How To Look Chic At The Gym: 25 Workout Clothes That Are Simple Yet Effective

If going to the gym makes you feel awesome and puts you in an instant good mood, then deciding what to wear the gym is even more fun. Sometimes it feels like if you wear super old leggings and a t-shirt with holes in it, you didn't even exercise today because if you don't look cute, it doesn't even count.

Just kidding. The workout always counts. But totally and definitely not kidding about how necessary it is to have cute, amazing workout clothes that you feel great in and that push you to hold plank just a few moments longer and maybe do a few more reps in that cardio dance class that always kicks your behind. On days when you need some extra motivation because it's raining or too hot out or you're just plain tired, looking fashionable can really help. It's pretty crazy how your mood can turn around when you're wearing a new pair of patterned leggings or that new jacket that you just got.

Wondering what some easy ways are to look cute at the gym? These 25 workout clothes are simple yet effective and will always allow you to look super chic at the gym or studio, no matter how you choose to break a sweat!

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25 Adidas Sneakers For Any Workout Of Your Choice

Some workouts are done in bare feet, like yoga or pilates or barre (although some barre studios sell special socks that are super cute and don't make you go sliding all over). Other workouts, like running and jogging and Crossfit or HIIT-style training, require sneakers.

If you're going to have to wear sneakers, you might as well wear stylish, cute ones, and Adidas are pretty classic and beloved, so they're an awesome pick. The best part is that you can wear these when you're running errands or walking around your neighborhood (and they would even look great with a summer dress, too).

24 An Inspiring Shirt To Get You Going

You know those moments during a workout when you feel like giving up? You wonder how you're going to get through the next half an hour or even the next five minutes. You're hot, sweaty, tired, and already sore (so you can only imagine what you're going to feel like when you get out of bed tomorrow morning...).

Having a t-shirt or tank top (or sweatshirt or long-sleeved top) with an inspiring, motivation message on it is the best thing in this type of situation. It will give you the extra kick in the butt that you need to go a little bit longer and will cheer you up, too.

23 A Cute, Chic Sweatshirt To Cover Up When It's Chilly In The Studio

Of course, you're working out so you can get fit and feel awesome, and that includes breaking a serious sweat. But there are times when your gym or studio is super freezing, maybe because the A/C was cranked up super high before you got there, or maybe because it's crazy hot outside.

You're thankful for the cool air... but right before class starts and during the warmup, you're still shivering a bit. It's helpful to have a sweatshirt to wear over your tank top and leggings, and when it's as chic and cute as this one, you're going to wish for freezing temps so you can actually wear it.

22 A Matching Pastel Outfit To Brighten Up Your Day

Pastels seem to come in and out of fashion and some seasons they're super trendy and others they don't seem to be talked about as much, but honestly, they're always really pretty. You can't go wrong if you wear some pastel-colored workout clothes. You just can't.

When you want to brighten up your day and wear something beautiful, go for a pastel look. Pastels seem to be beloved in Hollywood, as you can see from this picture, so that's cool, too. It's always nice to feel on trend and like you're stylish. (Plus, you'll absolutely get compliments since a lot of people wear black leggings to every single workout class.)

21 Track Suits For Running Or Jogging

Track suits are not only cute and chic but they're also really comfortable. Like really, really comfortable. It's tough to think of something that's going to be comfier when you're working out.

You can go high-end or lower-end here, whether you want to splurge on a name brand or get something that is cheaper, and either way, you're going to look really fashionable. The track suit works so well for the gym since you can take your jacket off if you get too sweaty and hot or wear it if you're chillier. It's also way more stylish than a simple pair of leggings and a tank top.

20 A Color-Coordinated Look

Maybe you're all about color coordination and everything that you wear matches, or maybe it doesn't even occur to you to do that (which is totally cool since most people are probably in that category).

Why not put a little bt of extra effort into your gym look and get some color-coordinated clothing? You can go for different shades of the same color, like the blue outfit in this picture, or match your tank top and jacket to your pants. Either way, you're going to look chic while still being able to reach the top of your fitness game.

19 Patterned Leggings For Yoga, Pilates, And Barre

It's definitely trendy to wear leggings all the time: to work, to run errands, to hang out with friends, even for date night, and, naturally, to the gym. Patterned leggings have totally taken over when it comes to athleisure.

These leggings are awesome because, again, you can wear them all the time and everywhere and anywhere. You'll feel great wearing these patterned leggings in your yoga, barre, and pilates classes... and when you pick something really fun and colorful, like a floral pattern or stripes, you're going to rake in the compliments. Don't be surprised if your classmates ask where you scored such awesome leggings.

