Forget Crunches: Hula Hooping Is The Most Fun Way To Strengthen Your Core

Hula hooping isn’t just for kids at recess anymore—it’s also the coolest new ab workout, with studios opening up just for aspiring hoopers to try their hand at this fun exercise. Did you know that all of those hours you spent hula hooping in your backyard as a kid were actually helping you stay fit and healthy?

So, why is hula hooping such great exercise? Hula hooping for an extended period of time gives you a full body strength and cardio workout—the best of both worlds! Hula hooping is especially beneficial for your lower abdominals and back extensors. If you want to get even more intense during your hoop session, holding your arms above your head for a few reps will push you to move your hips even faster.

To start seeing the benefits of hula hooping, you’ll have to use your hoop for at least 10 minutes at a time. Incorporating just 10 minutes of hooping into your typical workout routine is a great way to get started because longer hoop workouts might look easy, but they’re no joke!

A 30-minute workout with a hula hoop typically burns about 210 calories, so a full hour will burn about 420. Wear comfy clothes and keep plenty of water on hand—you’re going to need it!

There are a few things you should know if you want to try out a hoop workout. If you’re not attending a class in a spacious studio, try hooping outdoors or in a room with plenty of open space to practice! It’s easy to feel a little klutzy and knock things over when you’re first starting out. It’s also very important to stretch thoroughly before and after your hoop workout. Focus specifically on stretches to warm up your spine and back muscles. Furthermore, it’s totally normal to have soreness around your waist the next day if you’ve never tried it before, and if you notice some slight redness on your midsection after your workout, don’t worry—it should fade quickly.

Are you getting a little bored of traditional ab exercises? Would you try hula hooping for a full body workout? Let us know in the comments!


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