If He Does These 20 Things, Don't Waste Time Dating Him

Life's too short to waste time on the wrong guy. Especially one who is not boyfriend material. Because, honey, that man isn't going to be anyone's husband anytime soon!

Unfortunately, most women have never seen ideal relationships in their lives that they can model after. Like relationships that are truly extraordinary on the inside and not just happy-happy on the outside.

In fact, most people can't even say their parents had a great relationship. And since they are their children's first teachers, no wonder most ladies these days wound up with the wrong ideas about dating, marriage, and everything in between!

But bad role models in life aren't always to blame. A major chunk of many ladies' collective relationship misery is caused by the fantasies woven by rom-coms.

After all, when role models are lacking in real life, it's easy to believe the first good thing they see. Even if Prince Charming is just the product of someone's imagination!

So here are 20 warning signs that a girl should just not date him.

After all, what else can they expect from a guy who disrespects their family every chance he gets? Or the one who buys himself expensive watches and smartphones but can't spare a tenner to buy his lady a bunch of roses on Valentine's Day?

20 He Freaks Out If We Touch His Phone


Why? What's so precious in it? Is he scared that we will go through his phone and find out he's a CIA spy in disguise?

The most likely reason behind these freakouts might be that he's hiding something from you.

Something that will not go down well and might cause you to break up with him. Maybe even a string of girls he has been messaging behind your back.

So don't date a guy who freaks out if you touch his phone. Because he obviously has something fishy going on behind the scenes.

19 He Never Tells Us What He Was Doing On The Weekends


There's nothing wrong with asking for space in a relationship so you can enjoy your own company for a while or even that of your friends. After all, a relationship does not erase the individual lives we had been leading until then.

But it's worrisome when your guy evades answering questions about his whereabouts when you are not with him. Even simple stuff like what he's been doing at work or who are his new friends.

What's he hiding? Does he not trust you? Either way, you shouldn't waste your time with someone who is not ready to bring you into his life even after he says he's committed.

18 He Puts Us Down


Never date a guy who puts you down. Who calls you names and says you are unintelligent. Someone who finds flaws in everything you do. And tells you that you are not beautiful unless you meet his so-and-so criteria for beauty.

Why? Because guys like that will ruin your self-esteem.

Besides, why is he with you at all if he thinks you are all wrong? Is it because it makes him feel better about himself when he puts you down?

Whatever his reason might be, don't waste time with him. He doesn't deserve you.

17 He's A Habitual Liar


There's no getting around this one. Because if you cannot trust his words, you will never trust him to be there for you when you need him.

In short, a liar is a fickle person with a deep character deficit. One who will never have your back. Ever.

So don't waste time dating such a person.

And if in case you find out about his lying nature much later in the relationship, do yourself a favor and leave. Because a relationship built on lies is destined to come crashing down eventually.

16 He Does Not Want To Commit "Now" But Asks Us To Give Him Some Time


What he actually means is that he does not want to commit to you. But he's too chicken to tell you that straight away. Not because he does not want to hurt you. But because it would make him feel like a bad person (although there's nothing bad about rejecting someone and not wasting their time).

Such a guy would keep you around until he's able to find someone better (in his eyes).

And then you'll be flabbergasted when you find out he committed to her in two days! Or worse, he will enjoy the benefits of a relationship without a commitment and then tell you many years later that he does not believe in the concept of marriage or commitment.

15 He Criticizes Our Appearance


Why's he even dating you if he finds your appearance so distressing? Is it because he thrives on putting down people and making them feel bad? Or is it because he privately feels lesser than you and is trying to bring you down from awesome to nothing?

Any which way, he's not a guy you should be dating. Not if you have any self-respect.

Besides, beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. And it doesn't matter what he thinks. You will find many other men who will be blown away by your looks.

14 He Never Accepts His Mistakes And Pins The Blame On Us


A guy who cannot accept his mistakes is an immature boy trapped in the body of a grown man. Don't date him. You will just find yourself locked in endless battles where you are left explaining yourself or trying to explain to him why he's responsible for his own mistakes.

Worst case scenario: he will manipulate you into believing that you were to blame for his bad behavior or mood.

And then you will be left apologizing for something you haven't even done! In short, don't date an immature guy.

13 He's Obsessed About His Public Image


There are two kinds of people who are obsessed about their public image. Those who work in the entertainment industry and need the public's opinion about them to be good since their livelihood depends on it. And those who desperately want validation from the crowd because they feel small and inadequate on the inside.

Steer clear of the latter. He's not a guy you wanna date. Because you'll realize soon enough that he's too selfish to care for you. And too spineless to take a stand if the public's opinion is wrong.

Just remember: some guys fall in both categories! So watch out for them too.

12 He Behaves Like A Stingy Penny-Pincher When He Has To Buy Us Something


Now, don't fault a guy if he belongs to a poor family or cannot afford to take you out every week or buy you expensive gifts. When we say a penny-pincher, we mean someone who has more than enough money to spare but still thinks it's ok to treat you badly.

Someone who spends lavishly on himself but never wants to spare a tenner for you.

After all, when you love someone, you want to do the best by them. And that includes buying them gifts from time to time just to express your love. Or getting them things that you know they want–like a heat pad when they are cramping or a new watch because someone stole theirs a while back.

