If He Does These 20 Things, He's Probably Crushing On Someone Else

Figuring out if he's into us seems like the most impossible task ever. One moment it seems like he's all over us, and then the next second we're convinced he wants nothing to do with us.

Especially when it comes to that special someone, we're more than confused as to whether he's into us or not. That's why we all need a little extra help to figure out what his intentions are.

While we can't exactly make a detailed list as to whether he likes us or not, we can pick up the signs that hint that he has his eye set on someone else. It's safe to say that the absolute worst feeling in the world is when our crush likes someone else. However, if that's the case we prefer to know ASAP rather than ignoring the facts.

This list will surely help us figure out if our crush is crushing on someone else. If it seems like he is, it's best to let him go and move on. We're not about to keep on longing for this false hope, and would rather come face to face with what's going on.

The sooner we figure out he's on to someone else, the sooner we will be able to as well—and these signs can help show us what's going on.

20 He’s Constantly Liking Other Girls' Photos On Social Media


While we can't expect him to only like the photos of girls he's into, he shouldn't exactly be liking every living female's photo on IG. This gives us the vibe that he's trying to catch as many fish as he can in hopes of one finally biting. Who knows, maybe his new crush is among one of the hundreds of girls he has his eye on.

The truth is that liking endless girls' photos on social media shows that he's not exactly crushing on one specific person, but rather multiple. He's not about to settle down with anyone as he's more into seeing how many potential lovers he can find.

19 He Couldn’t Care Less About Making Conversation


It seems like he was once incredibly talkative and now couldn't care less. If he was once totally into making conversation, but now can't care less, he's probably vibing with someone new.

There is no point in trying to make conversation with someone if they would rather chat with someone else. He simply doesn't have the energy to keep up with someone's life when he isn't into them. Rather, his mind is filled with endless pointless facts and conversation starters for someone else. Don't even bother making conversation if he isn't going to put in the work on his end.

18 Seems Like He’s Cozying Up With Someone New


If he's starting to spend more of his time with someone new, it's probably because he's into them. He wouldn't be hanging out with someone new if he wasn't into them. Instead, he's going completely out of his way to get to know this new girl.

It seems like he's trying to put on the best version of himself to get her attention. If you notice him trying to plan dates or activities with her, he's totally feeling her. He wouldn't be spending so much time on her if he wasn't hoping that things would go somewhere. It's safe to say that he's crushing on someone else and there is nothing you can do to change his mind.

17 Getting His Attention Is Nearly Impossible


In the past, it was pretty easy to get his attention, but now it's a completely different story. Unless you're offering something that he wants, he just isn't interested. It seems like endless thoughts are filling his mind and he couldn't care less about what you're saying.

That's because all he can think about is someone else. His attention is already seized by someone he has his eye on and doesn't have the room to think about anyone else. The truth of the matter is that he can't even concentrate on what you're saying and is hoping that things will work out with someone else.

16 He Isn’t Scared To Discuss How Attractive Other Girls Are


In the past he wouldn't dare discuss how attractive or charming girls are in front of you. However, now he isn't scared to bring up the fact that he thinks a certain girl is cute. While you might think it's just him trying to make you jealous, it's actually a whole other story.

He's trying to let you know that he's not interested and is rather set on someone else. This is his way of letting you know that he sees you more like a friend who he can rely on and express his opinions to. If you're trying to convince yourself that his aim is to make you jealous, think again.

15 Smiling To Himself Is Almost A 24/7 Occurrence


If you catch him smiling to himself, it's because he's totally consumed by his new crush. The only thing on his mind is her as he replays all of their interactions with one another. He is more interested in analyzing each moment together than giving you the time of day.

Instead, every time he thinks of this special someone, he can't help but smile. If you notice that he just can't stop staring off into the distance and smiling, it's because he has someone special on his mind. Don't bother trying to catch his attention as it seems like someone else already did.

14 He’s A Different Person Around Certain Girls


If you notice his personality shift around certain people, it's probably because he's into them. He's trying to put his best foot forward around a certain girl to get her to fall for him. He isn't scared to put on a show if it means winning points in her books.

While it's absolutely sad to see him act like someone else for another girl, it's what's going on. He's totally crushing and is hoping that this girl will give him a chance. While we would so rather be the ones he focuses on, it seems like he has other plans. Don't even bother sticking around when you notice his personality change.

13 Making Plans With Him Is Almost Impossible


While it might've been easy to make plans with him in the past, it now seems almost impossible. He couldn't care less about seeing you as he has his heart set on hanging out with someone else.

You were probably able to make plans with him in a heartbeat before. However, it seems like things are changing. He's constantly letting you know that he's busy and doesn't seem to have any time to hang out. Even if it's work or school related, it seems like he's finding ways to opt out. If he's telling you that he's busy but is actually hanging out with someone else, you should probably move on.

12 He’s Giggling At His Phone


If he wasn't that obsessed with his phone but now can't seem to put it down, it's because he's into someone new. He can't wait for her to reply to his texts and is anxiously waiting. It seems like he can't even put his phone down for a second and is already thinking of his next reply.

Don't even bother giving him the time of day if he's much more interested in smiling at his phone than talking to you. It seems like he's totally vibing with someone else, and you shouldn't even be bothered by that. Let him do his own thing as it's time for you to move on from this guy!

11 There Is Only One Person That Seems To Change His Mood


If you notice that his mood changes from one emotion to another, it's probably due to someone's influence. We're guessing that his crush is keeping him on his toes by making him stress out over her hard-to-get attitude.

