Huda Beauty's Latest Concealer Can Do It All (And Then Some)

Makeup giant Huda Beauty is finally releasing their long-anticipated concealer, and it is going by the oh, so fitting name, 'Overachiever' because this concealer does it all. October means that Autumn is here in full swing, and with it, there are tonnes of new releases coming along. After spending summer with a less heavy makeup routine, many makeup lovers out there are more than ready to start building up that full face of makeup again, and Huda Beauty's new concealer will not disappoint.

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Available in twenty different shades, the Overachiever concealer is giving all other color inclusive concealers on the market a run for its money. The concealer is creamy and contains 31% pure pigment, which means it is very easy to build up a great coverage, something the woman behind the brand herself said she was always trying to find in concealers. After all, a concealer's main job is to cover, whether a blemish or those pesky dark circles and the Overachiever will do the trick. Apart from a generous amount of pigment, the concealer is also packed with light-reflecting ingredients that have a softening and blurring effect.

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As reported by Allure, it is the Instagram beauty account @trendmood1 who has shared most of the intel about Huda Beauty's new concealer, but the founder herself has previously shared a few sneak peeks via her social media channels as well. The Overachiever concealer will be available on October the 8th and retails for $30 and the special concealer brush for an extra $25.

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The Overachiever concealer also contains carefully selected ingredients, such as green tea, caffeine, and Jericho rose extract, which are known to boost the skins protection as well as act soothing. The applicator of the concealer tube is made of cooling metal, meaning it will help to combat puffiness already while applying the product. The Overachiever comes in a tube form, and there is both a dual-ended brush and a blending sponge sold separately, meaning there are several application options to chose from.

Now, Huda Beauty's concealer almost sounds too good to be true, but from what's been shared so far it is safe to assume the Overachiever will be Huda Beauty's next big success.

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