How To Wear Neon: 25 Ways To Style This Standout Trend This Winter

Neon in winter? Don’t faint. It’s the biggest trend of this season and for all the right reasons.

Because why should the fashion-forward restrict their most colorful outfits and flamboyant styles for the warmer months when everything is bright and cheerful already?

So take some fashion cues from the biggest names in the industry and go neon this winter. After all, if Blake Lively, Gigi Hadid, and Kim K could pull it off with pizzazz, the average fashionista can too!

And don’t worry if bright colors seem foreign after all these years of wearing only dark and dreary colors in the middle of winter. These 25 style tips will take any stylish gal from everyday girl to glamazon extraordinaire in seconds.

So go loud and proud without a doubt this neon season. And when the compliments come pouring in, remember who to thank for the expert tip.

And no, neon is not just for perking up one's party spirit. There are even ways to incorporate this style into a work wardrobe without fearing the backlash from the boss.

Want to know the trick? Contrast an outfit with sleek blacks, executive grays, and punky pastels. But if that's not enough, read on for more.

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25 Elevate Simple Joggers With A Neon Puffer Jacket


Start small on your neon journey with this style ‘spiration straight outta Gigi Hadid’s lookbook.

It’s all about the contrast with this one. And not just in color.

The neon puffer jacket over this classic street-style jogger-and-tee look will add some weight to the top half of your frame if you are long and lanky like Hadid.

And even if you are not, the stark contrast between the eye-popping shade and the black bottoms will make you stand out for all the right reasons.

24 Statement Coats Are The Name Of The Game This Winter


From teddy-bear shearling coats to caped ponchos studded with fuzzy monsters, statement coats are trending like crazy this winter. So why not combine two trends in one with a neon statement coat like the one above?

You can pare down the rest of the outfit with sleek lines and dark colors to make the coat the star of the show. Or, throw it over a simple outfit of a white tee and blue denims to elevate your style game.

23 Monochromatic Play


You may not have the buck (or the husband) to get a head-to-toe neon Yeezy outfit custom-made for you like Kim Kardashian, but you sure can draw inspiration from her style.

It’s all about the monochrome with this one.

Just remember to keep your hairstyle and makeup sleek and clean so you don’t look like a clown in town. And the same goes for the shoes. Just check out Kim’s beige stiletto boots.

22 Neon Blue + Neon Green = An Unforgettable Combination


Want to go neon but are afraid it will look too cheerful against a cold and bleak landscape? Don’t worry. Hook yourself up to the blue-green spectrum of the rainbow with this duo-chrome look and ride out the trend without fear.

After all, blue and green fall on the cooler side of the color wheel. So it would match the weather perfectly.

And if you don’t want to stand out too much, swap out one color from neon to pastel. It will be divine either way.

21 Perk Up A Black Outfit With A Neon Scarf


Here’s another classic way to deck yourself out in neon without looking too out of place. Just follow Jessica Alba’s lead and get yourself a beautiful neon scarf to accessorize an all-black outfit.

The black will absorb some of the neon’s shine so it’s not as in-your-face as it usually would be.

Plus, you can play around with the scarf and try out different knots to up your glam game. Pro tip: if you want the neon to be even subtler than this, pick out a dark scarf with neon outlines or prints.

20 Neon Red Overcoat: Go From Formal In The Morning To Party Positive At Night


No one can fault you for wearing a neon red overcoat to work if you are wearing formal pastels or grays underneath. It’s going to come off anyway.

But the cool thing about this outfit is that with it you can effortlessly transition from a daring day look to a party positive look at night. Especially if that party is a date for two at a funky restobar with bonafide black lights. Talk about dual purpose with this look!

19 Neon Accessories: Glam Up Any Bland Outfit With Pops Of Color


Calling all everyday Bettys! Here’s your chance to up the glam quotient of your usual look with this popping trend this winter.

Just add a dash of neon to your outfit with some well-chosen accessories, like a pair of neon pumps or a flashing lights handbag, and wait for the compliments to come flying your way.

After all, no one can fault you for bringing home the bright!

