How You're Being Manipulated, Based On Astrology

Manipulation can come in many forms, and it can be hard to recognize when someone is acting dishonestly in order to get something out of you.

Chances are, you’ve had to deal with a manipulative person at some point in your life. And although we never like to admit it, we’ve all manipulated someone else, too! Yea, it’s time to just own up to it. We’ve all been manipulated, and we’ve all manipulated other people, too. It’s a vicious cycle!

People act in manipulative ways for one overarching reason: we want to get something out of another person that we could not obtain through honest methods. People may act manipulative to obtain money, material objects or even something deeper, like someone’s trust. Manipulation can come in many forms, and it can be hard to recognize when someone is acting dishonestly in order to get something out of you.

Did you know that your zodiac sign can actually reveal how YOU might manipulate people? Yup, the stars don’t lie! Here is how each sign can manipulate others!

16 Fire Signs Are Masters

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When it comes to manipulation, fire signs are absolute masters. And here’s the thing: they know it! Any fire sign reading this probably felt a little uncomfortable for a second and then couldn’t help but nod and say, “Well...yeah...” It’s a harsh truth, but fire signs will use manipulation to get what they want. Each fire sign is bold, outspoken, and proud. Naturally, they don’t take kindly to it when people get in the way of what they want. And yes, this includes the free-spirited, happy go lucky Sagittarius! That’s why fire signs ARE fire signs: they have fiery personalities, and almost nothing can stop a fire once it starts burning. That’s why fire signs often master the art of manipulation in a way that allows them to get away with it from a young age, they want what they want, and there is nothing that can stop them once they’ve decided on it.

15 Aries- Being Bossy

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Aries is one of the most stubborn signs of the entire zodiac. It seems like they would have no time for manipulation: they would simply say and do what they want, and they wouldn’t care if anyone else approved, right? But there are times when an Aries will feel the need to manipulate. After all, deep down, they do care about what other people think they are human, after all. Aries has the power to manipulate by becoming extraordinarily bossy. They will assume a position of leadership, and because they’re generally quite extroverted and charismatic, they have the ability to exert control over everyone around them if they are so inclined. Aries knows how to be seriously bossy when they want to be, and Aries can be so convincing that when they tell you to do something, you will probably listen. Trust your better judgment when you’re around a bossy Aries!

14 Leo- Putting You Down

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Here’s the thing about Leo: they want to be the best in the room. Leos are total one-uppers, and they can’t even help it. They would just have to blame it on the stars. So, what is the favored Leo method of manipulation? Well, they just turn to straight up insults but they can be pretty subtle about it. Let’s say that a Leo is scared that they’ll be competing against you in some way. They might subtly insult you to influence you into backing down before the “competition” even starts. For example, let’s say that a Leo girl you’re friendly with is heading to the same party as you in hopes of hooking up with the same guy tonight. If she sees you beforehand, she might try to knock you down a few pegs until you no longer feel like going to the party at all. Yup, Leos are sneaky!

13 Sagittarius- Pretending They Don’t Care

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Sagittarius is the master of playing hard to get in every area of life. Honestly, this is how Sags straight up manipulate people. They know that sometimes if they just act like they don’t care, the person on the other end will be even more desperate for their approval! It’s pretty messed up, but we all know that it can work. Basically, here’s how a Sag does it. If they know that you’re into them, but they’re not sure how they feel yet, they’ll simply play hard to get for a while and act like they couldn’t care less. And if you still come running after them during all this, they’ll see what they can get you to do for them. So ladies, beware of any Sag guy who starts acting this way, he is playing you like a fiddle! And guys, watch out for Sag girls doing the same thing.

12 Earth Signs Are Unexpected

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It’s tough to imagine an Earth sign acting manipulative, right? Well, unfortunately, earth signs can be just as manipulative as any other sign (although we do admit that fire signs really take the cake when it comes to manipulation, and it’s no secret there). And guess what? Since no one suspects an earth sign would be capable of this behavior, they’re able to get away with it! While fire signs are more likely to make an attempt at manipulation, people can often see it coming from a mile away because it fits right in with their personalities. But when an earth sign does it, people don’t often catch on right away. And you know what that means? Earth signs know that when desperate times call for desperate measures, they can totally get away with a little manipulation every now and then. If they’re backed into a corner, they totally will.

