How To Tell If A Guy Is Into You Based On His Zodiac Sign

It's really hard to tell if a guy likes you. It just is! Some guys are up front about it and just ask you out as soon as the idea occurs to them. Others drop hints and hope you'll make the first move. And still others shy away and actually end up avoiding you...because they like you so much. Guys are confusing! How do you tell if the guy who picked up your coffee tab did it because he was just feeling generous or because he's into you? Is your guy friend who started texting you more doing it because he's trying to get close to you or is he trying to get close to a mutual friend through you? So many options! How's a girl to know?

Well, turns out his zodiac sign might be able to give you a hint. Read on to learn exactly how your guy will act if he's into you. And if you're into him, throw him a bone and let him know you're feeling it too!


15 Aries: He Just Tells You

If the man you're curious about is an Aries, you won't have to wonder much longer. Aries guys are notoriously blunt. They don't hide their feelings. In fact, there won't be enough time for him to hide it because his natural tendency is to just blurt it out as soon as he thinks it. He's not holding anything back. So this can be both awesome and disastrous. If your Aries man likes you, he's going to come ask you out right away. He won't be beating around the bush. Which is great...if you like him back. If you don't, things could get kind of awkward. Aries are known to be stubborn, so he might be a little persistent. This is the kind of guy you may have to turn down a few times. Eventually, he'll get the message. But the worst would have to be if you're into an Aries guy and he hasn't made a move yet. Odds are he's not into you - because if he was, he would've done something about it.

14 Aries: He Also Loves To Show Off


Another sign that an Aries man is into you is if he suddenly starts showing off. As the ram, he is stubborn and charges head first into everything. He knows the best way to get your attention and win your heart is to prove he's the best. Aries men are really competitive. He's going to take every chance he gets to show off his skills in front of you. If you're at the bar and someone suggests a game of pool, the Aries man is the first to accept the challenge. As long as you're watching, he'll do whatever it takes to win. If someone else is competing for your attention, an Aries guy isn't afraid to get in there and fight for you too. This may sound sweet in theory but it can get ugly to have two men, especially if one is an Aries, fighting for your love and attention. Remember, an Aries is coming for you full force. Expect lots of calls, texts, and showing off whenever he can. He won't back down easy.

13 Taurus: He Gets Nervous

Unlike an Aries guy who is up for the challenge and unafraid of romantic competition, a Taurus is quite opposite. He's just plain nervous! This is the type of guy who might start stuttering if you ask him a question. He's going to blush everytime you look in his direction. His leg might start to bounce and he might develop a nervous tick, like running his hands through his hair. If you're into your Taurus guy, you're going to find all these nervous habits cute and endearing. It's kind of sweet to see a man lose his nerve in front of the woman he likes. But if you like him back, don't leave him a sweaty, stuttering mess for too long. Make the first move! God knows your Taurus is way too nervous to do it himself. But once he knows you like him back, all his nervousness will totally disappear.

12 Gemini: He Does His Research


Gemini guys are huge social butterflies. They love to go out with their friends whenever possible. But they're also terrible decision makers. So even though you'd think your extroverted Gemini guy should be able to tell you he's into you, he's actually busy weighing all the pros and cons of revealing his feelings. And how is he supposed to make his decision without doing a little research? A Gemini guy wants to have all of the facts. He doesn't want to risk his heart if you're not feeling the same way. So he may start casually asking you about your love life. He wants to know how long ago you broke up with your ex, if there's someone special in your life, and if you have time for a relationship. If you're starting to feel like your Gemini guy is giving you the 5th degree about your love life, odds are he's into you! If you're free and interested, calm his fears and let him know how you feel.

11 Cancer: He Compliments You

Cancer guys are going to take their time letting you know they're interested. By the time you suspect it, there's a good chance he's actually been crushing on you for months. That's because it takes a Cancerian a while to build up his confidence. He doesn't want to just put it all out there until he's emotionally ready. But once he is, he's going hard with the compliments. It's one of the most classic and sweet ways to let someone know you're interested. A Cancer guy is going to go out of his way to sit next to you, tell you how pretty you look and how much he loves spending time with you. His hints should be quite obvious, especially if you're the only person he's complimenting. If you're interested, build up his confidence even more by returning the compliments. Eventually, he'll get it and take the cue to ask you out.

10 Cancer: He Also Needs To Take Care Of You


Like we've said, it takes Cancer dudes a long time to be open with their feelings. It's because they're emotional and sensitive men. They have to deal with all their inner feelings before they can reveal them. And they have a deep longing to feel safe and secure. There's nothing more dangerous than being vulnerable, so it takes Cancerians some time to get there. At his core, a Cancer man is protective. Once he begins to have feelings for you, his natural instincts to protect and care will come out - maybe even before he realizes it! He might begin to insist on walking you home or walking you to your car after a group hang out. If it's chilly outside, he'll quickly offer you his coat and insist you get inside before you catch a cold. While it might feel like he's being patronizing, remember that this is just Cancers way of showing he cares. It means you really matter to him.

9 Leo: He Dresses Up For You

Leo is the lion sign of the zodiac. So what does that mean? That means he's prideful and all about that mane. When a Leo guy is into you, he's going to start putting in that extra effort. So if your work colleague who's a Leo usually comes to the office in jeans and free t-shirts he got back in college, but all of a sudden he's showing up in a crisp button down and nice pants, take notice. Is he dressing up for you? Of course, he'll never admit it. He'll say he's just doing it for himself. So why not test his theory? Casually mention how you love when guys wear green or part their hair a certain way. Does he show up the next day in a green sweater with a side part? He's so crushing on you! Let the lion show off his goods and reap the benefits of a nice view to look at until he works up the courage to ask you out.