Style tip: if you are still unsure, pair the neon with an all-gray outfit. The latter will subdue the flash in a jiffy.

18 Neon + Glossy Black = A Classic Combo


Channel the rock-n-roll vibe of the ‘70s with this classic combo of neon and glossy black. Even better if the gloss is vinyl, but that's entirely up to how bold you're feeling.

Want a few outfit ideas? Here you go.

You can pair jet-black vinyl pants with a blaring neon top and then throw a sleek black coat over it for a suave look. Or, wear a neon jumpsuit with a black leather jacket for a more party prepped look.

17 White Accessories Can Turn Down The Volume Of Neon


Black and white have very different effects when paired with neon. The former makes it stand out even more, while the latter tones it down a few notches for a more subdued effect.

So if you want to keep the volume of your outfit polite, we suggest pairing the look with a white scarf or a large white handbag.

In fact, white works even better when you are sporting monochrome neon. It makes the outfit look really crisp and expensive.

16 Amp Up The Glam By Wearing A Classic Skirt In A Neon Tone


Style alert: if you are a pear-shaped woman, we advise you not to use this tip since the brightness of the neon would only make your bottom half look more disproportionate from your top. Of course, you do you regardless, just our style suggestion for rocking neon without drawing too much attention.

For the rest, this style would only accentuate your waistline and give you an hourglass figure, especially if you are top heavy. So don’t shy away from neon skirts. Just pair them with a black top for maximum impact.

15 Neon Red + Neon Blue = Will Stop The Traffic Wherever She Goes


What do you get when you throw in cool blue with warm red? A showstopping extravaganza, that’s what! And the same applies in neonology, and yes, we just made up that term.

So don’t restrict yourself to just a handbag and a top with this.

Pair these complementary shades with blacks for a starker effect and whites when you want a more subdued look.

Or go loud and proud with a head-to-toe neon red suit with a neon blue coat on top.

14 Add A Pop Of Color To Your Outfit By Wearing A Neon Winter Cap


We can’t talk about winter outfits and not mention the classic accessories that go with them. Namely, winter caps and ear muffs.

So if you are too shy to go full-out neon, why not dip your toes into this trend with a neon yellow beanie or a neon orange ear muff while dressed in your usual fare of dreary winter clothes?

It may not stop the traffic wherever you go, but it will definitely make people sit up and pay attention.

13 Colorblocking With Neon Blue


Unleash your inner glam cat with an all-neon pantsuit and then tone it down with a pastel overcoat from the same color family.

But it doesn’t have to be a pair of pants and a top. You can mix it up with a neon pencil skirt and a neon formal shirt too.

Wondering where to wear this? It’s perfect for any semi-formal event where standing out would work to your advantage. And if you are in a creative industry, wear it to work with glee and call it a day in style.

12 Up Your Everyday Style Quotient By Teaming A Neon Cape Jacket With An All-Black Outfit


Remember what we said about statement coats? Well, cape jackets pack an extra punch because of their superhero silhouette. So just imagine how awesome a neon cape jacket would be, whether it’s monochrome or colorblocked every which way.

You can throw this jacket over your regular work outfit and then walk in with style every day.

Just remember: flamboyance will work in your favor only if your work is better than great. Otherwise, it would just paint a target on your back for the office gossip mill.

11 Play Hard To Get By Wearing A Neon Top Underneath A Muted Jacket


Bored of your usual office wear? We would be too if we only wore blacks and browns and grays every day during the winter months (talk about a mood kill!).

That’s where neon comes in. Just wear a color-popping formal top with your regular pants and jacket and then watch as people smile at you all day long.

Anything to cut through the winter blues!

Better still if you pair your neons with grays or denims. The contrast is just right for an office environment.

10 Wow Your Date With Clashing Textiles But Complementary Hues


Neon is not the only trend making a big splash over the fashion scene. Vinyl is back again. And so is eccentric styling (not that it went anywhere).

So if you want to take your fashion game up a notch, wear a blank-canvas outfit of a white tee and blue jeans and then add dabs of color to it with a neon overcoat, scarf, and shoes. You can even stand out some more if the pieces are in vinyl or have patterns on them.

