How To Win Over Each Sign (His And Hers)

Dating someone can be unpredictable and first dates can be so awkward that you end up getting a concussion trying to escape from the bathroom window, just like the movies. I’m just joking; people are more honest in 2017. Another joke. But seriously, with applications like Tinder or Bumble, we find ourselves meeting people for the first time on a date, with nothing but a blurry picture of them and their cat in mind. We all go into the dates thinking, “Please, Don’t Be Boring!” How can we win this sign over? What if being the life of the party is not all that your date is looking for? Each zodiac sign and all men and women have different likes and dislikes. Not everyone’s the same as your ex, shocker! Maybe going to that nude beach you always wanted to try, isn’t everyone’s cup of tea? Maybe a cup of tea is not a coffee drinkers perfect date? Maybe a coffee drinker doesn’t just want to drink coffee. Maybe, okay, you get the point. Mainly, you should always be yourself, but having some light on what each signs likes might make take some stress off of you and make the beginning of your relationship a lot easier!

24 Smile, You're On Candid Camera! (Pisces Man)

The Pisces man loves to fish. That’s all. Okay seriously, the Pisces man is a man of many talents and loves to impress! The best way to win this sign over is to genuinely enjoy yourself. He will know if you aren’t. You can’t use that fake laugh forever! He will be focused on your reactions to his stories and corny jokes and hope that you are truthfully having a good time. The more you are smiling the more he is feeling good about himself. He loves to know that you see him as a true gentleman and can roll with the punches. He likes to make decisions to show you he is a leader. He will pick the restaurant, he will pick you up, and he will wine and dine you. He will like that you let him take the lead, but also show him that you are okay with picking the appetizers or suggesting an after party. Keep smiling and ditch that phone of yours! Ask him questions about his work and show your interest. Pisces love a good conversation about goals and ambitions.

23 I Hope You Brought Your Guitar (Pisces Woman)

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Pisces women love to be swept off their feet in an unexpected way. They love romance and they love to see you will put an effort in. They love to know you are paying attention to the real them. "No one understands me!" They love thoughtful little gifts; so if you remember her saying she loved that song by that artist, maybe you can request it in the jukebox, or burrow your cool roommate's guitar and film you recording it. Too much? She’ll laugh and cherish how much energy you put into it. First impressions aren’t everything, but they do mean a lot! Do something no one else will think of. Keep it creative! How about those cheesy ceramic café’s or crashing a paint night? They aren’t about a steak dinner and some really good wine. She will though however keep that mug with the cat face she made with you forever. She wants a first date to be something she can talk about forever and put in a cute little jar labeled “memories.”

22 Don't Forget Your Brain At Home (Aquarius Man)

An Aquarius man loves dating. They love first dates because they can be an extremely critical sign and love to analyze others. Don’t be scared! They hate being reckless with their feelings. They love to see how you can connect with them mentally, while still having a good time. They like to know the woman they are going to date has a good head on their shoulders. They love to see your ambitions and what your goals are for the future. Does it match theirs? They love attention, so you might spend a lot of time talking about them for the first time because that’s how they are comfortable. They like flirting as it flatters them, so give them some compliments, and a slight arm touch when you have a chance. Slight I said! Keep it subtle, they like that mystery and a bit of that chase. No games though! If an Aquarius feels like you are playing games, hiding something or dodging questions, they will drop the interest almost immediately.

21 Black Suit From Value Village (Aquarius Woman)

Aquarius women are similar to Aquarius men. They love a man that can reach their level of maturity and show that they have good values. Is a family in the picture, will he be a good father if children are in the equation? Oh, also, they love a man in a good suit, black is preferable. They love a man with class so don’t forget your good manners! Brush up on your dinner etiquette! Stay classy, no open mouth chewing and no slurping your soup if you're out at dinner! Yes, these are very important! And honestly, it shouldn’t be that hard to have proper manners on a first date. At least, I hope not! Keep it simple, this sign doesn’t care for the restaurant choice or the price of your meal, they are not materialists! They do want to feel supported though. They like a man that is not afraid to get his hands dirty and work hard. So talking about your three jobs is okay with them. They don’t mind seeing you once a week, as this sign enjoys their alone time. Don’t get upset if they don’t chase you afterward.

