a bit of a penchant for trying to pursue Lorelai whenever she was in a happy relationship.

He took her on a total emotional roller coaster through the years, and that just isn't cool. Plus, it doesn't help that he was just a sometimes father to Rory, popping in whenever it fit into his life rather than trying to consider what his daughter needed.

21 Tristan DuGray: Smarmy And Juvenile

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There's a chance that if Tristan DuGray would have stayed on the show and not gotten shipped off to military school, he would have developed into a more complex character. Perhaps he might have even become a romantic option for Rory. However, from his limited time on the show, all we got to see was a bit of a snob who had no trouble making fun of others.

Sure, he got one moment of vulnerability when he was left by his girlfriend at the Chilton party the whole school attended, but he was overall just a spoiled rich kid who didn't have much dimension.

20 Colin McCrae: Far Less Charming

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When Logan Huntzberger came on the show, he brought his band of mischievous revelers with him—including Colin McCrae.

Colin's main character trait is the fact that he seems to flirt with anything that moves, and there's just something about him that's far less charming than the other members of the Life and Death Brigade.

We get why Logan needed to have a few friends to bring into the fold to make things interesting, but we definitely could have done without Colin. He just didn't add much and his little one-liners detracted from scenes more than they added to them.

19 Henry Cho: Lane's First Potential Boyfriend

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Henry Cho got a bit of a rough deal in the Gilmore Girls world. He's a super minor character, but there's a lot we loved about him. Rory's BFF Lane Kim caught his eye when she attended a Chilton party, and he ended up dancing with her and then finding her because he enjoyed spending time with her so much. Rather than running for the hills when Lane made him go to crazy lengths to avoid her mother finding out about their relationship, he actually tried to play by her rules for a while.

Ultimately, it just got to be too many hoops to jump through and he gave up—but we could have totally seen them being a good match.

18 Taylor Doose: Busybody Of Stars Hollow

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Okay, listen—Taylor Doose probably isn't the first man who comes to mind when you think of who in Stars Hollow you'd want to date. In fact, he may very well be the last on the list.

And yes, he certainly has his fair share of negative traits—he's a bit bossy, he's a little rude, he takes over meetings, and he can be petty.

However, at the end of the day, he has an insane amount of community pride and always tries to do his best to ensure Stars Hollow is a great place to live. You've kind of got to give the guy props for that.

17 Doyle McMaster: The Only Man Who Could Handle Paris Geller

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It takes a very specific kind of man to handle someone as over the top as Paris Geller—and Doyle ended up being that kind of man. Fans were first introduced to him when he was the editor of the Yale newsroom where Rory and Paris both started out, and things soon moved to a romantic relationship between Paris and Doyle. There's no denying that he was a little bit quirky—and could be a bit over the top at times.

However, that's the kind of guy that Paris needed. And, we have to admit, at least Doyle was never, ever boring.

16 Brian Fuller: The Sweetest Member Of The Band

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As the nerdiest member of Lane Kim's band Hep Alien, Brian often gets overlooked. However, that's doing him a total disservice, because he seems like such a sweetheart!

Sure, even if Hep Alien had taken off in a major way, he never would have really been about that rock 'n' roll lifestyle.

He was a really nice guy who seemed like he would treat anyone he was dating like a princess, though. Plus, he was creative and musical, which is also a plus—who doesn't love a guy who has the ability to serenade you? Brian was kind of a catch, and we're surprised he didn't snag someone in Stars Hollow.

15 Finn: Mischievous And Charming

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We're not sure if it was his accent or simply Tanc Slade's charm, but there was something about Finn that fans really loved. Sure, he could be over the top at times and was definitely quite privileged. However, there's no denying that he was just plain fun. He threw himself into his little adventures wholeheartedly and was all about the Life and Death Brigade. He often stole whatever scene he was in and was just a delight to watch on screen.

Frankly, we're a little disappointed he didn't end up appearing in even more storylines—he was great! Although obviously, he could never have dated Rory, since she was his BFF's ex.

14 Logan Huntzberger: A Decent Boyfriend

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Logan Huntzberger gets a lot of criticism because he was there at a time in Rory's life when she was making a lot of mistakes and bad decisions. And yes, he definitely had a lot to do with that—he came from a place of total privilege and didn't really ever worry about the consequences of his actions.

However, he wasn't always the worst boyfriend in the world.

He helped her get the inside scoop on her story, he was by her side when she was fighting with her mom, and he got his heart crushed when Rory turned down his proposal. He wasn't all bad.

13 T.J.: Kind Of Strange, But Perfect For Liz

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At times, T.J. could be a bit irritating. He wasn't exactly the most sophisticated guy, he was a little loud, and he was quick to express his opinion even if he didn't have all the facts. However, his heart was so clearly in the right place, and he eventually ended up winning everyone over. We can't exactly see him as a pair for most of the women on the show, but for Luke's sister Liz, he was kind of perfect.

They just complemented one another so well, and the simple guy was the perfect person to ground Liz a little bit and get her to settle down.

12 Morey Dell: The Best Husband In Stars Hollow

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Morey Dell probably didn't utter more than 100 words over the course of the entire series, but there was just something about him that caught everyone's eye. First of all, physically he was a strange match with Babette, the petite firecracker.

Second, he just had such an unusual vibe for Stars Hollow—he seemed like he's stepped straight out of a jazz club and into the town square.

Most importantly, though, he was the perfect fit for Babette. He was the cool, calm, and collected balance to her over-the-top hyper personality, and was always by her side in whatever hijinx she thought up, supporting her the entire way.