Trust us, combining trends has never let anyone down (when done right, that is).

9 Peak-A-Boo, I See You


Hint at your diva status by showing off your neon in this fun game of hide and seek.

All you gotta do is hide away a neon dress underneath a long overcoat and then hint at it with your bag and shoes or even a top hat.

That would make the reveal even more impactful once the coat comes off.

Style tip: pair your neons with blacks and grays so the ultimate reveal makes their jaw drop even more.

8 Faux Fur Coat + Neon Jumpsuit = Glam Factor 5000


This style tip is not for the fainthearted. It’s for those who live for fashion and trendsetting styles.

Why? Because it combines three of the biggest trends of this season–teddy bear overcoats, neon, and baggy sportswear. All of which surprisingly go really well together.

So no, this look isn’t for the average Betty. It’s for the glamazon Veronica who isn’t scared to be the talk of the town for good reasons and bad.

7 Animal Print And Neon Is Like Peanut Butter And Jelly


Neon outfits look expensive even if they might not be that tough on your wallet. And so do animal prints... if you buy pieces with the right silhouettes.

So when you put these two together, you are guaranteed to make heads turn wherever you go.

Especially if the neon is on the warm side of the spectrum when paired with a warm-blooded animal print like cheetah or tiger. Or belonging to the cooler family when paired with cold-blooded prints, like snakeskin and crocodile.

6 A Regular Outfit With A Not-So-Regular Scarf


You don’t need to go all black or all gray to wear a neon scarf. You can do that with regular clothes as well, like in this picture here.

The trick is to wrap it the right way, according to your outfit, so you look chic and smart rather than someone who doesn't know what they're doing (even if you really don't!).

After all, everyone would fare better with a dash of cheerful neon in their outfit during the bleak months of winter!

5 Neon And White: For Those Who Are Brave But Not Yet Bold


The color white reflects light better than any other color. Even neon. And so if you don’t want to smack passersby in the face with your popping outfit, it’s best to layer it up with white pieces just so the effect is more polite.

And not just with your accessories because sometimes those dabs of white aren’t enough to turn down the volume of your outfit.

Sometimes you need to bring out the big game-changers and wear your pristine white cigarette pants or your snowy white overcoat to wrestle the neon to a manageable intensity.

4 Neon Orange And Camel Are BFFs


Neon can be toned down in a variety of way. One such is with camel.

The only difference is, instead of subduing neon in a reprimanding manner, camel actually softens its harsh edges while accentuating its brilliant glow. But that’s only when it’s paired with neon shades of its own family, like neon orange and neon yellow.

Everything else would just clash horribly with this desert-inspired hue. So don’t even think of pairing neon green and camel!

3 Head-To-Toe Neon


Blake Lively gave us serious neon goals when she walked out wearing this brilliant lime green outfit recently. It was so good we were drooling! Plus, the pieces themselves gave us a lesson or two in fashion.

After all, most people don’t swap out shirts for knit tees when they wear pantsuits! But there you go.

Just remember to keep your makeup clean and minimal and your hairstyle sleek and smooth. Because what’s the point of wearing neon if you are going to draw the attention away from your outfit to your makeup or hair?

2 Usual Top, Unusual Color


We love this outfit for a few solid reasons.

It’s casual but elevated because of the neon yellow hue of the beautiful top. The neon has been softened to a pleasing volume by the tent brown overcoat. But then the glossy black boots are ensuring that the color does not fade away too much but pops as it should.

The lesson here is simple: work with light and shadows to hit the right note with your neon.

1 Modeling The Expensive Purse


No, we aren’t kidding. Because what’s the point of buying a beautiful (and expensive) neon handbag if it never gets its chance in the limelight?

Jokes apart, the idea is to focus the viewer’s attention on just one piece of clothing (or accessory) by blacking out everything else and just letting the neon shine.

It’s the oldest styling trick in the book!

Just remember: keep your makeup minimal and your hairstyle clean so that the spotlight is not snatched away by anything else.

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