Huda Beauty Announces Launch Of Their First Fragrance With A Teaser

Sisters Huda and Mona Kattan spilled the beans about their latest venture during an episode of their Facebook Watch show, Huda Boss. Mona revealed that she was the one that came up with the idea to take a crack at creating perfume. She later used Instagram to showcase the episode and to announce that Huda Beauty would be launching a fragrance.

The video that was posed to Mona's Instagram is short, but the discussion about the fragrance happens. Neither of the sisters goes into detail about what customers can expect from the company's upcoming venture.

However, throughout the episode, Mona appears to be having a photoshoot with a ton of beautiful flowers. She later takes a tour of a factory filled with roses. Maybe these are clues to what type of fragrance Huda Beauty is launching. There also appears to be a little drama between Mona and Huda. Maybe the new fragrance launch is not going as smoothly as they hoped.

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The Kattan sisters are branching out in the beauty world. They have already conquered palettes, lashes, and foundation so why not perfume? Mona and Huda are definitely not on the level of the Kardashian sisters yet, but they are clearly set to take on the expansive market that is beauty products.

If you are dying to know about the upcoming Huda Beauty first-ever fragrance you are going to have to be patient. These two sisters only reveal information when they are good and ready and not in the usual press release way. Mona and Huda will likely share more news on their Facebook Watch show or announce it on social media. Therefore, if you don't follow both of them, you might want to.

There are going to be high expectations for Huda Beauty's new fragrance! Their customers have come to expect nothing but the best from the Kattan sisters.

What do you think about Mona and Huda's forte into the perfume business? Will you try it once more details are revealed? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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