If You Don't Agree On 13 Out Of These 15 Things, Your Relationship Will Fail

Relationships are not always easy to navigate. By connecting your world to another person's, there will likely be much more to figure out than just, "Dang, he's so hot." You'll likely come across a bunch of differing interests, values, and tastes, but hit too many road blocks, and your budding romance could fizzle out. One of the major qualities they try to teach you in school is the ability to compromise, and that ability goes a long way when trying to make a relationship work.

Reaching a compromise or an agreement when you're in a relationship is always a smart move to avoid a fight, but it's also a great way to keep your relationship going strong. However, if there are too many compromises, resentment can take over and your willingness to reach an agreement will fade away quicker than your drug store lipstick.

If you're hoping to make a love connection last awhile, you have to know that there are just some things you won't be able to agree on in life. While some things are small and won't affect you, others will seriously boggle your mind and mess you up if your other half won't budge. So if you want to know if your relationship is doomed, ask yourself if you both agree on at least 13 out of these 15 major relationship issues.

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15 Whether You Both Want To Get Married Or Not

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Obviously, if someone pops the question and the other runs away, you're gonna have some problems on your hands. And one of those problems will likely be a failed relationship. It's always a good plan to get a feel for whether or not the person you're dating is fit for marriage, or at the very least, willing to walk down that aisle with you. If your partner is the type of person who doesn't want to get married, they'll probably let you know at some point, and it's on you to listen to them. Because even though you're the type who would love to marry this person one day, if they don't want to commit to you in the same way one day, it's likely that they're not that invested in the relationship to begin with, and your love won't be enough to change their mind.

14 Making Decisions On Where To Live


It's no secret that people have different interests. Some people are iPhone fans, while others are more into Samsung. Some people are Team Pepsi, whereas others are Team Coke. And just like how one person may prefer summer over winter, people can also have a whole list of preferences when it comes to their living situation. City versus country? Apartment versus house? Loft versus tiny home? Whatever you're in the market for when you and your gal or guy decide to move in together, an agreement must be made. But it doesn't just stop there. If you two decide to spend the rest of your lives together, you should also know whether or not they're gonna want to move one day, and if so, where? Will they want a condo or house with ten acres and solar panels? Because if you would rather live in a city in a downtown apartment above a convenience store your whole life, your relationship dreams may be coming to an end.

13 What Their Ideas Of "Cheating" Are

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When it comes to cheating, everyone has different ideas of what can define this little dirty word. A lot of people are firm on the fact that sleeping with someone else is definitely cheating, but the rest of the lines are blurred depending on the type of person you're with. Cheating can mean different things to everyone. For example, is flirting with someone else considered cheating? Is kissing someone else an example of cheating? Or is "liking" images of your hot friend on Instagram a form of cheating? Whatever is the deal breaker for you, it's best to expose that little nugget of information early on in the relationship and mutually agree on its ability to ruin a good thing, or else you're both in for some trouble anyways.

12 How To Hang The Toilet Paper Roll


Ahh, the age-old debate: which way should the toilet paper roll hang? Everyone has a preference, and some can even have OCD about the way that butt paper is positioned. If you grew up with the mindset that the TP must always hang over the roll, but your bae believes that it should be hung under, prepare yourself for a heck of a lot of fights, for every time one of you uses the washroom, you know they're gonna be switching that roll to the side they prefer. And whether or not they want to be the type of person who is bothered by something so minuscule and is compelled to switch it up or not, there are just some things that people can't control. When it comes to witnessing your reliable toilet friend in a compromising position, something just takes over you and you simply react without caring about the consequences.

11 The Ins & Outs Of Your Intimacy Preferences

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Intimacy is a big part of a relationship. In fact, it's one of the major things that keeps a relationship successful, right up there with communication and a shared love of coffee. So when people have different views of what intimacy should include, couples could be in for a lot of surprises or a lot of expectations. When it comes to your canoodling preferences, you should both agree on what kind of things are appropriate to enjoy together. For example, things like positions, toys, degree of playfulness, and involvement of erotic films should all be discussed before getting too serious with someone, or someone might be a little disappointed by a vanilla style of intimacy, when what they really want is some rocky road.

10 Making Decisions When It Comes To What To Watch On Netflix


Choosing what to watch on Netflix is hard enough when you're just in your own company, but when you add another person to the mix, the selection process can get troubling. Depending on what mood you're in when it comes to your next binge, it may be different from your partners, which makes reaching an agreement impossible. Luckily, healthy couples have learned to compromise when making streaming decisions, with tonight being dedicated to a drama fest, making tomorrow night an evening of action. But if your snuggle buddy and you can't come to terms with the idea of reaching a mutual agreement for the sake of the relationship, it will never work out. Just put down the remote and end it right now, then get out your Snuggie and watch whatever your heart desires.

9 What Your Home's Temperature Should Read


This little doozy is an argument that many couples have, with the fight becoming bigger than the love that exists in the relationship, causing the coupledom to crumble beneath their warm (or freezing) toes. It's pretty common that women prefer the temperature in their home to be a little warmer, whereas men would prefer the thermostat to be set at a cooler temperature. Throughout the day, many couples will go back and forth between making adjustments that it will almost always end in a fight. If one person gives in to the other, then it means that someone will be miserable, either sweating buckets or will have icicles form beneath their nostrils. Basically, there's gotta be some sort of compromise or agreement here that is acceptable for both people, or there will be a ton of resentment festering up between you both, causing a relationship implosion.

