How You Ruin Your Relationship Based On Your Sign

before you put all the blame on the other person, why don't we take a look at how you may be "ruining" your relationship!

Relationships take a lot of work. Some would call it a part-time job or full-time! We spend a lot of time trying to figure out what makes the other person tick and what makes the other person not talk to us for five days while they are still posting on Facebook, going out with their friends to that new cool bar with the surfboards, that they said they would take you to!!! Okay, I think I need a minute. But honestly, sometimes it is hard to look at ourselves in the mirror and realize that maybe we aren't being honest or fair and we can't always blame the other person. In order for a relationship to really work, both sides need to understand how the other person accepts love and work together! By fighting and by making mistakes, is how we see if this relationship can last. Nobody's perfect, no, not even you, so before you put all the blame on the other person, why don't we take a look at how you may or may not be "ruining" your relationship based on your zodiac sign.

15 What's Cooler Than Being Cool? (Aquarius)

Aquarians, the answer is "ice cold." Yes, you can be the most lovable sign and always thinking about the little details, but sometimes your walls come up too quickly, and you stay in your igloo for too long. Bad joke? Feelings are important in a relationship and eventually you will have to trust your partner with yours if you truly want to see if this can work. Feelings make you vulnerable, we get it, but being able to talk openly about your feelings is what makes you powerful! You are a mentally intelligent sign and I promise your partner won't look at you as any less intelligent or poised for that matter. People make mistakes even you, rarely though, because you are always three steps ahead of everybody else. You guys are borderline mind readers, stop that! You can't always be right though. Sometimes you have to learn to let go a little of the control. A relationship consists of two people, so bite your tongue every now and then. Bite it hard!

14 Don't Worry, I'll Fix That (Pisces)

Pisces, you can do it all! But sometimes you have to remember to think of yourself. If you are running around doing everything for your partner and never having time for yourself, it will be hard for you to draw your own path. You are a natural born fixer, but your partner loves to know you will do stuff for yourself too. You don't want to be in a relationship where it mainly revolves around the other person's needs and wants, while yours are forgotten about, just because they are so used to you doing everything for them. I am not saying to drop the chivalrous act, I just mean make sure your partner is willing to help you too! Amit that someone that helps others, needs help sometimes too and it's okay to ask for it! You want someone that appreciates what you do for them, not someone that expects you to all the time! Remember you deserve to be pampered! Book that spa day!

13 You Mean You Need A Straightforward Answer? (Capricorn)

Capricorn, they like you and you like them, sometimes it is that simple! You're a catch and they've told you, they're pretty much begging to make it official, yet you're still weighing out the pros and cons. I'm not saying it's a bad thing to be cautious, but to be overly cautious, you might just miss out on many life opportunities. This person isn't going to wait around forever until you let them know you finally want to be with them permanently. You can find many flaws in a person, but you have to look at how you're acting as well. How does a person feel if you just can't decide whether they are worth your time or not? I know it is because you are insecure when it comes to relationships and taking time to get used to another person makes sense, but you have to go with the flow sometimes. Not everything in a relationship can be calculated, there will be curve balls, it's guaranteed. You have to get out of your comfort zone! Take that road trip you've always wanted!

12 Heavy Foot And The Brakes Don't Work (Scorpio)

Scorpios, slow down! I know you want that family and house you've always wanted, and your Pinterest boards are off the hook with wedding dresses, home DIY projects and so forth. Not everyone is at the same point in their lives as you are. Maybe they are still searching for their passion in life and marriage is in the back of their mind for now. It's okay to express your wants, but be patient if your partner needs more time than you. Your dreams when you were young about being married at 25 with kids (we were all there once) may not always pan out how you thought they would! You don't want to jump into anything until you are a hundred percent sure and it's okay to take that time to really get to know that person and understand how they see their family life playing out. You are a sign that loves to be in a relationship and sometimes jumps from one to another, never taking time for yourself! Don't put marriage and kids on a time frame. There is no rush, get out of the fast lane!

