10 Huge Skyrim Glitches They’re Still Stuck On (And 11 They Managed To Fix)

While Skyrim is an absolutely wonderful game full of all kinds of adventures and incredible stories, the fact is that there are all kinds of crazy glitches, varying from the most insanely hilarious to the absolutely frustrating. I remember in one of my play-throughs, there was a massive dragon that I defeated in the courtyard of the College of Winterhold. I mysteriously didn't absorb its dragon soul, and its corpse would spawn randomly in the archways and rag doll & glitch out like crazy for the rest of the game.

While that is a pretty crazy example, there are tons of other examples in the game of glitches that almost define the gameplay, from the weird, to the wonderful, to the impossible. Let's look at 10 still around and 11 that got fixed.

21 GLITCHED: Sent Into The Stratosphere

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When you get hit by a giant in the wonderful game of Skyrim, there is a high chance that you will be sent— nay— launched into the atmosphere for several seconds before crashing down. You may in fact be up there for several minutes, able to see the entire world far below.

20 GLITCHED: Corpse At The Wedding

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If you happen to decide to get married in the game, all of your close friends, along with the friends of whoever you decide marry, will be at the wedding in attendance. If you've already killed anyone by chance, they will still show up to the wedding, spawning at the ceremony and falling unceremoniously onto the floor.

19 GLITCHED: Free Skill Training

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You are kind of thrown into the midst of things at the beginning of this game when a town is attacked by a dragon. On your way out, you follow this good Samaritan. The thing is, you can attack him and he won't die, but you can level up your sneak and other skills, well, infinitely.

18 GLITCHED: Infinite Arrows

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Having myself used this glitch to harvest thousands of daedric arrows, it is a wonderful glitch that you can use in order to never have to worry about arrows again. Throughout the world there are a few people target practicing with arrows. You pickpocket them, replace their arrows with whichever you choose, and start taking them from the target.

17 GLITCHED: Floating Horkers And Mammoths

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Almost happening exclusively in the outdoor areas of the games, it's not an uncommon sight to see a horse flying across the sky, or a horker, as pictured. And even at times mammoths, some of the biggest creatures in the game, can be seen floating around far above the ground.

16 GLITCHED: Exploring Unplayable Areas

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Because of the way this game is made, it's often that your character gets stuck, lost, glitches out, or falls into an entirely unplayable area of the game. You can wander around, unable to interact with anything in this strange, otherworldly landscape. They're often underneath a city, a mountain, or in a strange land inside a dungeon.

15 GLITCHED: The Hidden Merchants Chests

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If you do happen to fall into one of the aforementioned unplayable landscapes, you can often find merchant's chests where their stock is kept— behind a wall, below a shop, etc. These can be looted if they can be reached. I remember once being dozens of feet below one, which was well below ground level already.

14 GLITCHED: Frost Icicles For Life

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It's not unusual to you receive damage from a frost icicle in Skyrim. It has its own unique properties, but it should otherwise act like any other attack in the game. Emphasis on "should." Theoretically it's supposed to fade away, or melt, after a certain interval of time goes by in game. But, sometimes that doesn't happen at all, and it stays there. For life.

13 GLITCHED: Disappearing Followers

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Sometimes, albeit rarely, your follower will just disappear. The instances can vary, but I once had a follower who was staying at one of my houses in the game. When I went to go find her to follow me on my merry adventures in the wonderful land of Skyrim, she was nowhere to be found. I still have no idea where she went.

12 GLITCHED: The Skyforge Chest

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Underneath the forge of the Companion's Guild in Whiterun is the chest that houses some of the game's most unique armor. You can, according to the normal way of playing the game, craft and buy these items. But why do that when you can glitch your way into the merchant's chest and take it all?

11 FIXED: Fast Speech Leveling At The Black-Briar

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I took massive advantage of this glitch before it was patched, leveling my speech all the way to 100. It was a bit of a tedious process, but by exploiting the dialogue loop present in this conversation, you could level up continuously. It was patched, unfortunately, and this is no longer possible.

10 FIXED: High Hrothgar Leveling Exploit

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Much like the speech leveling glitch, you could attack the peaceful monks of High Hrothgar, the very same wise men who teach you how to use your ultra powerful shout voice, and level up your skills, as they would not die nor attack you. Needless to say, they had to patch that one.

9 FIXED: Ashes To Ashes No More

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Often, the manner of how an enemy dies could lead to it dissolving into a pile of ash. While seemingly innocent, these piles began littering the entire landscape of the game, because they never really went away. They fixed it, though apparently it seems to have persisted for some people.

8 FIXED: The Oghma Infinium Glitch

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This one was well known and highly popular from the start. This book was a huge turning point in the game, when you could seriously level your skill tree in one of three ways. But, if you exploited a glitch, you could do it for all of them, repeatedly. It makes sense why they would change that one.

7 FIXED: Patched Up Gauldur Amulet

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This amulet increased stamina, magicka, and health in equal amounts, and when worn it can't be combined with any other necklaces. At least as of now, that is. Once upon a time, you could double up on the necklaces and increase your superpowers even more, but this one been unfortunately fixed!

6 FIXED: Selling Back To Merchants

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It seems pretty obvious that when you interact with a merchant, you can buy their things for gold, but not sell them back those things for a profit. But, before the glitch was fixed, it's exactly what you could do, meaning you could get infinite gold. If only that's how real life was.

5 FIXED: Sleeping With Your Eyes Open

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NPC's would do this a lot before the patch came out that fixed this one up. Thank goodness they did, too, because this one would have been seriously creepy to have to see. When someone is sleeping, it just looks like they're still awake, staring at you. At your soul.

4 FIXED: Shouting At The Guards To Escape Prison

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It didn't take long for players to learn that if they were to use their shout while in prison, aimed at the guards, that the guards would then go and unlock the door and try to talk to you. It was a simple matter of just sneaking away, grabbing your gear, and leaving the jail.

3 FIXED: The Naked Courier

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They say that this glitch was patched in one of the updates, but I don't really think that it was, because I've had some naked couriers try to give me letters before. In fact, I've even had one spawn in front of me and collapse. So that's cool. But apparently, supposedly, it's fixed.

2 FIXED: Endless Smithing Increases

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Once upon a time, it was extremely easy to level up your smithing by crafting, well, anything and everything. It wasn't scaled at all so that meant that even the smallest, cheapest items could level you up just as much as the expensive harder to craft ones. Now it's much harder, best to stick to crafting jewelry to quick-level.

1 FIXED: Dragon Corpses Never Disappearing

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As mentioned at the outset, I had a dragon corpse that would spawn in the doorway of the College of Winterhold every time I fast traveled there, and would rag doll all over the place. It was hysterical, and then annoying after a while. Seems to be able to happen anywhere, though apparently the glitch has been fixed.

Sources: Nexus Mods, Reddit, YouTube

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