20 Bring Them To The Unknown (Capricorn Man)

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A Capricorn man can be somewhat of a homebody! They are not always used to all the dating expectations or so forth. They are kind of hoping you will take the lead but while you are out they will prove to you that they want to be in control. Take them somewhere they have never been before and they will be attracted to your knowledge of activities and city attractions. They do like to stay in, but they love a challenge and will be willing to try anything once even if they are so scared. They are super competitive, so you may have to let them beat you at pool a couple of times or they may feel insecure. They really hate being bad at things and might think you are trying to rub it in their face if you keep beating them. They like attention and compliments even though they may be shy, so just make sure you show him you are enjoying yourself and that you aren’t making him feel stupid at whatever activity you are doing. They take a while to open up; so don’t go too hard on the personal questions on the first date.

19 Charades With The Family? (Capricorn Woman)

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Capricorn women like men that are homebodies. They much rather cuddle in bed with the dog than go out to that Hollywood party with famous people. They do enjoy spending time with their close friends and mostly family. Be sure to talk about family and how you enjoy those nights in. They want to act silly and know you can be too. You are your true self with your family, and everyone knows how weird you get around them! So be weird! They’ll love you for showing that side of you. They love laughing at their partner and bugging them, so don’t take things personally! Capricorns can be really blunt and sometimes be harsh with their words, but that’s what they love. If you can’t pick on each other every now and then, they will feel like they can’t be themselves. Expect a lot of snapchats and crazy filters. They act like they don’t care for romance but they love the thought and will be shocked if you bring them flowers.

18 I'm Leaving On A Jet Plane, You In? (Gemini Man)

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A Gemini man loves adventure! He can be shy when it comes to first dates, but if you show him you’re willing to open him up with some spontaneous activity; he’ll loosen up quickly. He loves to have fun and experience anything from concerts, to that historical monument, to that creepy building he saw on the service road. He enjoys the outdoors and the arts, so show him that side of you! The occasional walk or a visit to that new bar with the really funny cat artwork might be a good place to start. If they have to stay in, they do enjoy some good television that gets them jumping out of their seat. Try not to be shy about discussing the latest film you saw or television series or international documentary on whales. Gemini men are also very political and have an opinion about most, so flatter them by showing them you know a thing or two about the news right now. They like people that are informed about the problems in the world and show they truly care.

17 Welcome To The Comedy Club (Gemini Woman)

Gemini women love to laugh and feel like they are with their best friend on a first date. They want to, like Capricorn women, be silly and not have to be overdone and trying so hard to impress you. If they can’t be themselves with you they will never be able to. If they are a sign that is obsessed with how people view them, imagine how they are on a first date! The best way to see how someone truly is is through laughter! Get them laughing, I mean let’s hope you are funny! No offense! If not pull out your phone and show your best fail video! These signs love videos and Instagram, always on their phone. If you take yours out, they’ll take theirs out. Yes, I’m talking about your cellphones. No need to dress up too classy, it might intimidate them, but nice enough that it shows you put an effort in. Show her you can be a gentleman, Geminis like feeling like you’re their best friend and can talk about anything but you still want her to know you see her as a woman! Tell her she’s beautiful and smart! That you respect her and are listening to her!