11 People Who Know Him Stare At Us Like ( ་ − ་ )


Honestly, if the people who know him give you weird looks, don't jump to the conclusion that they don't like you. Of course, that could be the case. But there's a difference between judgmental "I don't like you." looks and an "Ah, another one." look.

Instead, try to speak to them in person when your guy is not around. Ask them if they are concerned about your relationship or you dating him.

Their reactions will tell you if there's something fishy about the guy even if they don't volunteer any information out of misguided loyalty.

10 He Does Not Respect The Boundaries We Set


No means no. It does not mean yes. And it definitely does not mean maybe if you try hard enough. So if the guy you are dating cannot respect the boundaries you set, don't date him.

He's either too immature to control his impulses or just does not care what you think or say as long as it gets him what he wants.

That includes trying to kiss you when you told him you are not comfortable yet. Or going too fast when you said you like to take things slow. Or even pestering you with calls and messages when you clearly told him you want space and don't want him to do either of those.

9 He Has A Massive Sense Of Entitlement


Guys who are raised in conservative households and those who are born with a silver spoon usually turn out to have massive entitlement issues. Either because people told them they were a gift to mankind because of their gender. Or because they were born into the upper echelons of society by a fluke of fate.

Either way, any guy who behaves as if he's entitled to relationship perks without a commitment or to respect even when his behavior is not respectable at all, is not worth the air he breathes.

Steer clear of such guys unless you want to end up in heartbreak island.

8 It's All About Him


He's selfish, okay? Don't excuse his behavior because you are madly in love.

Trust us, any guy who thinks the world revolves around him is not cute.

He's an egomaniac who will only drain you of everything you've got–your energy, time, and passion and still wants more.

How do you identify such people? Simple. Does he always order food for you when you go somewhere without even letting you look at the menu card? Does he never take an interest in your hobbies and life but can't stop talking about his hobbies and his life? Does he expect you to drop whatever you are doing and be at his beck and call whenever there's an "emergency" like he can't find his favorite t-shirt?

A selfish guy thinks only about himself. Never about you. Don't date such a guy.

7 He Does Not Want To Meet Our Friends Or Family, EVER


First of all, if you are dating seriously, it's a given that you both will eventually introduce the other to your friends, if not your family. And it's perfectly normal to be anxious before such a meeting or even postpone it until both of you think you want to take that next big step in your relationship.

It's a problem only when he never seems to be interested in meeting your loved ones. And encourages you to cut off contact with them because he thinks they are no good (without even meeting them!).

Yeah, don't date him. Because that's really telling, and not in a good way.

6 He Flirts With Others As If It's N.B.D


Are we even having this conversation? Girl! If he flirts with other women when he has agreed to date you exclusively, he's up to no good. He could be doing it because he's keeping you as a placeholder to soothe his ego.

Or he could be doing it to make you jealous since he's deeply insecure and wants to know you like him a lot.

The reason behind this behavior does not matter.

Either way, he's not ready to be in a relationship. And you shouldn't waste your time trying to convince him otherwise.

5 We Don't Think He Cares For Us


Guys are very simple creatures. They just don't know how to hide their interest. That's why you never have to ask yourself if he's into you or not.

If he is, it will be as plain as day. And if he is not, well that will be plain as day too. Just look out for the signs.

So if you have a sick feeling in your stomach quite often that tells you that he doesn't care for you, you should probably believe it. He actually does not. Because if he did, that thought wouldn't have even crossed your mind!

4 We Are Not On His Priority List


As hard as it might be, sometimes in life we find people who are perfect for us in every way except for one. We are not on their priority list.

Yes, they might like us back and promise a commitment.

But if we are not on the top spot of his priority list, we will just be disappointed when he stops giving us time once the initial haze of attraction fades away.

So if he's focusing strongly on his professional life or fitness or even getting into grad school, don't date him. You will be better off finding someone else who has settled all these things already and is now willing to put you on top of their list.

3 He Still Talks About His Ex


If he talks about his ex, then he's probably not over her. It does not matter whether he's saying good things or bad things. In fact, it's worse if he's got only bad things to say.

That means he has not healed the wounds from his past relationship. And might very well take out his frustrations on you in the future. Or worse, dump you and then badmouth you to his next girlfriend.

Besides, why would you want to be with a guy who is more focused on someone else than he is on you? It's just disrespectful!

2 He's A Big Hypocrite


If he's the kind of guy who sets one rule for himself but a different one for you, don't date him. He would not make a good partner or even a good parent. He is full of double standards.

For example, he regularly goes out with his buddies for a "boy's night" but freaks out whenever you want to spend time with your girlfriends.

Or, drinks like a hippo but is offended when he finds out you are a fan of libations too. Please don't waste your time on hypocrites. Your relationship will go nowhere just as he isn't.

1 He Expects Us To Do All The Work


Finally, to wrap up this list, here's something that immediately puts a guy in the non-dateable category. He thinks women should do all the household work and men should bring home the bacon.

Which century is he living in? Does he not know there's no such thing as male privilege? Any which way, he should not be your problem. So don't make him it.

Besides, guys of that kind never think highly of women. Which again should not be your problem because the world has enough muttonheads. Go find a better one.

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