I.AM.GIA Is The Affordable Brand That Is Quickly Taking Over The Fashion World

I.AM.GIA is an affordable Australian clothing brand that is taking over the fashion world, and it is all thanks to social media. A slew of young fashion influencers have been overloading their accounts with pictures of outfits from the company, and their actions have made I.AM.GIA the hottest brand of the moment.

The brand has only been around since May of last year and Instagram feeds are (especially now) being inundated with OOTDs from I.AM.GIA. Bella Hadid, Madison Beer, and Emily Ratajkowski are just a few belonging to the model squad that is making I.AM.GIA a household name.

Even though all of the clothing items are being seen on successful models worth millions of dollars, one of the most appealing aspects of this clothing company is that all of the items for sale are under $200. Yes, you can wear the same outfits that some of the fashion industry's top models are wearing for a price that won't leave you eating ramen for the rest of the year. Plus, the quality of these apparel items is top notch. Do you really think fashion's elite would be seen wearing the brand if it was anything but the best?

So who is behind this hot new brand I.AM.GIA that is taking over the fashion world? Alana Pallister is the founder of the company. She has revealed her inspiration for the entire line was fashion model Gia Carangi, who was considered the first supermodel when her career was soaring in the 1970s. The movie Gia was based on her life. Pallister wanted to use her clothing line to empower women the way that Carangi did all those years ago.

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The brand has a masculine aspect to it, and that is precisely what the founder wanted. Women have been drawn to a particular element of menswear for years, so Pallister decided to incorporate that into her brand. Each piece is designed to have a feminine touch added to it depending on what the person who buys it chooses, for example, pairing the trousers with heels.

The Australian brand I.AM.GIA is popping up everywhere, including on Beyoncé’s dancers during her current tour. If you are interested in checking out some of these hot pieces, you can buy them on the company website, at NordstromShopbop, or the ever-popular Urban Outfitters. As mentioned above it is very affordable, and with all items costing less than $200, there is literally something for everyone.


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