Here's Why A Humidifier Can Help Heal Dry Skin And Acne

As a child, you might have needed to have a humidifier in your room to help you feel better during cold and flu season, but did you know that humidifiers aren’t just helpful for clearing your sinuses? They can actually be a pretty useful and underrated skincare tool.

We all know that the weather this time of year can cause some pretty frustrating skincare issues. From dry skin to redness to breakouts, it’s not exactly the look you want to rock at a holiday party. These problems all occur just because there isn’t a lot of moisture in the dry, wintery air. Sure, you can put moisturizer on your skin to help fix the issue, but using a humidifier to boost the moisture in the air in your room will probably be more effective in the long run.

Sometimes, using moisturizer simply isn’t enough, and although we would always recommend it in the winter, getting to the root cause of your dry skin woes—the lack of moisture in the air—might actually solve the problem. Using a humidifier in your room will definitely help alleviate any dryness and flakiness. This can also be a big help if you struggle with dry, cracked lips during the winter.

Furthermore, using a humidifier can actually help you beat breakouts, too. When your skin is dry, your body will begin overproducing oil to balance it out. However, this is how pores get clogged, which can lead to breakouts. Using a humidifier will keep your skin naturally moisturized instead of feeling dry, which means that you’ll have just enough natural oil to get a nice glow without any zits popping up.

It’s important to note that a humidifier isn’t magic, and it won’t solve every single skincare issue—for example, it doesn’t add nearly enough moisture to the air to erase wrinkles or fine lines. It’s also crucial that you change the water in the humidifier each day—otherwise, it could end up spreading bacteria and making you sick!

Have you ever used a humidifier or other unexpected tool for skincare—and gotten good results from your experiment? Let us know in the comments!


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