16 I Swear, Just Be Cool, It's Not Hard! (Sagittarius Man)

Sagittarius men love to go with the flow. They aren’t for the theatrics or anything and would love just a night talking over some drinks. They just want to know that you’re cool! Be cool! Everyone's doing it! This sign in general hates stress. If you come off too strong or if in any way they feel like you are a stressful person it will instantly turn them off. I told you, be cool! Sagittarius men love to know they can open up to you and you will have an open mind. They won’t really open up unless you prove to be trusted, so on the first date, they may keep it casual, unless they feel like seeing how you take their stories to heart. They are smart in how they approach a date always aiming for the ultimate fun while analyzing your reactions to certain things. They love to not take things too seriously, but they are wondering what your intentions are. Be honest with this sign, they don’t like fake people and games.

15 Listen To My Poetry, It's Like So Deep (Sagittarius Woman)

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Sagittarius women love to express their creative side. They want you to know they can do it all! They love to try and impress their date like this because they just can’t pick one hobby that outshines the most. You need to know them all! They want to know you care about her work and will read her novel in its entirety when it gets published. They are also very easy going women but they do like to see their man take initiative! They like a man that can make a decision, as they are used to always doing so because they are very independent! They want to know you can take care of them. They want you to say you’re going to pick her up even though she’d rather drive herself. Bring her somewhere you guys can move around, eye contact at dinner may just be too clingy for her. They are more interested if they can get along with you in a crowded space. A pool hall, a concert, arcade, whatever you can think of, she will most likely be interested! Just show her you put a bit of thought into it and didn’t just take her to the same restaurant you take all the girls. She will find out and she won’t be impressed.

14 Did You Make The Reservations? (Libra Man)

Libras like to feel like men and make sure you view them in this way. Sometimes though on a first date, they are over thinking what you like and dislike. They don’t like to be challenged, so if you can suck it up for a couple dates and feed him some questions and pretend like you don’t know the answer to, he may start to warm up. Sounds easy enough? Libras take things really personally, so make sure your jokes aren’t targeting him on a personal level. Keep it light! You have to worry more about making him comfortable than yourself, believe me. They just want someone that they enjoy being around and that won’t bother them so much! They don’t like to talk about their feeling often, so they want to know you can talk about whatever nonsense you can think of. They aren’t very fancy people either, so don’t show them you expect some lobster meal and then ask him to pay. They like discussing things they have seen during the day that was funny or random.

13 I Need To Rate You On Ten First, Sorry (Libra Woman)

Libra women are very passionate and opinionated like the Libra men. Somewhere, somehow, they will be convincing you that you are wrong. Sign the contract! Libra women fall for initial attraction. They want to feel that spark between the two of you right away or else you’ll be friend zoned. They don’t normally see you differently later on, even if you change your hair and clothes. Like most people appearance is important. So be presentable and show you care! Get that haircut or one-hour beard trim! Wear something stylish but not too fashion forward. You might mess it all up with the wrong t-shirt. Stick to one color and keep it simple. Now it’s simple, let her do all the talking and just look like you can look good in pictures next to her. Compliment her but not too much where she thinks you’re trying too hard and now she’s annoyed. She’ll probably even tell you that.

12 A Stroll In The Park, How Romantic! (Cancer Man)

Cancer men love romance and the simplicity of life. They may not be super outgoing on the first date but keep in mind they feed off of your energy! If you are nervous, they will be too! They enjoy the outdoors and going for walks or just sitting by the lake watching the waves. This sign enjoys the company and wouldn’t mind staying in or cooking for you, so show him you are comfortable with a cozy night in! Suggest going to his place or a main meal you guys can cook together. Go grocery shopping together! Picture a man with a constant Christmas spirit! This is the definition of a Cancer man. They love to feel at home wherever you are. If you two go out make it a restaurant with a nice corner booth and a fireplace. They want to feel like they feel safe with you and that you want to just spend time with them. Doesn't need to be anything crazy!