11 Taurus- My Way Or The Highway

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There is a reason that Taurus is represented by the symbol of the bull. This sign may seem like the super chill, crunchy hippie type, but they definitely do not always stick to that stereotype. Now, most of the time, Taurus may be pretty laid back and relaxed about everything. But when push comes to shove, that stubborn, “bullish” side of Taurus can definitely come out and when it does, you’ll want to get out of the way, because it’s not going to be pretty. Yup, Taurus can be manipulative, and you’ve got to be wary of it. How do they do it? They will simply wear you down. When they want something, they will not budge. They take on a “my way or the highway” approach, so if you want anything to do with them after the issue passes, you’ll have to bend to their will in that particular situation!

10 Virgo- Acting Fake

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Virgo always does what’s most practical, right? Well, what if they think their most practical choice in a given situation seems to be straight up manipulation? Virgos don’t really see manipulation as morally wrong if they view it as the solution to a larger problem. Does that sound a little messed up? Well, you’re not wrong, it’s not exactly the most compassionate mindset, but that’s just how Virgos think sometimes. Every sign has their bad side! Anyway, if a Virgo thinks that they need to put some manipulation into action in order to change a situation for the better, they won’t hesitate to act totally fake if necessary. We know that Geminis often get a reputation for acting fake, but honestly, Virgos can be just as likely to behave this way. They’re just better at being subtle about it! Virgos have no problem acting fake if they think that they “need” to.

9 Capricorn- Undermining Other People

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So, we all know that Capricorns can be super cutthroat. After all, this sign works harder than any other sign in the entire zodiac! Naturally, they get super competitive. And we all know that when the stakes are high enough in the competition, some people will turn to dirty tricks in order to win. And if you think that Capricorns are above that, think again, because they will absolutely sink to this level if they perceive their status as being threatened. Whether this means getting involved in petty office politics that put down a co-worker or actively discouraging someone they work with from going for a promotion or a raise, Capricorns love to play dirty. And don’t let their quiet, nerdy side fool you. Because this sign knows how to play the game, and they definitely do not like to come in second. Capricorn is always in it to win it.

8 Air Signs Has One Of The Worst

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When it comes to manipulation, we’ve already established that fire signs are the absolute worst, but most people think of a certain air sign as the most manipulative in the entire zodiac! That’s right, people definitely perceive Geminis as being the most manipulative sign, but hey, that’s kind of giving Gemini a bad rap. But let’s take a second to talk about air signs and manipulation before we dig into the specifics. If you’re familiar with astrology, you know that it can be tough to paint air signs with a broad brush because they really pride themselves on their uniqueness. However, air signs do have something important in common: all of them find it fairly easy to justify manipulation. They really don’t have much of a moral issue with it. They simply see manipulation as a means to achieving a certain end, and they figure whatever they do is justified.

7 Gemini- Being Two-Faced

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Alright, Geminis, you knew this was coming. You hate being stereotyped in this way, but let’s just be honest for a second. There’s a reason that your symbol is the twins. You do have the ability to be two-faced! And you really, really hate when people point this out to you because you know that it’s a pretty pervasive stereotype of Geminis, but most stereotypes come with a grain of truth. So, Gemini, let’s break it down for you. Like Virgo, you can be fake when you need to be. But for you, it basically comes down to having two different sides to your personality. And when you aren’t getting what you want, that nasty side comes out, and it can just take over. Your nice side slips back into the shadows, and you have no qualms about manipulating others. Gemini, it’s okay to admit it: you can be two-faced.

