If He Does 5 Out Of These 20 Things, He's Just On The Prowl (According To A Guy)

If only we liked a guy and he felt the same about us and things were easy. Instead, dating can be so complex we can wonder if anyone even knows what's happening. We look at happy couples and assume that they have it all figured out, but we know from our own romantic history and previous relationships that love is anything but straightforward.

Guys act one way if they like us and want us to be their girlfriend and they act another way if they want something more casual. It's easy to believe that having someone be nice to us or pay attention to us means that they're romantically interested in us, but that's not always the case. That's why if we ask our brother or a friend who happens to be male for some dating advice or we run a situation by them, they tell us why the object of our affection acted that way. They can always see things from a different perspective than we can, and so it's a good idea to think about how a guy would approach the situation.

What does it mean when a guy just wants something casual? If a guy does five out of these 20 things, he's just on the prowl, according to a guy.

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20 He Rarely Texts You And When He Does, It's A Friday Or Saturday Super Late


A guy who is just on the prowl is never going to text a girl during the day. It's always going to occur really late and it's only going to happen on Friday or Saturday night.

This is because these are the nights that he's going out.

It can really suck to be on the receiving end of these types of text messages because on the one hand, we like this guy and like that he's contacting us, but on the other hand, we understand what he means and why he's texting us. We want something more than he does, so it's a good idea to remember that everytime that this happens.

19 He Never Seems To Be Able To Remember Your Name


When a guy can't remember our name, he's not paying attention to us and he's not romantically interested in us. It's really as simple as that. If he liked us, we would be on his mind all of the time and he would commit our name to his memory right away.

It's easy to cut him lots of slack and say, "Well, it was really loud at that bar where we first met" or "Maybe I never actually told him my name." But we don't need to tell ourselves these things. The truth is that he should absolutely be able to recall our name and of course, we told him. We can remember his name, right?!

18 He Always Asks You About One Of Your Friends


We can be sure that the guy that we've got our eye on is trying to date one of our friends instead of us when he always asks about her. He's clearly on the prowl because he brings her up anytime that we hang out with him or interact with him at all.

We could say that he's being friendly and there's still a chance that he likes us, but that can get really messy and complicated.

He's definitely looking for someone that he can date casually when this is happening, and it's good to recognize this as soon as possible so we don't end up getting hurt.

17 He Seems Very Interested In Whether You're Seeing Anyone


Another sign that a guy is just on the prowl is if he always asks us if we're seeing anyone. He wants to be sure that if he asks us out and we date him (in a casual way, of course, since he's not looking for anything more than that), then we don't already have a boyfriend who is going to be annoyed that he's asking us out.

If a guy did like us and want us to be his girlfriend, he might ask us we've got a boyfriend, but he would ask in a totally different tone. He would be super nervous and maybe even blushing a lot.

16 He Messages You Online By Complimenting What You Look Like In Your Profile Photo


Guys who want a girlfriend will compliment girls on their pretty outfit or nice hair, but it's not going to be their main focus or something that they talk about more than anything else.

When a guy likes us, he likes us for the personality that we have and he's more likely to say, "You're hilarious" or "You're so smart, I love talking to you" than to say that we have nice lips or something else about our physical appearance.

Guys on the prowl, on the other hand, care more about someone's appearance and will message us on a dating app and say something about the way that we look.

15 He Invites You To Parties But Isn't Always There When You Show Up


We've probably all had the strange experience of being invited by a guy that we like to a party or event... and then realizing that he's not even there when we show up.

This happens often because this is a guy who is definitely on the prowl. He probably invites a whole bunch of girls that he runs into or happens to be talking to. In the moment, he thinks that he'll attend this event and he wants some girls to be there, too. But maybe he gets what he thinks is a better offer or another invite and he decides to go somewhere else. We definitely deserve better treatment than that and we need a guy who shows up where he says that he will.

14 He Likes Only Some Of Your Social Media Posts


A guy who is on the prowl is likely to like some of the things that we post on social media but not every single thing.

While he's interested in us, that's only because he wonders if we want to hang out with him, maybe even that night.

He's not interested enough to look at everything that we post online, the way that we do when we have a crush on someone and want to discover all that we can about them.

It's exciting when he likes some of our posts because we wonder if he likes us... but it doesn't happen so often that we wonder if he could have feelings for us.

13 He Talks About Himself A Lot


It's never that fun to spend time with someone who talks about themselves a lot. It happens to many of us when we're dating since we all go on those first dates when we just happen to be out with someone who is going on and on about something that just isn't that interesting to us.

When a guy is just on the prowl, he tends to talk a lot. He might talk about himself or other things, but he's the main person in the conversation, and we have to just sit there and listen. (Well, we don't have to just sit and listen... we can definitely go our separate ways and find someone who is more interesting to talk to).

12 He Mixes You Up With Someone Else/Thinks You Had A Conversation That You Didn't


Guys who are on the prowl talk to a lot of different girls all of the time. They're never sure who will agree to hang out with them in a more casual manner.

They know that many of us are looking for something more serious.

When this is happening, he might not remember everything that we talk about and the discussions that we have. He might mix us up with another girl and another conversation. Sure, this is kind of upsetting and it could feel pretty bad, but it's best to keep our head up and remember that he's on the prowl and that's not what we want to get involved in.