11 Oh My God, You're Like My Best Friend (Cancer Woman)

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A lot of people find their match but always lack that best friend chemistry. Cancer women want to know that you will be their best friend! Can they call you at four in the morning and tell you they missed you? Can they call you at four in the morning and tell you how much you pissed them off today? They want to know that they can call you at any point and rant about how this coworker totally backstabbed her at work. Be ready to listen! They are easy going and love the nature the same as a Cancer man. Pick up some food or drinks or hot chocolate and go walk around the park. Cancer women like to debate, so bring up some heated topics that you two can go back and forth on. They like to see what is going on in the news or that new ghost series on television. "Do you believe in ghosts?" Spark interest without using mundane questions. She wants to know she can talk about anything and show you how informed she is.

10 Sweep, Swoon, And All Of The Above (Virgo Man)

This sign loves to sweep you off your feet! So let him! If he wants to hold the door open for you, if he wants to pay for dinner, if he wants to pick you up, try to be receptive! If you want to go on a date with this sign, let him take the lead and show you that chivalry is not dead. It's not just in the movies! I know you can do stuff on your own, but they like treating you! It makes them feel good about themselves, if they feel like they can't provide for you or spend their hard earned money on you, they will feel kind of useless. So go with the flow and enjoy feeling like a queen for a night. Show them you are impressed by their confidence and are ladylike! They like women that are flirty and show them affection. Give some compliments! Talk about this man's job, they are really hard workers and will enjoy the interest you are showing.

9 The Door Now Or Forever Hold Your Peace (Virgo Woman)

This sign like the Virgo man is all about the "old school" romance. Show her that you can treat her right and impress her parents! Hold that car door, as it is so rare that any guy does that anymore. Sigh. Be the one that makes the other guy's look bad! She also likes to show you she cares and can take care of herself, so don't let her feel too incompetent! Let her make some decisions and show her you are interested in an equal partnership. They want to help you with your problems. Don't be afraid to ask this sign for advice, they would love it and appreciate that you trust them in that way. This sign loves the arts as well, show you can be creative and try to surprise her with handmade gifts or a cute poem. She loves to see how much effort you put into the small things. It's not always about materials.

8 Passion On Passion On Passion (Leo Man)

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This sign is one of the most passionate signs of the zodiacs. They love to hear how much you feel for them and why you like them. If you want to win this sign over, simply feed their ego! Show them how much you care for them and like them, show them physical attraction and emotional. They want to feel like you are their entire world. Try not to lose yourself though. Be firm! They aren't the most adventurous type and will be just fine talking over a bottle of wine. This sign is a smooth talker and loves to see you focused in on what they're saying. Smile a lot and give them confirmation that you are having a really good time. They can be insecure whether you know it or not, if they feel like you aren't paying attention to them, I mean how can you not? They pretty much brought their own spotlight. Give him your full attention and pretty much act like you are star struck. They are a star!

7 Walk This Way, Talk This Way (Leo Woman)

A Leo woman loves a man with confidence! Show her you can walk the talk. This sign has tons of energy and they want to be on the go most of the time! They can't sit still! Find a way to distract this sign from their mundane job and they may just fall for you. Bring them dancing, take them on a motorcycle ride, get your motorcycle license first, please. Take them to that new burger joint they hang you from the ceiling if you don't eat it all. How about go-karting as these women love to be daredevils every now and then. They like to take control and show you they are a strong woman, they are also extremely stubborn! So don't tell her what to do like you are commanding her in any situation, she just won't do it. Ask kindly, and show her that you need her help. They have big hearts and will want to come through for you.

6 Road Trip? I Call Shotgun (Aries Man)

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This zodiac sign is all about the adventure! They love to just pick up and go! If you want to impress and win over this sign, be ready for anything! Blindfold him and take him somewhere! He'll love it! Hop in that hippie van and hit the road! Go take that hike you always wanted or suggest kitesurfing, snowboarding or a trip up north for a well-deserved spa day! They love to be outdoors and love animals! Dog sledding? If you are living in Canada I mean! This sign doesn't always open up so easily so focus on the fun for now before you get down to the real talk. Enjoy each other's company and just be silly! They don't always feel romantically inclined, so show them you are This sign is always on the go, so keep up! They love excitement and are hoping you do too! Keep showing your spontaneous side or they might get bored.

