20 Huge Stars From The ‘90s Hollywood Won’t Cast Anymore

Rising to fame in Hollywood is not easy, and that’s something we all seem to be aware of. Very few can say they’ve made it that far. You’d think that getting into a role would be the biggest hurdle and that celebrities could maintain their privileged position, but it’s not always that easy. Some of these celebrities rose to fame at an early age, or within a certain time period, and did well for “a moment”, but then seemed to fall from grace. For some stars, the fame was too much and they either experienced challenges with mental health and substance abuse which led to their demise. For others, they just couldn’t seem to find a role as successful as their first one, and their careers fizzled out.

Just because these stars “made it” at one point in time, does not mean they are able to sustain their careers in Hollywood. Many stars struggle greatly after their initial moments of success. Let’s take a look at 20 huge stars from the ‘90s Hollywood won’t cast anymore.

20 Eliza Dushku

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The most successful actors in Hollywood seem to have defined their roles. Eliza dabbles too much, which has ultimately led to her demise. She became an activist, stripped down to her birthday suit for a magazine, explored documentaries, and that’s just naming a few. She seems to have a lot of different projects and interests and is all-over-the-place, so new roles requiring commitment are certainly not coming her way.

19 Wesley Snipes


Wesley Snipes remains a household name, but definitely won’t be cast in any upcoming Hollywood movies. His first few were great, but then it was a domino-effect of movie failures which seemed to last for quite a few years. He had several run-ins with the police, and the Looper report reminds us that he went to jail for tax evasion. He’s now in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons, and it seems his fate is sealed in this direction.

18 Amanda Bynes

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Amanda was Nickelodeon’s little sweetheart in the ’90s but her emotional and mental instability caused Hollywood to shut their doors in her face, no longer offering her roles whatsoever. Her name is now synonymous with erratic behavior and mental health issues and nobody wants her name associated with their brand in any way.

17 Macaulay Culkin

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Truly a sad case of the Hollywood blues, it’s clear that Macaulay Culkin fell from graces as quickly as he rose to fame. While he found great success as a child actor, there didn’t appear to be any adult roles that were well suited for him. This led to a battle with addiction, which made it even less desirable to find a role for this actor.

16 Jamie-Lynn Sigler

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According to Looper, there are numerous factors that have prevented Jamie-Lyn from finding work in Hollywood. She battles Multiple Sclerosis, which has been a huge barrier for her. In addition to this, she tried her luck at singing and probably shouldn’t have. She was wildly successful in her role as Meadow, in “The Sopranos” and she should have just gone out with a bang after that role, as she hasn’t seemed to be the master of her domain since then.

15 Jonathan Taylor Thomas

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Hollywood wants to hire people that will throw themselves into that world, but Jonathan Taylor Thomas has no interest in it. He loves being out of the spotlight and has chosen to pursue his education and a life of travel over the constraints of Hollywood. He appeared on The Last Man Standing at one point, but clearly acting is no longer his passion.

14 Jaleel White

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Jaleel White absolutely nailed the role of Steve Urkel in the hit show “Family Matters”. There’s a chance that he did his job “too well”. The geeky role of Urkel was played with such precision that nobody can imagine him acting in any other role aside from this one. There’s only room for one Urkel, and he’s a thing of the past – as is Jaleel White.

13 Meg Ryan

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Meg Ryan rose to the top of her career in the 90’s, and it seemed that everything she touched turned to gold. She created her footprint as a leading lady in many romantic roles, but after playing this part repeatedly, it became mundane. The desire to cast her in this type of role fizzled out and she didn’t seem versatile enough to be cast in a different light.

12 Alicia Silverstone

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Hollywood may have been too hard on Alicia, and her rebellious side kicked in. After being ridiculed for her weight at a young age, she took a step back from the spotlight to focus on writing a cookbook. She has flirted with a few roles since then, but everything she does seems to be a fleeting moment without any lasting effect.