8 Virgo: He Buys You Sweet Things


Yes, Virgo men do like to show their affection through gifts. But don't worry - he's not trying to buy you! He's not going to throw a bunch of cash and gifts in your face in hopes that you'll date him because he's loaded. It's not about spoiling you. It's about being thoughtful and attentive. So if your Virgo guy comes back from vacation and brought you a little trinket, it means he was thinking about you while he was away. If he shows up with a dog-cookie on your dog's birthday, it means he was listening when you mentioned the date last week. And if he surprises you with your favorite chocolate bar after a tough meeting at work, it's because he cares and noticed which one was your favorite. Getting thoughtful gifts from a Virgo? He's so into you! And lucky you gets a man who is sweet, sentimental, and a good listener.

7 Virgo: He Also Pays Attention

Hand in hand with gift giving is a Virgo's ability to pay attention. When a Virgo guy is crushing, he's all ears. Virgo men are generally more reserved. They move slowly and they don't always make the first move. He doesn't think love is just a game. He wants to really get to know you before pursuing something more romantic. And how does he do that? By paying attention. Virgos are great listeners! If he's interested in you, he's going to be totally captivated by your stories. He'll ask how your weekend was and really want to know the answer. He's also great at giving advice, which is an awesome trait to have in a future romantic partner. If you notice a Virgo guy in your life is being more attentive to you, don't scare him away. Give him your attention and wait until he's comfortable enough to make his move.

6 Libra: He Becomes Prince Charming


Lucky you if a Libra man is into you! Because he's totally going to become your Prince Charming. He's on his best behavior and everything he does is downright princely. Seriously, a Libra man is pulling out all the stops to show you how much he cares. He'll start by being the best version of himself - dressing nicely, being sweet and chivalrous. Expect a ton of compliments. And he's going old school. This guy is going to be holding doors open for you, insisting you go first, and picking up the check when you're out to eat. He wants to treat you like a princess! He's laying on the charm to sweep you off your feet. Of course, this treatment is easy to get used to. But be careful you're not taking advantage of your Libra man. If you're not into him, pump the breaks and put a stop to his over the top behavior. And if you are into him, make sure you're actually into him and not just his princely behavior.

5 Scorpio: He Facebook Stalks You

Let's be honest. We've all done a Facebook or Instagram stalk at some point in our lives. In modern dating, it's just par for the course. But you know who is going to do a deep dive into your Facebook profile? A Scorpio with a crush on you. Like his Gemini brother, a Scorpio likes to do his homework. He knows the best way to do that is to get to know you via social media. So he's going deep into your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, SnapChat, and LinkedIn. This guy is going to know your whole life backwards and forwards. He loves the details. Sure, it might sound a little creepy, but it's coming from a good place. He just wants to get to know you! He's interested in everything about you. You might catch him in a slip if you bring up your trip to Mexico and he asks if you mean the trip in 2010 with your cousin Kathy. Whoops!

4 Sagittarius: He Flirts


Well, this is a welcome sign for someone who is into you. Why can't all signs get a little flirty when they're interested? We ladies like a little bit of flirting - especially at the beginning! So if you've got a Sag guy in your life, lucky you. When he starts crushing, he's definitely going to let you know. Get ready for some smooth lines, witty banter, and adorable gestures. In fact, this guy is so smooth with his flirting that it might come off a little bit cocky. But, you'll love it. How often does someone unabashedly flirt with you in public and in private? This guy is making you feel wanted and it's a nice feeling. Of course, he's only going to get really flirty if you're reciprocating. If he thinks you're into him too, he'll be so charming and irresistible. Enjoy it! He'll be asking you out soon enough and hopefully the flirty relationship doesn't stop there.

3 Capricorn: He Never Tells You

Capricorn guys are tough. Sure, they may show some signs that they like you. But they are never going to come right out and tell you. Can you handle that? If you're still interested in your Capricorn man, you have to watch for the signs. And there will be lots of signs. He'll lay on the compliments. He'll do whatever he can to spend time with you. He'll laugh really loud at your jokes. He'll "accidentally" grab your hand when he's reaching for his drink. A Capricorn dude is all about the little hints. He's really hoping you pick up on these and make the first move. Because there's just no way he's going to admit his feelings first. If you're into him too, help him out! He needs you to put yourself out there. Reciprocate his clues and tell him how you feel.

2 Aquarius: He Needs Time


An Aquarius guy is really hard to read. Aquarius men are generally extroverted and outgoing. They love to surround themselves with people, especially ladies. In fact, it may seem like the Aquarius guy you know is a bit of a player. Is he already dating someone? Or a bunch of people? Tough to say. And you can't tell by how he's treating you, because he treats everyone that way. He lights up when he sees you and is so thrilled when you're around. But he seems that way with everyone else too. So what gives? Time. You just have to give your Aquarius guy time. Eventually he'll realize he has to do more to set you apart. He has to treat you even better than everyone else. Give him a chance to figure it out and he'll reveal his true feelings. If he's really into you, he'll realize he can't be treating you like everyone else. You deserve way better than that.

1 Pisces: He Avoids You

Typical Pisces! We know that Pisces guys are emotional and sensitive. And once they are in a relationship with you, they can be really caring and romantic. But before that? Not likely. Pisces guys get a little spooked when all those feelings start coming up. In fact, they get so nervous they do their best to hide from their feelings. And that often means hiding from the person they're feeling those feelings towards. So if your Pisces man is suddenly a no-show and acting super shy, that might be his weird way of saying he's into you. We told you guys are strange! How are we supposed to know you're into us if you're not even able to around us? It's tough with a Pisces. But he's worth it. So if your good Pisces friend who always comes around is suddenly unavailable, do a little digging and see if it might be something more. And with this shy guy who is hiding from his emotions, you'll definitely have to make the first move.


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