I Dew Care Launches Ice Cream Inspired Skincare Collection

If you’ve recently made a New Year’s resolution to stick to a specific skincare routine and really get glowing in 2019, you might already be looking forward to the launch of the brand new Ice-Cream Collection by I Dew Care. This indie skincare company specializes in products inspired by Korean beauty trends, Their products are affordable, playful, and quirky, and they are well known for their sheet masks and peel off masks. These fun new ice cream-themed masks are a great addition to any thorough skincare routine.


So, what’s included in the Ice-Cream Collection? The Cake My Day mask is formulated especially for hydrating your skin, and the active ingredients include hyaluronic acid, which is a popular moisturizing compound, and squalane oil, which has anti-inflammatory and anti-aging properties to target both acne and fine lines. The Berry Groovy mask is created with raspberry extract and strawberry seeds, which act as a natural exfoliant, and it’s made with glacier water to combat dry skin and give your face a rosy glow. Finally, there’s the Matcha Mood mask—yes, your favorite antioxidant-rich green tea is also a great skincare ingredient! This mask also includes Vitamin B3 to soothe redness.

Even the packaging for these masks is super adorable—it really looks like you’re about to open a little tub of tasty ice cream. The texture of the masks themselves also looks and feels like ice cream. Trust us, you’ll want to be stocked up on your favorite frozen treats before you try out these masks, because, by the time you wash them off your face, you will be totally craving an ice cream sundae.

The Ice-Cream Collection will be available online on January 10, and it will go on sale in stores on February 17th. You can purchase any mask individually, or you can purchase all of them in the Mini Scoop Set for $20. Be sure to also check out I Dew Care's website for all of their other fun and adorable themed products!

Do you have any fun beauty-related resolutions this year? Will you be picking up any of the masks in the Ice-Cream Collection? Let us know in the comments!

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