Huda Beauty Founder Apologizes After Landing Herself In Hot Water Over Acne Post

Beauty sensation Huda Kattan has landed herself in some hot water after using a skin-positive blogger's photos to promote a post about dealing with acne scars. The blogger in question, Em Ford, rose to prominence three years ago when she created a video titled "You Look Disgusting", detailing the challenges people with acne issues can face. The hateful comments discussed in the short film were coupled with no-makeup selfies, with the aim of helping others in her position feel more accepting of themselves.

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Kattan is one of the biggest self-made MUA's of the moment, thanks to her success on Instagram. The star has her own popular range of cosmetics and is still an avid poster on social media, where she has a staggeringly large following. While individuals like Ford have made an impact on skin-positivity, there are still some out there who desperately want to cover their scars. Kattan was addressing this market when she used an image of Ford alongside a post about acne scars, with the caption "The only thing worse than a breakout is the little scars they left behind." Fans were dismayed at Kattan's seemingly negative outlook on the subject and quickly took her to task.

When Ford became aware of the post, she took to Instagram to address Huda directly, sarcastically thanking her for using her #skinpositivity images to spread a message vastly different from her own mission statement. She ended the post by asking the beauty mogul if she would rather be part of the solution or part of the problem. Kattan responded by immediately removing the post and took to her own Instagram stories to apologize, also praising Ford for speaking out.

The two ladies made their peace over Instagram, but the controversy could have a serious impact on Huda's business, with many vowing to unfollow the star on social media and forgo buying her products. It's not the first time that the Oklahoma native has been hit with scandal, having hit headlines earlier this year when she advised female followers to lighten their intimate areas with lemon juice.


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