18 A Warm Jacket For Walking To Your Local Gym Or Studio

The best thing ever is when you find a gym or workout studio in your very own neighborhood. You don't have to drive or take the subway or the bus to get there -- you can literally walk. That's one surefire way to make sure that you actually break a sweat on a regular basis. You have zero excuses since you're so close.

You need a jacket to cover up when you're walking to your studio, and it only makes sense to get a cute and chic one. There are so many styles and brands to choose from and even affordable stores like Old Navy and Forever 21 are selling activewear now.

17 A Simple T-Shirt And Leggings Combo For Any Exercise

You can't go wrong with this classic look for working out: a simple t-shirt and leggings. This is a great look since it's cute and comfortable and it's also easy to find styles that are flattering.

You can mix and match and get a whole bunch of fun colorful t-shirts and pairs of leggings. Soon your entire drawers and closet will be full of leggings and you won't even recognize yourself... but you'll have so much fun choosing which pairs to wear to the gym (but, of course, you'll probably end up wearing the same ones all the time since that tends to be the way that this goes).

16 A Fun Pattern When You Need Extra Motivation

Patterns are fun in general and you're always going to get at least one compliment when you wear a patterned sweater or dress to a party or get-together, and when it comes to athleisure, patterns are even more fun and exciting.

Leggings seem to be the obvious and most popular choice, but you can also go for patterned sneakers, a sweatshirt, a top, or even a patterned scrunchie if that's the vibe that you want. The sky is the limit and you can have a ton of fun. Whatever you choose, your gym look will never be boring, that's for sure.

15 A Twist On Plain Black Leggings

These black leggings with the cut-out pattern on the side of the leg are so cool and interesting. They're a twist on a classic, expected look (aka plain black leggings) and will get people at your gym talking.

These are a great choice since they'll be perfect for any type of workout that you would typically wear leggings, from yoga to barre to pilates to running or working with a personal trainer if that's part of your routine. It's good to switch it up a little bit and this isn't straying too far from your fave black leggings, which you're pretty attached to at this point (we totally all are).

14 A Mesh Tank Top To Keep You Cool (And Looking Cool)

A material like mesh cools you down since it's not as heavy as other fabrics, and that's especially helpful when you're breaking a sweat when it's so hot outside that you sweat just walking out your front door. On those days when you wonder how you're going to make it to a class because the weather is so warm, this type of tank top is a great choice.

It's both stylish and practical, which are two things that are very useful when it comes to athleisure. It's also a bit untraditional since most tank tops are made from cotton or other fabrics like that.

13 Jogger-Style Pants To Get Super Comfy

On days when tight leggings just aren't cutting it (maybe it's that time of the month...), you can go for jogger-style pants like these. Don't they look so comfy and cozy?

A light grey color like the ones in this picture are perfect and will totally go with anything else that you own, and if you really want to pick a look that is a bit more colorful, you can most likely find something like that, too. Yes, you love leggings and everyone does, too. It's just fun to change things up and sometimes even just picking a different style of workout pants is a good way to do that.

12 A Soft Turtleneck Sweater For Your Commute To Class (And The Warm-up, Too)

It's funny how cold you can be when walking to your workout class and how hot you can get as soon as the class starts going. Sometimes you still feel a chill in the air during the warmup (maybe that A/C is working overtime) and it can be helpful to think ahead when you're getting dressed for class.

The simplest, most effective way to fix this problem? Get a cozy, soft turtleneck sweater like the one in this picture. Easy. You'll look great, feel warm, and it's easy to layer over your regular tank top and take off once you're ready to start sweating and working hard.

11 Floral Leggings That Make You Feel Good And Are Comfy, Too


There is something so special about floral-print leggings. You can't really get much girlier than that. Since leggings are a total no-brainer when it comes to athleisure and you have too many pairs already (but is there really such a thing as too many leggings?!), you might as well pick up a few floral pairs.

Not only will you hear so many compliments, you won't even believe it, but you'll also be stylish and feel comfortable, too. It's kind of like how you want to go the extra mile in your pilates class and see how flexible you can be. You want to go the extra mile with your workout clothes and get some really pretty floral leggings.

10 An Amazing Vest When You Want To Switch It Up


If t-shirts or tanks are your go-to top for athleisure, it's fun to switch things up and try a vest, like this super stylish and cool one. It's an unexpected thing and will make all the difference.

Vests have come a long way and they're not only super puffy like the ones that you may be more familiar with. Those are built for cold winter days and are more jacket-like. But athleisure vests are thinner in texture and some have a hoodie-like consistently and drawstrings, like the one in this photo. Grey is cool and classic but you can definitely find a bunch of different colors.