11 Change, Yes It Means Doing Something Different (Taurus)

Taurus, taurus, taurus, so much to say. Will you even believe anything that I am telling you? Probably not, because you are fine the way you are right? People should try and be more like you right? Okay, maybe I am being a little harsh, but you have to understand that your point of view is not the only point of view that matters. Listen to other people, their knowledge may surprise you! You have to try and see your partner's side to things in a relationship too. Understand that everybody has something to offer in a relationship. They are smart too! I know you want things to go as planned, but sometimes life doesn't work that way. Listen to your partner's needs and understand that life doesn't always have to revolve around money and paying bills. Some people like adventure and don't freak out, but they like change! They like experiencing the unknown! Listen to music, read books, try painting, learn Spanish! Change is good!

10 Great Minds Don't Always Think Alike (Aquarius)


So let us harp on the idea that you always think you are right. Yes, I'm not done with you. I know you think you are better than everyone and I admit, you have a lot of great qualities, but so does your partner! Respect them even if they don't have everything you are looking for. Don't put your partner on a criteria list, every body has their own path. Let them work where they want and chose their interests how they please. If they like watching ballet on the weekend, just because you aren't into that doesn't mean it's stupid. Those ballet dancers work hard! Have you seen Black Swan? You can put yourself on a pedestal, as you should be, but you should put your partner on one too. They need to know you respect them and see them as an equal and not that you think you are better than them. Show an interest in their love for the ballet, instead of thinking it's a waste of time. Pretty much, what I'm trying to say nicely is, get over yourself!

9 But I Want It Now! (Cancer)


Cancer, so much passion! A true sign of the arts and love for the world and nature. People love being in relationships with you, because it allows them to connect to more important things in the world. Seeing life for the first time, without having to go to a fancy restaurant or spending tons of money. That being said, take that relaxing and artsy attitude into your relationship! You can be extremely impatient with your partner when it comes to going out or ideas. You want everything now and rarely feel okay if your partner bails on plans for some reason. It happens, sometimes plan fall through, "but we're in a relationship, plans shouldn't fall through!" It happens, leave some space for your partner to do the things that they like too. If they go to that artsy café with you, why don't you see that movie they wanted to! Join them in their interests and understand if they can't always be a part of yours! Relax!

8 Everything Hurts, All The Time (Gemini)

Gemini, your partner loves being around you. You love to laugh and watch goofy videos and can just be a part of the guys or hang with the girls. Everybody's dream! But I know you get paranoid, and it's hard to control your thoughts. But I promise you, not everything is wrong with you. Your partner is trying their best to please you and succumb to your every needs. It shouldn't frustrate you if your partner doesn't race over to your house because you have a headache. I know it sounds harsh, but take a moment to assess the situation and know that you can get through it. They want to be there for you, but understand that sometimes they aren't feeling well either and don't make it a competition of, "but I feel more sick than you." Understand that it will not always be about you, and sometimes you have to suck it up to see what's wrong with your partner. They have problems too! Ask them!

7 Are You Still On Planet Earth? (Sagittarius)

Ground control to Major Tom. Can you hear me Sagittarius? If you can get down to earth, it's the first step. You always say you suck at relationships but in reality you have all the qualities a partner is looking for. Sometimes you lose yourself in space and can't seem to remember that you are not alone on another planet. This person still exists and they want to know that you do too! You forget that everyone wants to hear how their partner is feeling. So tell them, show them, let them know you are still in this! I know you like your space and that's great, being independent is a good quality! But like many, you can't forget there is two people involved. You can't just blast off into space and get mad when they ask where you are. It will take some getting used to. I'm not saying you need to tell your partner your every move, but respect them enough to tell them your plans for the week or for the future! The space ship is big enough for the both of you!

6 Adventure Doesn't Always Have To Be Miles Away (Aries)


Aries, I know you love the unknown! I know you get chills thinking about the next concert you are about to go to. Yes, you need a partner that loves to be on the road just as much as you, but understand sometimes people do want to stay in and have a relaxing night. Try and make the best out of it! If your partner is tired from a long week of work, but you planned this night out downtown, maybe it won't be so bad if you surprise them with a romantic night in. It'll be worth it. Your partner wants to know you on an intimate level too and sometimes it's really hard to have a heart to heart conversation on a rollercoaster or bungee jumping. They want to know you also enjoy spending quality time with them and can be emotional. They are probably scared to tell you they are tired, with fear you will think they are boring! So understand that they will appreciate some down time with you and it will allow you to grow together and show that person you find them exciting enough. Skip that rave for the night!

