How To Keep Him By Your Side Through 2018, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

You went out on a high note at the end of 2017, and now it's time to prepare for 2018. You've already got your man, and somehow you two made it through ups and downs, but how do you know your relationship will survive another year? If only there were some kind of proven system to help guide you to the best way to ensure he'll stay by your side until 2019! Oh wait, there is. That's right ladies, it's time to consult our zodiac signs for the best ways to keep our men by our side for another year! To up the ante, let's aim a little higher than hanging on one more year - let's try to get him to offer us the one thing all women want from the love of their life - a ring!

Impossible, you say? Nothing's impossible when it comes to love and if you let your star guide you, there's no way you're going to miss out on another great year with your man! All of us have options to choose from, so this year be sure to choose the best ones and make sure your love life is the envy of all your friends! Here's how you keep him coming back for more all year long (and don't forget that three special signs have bonus methods!).

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15 Aries - Show Him What He's Worth


You're usually all about proving your worth, but now it's time to show him his. It's easy to let him fawn all over you and cover you in compliments, but how often do you return the favor? If you want him by your side for the rest of the year, it's time to up your game! Make him feel worthy of you by complimenting him when he buys a new shirt, tries a new style, or does something generous. Thank him for the little things, like doing the dishes without being asked or opening doors for you when you go out. A little appreciation goes a long way, and in your case, it goes all through 2018, so be kind, give him a little extra attention, and enjoy another love-filled year!

14 Taurus - Time To Push Him Out Of His Comfort Zone


When it comes to nurturing, you're number one, but if you want him to see you more as a woman and less of a mom, it's time to cut the umbilical and get him to learn new things! Better yet, try learning something new together. Hit up a food prep class, go online and give skydiving a try, or drag him to a show you know will blow his mind. Men and women get comfortable and suddenly their desires to try new things turn into dreams of maybe one day trying them, instead of planning to actually do it. Don't let his desires fall to the wayside just because he's more comfortable staying indoors playing video games. If he's always wanted to try something, set it up and make it happen!

13 Gemini - Plant Your Feet And Slow Your Roll


You love to travel and you've already made tons of great memories with your man, but this year you need to show him how great you are without having to go out all the time. There's more to you than experiencing the world together. While it's really fun to try things for the first time with your man, it's also really important he knows who you are when you're at home just hanging out. Think about how long you've been together and how much he doesn't know about you yet. Have you talked about what each others' favorite childhood memory is? Have you discussed your dislikes? When was the last time you sat down for a quiet night alone and really just got to know each other? No matter how long you've been together, stopping to spend this kind of quality time is what makes or breaks relationships.

12 Cancer - This Is Your Year! Own It!


Everyone knows you're full of compassion and you always play the protector. Luckily for you, 2018 is all about projecting that compassion! Keep him by your side by simply being yourself! It may seem a little too easy to believe, but for 2018, he needs to get to know the real you and you're absolutely perfect just the way you are! Just keep doing what you're doing and let your heart guide you. If you feel like staying in, don't be afraid he'll think you're boring. He's already with you and he already appreciates you, so don't go out of your way in an effort to please him. Please yourself and be true to your desires. He'll admire your confidence and want to stick around, guaranteed!

11 Leo - It's Time To Choose Whether You Want To Work For Him Or Drop Him Entirely


You've been going back and forth, debating whether your relationship is really worth continuing. After all, there are thousands of fish in the sea and lately you two haven't been as lovey-dovey as you used to be. Do you really want him hanging around all this year or are you ready for someone new? Now is the time to decide. Don't wait for something climactic to happen, just do what feels right. If you want to keep him around, make the conscious decision to do so and everything will fall into place. If you decide you want someone new, the newness of that relationship will pull you through to 2019. It's rare for the stars to align just right so no matter what you choose, you'll be okay, so take advantage of this freedom and decide whether you want to keep him around or look for someone new.

10 Virgo - Get Ready, Get Set, Go Shopping!


2018 is full of new styles and if you want to keep your man interested, you need to shake up your wardrobe a little! There's no need to go overboard, but a few new outfits and some statement pieces are going to make all the difference this year. You want to really pop, so if your wardrobe is full of the same color and styles, spice things up! So you love your black dress and black shoes? Add a turquoise necklace and a matching clutch! You only have two or three colors in your closet? Grab some red pumps or white stilettos to rock a new look! You don't have to change everything, you just need to update your look to catch his eye a little more often!

9 Virgo BONUS - Let Him Pamper You!


You don't normally let him go all out, and it totally makes sense since you like to do the pampering, but if you don't give him a chance to show you how much you mean to him, he's going to question whether you understand and he might even back off. That's not what you want him to do! If he doesn't offer, it's okay to ask him for a massage after a long, stressful day at work. It's not an imposition to ask him to make you dinner after a day of studying, or to take care of some of the chores you usually do by yourself. Better yet, plan a couple's massage and both of you can be pampered at the same time! He's your man, so asking him to pamper you just a little isn't going to push him away, it'll pull him closer!

