How To Use Dry Shampoo The Right Way (So That It Actually Works)

For many busy women, dry shampoo is a lifesaver in keeping you from having to wash your hair for another day or two. While it will never replace a good shampooing in the shower, it's certainly helpful if you're in a bit of a bind. When used correctly, dry shampoo can absorb some extra grease. But if it's not, then it'll do nothing beneficial, causing it to just be another product in your hair. So, Shape Magazine decided to break down how to use dry shampoo properly.

The first thing to know is that buying any dry shampoo isn't the wisest option. Like with regular shampoo, dry shampoos are available for all different hair types and colors, and even with different goals in mind. Some add volume, and some help with color in addition to soaking up extra oil and grease. There are even organic options for those that prefer using products with natural ingredients. Regardless of which you choose, picking a dry shampoo that best suits your hair's needs will ensure that it will work most effectively.

Another thing to know is that mistakes are often made when people go to use dry shampoo. Some tend to spray all over because it does add texture to their hair. However, it won't get you the freshly washed look that you're most likely after. To achieve this, part and spray your roots well, then brush it out with a boar bristle brush. Make sure you don't neglect the crown of your hair, as it will look even cleaner while also adding volume.

Others method of applying dry shampoo is to brush it through your hair in a zig-zag motion. This not only helps your hair absorb it and distribute it evenly but will also add texture. If you use a powder, apply it with a makeup brush to prevent splotches that are hard to brush out. You can even apply some to your roots the night before if you know beforehand that you won't have time in the morning to do so.

However you apply your dry shampoo, remember not to make any rookie mistakes so as to not undo it. This includes not touching your roots immediately after applying it, spraying it on wet hair, or overusing dry shampoo. After all, the point of dry shampoo is to make your hair look better, not worse than it looked before.


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