5 Dinner? I'll Pick Up McDonalds (Libra)


Hey Libra, it's me. I know, you hate me, Miss Reality Check. I just couldn't help but stop by and take time out of your day. I know, I know, Netflix just posted Marvel's The Punisher series, but this won't take too long. Treat your partner! They want to feel good about themselves and they definitely won't feel good if they are eating McDonalds three times a week. Everyone deserves a night out every now and then! Staying in is fun, and doing things you want to do is okay I guess, but not always! Show your partner you can be spontaneous and take them somewhere you've never been before. It'll show them that you are making an effort, as opposed to getting lazy about it. If they are talking to you about that new movie where someone dies on a train, or the very popular axe throwing place, they are hinting at something. Okay, you still don't get it. THEY WANT TO GO OUT. Work is hard, and they want a night out to forget about their week, it's the least you can do. No more big macs, please!

4 My Life = Your Life, It's Basic Math (Leo)


Leo, oh, I already know, you're not even going to read your partner's zodiac part. It's all about your part. A whole paragraph based on you? Why isn't it the whole article? This is your problem. Yes, a problem. As soon as you get into a relationship, it's all about you. You genuinely believe that your partner should drop anything and everything for you. "You have an exam? But I miss you. Don't you care?" Then you'll probably be mad at them for a week, and tell them they really hurt you. Your partner has a life of their own! Accept it or stay single. They can't always change their plans for you. Maybe they want to see their friends for a night. "But you saw them a month ago? Don't you care?" You are driving your partner to drop their entire life and eventually it will lead them to resent you. They need time for themselves. If they say they want to just stay home or spend a night hanging with their mom, without you, don't get mad! It doesn't mean they don't love you. Give them space!

3 If You Don't Tell Me You Care, You Don't (Gemini)

Gemini, we know you are a ball of anxiety. I know you can't control that, but eventually you will have to trust your partner. You can't make them feel guilty if they have a business trip to go on and you don't hear from them for a couple days. Tell them how you feel, and they will try to be there for you. Maybe your partner isn't very good with their words or texting you emojis, but it doesn't mean they aren't thinking about you. If they say you're beautiful, don't ask why they say it less. Don't pick at everything your partner does or doesn't do. You have to accept who they are, or don't. They will try and change and be more open with you, but if they aren't like that, you will have to see how they show you they care differently. Maybe flowers aren't their thing, or maybe they are uncomfortable around your family. Try and compromise with them! Find a solution that fits you both. Tell them what makes you feel good and hope that they will do it for you. Let them be who they are!

2 You Can't Control Everything! (Virgo)

Virgo, one of the most elite signs of the horoscopes. So elite, they feel best when they are in control. Natural born leaders. It isn't a bad thing, but sometimes in a relationship, you will receive the unexpected. You can't control the outcome of every aspect in a relationship and as you get to know another person you will see that they have their own way of thinking and their own lifestyle. Maybe they will chose a different approach to a situation and it wouldn't be so bad if you learned some different ways as well. Maybe let them plan a night out for once, show them that you trust their judgment! I know you are a very protective sign, but trust your partner's instincts and accept that sometimes they can do things for themselves. They like that you take care of them, but people need to learn from their own mistakes to grow as a person too. Give them your opinion and advice, but don't be insulted if they chose to take a different route to a problem. This doesn't make you useless, I promise!

1 Go Out? But It's Snowing Outside (Capricorn)

Capricorn, I've told you before, just go with the flow sometimes! I'm hear to tell you again. You can't live your life inside your room in bed all the time. You won't remember the days you went to bed early, trust me. Your partner wants to feel like you want to experience life with them. Don't cancel plans because of light rain, snow or that it's too hot, it's too cold, the wind is burning your face. If you look for a problem there will always be one; it's too far, I'm tired. Your partner doesn't want to hear it anymore, unless they feel the same way. Everyone wants to try something new and wants to feel like you will put in an effort to surprise them or shake things up. Even just going for a drive, or grabbing a late night drink could do the trick. Some people take things the wrong way, and you don't want your partner to think you just don't care to please them. Maybe it isn't in you, but you have to challenge yourself and challenge your partner. When life gives you lemons, what are you going to make? And please, don't say lemonade!

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How You Ruin Your Relationship Based On Your Sign