20 Humble Braggers Who Need To Go Away Forever

Nobody likes a humble bragger, and flaunting and preening under the guise of humility is perhaps the most unbecoming thing one can do. Unfortunately, it's super prevalent today thanks to the popularity of social media, and sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram have become breeding grounds for sycophants looking to do as much boasting as they can possibly get away with.

From famous celebrities to irritating internet personalities, these twenty humble braggers really need to go away. For the sake of everyone's sanity, we've chosen to exclude politicians, deserving of a place on this list though some of them may be.

20 Kaj Erikson

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For those who don't know, Kaj Eriksen is a Canadian actor famous for his roles in a bunch of Canadian television shows with which most Americans won't be familiar. He's not exactly an A-list actor, but he's still taken to Twitter to flaunt his fame from time to time. This Tweet is particularly funny because, not only is he not a recognizable Hollywood name, but he's also nowhere near young enough to be carded when purchasing alcohol.

19 Ninja

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Ninja is a professional gamer from Detroit who attained mainstream popularity thanks to his involvement with the popular online game Fortnite. Though he's not the most recognizable face, he apparently gets mobbed by fans at gaming conventions—or so this Tweet would have us believe. Is he truly that dedicated to his fanbase, or was he just trying to brag about how popular he is among pre-teens?

18 Jeffree Star

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For the unfamiliar, Jeffree Star is one of a growing number of male beauty social media influencers. He's attracted an audience of adorning internet followers, but he's also prone to the odd Twitter humble brag. In this tweet from last July, Star tried to brag about his sixty-thousand dollar Birkin handbag while passing it off as a sort of woe-is-me sob story about missing luggage. Needless to say, no one bought it.

17 Tony Hawk

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These days, Tony Hawk is perhaps most famous for lamenting on Twitter about his waning relevance. Even so, he's not above humble bragging. One infamous tweet had him groaning about fans gathered outside of his hotel in the hopes of getting an autograph. Now, that's a first-world problem if we've ever heard of one.

16 Charles Melton

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Charles Melton is an American actor best known for his role on The CW's Riverdale. He doesn't really seem to have a solid grasp on his own fame, nor does he seem to understand how the Internet works. Asking on Twitter if the site will be available in various European and Asian locations, he came off like a clueless idiot.

15 Chloe Kardashian

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Obviously, the Kardashians have to make an appearance on this list in some capacity. Khloe Kardashian definitely isn't known for her humility, but this #RandomTweet humble brag is about as thinly-veiled as it gets. The woman behind one of the most talked-about brands in beauty, Khloe Kardashian's appearance on a Cosmopolitan cover shouldn't be surprising in the slightest.

14 Adam Levine

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This is a pretty old tweet, and a lot has happened in the life of Adam Levine since. However, it's worth going back and laughing at how ridiculous this is. The Maroon 5 singer can't simply brag about getting swarmed at the airport, no—rather, he has to frame it as if it were a simple case of mistaken identity. You're not foolin' anyone, Adam.

13 Cam Newton

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If you know anything about Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton, you know that he's not the most humble guy. At no point was this better evidenced than when he basically claimed that he's the best player to ever pick up a football in an interview with a Charlotte news station. No, Cam, we probably won't see anyone quite like you ever again.

12 Tila Tequila

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An internet celebrity before that was a mainstream concept, Tila Tequila is perhaps one of the most infamous social media influencers of all time. Suspended from Twitter a few years ago thanks to her extreme views, she was once well-known for humble bragging about how much police attention her Lamborghini caused. Know how to keep from getting pulled over in your Lambo? Just don't drive it.

11 James Charles

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Another infamously brazen internet influencer, James Charles made a name for himself via his love for beauty products. His social media presence is considerable, and he's not above flaunting his popularity. Back in March of this year, he took to Twitter to boast about how his Instagram live streams always crash because of the sheer volume of viewers. We're not sure if that's even possible, James.

10 Jake Paul

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This is an obvious one. Internet celebrity Jake Paul is basically a walking humble brag, and the entirety of his musical output is essentially one big statement about how great he thinks he is. The worst was perhaps the infamous "It's Everyday, Bro" track which extolled his non-existent virtues while simultaneously dissing his detractors.

9 Natalie Hill

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Natalie Hill is probably the most obscure name on this list; a broadway dancer, she doesn't have a huge presence online. That said, she isn't exactly humble, and this Twitter humblebrag shows how much she likes to flaunt her fame. There's no way any broadway performer worth their salt wouldn't be able to hold their own in a Zumba class, but thanks for trying to relate to the rest of us.

8 Jessica Ellis

Alright, this one is a bit political, please bear with us. Jessica Ellis is known for her roles in a few different television dramas, though she's never really reached mainstream recognition. She also got way too excited when Elizabeth Warren called her as part of her 2020 presidential bid. It's really not as exciting as you're making it out to be.

7 Colin Cowherd

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Colin Cowherd is a fairly controversial figure in the world of sports radio, and his lack of humility is relatively plain to see, for better or worse. He infamously disguised this humble brag about his potential biopic as a shoutout to some underloved CBS writers. We get it, Colin, you're semi-famous, now, please, stop it.

6 Rick Warren

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Christian evangelist Rick Warren probably isn't aware of proper Twitter etiquette, but that doesn't excuse this gaudy humble brag. Though he tried to disguise it as a tribute to his faith and followers, he essentially just stated "I've got 200,000 followers! Everybody, look at me!" A tacky humble brag, through and through.

5 Kanye West

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Kanye West is possibly the least humble man of all time—it's almost become part of his charm. From bragging about how long he's gone without buying a car to poo-pooing his own Grammy nod, every other word from his mouth could probably be construed as braggadocious. It's true that his attitude comes with the territory, but it probably wouldn't hurt to tone it down just a bit.

4 Tina Craig

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Here's your typical "gosh, I just haaate being on TV. Everyone, turn on your TV so you can see how much I hate being on it" type of humblebrag. Tina Craig may be a super successful fashion entrepreneur, but that doesn't mean she should be able to get away with obvious brags like this.

3 PewDiePie

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On the whole, PewDiePie, YouTube's most subscribed uploader, comes off as a fairly humble person, though he sometimes posts beguiling humble brags like this. Though he's trying, we suppose, to thanks his fans for their ravenous support, he comes off as totally full of himself here. What's more, we doubt these metrics were consistent with most music streaming platforms.

2 Tom Brady

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Despite his success, Tom Brady isn't usually the most talkative quarterback in the NFL. However, that notion was challenged when he took to Facebook to post about his then four Super Bowl rings and supermodel wife. He claimed that they stood for family, fandom, and whatever else, but we all know that he was just looking to flex on Patriots haters.

1 Kim Kardashian

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This one isn't really even humble, but what else would you expect from someone as head-in-the-clouds as Kim Kardashian? Back in 2016 she had the bright idea to release a game about herself on the App store, and then she proceeded to brag about how much money it made and how it was so popular that it "crashed" the app store. Whatever you say, Kim.

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