Huda Beauty Just Dropped Their Newest Palette Of Nudes (And It Might Replace Every Other Nude Palette That Came Before)

Huda Beauty just released a new eyeshadow palette called 'The New Nude', and it is a dream for every lover of nude colored eyeshadows. Huda Beauty has already managed to make a name for themselves on the beauty market, offering makeup products such as foundations, liquid lipsticks, highlighters, concealers, and, of course, eyeshadow palettes.

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The New Nude palette consists of as many as eighteen gorgeous shades, and a lovely mix of textures and finishes to please any makeup lover. The colors are, as the name suggests, natural, but lean towards the brown and burgundy shades in particular. Out of the eighteen colors, there are ten velvety smooth mattes, four multi-reflective hues that can be used on top of the mattes, or on their own for extra glow, two gorgeous glitters, one pressed pearl, which creates a shimmery finish, and finally one concealer base that works as a primer creating a canvas for perfecting any eyeshadow look.

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As reported by Allure, The New Nude eyeshadow palette is Huda Beauty's third permanent palette, after massive successes with the previous Desert Rose and Rose Gold. At the moment Huda Beauty also has five limited edition eyeshadow palettes available at Sephora, called The Obsession Precious Stone palettes with each palette inspired by a different precious stone.

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Huda Beauty started as a beauty blog where the founder Huda Kattan shared makeup tutorials and tips and tricks she had learned from working as a makeup artist. Huda Beauty is a relatively new makeup brand but has already been made popular, partly with a little help from Kim Kardashian who famously wore Huda Beauty's first product; false eyelashes.

Although it is easy to feel this way with any new eyeshadow palette that is released, Huda Beauty has nailed it with this one, when it comes to colorways, pigmentation, formulas, innovation and diversity. The palette is so versatile, it can easily become a go-to product for creating any look, no matter the occasion, and it is as much as a staple for the self-proclaimed beauty guru as it is for the curious newbie. Huda Beauty's the New Nude eyeshadow palette is available at Sephora, Harrods, Selfridges, Brown Thomas, Arnotts, Cultbeauty.co.uk (whose site you can check out here), and of course Huda Beauty's webshop.

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