8 Your Ideas Of What Bathroom Etiquette Should Include


A big sore spot for couples happens when they first move in together and the two attempt to merge their different types of bathroom behaviours. Aside from the obvious cleanliness issues, such as leaving beard hairs in the sink or never cleaning off the sticky cap of the toothpaste, other matters should be discussed before attempting them. These behaviours can include whether or not it's appropriate to use the toilet with the door open, how long is too long when it comes to taking a hot shower, and max time allotted for bathroom use in the morning. These tiny details may not seem like much, but they should all be agreed on if you want to keep your relationship moving forward. Otherwise, these little issues will become big relationship offenders.

7 Sorting Out Your Religious Affiliations

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Religion is a hot-button issue for everyone. Aside from hard-core religious folk who refuse to marry anyone outside their religion, other complications can arise if you're dating someone with strict religious beliefs. Their faith could be one of the factors that guides most of their decisions in life, so when something you want to do conflicts with that, it's not going to be much fun for the both of you. At the same time, basic values may not end up being shared, so whether you're Catholic, Buddhist, Atheist, or a Scientologist, it's probably a good idea to discuss just how strictly you abide by your religious ties and whether or not it's going to affect your relationship together.

6 Who Takes Care Of The Chores


Ugh. Chores. Nobody wants to do them, but at the end of the day, they gotta get done. For one person in any relationship, they'll likely take on more responsibility than the other, which means that the other person appears to be contributing less to the household. In order for everyone to be happy, it's best to set expectations for chores almost immediately after moving in with someone (whether you're part of a couple or not). Will all the chores be shared? Will you each take responsibility for certain chores, like dishes versus laundry? But also, where do you guys stand when it comes to actually performing these chores? Do you hate it when people leave dishes "to soak" or when fitted sheets are bunched up in a ball? If so, then that air better be cleared.

5 What Your Own Ideas Of Taking A Vacation Mean


When a couple has been together long enough that they get excited about taking a trip together, many people say that if you're relationship can withstand travel, it can withstand anything. But for some couples, we're not even sure they'll make it that far. Planning the trip could be the make or break of their relationships if a twosome can't agree on the destination or the activities they'll be doing once they get there. One person may want to do something adventurous, like go skiing in the Alps or hiking in Machu Picchu, but the other may want to lounge around on a Caribbean beach or take a cruise. Whatever each person has in mind when it comes to their vacation, the couple better reach an agreement, or someone is going to have a miserable time and hold a massive grudge.

4 Whether You're Into Open Relationships


Nowadays, relationships can come in all shapes and sizes. Monogamy is not the go-to form of being a romantic duo anymore, but it is still one of the most common ways to commit yourself to someone. So, what you've got to figure out is...do you both agree to be monogamous with one another? Or do you both agree to some other relationship terms that will slap you with a "It's Complicated" label that you hate explaining to friends and refuse to talk about with family? Whatever page you're on, you better make sure that your partner is up to speed and understands what is expected between the both of you. Because if one of you wants to go poly, you're gonna have a sad day.

3 Whether You're A Cat Person Or A Dog Person


And here it is, the biggest debate of all. When it comes to people, they are either a cat person or a dog person (or *gasp* neither), and each type of human will have certain characteristics that reflect this preference. If you're a dog person who is dating a cat person, you've basically set your romantic union up for failure. While many couples can withstand this questionable trait that their partner has and can agree on getting both a cat and a dog when the time comes, deep down they know that something is missing, and that something is the bond they'll share by having a shared love and connection to one furry friend, rather than a hatred for your fur-baby who you would much rather choose over your human companion.

2 If One Of You Prefers Mayo To Miracle Whip


For those of you who have taken a side on which sandwich spread you prefer, you know that if your bae enjoys the sweet taste of the condiment you hate, it's gonna be a deal breaker. Whether you're on Team Mayo or Team Miracle Whip, knowing that the person you're sharing your life with is on the opposite team will surely crush your soul. Having to deal with the smell and sight of the disgusting, tangy spread on a regular basis will get to you faster than your wrongly-dressed macaroni salad hitting your small intestine. And you know that having to endure a lifetime of the gross creamy sauce won't jive with your life's meal plan, so it's best to kick your guy or gal to the curb, along with their bottle or jar of the condiment that makes you cringe.

1 If Your Future Includes Children

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Children are a biggie when it comes to relationship conversations. Some people are baby crazy, while others can't stand being around the sticky, snot machines. And whether someone likes kids or not, there are lots of people nowadays who are choosing NOT to have kids for reasons that are bigger than the awkward behaviour they adopt when they're around a tiny human. Some people refuse to procreate in our over-populated world, while some would rather climb the corporate ladder than climb the playground to make sure their toddlers don't break their necks. Whatever you want to do when it comes to kids, you better make sure that your long-time partner agrees with you, or prepare for a future break-up.

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