6 Libra- Using Their Friends

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Libra, you wouldn’t imagine manipulating somebody, right? Wrong. You know exactly what you’re capable of doing. Libra, you’re pretty well liked and you know it. You’re always surrounded by plenty of friends. So when you need to use a little bit of manipulation to get your way, well, you have plenty of avenues to go through. Libra, you don’t really like to get too involved in drama, so what do you do? You basically get your friends to do your dirty work! Sneaky, sneaky Libra, hiding behind their friends in order to get things done. Yup, Libra, you would never want people to find this out about you, but honestly, you don’t hesitate to use people when you feel it’s necessary. And you may have even lost a friend or two over this in the past. It was probably an issue for you in high school, so it’s not a new thing.

5 Aquarius- Dishonesty

Aquarius, you already know that you can be manipulative, and surprisingly, you don’t feel much shame over it. You know that everyone acts this way once in a while, and you’re pretty comfortable with both your good qualities and your flaws, so why try to hide it? After all, we’re all messed up in our own way, so there’s no reason to feel shame. So, Aquarius, how do you manipulate people? By straight up lying. It’s not so much manipulation as it is blatant dishonesty. You’ll just say whatever you want to say. The truth is that you just don’t feel too badly about it when you think it’s necessary. And you know that it’s not exactly your strong suit, but it is what it is. Since you’re a fairly proud person, there’s a pretty good chance that this isn’t something you’ll ever change about yourself, you just don’t feel the need to.

4 Water Signs Play On Your Emotions

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Water signs tend to manipulate people in very different ways than other signs. These signs are extremely emotional, so how do they go about manipulating people? Well, by playing on their emotions, of course. And here’s why you have to be especially careful to watch out for water signs doing this: they can be extremely sneaky about it! Why? Half the time, they don’t even realize that they’re doing it. They think that they just need a little more attention, a little more support, and if they have to engage in a little guilt-tripping to get it, what’s the harm, right? Wrong. Obviously, acting this way can still be harmful to people. But water signs will still feel like they’re totally innocent even as they are acting in a way that can be blatantly manipulative. Be careful out there: water signs can be more manipulative than you would ever expect!

3 Cancer- Acting Needy

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Okay, it’s hard to imagine Cancer EVER being manipulative, right? Out of all the signs of the zodiac, there is just no way that Cancer would ever go out of their way to purposefully manipulate people. Of course not. They’re way too sweet and compassionate...except for those few times when, well...they go right ahead and manipulate people for their own gain. So, how and why would a Cancer do this? Well, they are masters of acting needy, and half the time, they do not even realize that they are doing this. We’re not making excuses for them, they honestly just don’t think that they’re being manipulative. But they can become extremely needy when they feel like it will benefit them or persuade someone into helping them. Beware of doing too much for your Cancer friends, because you never know one of them may try to take advantage of your kindness one day!

2 Scorpio- Temper Tantrums

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We all know that Scorpios can be super emotional. Their emotions can even make everyone around them feel crazy! Dealing with a Scorpio when they’re upset can be tough because they truly are deeply emotional beings, and they feel things on a level that other people simply do not. So, what does a Scorpio do when they’re not getting what they want? Well, they just go into straight up temper tantrum mode, and yes, this applies no matter how old they are! Older Scorpios, please don’t shake your head, because you know deep down that it is true. You have no problem with essentially screaming and crying until everyone around you is so worn down that they simply will give in and let you have what you want. And yes, in case you were wondering, this approach to manipulation can cause huge problems for Scorpios in relationships, you have been warned!

1 Pisces- Guilt Tripping

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And we come to the final water sign: Pisces. At first glance, you may think that a sensitive sign like Pisces would not feel inclined to manipulate other people. It just doesn’t seem like they have it in them. But the truth is that Pisces is actually totally capable of manipulation, and other people often just don’t see it coming because they seem so quiet and innocent. So how does this sign do it? Well, Pisces feel absolutely zero shame in employing a good old guilt trip in order to get what they want. And for Pisces, it’s really easy for them to make others feel guilty. After all, they’re so kind and vulnerable-you don’t want to hurt them! They almost seem fragile compared to other signs. But sometimes, that guilt trip is nothing more than a guilt trip, and you did nothing wrong, so resist the urge to give in!

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How You're Being Manipulated, Based On Astrology