8 Libra - More Girl's Nights, Less Date Nights


As counterproductive as it sounds, your best bet in 2018 is to give your man a chance to miss you. If you're always together, two things happen; the first is your friendships start to suffer. If you're always with your man, how can you foster your relationships with your squad? The second thing that happens is he starts to get a little too comfortable. When a person spends all their time with only one other person, habits form and all the excitement in a relationship turns into average nights in and very little excitement. If you ditch your man for a night here and there, you give him a chance to hang out with his boys and rejuvenate for your next reunion. Take advantage of this time apart and make up for it when you see him again!

7 Scorpio - It's Time For A New Look


Let's just get straight to the point - it's time for you to do something fun and maybe even a little wild with your hair. As simple as it sounds, something as small as changing your hairstyle is actually a game changer in any relationship. If you've always rocked long locks, it's time to explore a cute pixie cut. If you've had short hair for a while now, change your look by adding some fun colors! Even if you're really limited due to work or school dress codes, you can still try dying your hair a different color like a dark red that only appears bright in the sunlight. You can also try curling or scrunching your hair for a more natural look, which is ultimately healthier for your hair than straightening it anyway! No matter what look you choose, your man is going to be all over you this year!

6 Sagittarius - Little Surprises Around Every Corner


In 2018, the best way to keep him by your side is to offer small little surprises at the most unexpected moments. You don't have to break the bank either, you can surprise him in any way you think is best for him. He's already head over heels for you, but now it's time for you to really up the ante. Wake him up to breakfast in bed on a random day of the week. Leave a Starbucks gift card in his cup holder so he finds it the next time he gets into his car. Slip a thank you note into a pocket for him to find later so he can enjoy it when you're not around. All these small gestures of love will keep him on his toes and keep thoughts of you running through his mind all year long.

5 Capricorn - More Nights In


You've been out doing your own thing and he definitely respects that, but 2018 is the year you close the deal. You already know you want to spend the rest of your life with him, but does he know how you feel? This year, let him know what's up by spending a little less time running around with your friends and spend a little more time cloistered up with him on a weekend trip to a B&B, or whisk him away for a seaside getaway. No matter how you choose to spend time with him, just make sure that he is your priority this year. This will boost his confidence in your relationship and just might be the little push he needs to pop the big question! Good luck!

4 Capricorn BONUS - The Best Way To His Heart Is Through His Stomach


You might think we mean it's time to start cooking for him, but that's not the true way to his heart. The secret doesn't lie in making him meals, but in learning to make new meals together. You're not his slave and you're definitely not going to spend the day in the kitchen like some kind of housewife from the '60's! Take a cooking class together and learn how to make some fun, unique, or cultural dishes! Encourage him to grill more often and to experiment with different spices from around the world! Try to change up a dish you're always making! No matter how you decide to change up your eating habits, he's going to appreciate it and together you can get closer together while bonding over the universal love language: Eating Good food!

3 Aquarius - Pull Out Your Camera, Girl!


This year is all about making memories! Dust off your old camera or buy a new one - you're going to need it! To keep your man by your side all year long, you're going to need to get out and make some one-of-a kind memories. It doesn't matter if that means you should take him on a few short road trips or if you surprise him with a romantic night indoors; what matters is doing something new and exciting you can both enjoy. Don't forget to snap pictures along the way because at the beginning of 2019, you're going to want to look back at the great year you spent together before you prepare for the next adventure - spending a whole new year making the most of your relationship!

2 Pisces - It's Your Turn To Be The Muse


Normally he's the one who inspires you, but 2018 is all about inspiring him - to stick around! While you've had a blast letting him be the center of attention, it's time for you to switch places and become his muse. He already knows what an amazing person you are, but 2018 is your time to really shine! He knows you look good, and this year you need to switch it up by wearing something a little more edgy. Your makeup is always on point, but it's time to try something new, whether that means a new color or a new style. 2018 is also a great year to try something new as a couple. Whatever you decide to upgrade about yourself, just know that he's going to notice and want to stick around to see what other changes you have in store for him!

1 Pisces BONUS - It's All About You!


You know you're flawed, just like everyone else is, but 2018 is your time to make some positive changes. Instead of focusing on how you can be a better girlfriend, focus on becoming a better person. What are your personal goals? How can you achieve them? Get a plan and set it in motion. By working on bettering yourself, you'll be spending less time with him but you're also going to impress him with your drive. You may even motivate him to follow suit, but that isn't the ultimate plan here. 2018 is your year to improve, and while you work on you, he's going to feel your gravitational pull. He's going to respond well to your new attitude toward life and he's not going to let you go!

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