9 An All Adidas Outfit When You Want To Splurge


It's funny when you get so into working out and being fit and living a healthy lifestyle that you would rather spend money on gym clothes than anything else. But it definitely happens. You just feel so good and love wearing cute clothes to the studio and want to keep those good vibes going.

When you want to splurge, go for an all Adidas outfit. It's a beloved, recognized brand so the quality is top-notch and you'll feel really stylish. You'll probably want to wear these clothes everywhere, even when you're hanging at home and watching a movie, but you'll wear them to the gym too, of course.

8 A Layered Look When You're Not Sure Of The Temp


There are seasons that are literally impossible to figure out, like spring and fall (and sometimes even summer... winter tends to be cold, period). When you're heading out the door to your local workout studio, you could be either overdressed or underdressed, and it's tough to know which one.

The best way to deal with this? Wear layers. You can tie a sweatshirt or thin long-sleeved top around your waist and wear a tank top and leggings, like in this photo, and you'll be good to go, no matter if it's super steamy outside or there's a nice cool breeze.

7 Capri Leggings When It's Hot Outside

Leggings are a girl's BFF when it comes to workout clothes and capri leggings are the same when it's hot out but you don't want to stop your exercise routine. All that hard work can't go away just because it's steamy outside... even if it's more tempting to stay inside where there is A/C and iced coffee and ice water.

The best part about capri leggings is you can get them in any color or pattern that you want, just like regular-sized leggings, so you don't have to sacrifice style just because it's super hot outside (which is totally great news).

6 The Coolest, Most Interesting Tank Top Ever

Isn't this tank top so amazing?! You've probably had a moment in one of your workout classes where you can't believe the cool design that a girl is wearing. Maybe you even were kind of jealous and asked her where you got such an amazing top... or maybe you just admired it from afar (or from across the studio).

Tank tops are a fairly common thing to wear when going to a group exercise class since they can help keep you cool and if you sweat (which you probably will) then no one will notice (well, hopefully). Getting one with a cool style in the back just spices things up a bit.

5 A Sweatshirt That's So Much More Beautiful Than Typical Ones

Floral sweatshirts are so cool. They almost feel like a contradiction since you tend to think of sweats as grey and not that stylish or flattering... and then you have floral patterns, which are undeniably beautiful.

They're clearly a thing in Hollywood, at least from this photo alone, so why not make them a thing in your workout closet as well? If you wear a floral print sweatshirt to class, chances are, you're going to get tons of compliments and people won't believe how cool and fashionable you are. Plus, working out will be that much more enjoyable. Whatever helps, right?!

4 A Blue Outfit When You're Tired Of Black And Grey Athleisure


Black and grey are cool and all, and they seem to be the most popular shades when it comes to workout clothes. They're standbys for a reason since they always look good and match anything else that you want to wear, but when you feel like it's time to change it up, trying some blue athleisure is a great idea.

You can mix and match these dark blue leggings and this turquoise top or wear the same shade in both your top and pants. It really doesn't matter. Either way, you'll be chic and fashionable and you'll be able to break a sweat, too, and maybe the fun color will give you an extra push.

3 Track Pants That Are Really Comfortable

Sure, leggings are pretty comfortable, which is why there's a whole "are leggings pants?" debate that doesn't seem to be slowing down anytime soon. They're definitely more comfortable than jeans or other types of pants. But... track pants just might be even comfier than leggings. (That's a bold statement...)

Track pants seem to be a pretty big thing in Hollywood, at least judging from this photo, so why not give them a try? As long as you get a pair that is the comfiest thing ever, you'll be happy and look stylish, too. It's just nice to take a break from the same old, same old and try something new.

2 Pink Sneaks For Your Morning Run


Again, if you're going to wear sneakers, you need to wear cute and fashionable ones. And while classic colors like white and black and grey are cool and will always be in style, why not go for something more fun, like these pick kicks?

If you're a runner and the morning is your favorite (or just the most convenient) time to get in your workout, then you need some extra pep in your step and motivation to get out the door. Pink sneakers are a great idea and will definitely make you smile and make you want to actually run, which can sometimes be the first step.

1 A Pop Of Color For Yoga Class


No matter how much of a seasoned yogi you are, there are times when it takes a little bit more effort to get to class. Between work and errands and chores and your social life, you always have a lot going on.

A pop of color in your workout clothes is an easy and great way to get motivated to make it to yoga class. Something like these bright pink leggings would definitely make you want to get moving and sweating. Workout clothes are so much fun since they're not only functional but they can be motivating and inspiring, too, no matter what your fave way to break a sweat is.

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