How You're Sabotaging Yourself Based On Your Zodiac Sign

There’s a lot of reasons we think we’re ruining our life. Maybe we picked the wrong major in college and now we’re drowning in debt with no good job on the horizon. Maybe we dated a string of bad-for-us types who used us and left us and now we don’t know what a healthy relationship is meant to look like. Maybe our diet consists only of pizza and leftover Halloween candy and we agonize over how we’re messing up our metabolism and know that we’ll be paying for our sins once we hit 30. There’s a lot of ways we think we’re screwing up our life, but maybe it’s not entirely our fault? Okay, a lot of it is, but maybe our zodiac sign deserves some partial blame!

The signs of the zodiac have different defining characteristics and varying strengths and weaknesses. Unfortunately for us, it’s usually the weaknesses – combined with those defining traits – that can be the culprit for all our life’s woes. The pride of the Leo is one of their most recognizable features, but it might also be their greatest downfall, for instance. Figuring out what’s going wrong in our lives – and how to set things right – is at least a starting point to getting things back on track, so why not start here?


15 Aries: You get lost in negativity

Aries women are known for their short tempers and stubborn nature. You can’t help picking a fight with someone when you know in your core that you’re right! It tends to get you in trouble most of the time, and has people walking on eggshells around you, lest they awaken your argumentative side. Unfortunately for you, this means that you can get lost in negativity. It’s not so much that you always look for the glass to be half-empty; it’s more that you see the glass, pour out half of it, and then complain about it.

If you go about your life with a negative perspective on everything, it becomes a part of your general vibe, and people will try to avoid you because of it. The world is rough enough as it is, they don’t need you there to make it even worse! Instead of always being a Negative Nancy, try and get some perspective that maybe what’s happening right now isn’t the worst thing, and you should enjoy the good things you’ve got going on!

14 Taurus: You’re always stuck in a rut


You’re the homebody sign of the zodiac, the type who loves to relax and chill out with their creature comforts. There’s nothing you enjoy more than binge-watching your favourite series on Netflix and indulging in a bottle of your favourite wine – but sometimes, it can lead you into a rut.

Taurus girls like you love stability and appreciate having a safe and assured structure in life, but that can mean that you settle for what you think you should have, rather than what you really want. You much prefer to play it safe than take risks, which can be a good thing, except that you end up missing out on most of the awesome stuff life has to offer because of your self-imposed rigidity. You’re a practical and reliable sign, but if you do the same thing over and over, you’ll end up stagnating and cease growing as a person. Since you have so much to offer, you’d be doing yourself a disservice, as well as everyone else.

13 Gemini: You never finish what you start

Gemini girl, you have some of the best ideas in the world! Your creative mind is always running off in different directions and a new scheme will worm its way into your brain when you least expect it. Too bad for you, though, because you suck at following through! You always have big ideas and undertake major projects, only to stop when you’re halfway through because the pressure is simply too much to handle.

While it’s nice to have a creative mind and a sense of ambition, the failure to finish what you’ve started weighs on you, and you often end up feeling like you haven’t made the most of what you’ve been given. Decisions have never been your strong suit, and so you get caught up before you’ve made things work. Instead of ruining your life with all your untapped potential and procrastination, try to focus on smaller tasks before working your way up to the massive, life-changing ideas that you churn out on the regular.

12 Cancer: You let others take the lead


As the most caring and sensitive sign of the zodiac, you look for someone to take care of you and make you feel at home. You crave stability as well as romance, and would rather be a passive partner in a relationship and let others take control of the situation. To you, it feels more passionate and like true love when someone else takes the lead. Instead, this is a bad habit that transforms you into a doormat, the kind that gets walked all over by stronger people who take charge in every aspect of YOUR life.

Not only in romantic relationships do you let your SO always call the shots, but in professional environments, too. Rather than speak up for your part on a project, you’ll allow others to take credit, because if things don’t work out, you won’t get the blame. You’re ruining your life through your misplaced sense of self-preservation and need to learn that there’s no good time to take a backseat in your own life.