11 Brandy

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She’s had her moment as an actress, a singer, and even took the stage for Dancing With The Stars, but she seemed to fall from grace and wasn’t able to sustain any of the success she had. While her first album was a memorable one, subsequent musical efforts well not well-received, and reality TV wasn’t good for her either. She just hasn’t been able to find a “place to belong” in the Hollywood scene.

10 Marla Sokoloff

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Marla appeared in the hit show Full House in a secondary role, playing the friend of Stephanie Tanner. Then she appeared on the Practice, which was a great show too. However, she has never really become a household name, and hasn’t made a lasting impression. Supporting roles have been good for her, but her success seems to flat-line at that stage and she never seems to soar on her own.

9 Beverley Mitchell

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Beverley Mitchell saw her fame on 7th Heaven, but couldn’t seem to sustain her career. Personal issues seem to have dragged her down. Suffering the loss of her friend in a tragic accident, and then going through a miscarriage, among other unfortunate issues seemed to take their toll. Acting doesn’t seem to be making the top of her list anytime soon.

8 Jenna Von Oy

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Jenna saw huge success on the hit show “Blossom”, and then she seemed to turn her back on Hollywood. She moved to Nashville, dedicated her life to her kids, and tried her luck at a music career. All signs lead to lack of stability. She isn’t taking her acting career seriously, so Hollywood has lost interest in investing in her.

7 Dustin Diamond

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Dustin has taken quite the tumble from the heights of his success as Screech on “Saved By The Bell”, to a convicted felon. Hollywood wants nothing to do with this former-star who at one point, appeared to have it all. His recent moments of fame seem to incorporate orange jail outfits and serious legal offenses, a far cry from the on-screen success he once knew.

6 Sherry Stringfield

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She was on ER, and then she was off ER. She had a family, and then back to ER she went. None of this is memorable to anyone, which speaks volumes about Sherry Stringfield’s dwindling career. When she left the show to focus on her family, nobody really missed her much, and when she returned, it really wasn’t a big deal to anyone either. Sherry just doesn’t seem to be able to captivate audiences.

5 Andrew Shue

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Andrew Shue used Hollywood as a stepping stone, and he doesn’t seem to need or want acting roles anymore. He left his mark on the scene with his role on Melrose Place, and then went on to play professional soccer. He crafted his own fortune and success as an internet mogul, according to Celebrity Net Worth. He seems to have feigned away the demands of Hollywood and paved his own path in a different direction.

4 Raven –Symone

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Known best for her role in The Cosby Show, Raven was an adorable child that always gave a great performance. She disappeared for a while and tried her hand at live TV on The View, which was ultimately an epic fail. Her remarks on the show were highly offensive, and it further highlighted the fact that her career ended when The Cosby Show did.

3 Edward Furlong

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He was once a Hollywood star and was definitely considered a heart-throb in the 90’s, but sadly, the very thing that attracted fans to him in the first place ultimately led to his destruction. Edward’s bad-boy image was a huge part of his appeal, until he actually turned into a bad guy. His issues with addiction and domestic violence plagued his career and tainted his image, ultimately ending his short-lived career.

2 Tatyana Ali

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Let’s face it, everyone watched The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air, and Tatyana seemed to be set for life off this one show…until she faded from the scene. She decided to pursue a career in the field of education and took a step back from the spotlight. When she tried to come back in a BET series in 2013, the reality was that everyone had already lost interest in her. Tatyana’s time had already come and gone and she failed at seizing her moment.

1 Andrew Keegan

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We’re not sure why Andrew Keegan got “weird”, but he did. Rather than riding the wave of success as an actor, he started leading his own spiritual movement. According to Nicki Swift, this movement was called “Full Circle.” We hope he’s happy with it & that it pays him well, because Hollywood is weirded out and doesn’t want him back.

Sources: Looper, TMZ, Hollywood Reporter

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