5 If I Jump Off A Bridge, You Better Jump With Me (Aries Woman)

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As the Aries man, this zodiac sign is seeking the thrills this world has to offer. Sign the waver and let's go! They love to travel and they love to be in their car! It might be rare you even get to drive, but force this sign because they deserve to be treated every now and then! They will do anything for their friends and family and never stopping for a moment for themselves. They do enjoy camping and aren't afraid of getting dirty, but they still want you to see them as a woman. They may not ever ask to go to dinner or have a romantic outing, but I promise you they do! Put some effort in, because they probably won't ask. They want to remain cool and collected, in hopes that you always think they are fun to be around! Make sure you keep it exciting, too many movies and Netflix chilling will only go so far! Book that cottage trip!

4 Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Better (Scorpio Man)

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Scorpio men can be loud and intense! They like to tell you what they think right off the bat, just be prepared for some heated conversations! And just so you know, they are always right. They don't like to be disagreed with, hoping you will just be in awe of their knowledge. Keep it light if you want to win this sign over! They will do everything they can to make you laugh, and try and pick up your favorite coffee just to surprise you! They can take things really personally, so don't give this sign any "low blows," and show them you can be easy going and not be hassling them every second about another problem. They can be sympathetic in most cases, but it may just be to your face. Show him you are paying attention to the small details. He'll love if you remembered his favorite sports team and be willing to watch some games. As this sign likes to show they know everything, they will be thrilled to teach you what a touchdown is.

3 Well Dressed And Ready To Impress (Scorpio Woman)

A sign that is feared by most men, Scorpio women are on fire! This sign is independent and has no problem being in control of her life. She does it all! Cooks, cleans, drives, and does it all without being boring. They love to do anything for their man, so show your appreciation! They are a real woman, so they want to date a real man. If you are acting like a little boy, the chances are you won't be seeing them anytime soon! They are powerful individuals and hope you can be powerful as well. They like a man that can make decisions and be upfront with their feelings. This sign is extremely family and friends oriented so make sure you show some interest! Do the little things most guys don't, like call before bed. They will be shy, but think it is so romantic! They hate to be showered with gifts but will be so happy when they see you holding surprise flowers at the door. Yes, you come and pick her up at her door. Act like you are lucky because you are!

2 Stick To The Plan! (Taurus Man)

Out of all of the zodiac signs, Taurus men hate change the most. They love to plan and be organized and will notice if you arrive two minutes late to their date. They hate the feeling of recklessness so don't act like you don't care about anything! Don't recklessly spend or ditch that job interview you had. They want to know that you are reliable, so show up early to your dates and show them your calendar. If you don't have one, stop at the dollar store quickly. Then pull a bend and snap at dinner, "Oops, I dropped my calendar!" Trust me. They hate last minute cancellations or people that don't take priorities seriously. Don't slack on that workout plan you just started! They want people to think like them and make sure they see life in a more practical way. They are not the most open-minded sign so don't try and push them to see life as a world full of opportunities. Health, money, family, that's what matters. Not a bad thing if you are willing to live a normal life.

1 My Engine Check Light Came On (Taurus Woman)

A Taurus woman is similar to the men with this sign because of their want for stability. They are not a very forceful sign and will not tell you always what they want. They want to settle down and live a practical life. Show them you want to settle down as well and are serious about the future. You want children and you want a retirement plan. They don't need to be wined and dined and just respect a partner that respects them. They are content with living a life of companionship and simply living day to day. They are comfortable with spending the day cooking or streaming the internet and will feel fulfilled. They don't like to spend money on material objects that aren't necessary to the household. Keep this relationship simple if you want to win them over! She will do anything to be the best girlfriend, wife, mother you have ever seen. You will be treated like royalty so return the favor every now and then! Make sure to tell her she can relax and you will take care of things.

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