11 Leo: You’re not honest with yourself


You’re all about the swagger, Leo. You take the spotlight at every opportunity and love being the centre of attention, whether it’s good or bad. Your pride prevents you from feeling fear or doubt or vulnerability – or at least, that’s what you want everyone else to think.

The thing is, Leo, you’re not honest with yourself. You’ve never taken a hard look at yourself in the mirror and figured out who you are or what you want. So much of your life is spent living to entertain other people that you haven’t really done the digging that’s required to grow as a person. You have big dreams, but you’ve never figured out how to make them happen. Instead, you think that you can skate by on your charisma and good looks, because that’s how you’ve gotten to where you are now. It’s ruining your life, because you’re setting yourself up for failure since you have no idea who you really are or what you really need.

10 Virgo: You hang on to toxic people


You’re hard on yourself, Virgo, but you’re a softie with everyone else, even when you shouldn’t be. You find it impossible to let go of other people, even when they prove to be toxic. That girl you’ve been friends with since you took the same bus to school together as kids? She’s rude, mean, and inconsiderate, so why should you waste your time with her? That long-ago terrible ex you can’t help but still talk to, not because you care about him, but because you feel like you should? Yeah, you need to cut him out.

Change isn’t something you’re comfortable with, and you’re unable to wrap your head around the idea that some people are only meant to be in your life for a short amount of time. You’re too concerned about what these people might think of you when, in reality, they wouldn’t ever offer you the same consideration. Getting rid of the toxic people in your life might be difficult at first but you will be so much better without them dragging you down. Politeness has a limit, you know.

9 Libra: You second-guess everything

Libra ladies like you are so intent on making things good for everyone else that they constantly second-guess themselves. You spend your life trying to appease others and hedge your bets by playing both sides of the field, so that when you make a decision, you worry if it was the right one. Instead of living your life for yourself, you live it for others, which isn’t fair to you.

Not asking for what you want or need out of life – or, asking for it and then questioning if it’s the right choice – is your biggest failing, and as you age, you have to make even bigger decisions that will affect your entire future. Lamenting your choice after you’ve finally made one is exhausting for you and anyone who has to hear you talk about it. Sometimes, you need to take the plunge and just go for it, ignoring your natural instinct to waffle over what might have been the “better” choice.


8 Scorpio: You isolate yourself


It’s easy for a suspicious sign like you to go it alone, Scorpio, but what you don’t realize is that you’re actually ruining your life when you’re pushing people away. Your belief that everyone is out to get you and that you’re better off on your own works as a catch-22: you become standoffish and difficult to get along with, so people avoid you, and so you take that as proof of needing to be on your own, creating this vicious cycle.

Inside, you’re a big softie, but you fear sharing that vulnerability with others because you know they could use it against you to hurt you. Unfortunately, this means that you’re missing out on forming important relationships with people who could have a major impact on your life – for good, we promise! It might be easier to isolate yourself, but some parts of life shouldn’t be dealt with all alone and the sooner you realize that, the better your life will be.

7 Sagittarius: You never wait for the good stuff


Impatience is your biggest weakness and your need for instant gratification has you skipping through all the really good stuff. You’d much rather grab some fast food from a greasy drive-thru than settle in for a luxurious sit-down meal, because you get too anxious to stay in one place for too long.

Flitting from one thing to the next means that you tend to have surface encounters, and your relationships are the type to burn out pretty quickly because you lose interest if you’re not immediately getting what you want (which is often). You rarely see the big picture because your philosophical mind has you exploring things in the abstract. A good rule to remember is “Good things come to those who wait”, and that your patience can pay off in spades. Instead of settling for the crumbs, you might find what you’re really looking for if you take things a little slower.

6 Capricorn: You value work above everything else


Ambition is one of the defining characteristics of the Capricorn, and that’s excellent when you’re looking to get ahead. You know that hard work and determination are your strengths and you pull out all the stops to achieve your goals, but too often everything else falls by the wayside.