11 Richard Gilmore: Family Patriarch And Source Of Strength

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The loss of Edward Herrmann was definitely absolutely heartbreaking for fans of the show, and for the cast in particular. And, as a character, Richard Gilmore was one of the good ones. Sure, he may have butted heads with Lorelai from time to time, but ultimately he cared so, so deeply for all the women in his life, from his wife to his granddaughter. They may have had rough patches through the years, but he always found ways to show them that he cared and he always came through when he was needed.

He may have been more traditional than some of the other men on the show, but he was a classic gentleman.

10 Dave Rygalski: Lane's First Love

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Dave Rygalski ended up moving away to California because, well, Adam Brody got a gig on the teen drama The O.C. and didn't have time to guest star on Gilmore Girls anymore. And work-wise, we get his choice.

However, show-wise, we do kind of wish we could have seen where Dave Rygalski and Lane's relationship went.

I mean, as a teenager, the man was willing to read the Bible from cover to cover in a single night simply to understand Mrs. Kim's mysterious quote and attempt to please her so that she'd be okay with him dating her daughter. He was a total sweetheart.

9 Kirk Gleason: Quirky But Charming In His Own Way

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Kirk was a bit of a kook, there's no other way to put it. He marched to the beat of his own drum, he always had crazy entrepreneurial ventures on the go, and he lived at home with his mother. However, at his core, the thing that makes Kirk so attractive is that he was completely true to who he was and what he liked.

He had unshakeable confidence (well, most of the time—he did get a bit frazzled at times when his relationship with Lulu was kicking off). He ended up finding love with Lulu, and the two were a perfect pair.

8 Dean Forester: Sweet And Perfect First Boyfriend Material

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Dean may not have been the most exciting guy in the world, but you can't say that he wasn't an amazing first boyfriend for Rory. The only time he really got upset was when she was too busy to spend time with him, which is kind of adorable.

Plus, the man built her a car—talk about a crazy gift!

However, his ranking is a little sullied due to all the business with him seeing other girls. Teenage and innocent Dean was an amazing guy who was a total catch—grown-up Dean, not so much. It just goes to show that some characters grow and change, but not always for the better.

7 Marty: Kind, Despite Getting Friend-Zoned

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Ah, poor Marty. He was probably one of the best friends that Rory could have, apart from lifelong bestie Lane. He loved quirky pop culture things just like Rory did and was always willing to have a movie night in the dorms watching junk food. He finally managed to get the courage to tell Rory about his feelings and she responded by keeping him in the friend zone and dating Logan.

She kind of broke his heart, and he was such a nice guy! Sure, the lying about knowing her later on was a bit strange, but can you blame the guy?

6 Zack Van Gerbig: Lane's Adorable Rock N' Roll Hubby

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At first, Zach and Lane seemed like a truly odd pairing who didn't have much more in common than their shared love of music. However, once they started dating, fans got to see just what a great match they were.

Though he could be lovably clueless at times, Zach so clearly adored Lane and tried to do everything he could for her.

He may not have had a job that allowed him to bring in major bank, but he tried to make sure his wife was always taken care of, which is sweet. He even managed to get along with Mrs. Kim, which certainly isn't an easy task.

5 Max Medina: Caring Teacher And Buyer Of A Thousand Yellow Daisies

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Max Medina is just a good guy, plain and simple. He met Lorelai when she was visiting Chilton as a parent and fell head over heels. Their relationship progressed at a pretty quick pace, but it kind of made sense—they seemed like a good fit, and he would do just about anything for her. The thing that ultimately led to their downfall, though, was his getting too serious, too fast.

While the 1,000 yellow daisies were a romantic gesture, they were a bit over the top. We have to wonder how Max and Lorelai's relationship would have worked out if he had waited a bit longer before popping the question.

4 Jackson Belleville: Produce Guy, Perfect Husband

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Okay, we're just going to say it—Jackson was the best husband in Stars Hollow, period. The way he and Sookie met was adorable—arguing over produce—and they clearly shared a passion for good food.

He was devoted to his business, even going so far as to sleep with his crops to make sure they stayed healthy, and was just as devoted to his wife.

He did everything he could to ensure she was happy and was just a really sweet man. He was a reliable friend, he was super protective of his wife and kids, and he loved Stars Hollow.

3 Michel Gerard: Sassy And Hilarious

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Michel Gerard is a hidden gem on the show. He got a ton of screentime despite never being in a romantic relationship that we saw because, well, he worked with Lorelai and was absolutely hilarious. He's unapologetic about his love of pop culture and his need to avoid certain foods, and he was a great part of their team.

Sure, he acted like Lorelai and Sookie annoyed him constantly, but you could tell there was genuine affection there. You could always look forward to a scene with Michel in it because you knew he'd deliver some sassy one-liners and a great performance.

2 Jess Mariano: Rory's Perfect Book-Obsessed Match

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There are many people who dislike Jess because yes, he wasn't always the best boyfriend. He had a lot of abandonment issues to work through and was just a teen thrust into a small town with a relatively he barely knew, trying to make it work.

However, at the end of the day, he was kind of the perfect match for Rory.

They both shared a love of literature. And, though it took him a while to grow up and get his life together, he eventually did—and would have been the perfect match for Rory if her life hadn't fallen apart at the same time he'd gotten his together. We loved them as a couple.

1 Luke Danes: The Dreamy Diner Owner

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Obviously, Luke Danes is going to top the list of the men on the show because, well, he's Luke! Despite his grumpy exterior, he was a total softie who was always willing to help out the people in his life. Even before he and Lorelai dated, he was probably the best father figure Rory had in her life.

He was head over heels in love with Lorelai, and while the two had some relationship drama, you could never really doubt that he didn't care for her deeply. He was a simple guy who didn't need much, and he made just about every fan swoon.

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