10 Incredible Humanitarian Works By Kim Kardashian

It's very easy to formulate an opinion about celebrities. And whether you decide you love them or you hate them, opinions are always based on what the public gets to see. Yes, the Kardashian-Jenner clan are well known for exposing pretty much everything that happens in their lives, from cheating scandals to new family additions, there's always something that manages to escape fans and haters alike.

While the most well-known sisters in the world keep their fame and income going exactly by staying in the public eye, the kind of news we tend to see don't really tend to stray away from scandals, business, or millionaire lifestyle, the Kardashian-Jenner clan have more to them than actually meets the eye.

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Even hardcore fans might be surprised once they find out a few of the things Kim Kardashian has been up to. She posts some amazing snaps on Instagram and cleans up like no other for parties. But let's change the speech a little bit and check out 10 incredible humanitarian works by Kim herself that many people wouldn't know about.

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10 She's Been Donating For Years

Did you know Kim Kardashian has also been donating money to amazing charities for years now? While the public tends to focus on the large amounts of money her fame has brought her, we don't often hear much about what she chooses to do with it (besides the obvious, of course).

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In 2013, she held an auction on eBay and donated 10% of all the earnings to the cause dedicated to helping victims of the Haiyan Typhoon. That's not all, though! Every single year, Kim donates 10% of her income to charities of her choice. Amazing, and not talked about nearly enough.

9 Nay To Gifts, Yay For Donations

It's pretty common that when a life-changing event takes place, the best of us go out and register for a bunch of gifts we'll most definitely need - particularly weddings and baby showers. As we all know, Kim and Kanye welcomed their first child, baby girl North.

Kim isn't exactly in need of money or asking other people to buy her gifts. And although she could've done it still, instead, she took another path, choosing not to register for baby gifts, and asking people to donate to Lurie Children's Hospital in Chicago. All the money she managed to raise was used to care for sick children.

8 She Brought Attention To The Armenian Genocide

Human history is built on wonderful moments and horrible acts, many of them made by people, to people. One of the most tragic, devastating events to ever be a part of our history was the Armenian Genocide, carried out by the Ottoman Empire.

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To this day, Turkey denies such awful persecution ever occurred, going to extreme lengths in order to maintain their version of the story. One thing we must force ourselves to do is never forget history, for this is the only way we can keep it from repeating itself. Kim Kardashian used her immense platform to raise awareness to the Armenian Genocide, a very important step in assuring people will not forget.

7 A Huge Supporter Of Transgender Rights

Again, perhaps one of Kim's greatest weapons is her platform. With millions of Instagram followers and millions more tuning in to watch Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Kim has the power to reach out to, and influence, a considerable number of people.

And while she could have chosen to do anything, or simply nothing, with the platform she was given, she chooses instead to raise awareness to important issues (see above). She was one of the most vocal people in the family supporting Caitlyn Jenner after she came out, and she's also a fantastic advocate for self-love and body positivity.

6 Happy Endings Do Exist

Who can forget Kim's whirlwind relationship with NBA player, Kris Humphries? It was one of the shortest-lived marriages ever, clocking in at  72 days. Some people were surprised, some called it early one (including Khloe Kardashian herself), but either way, no one was happier than Kim to let the whole thing go.

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She's now married to Kanye West, and close to welcoming her fourth child, so it's safe to assume Humphries doesn't cross her mind all too often. Not everything was for the worst, though. After the divorce, Kim donated the worth of her wedding gifts, approximately $200,000, to the Dream Foundation. A wonderful gesture!

5 Make A Wish...It's Kim!

Many celebrities have happily joined forces with the Make-A-Wish foundation to surprise young fans with severe diseases. Everyone from on-screen superheroes to writers and singers has agreed to do their part and make the day of a sick child. It's a sweet gesture, that may seem small but actually means the world to the people who take part in it.

Kim Kardashian can actually be counted amongst the celebrities that were a part of the Make-A-Wish foundation. In 2013, Kim visited a severely sick fan, Alissa, granting the young girl's wish of meeting Kardashian herself. It was a very sweet moment, that Kim took to Instagram to record.

4 She's Also A Volunteer

Important work and meaningful actions aren't defined only through how much money a person decides to inject into a given cause. Any celebrity, or very well-off person, can choose to donate a bunch of their own money to charity, but when it comes to distinguishing those who actually care from those who do it "just because", it's a whole different story.

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While Kim does a fantastic work helping out people in need with money, she also makes a point of donating her time as well. She cares about the causes she supports, and an amazing example of that is her volunteer work at the Children's Hospital of LA.

3 Keeping Up With The Yard Sale

It's pretty obvious Kim had been doing some good behind everyone's back (not on purpose, of course), for a while now. Her work towards fantastic causes tends to go unnoticed and pale in comparison to all the other drama surrounding the family, but the Kardashian-Jenner clan does seem to have their hearts in the right places.

In fact, back in 2013, the whole family teamed up to do a good old yard sale! They rented a parking lot and displayed a number of cute things and oddities to sell. The best part? All the earnings went directly into two fantastic causes, No Kid Hungry, and Greater Los Angeles Fisher House Foundation.

2 The Hubby Helps Out As Well

Kanye West is also aware of his impact in the world and didn't shy away from helping out his wife in one of her humanitarian undertakings. For this, West gets extra points for being a good person, and a few more for being a pretty awesome husband.

In 2015, Kim and Kanye donated 1000 pairs of shoes from Adidas and Kardashian Kollection to a non-profit organization, Soles4Souls. The whole things becomes even sweeter when Kim explained the drive to donate to this charity came after she learned a young Amelia Flores was on a mission to donate 2000 shoes. Kim decided to help her achieve her goal.

1 She Helped Grant Clemency To Cyntoia Brown

Kim's role in the commuting of first time offender's, Alice Johnson, sentence, was highly publicized, particularly after Kim Kardashian visited the white house.

However, that wasn't the first time Kim got involved in trying to free an inmate with a sentence that was simply too harsh for their crimes. Cyntoia Brown was serving life in prison, after being arrested for killing the man who was holding her as a sex slave at the age of 16. Kardashian was one of many celebrities involved, even calling on her own legal team to try and help reduce Brown's sentence.

Eventually, Cyntoia was released, after serving 15 years in prison, and is now free to start living her new-found life as a free woman.

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