11 He Messages You Online And Keeps Asking For Your Number Or To Meet Up


Everyone has their own ideas about online dating. Some people are into it, others don't like it, and others are kind of on the fence but not opposed to trying it out.

When we get a message from someone on an online dating site and he's asking for our phone number or asking us to meet up (and he asks that right away and keeps asking us), it's clear that he's on the prowl. He's moving very quickly and it's probably not going to make us feel very comfortable. It's possible that he has sent the same sort of messages to several girls at once.

10 He Asks You Over The First Night You Meet/Your First Date


It's a big deal to go to a guy's apartment for the first time. It's normal for us to feel like we want to be more comfortable and get to know him better before we do so.

It's also normal for a guy who is on the prowl to expect us to come over during our first date or the first night that we meet him if we meet him in a bar or at a party.

He might be surprised when we say no, we're just not that comfortable with that, and we'd like to get to know him before considering it. But it's up to us to do what we feel in our gut is the right decision.

9 He Says "Maybe" When You Ask If He's Going To A Party Or Wants To Hang Out With You


A guy who likes us is going to say yes when we ask him to hang out with us. He'll be so happy that we asked him and he's probably been trying to ask us or at least work up some courage to be able to.

A guy who is on the prowl will only say "maybe" when we extend an invitation his way. Whether it's to a party or to hang out with us in a more one-on-one situation, he's just not interested in tying himself down or committing. He would rather leave his schedule open so he can see if someone else asks us to go somewhere.

8 You Meet Him At A Bar Or Party And Once You Start Talking, He Asks You To Go Somewhere Else With Him


A guy who isn't on the prowl and who is open to being in a more serious relationship would meet a girl at a party or through friends and be content to hang out and talk for a few hours.

He wants to get to know her and he wants to start slowly.

The opposite will happen when he is on the prowl. He'll definitely ask us to go somewhere else and once he asks that, it'll be super obvious what he's looking for. He's not as interested in just sitting and chatting as we are, and we probably want to find someone else to talk to.

7 You Often Have The Same Kind Of Chat Over And Over Again


We might find it strange if whenever we run into this guy, he always asks us the same questions and we find ourselves basically having the same kind of conversation over and over again.

This is because he's on the prowl and so he doesn't really remember what he says to who or what specific discussions he has had with each girl that he's hung out with recently. It's easy to be offended by that and to think that shouldn't really be happening. All we can do is recognize what's going on and find someone who wants something serious like we do.

6 He's Always In A Good Mood And Talks A Lot


Guys on the prowl will be happy, in the best mood ever, and very talkative. They want to be smooth and charming and any other word that we think fits in this situation.

This is the kind of situation where we meet a new guy and say to a friend, "He's cool and funny but... well... he seems like maybe he's too good to be true."

He definitely is too good to be true because no one is this happy or positive all of the time. There is something that doesn't ring true or feel real about him, and that's because he's just trying to charm us.

5 You Feel Like You Want To Get To Know Him More But He's Okay With Things Moving Fast


Some people like to move fast in a new relationship. Others are more comfy at a slower pace. It's personal. The one thing that we have to remember is that we have to listen to our gut and if a guy is moving quicker than we want, that's not okay and we have to go with what we actually want.

A sign that someone is on the prowl is when he's moving things really quickly and we're not feeling that at all. We would love to take things slow and get to know each other. But while we're trying to get to know him, he's moving full speed ahead, and we know that things aren't going to work. We're just too different.

4 He Interrupts You A Lot


We all hate being interrupted. Maybe we have a bad habit of getting so excited when we're speaking to someone that we end up interrupting them, but we really don't mean to and we have the best of intentions. The person that we're talking to knows that we mean well.

It's another story when we're chatting with a guy who is only on the prowl.

He won't mind interrupting us a lot because he's not trying to get to know us (if he was, he would think of us as girlfriend material). He acts in a fairly arrogant way and this is one thing that he always does.

3 You Get The Feeling He's Only Half Listening When You Talk


When we like someone, we hang on their every word whenever we get the opportunity to talk to them. We pour over their text messages and social media posts and basically anything that allows us to get to know them a bit better. That's our main goal.

We can be sure that a guy is on the prowl when he's not exactly acting that way. In fact, he acts the total opposite. When we're having a conversation, we get the feeling that he's only half listening to us and that if we tested him on what we just said, he would honestly have no idea.

2 He Presents Himself As A Very Confident Guy


Guys on the prowl are super confident. They're thinking about meeting girls and that's their major goal of the night.

Since they're not trying to date anyone seriously, they don't have to worry about nerves or butterflies.

They don't have to worry about making a really good impression on the girl that they're crushing on. They can simply be confident and bold and themselves and they don't have to think about anything else. It's true that when a guy is interested in us, he's nervous about us liking him back and we can tell that this is what is happening when he talks to us.

1 He Doesn't Inquire About Who You Are And What Your Job Is Or Hobbies Are


Let's say that we meet someone at a party or when we're having dinner or drinks with our friends. We think they're nice enough but aren't particularly interested in them romantically. We might not ask them what their job is or anything else about them because we don't feel that spark.

If we did feel a spark, we would ask them as much as we could and would be interested in every answer. The same thing is true here. Since he's on the prowl, he won't ask us questions about our career, life, hobbies, and interests. It's a pretty easy way to figure out what his intentions are.

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