To put it bluntly, you’re a Scrooge type, even if you won’t admit it. You work, work, work and put it before anything else. Relationships, family, health, and your own wellbeing will always come in second to your job, because it’s how you measure your own worth. A big salary and a fat bank account can speak louder than a solid family life and a happy marriage, at least according to you. Work always comes first and you’ll miss out on important life events if you keep this up. Living a half-life that’s dictated by the clock is no way to exist in this world, and you’ll lose out on all the other great things if you keep it up.

5 Aquarius: You use people

We’re not saying you’re a master manipulator, Aquarius, but we do think that your inability to express yourself emotionally leads to you filling up your personal voids with others. Where you feel gaps in your life or in yourself, you look to others to fill the empty space, and that causes you to use them. That might sound like it’s worse for them than it is for you, but hear us out.

When you use people for your own devices, you’re not really connecting with them in any meaningful way. Instead, you’re keeping it surface-level, since things like emotion and commitment scare you. You love to be around people but you don’t like when they get too close to you, and so you have loads of people to satisfy different needs within you. More often than not, people catch on to you and end up leaving, understandably hurt over feeling used. We know you don’t mean to hurt them, but once they leave, you feel lonely and do it all over again.

4 Pisces: You trust everyone


You’re not exactly gullible, but you do always give everyone the benefit of the doubt, Pisces – even when it’s very obvious that you shouldn’t. Your sense of empathy has you seeing the best in people, despite the fact that there’s not always any to be found. You stay in relationships with people who hurt you, you stick around in a job you hate because you keep being promised that things will get better, and you listen to your so-called friends even when they don’t have your best interests at heart. You’re taken advantage of way too often and your tender soul just can’t help it!

Trusting those you shouldn’t is a quick way to get hurt and you do it over and over again. Really, it’s eating you up inside but you don’t want to be so hardened that you think the worst in people. A reality check is definitely needed for you before you get caught in some situation that your trusting nature got you into – and from which you can’t get out of.

3 BONUS Cancer: You stay stuck in the past


The sensitive side of the Cancer means that you can get caught up in the past. However, instead of just keeping things nostalgic and looking back on your personal history with rose-coloured glasses, you dwell on everything that could have been, making you unable to fully live in the present.

It’s one thing to learn from your mistakes, but you don’t look to your past to rectify your wrongs. Instead, you go over how you messed things up and allow that to alter how you live your life. You’re the type to agonize over a conversation that took place five years ago and tie yourself up in knots over a date gone wrong, even though he’s now married and you’re dating someone else. When you get caught up in the past, you feel immobilized, as if your history dictates your future, and you can’t move forward. Getting over the past is important once it’s proven no longer useful.

2 BONUS Virgo: You’re too hard on yourself


Virgo girl, you’re the most critical sign of the zodiac. You constantly pick at everything and overanalyze every single detail. You have an idea in your head of how everything is supposed to be and if it falls short of that, you think that you’re the only one to blame. You crave control and order and get anxious and neurotic if you’re not in charge of everything, with everything in its proper place.

To stop this personality trait from ruining your life, you need to realize that some things are out of your control, no matter how hard you try to keep everything in line. There’s no point in stressing about stuff you have no say in, and the more you remember that, the better your life will be. We know you won’t be able to relax and be laid-back, but cutting yourself a little slack now and then is needed to keep your sanity – and your life – intact.

1 BONUS Pisces: You fall for losers

A true romantic, Pisces girls like you are the type to fall head over heels for the exact wrong person. You’ve spent so much time and energy soaking up romantic novels and movies that you get swept away in the idea of a great big love that you don’t realize the person you’re pinning all your hopes to doesn’t quite fit the bill. In fact, he’s a grade-A loser.

You have a big heart and genuinely mean well, but you also have an unquenchable desire to fix others. Since you daydream so much, you imagine what they – and your life – could be like with a few tweaks, and you often try to carry those ideals out. Too bad for you, though, because they almost always fall through. You fall for toxic people again and again because you’re into some bad-boy aesthetic and because you’re a sucker for love, some twisted part of you thinks that you enjoy the pain they cause you.


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