Don't take it too hard if he's constantly having mood swings. It seems like this girl has him around her finger and isn't scared to push him past the limits. If he thinks that taking his frustrations out on you will slide, he is more than wrong. Rather, he's obsessing over someone who seems to only be stressing him out. While he might have the time to deal with that, we totally don't.

10 His Friends Keep Teasing Him About Some Girl


When his friends start teasing him over a girl, it's official that he likes her. He definitely told his friends that he was into someone and now they're pushing his buttons with comments. His friends are totally bringing up this particular girl to get a rise out of him.

Here's the thing. If you notice that he is getting sensitive whenever her name gets brought up, he's totally into her. There is no other reason why he would start to blush whenever his friends would talk about her. Rather, he's totally feeling her and is getting incredibly embarrassed by his friends constantly teasing him about her!

9 He Isn’t Scared To Check Out Other Girls


He's totally not feeling you if he has the audacity to check out other girls in front of you. Instead, he's going out of his way to show that you're only a friend and that he is much more interested in seeing what other fish there are in the sea.

Don't think that he's trying to make you jealous because he's not. He wouldn't be flirting with other girls in front of you because he likes you as he knows that will anger you. Instead, he's setting some pretty intense boundaries by showing where the line is between you two. Let him do his own thing as he's obviously not interested.

8 The Only Thing On His Mind Is His Appearance


When a guy steps up his style game, it's because he's trying to catch someone's attention. There is no way that he would be spending his time trying to look better if it wasn't for some important reason. He's totally hoping that a better wardrobe will bring someone special his way.

However, there totally is a chance that this shift in style could even be for you. If you spend a lot of time together, he could totally be updating his fashion sense to get your attention. Don't underestimate the person whose attention he is trying to catch. He totally wants someone to think highly of him, and it might just be you.

7 He Goes Out Of His Way To Talk To Certain People


If he usually prefers to keep to himself but is now always around certain people, something is totally up. He's definitely into someone new and is trying to get to know them. That's why he's going out of his way to talk to a few certain people to see if maybe they're feeling him.

It's safe to say that he is definitely crushing on someone else if he's going out of his way to talk to them. Especially if he usually prefers to keep to himself rather than being the center of attention. He's trying to go out of his comfort zone to get to know someone new. This is foreign territory for him and it definitely took a special someone to push him.

6 His Mind Seems To Be Filled With Thoughts


If he's constantly staring off into the distance, he's definitely thinking about his newfound crush. If getting his attention is nearly impossible at this point, then he's totally obsessing over someone. It might've been pretty easy to get his attention in the past, even though now it seems completely impossible.

Don't even bother giving him the time of day if he isn't able to do the same in return. No one should be fighting over someone's attention when it's just not worth it. If his mind seems to be filled with a million thoughts, it's best to just let him figure them out. We're not about to wait on someone who is consumed by someone else.

5 He Won’t Let Anyone Go On His Phone


There is no reason that he should be acting weird around his phone. Especially if he didn't really care about someone going on his phone before. If he won't even let his friends look at his phone for a split second, he's totally talking to someone new.

Either he's embarrassed about the content of these messages, or he's trying to keep it all on the down low. While we can't exactly figure out what he's hiding, it totally isn't anything that you would probably be happy to find out. If he's not giving you attention and would rather give it to someone else, he's so not worth it.

4 He’s Being Defensive Of His Words And Actions


It seems like he's a little more uptight than usual, there is definitely a reason behind it. He's stressing over his new crush and becomes irritated by any other stressor that seems to be coming up. If he feels the need to constantly be defending himself, it's because he's starting to question his character.

The main thing on his mind is someone new and whether he's good enough for her or not. That's why if anyone is about to put him down, he feels the need to defend himself as he tries to convince himself that he can get this girl. While he's totally coming off as being a little tense, he's simply stressing out over his new boo.

3 He’s Always Day Dreaming In His Own World


He couldn't care less about anyone around him and is instead doing his own thing. The last thing on his mind is what other people might think of him, as he's all about doing his own thing and obsessing over his new lover. Getting his attention is basically impossible as he's always distracted.

We can only imagine what he's obsessing over, and it's probably someone new. He's constantly stressing whether things could actually work out with this person or not. He only has one thing on his mind and it's his new boo. While we wish this wasn't the case, he's totally lusting over someone else.

2 The Rumour Is He Is Into A Special Someone


While there is a huge chance that this could simply be a rumour, we're getting the feeling that it's not. Rumours don't exactly jump out of thin air and are much rather based on some type of truth. If the word on the street is that he's been talking to someone new, it's probably because he is.

We're guessing he let it slip to some of his friends that he's into someone new and they couldn't help but spill the details. Even if he just commented on how some girl is attractive, it doesn't mean that he isn't totally into her. While we might wish this wasn't the case, rumours can sometimes be spot on.

1 He’s Literally Flirting With Someone Else


Let's get straight to the facts: if he's flirting with someone, he's probably into them. There is no reason that he would be flirting with a girl if he wasn't hoping that it would go somewhere. While we might like to convince ourselves that he's only doing it for fun or out of spite, it's probably not the case.

It's time for us to realize that if he's flirting with someone right in front of us, it's probably because he's into them. We might pretend that there is some other reason he's flirting with her right in front of us, however, we're probably delusional. Its time to let him go and stop stressing over someone who just doesn't deserve to be in our lives!

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