How To Handle The Kind Of Anxiety He Has, Based On His Zodiac Sign

One of the biggest tasks in any relationship is decoding your partner's emotional reactions, needs, and impulses. While it's impossible to ever truly understand a person's psyche, astrological analysis can at least help us to put things into perspective and give us some much-needed assistance when things get rocky. Arming yourself with knowledge is a very powerful tool, and can help you to avoid some major blowouts in your relationship. Keeping the peace can become a bit of a challenge at times, but with the right perspective and information, anything is possible.

The truth is, everyone experiences some form of anxiety; the severity can fluctuate greatly, from a worried mind to a full-blown panic disorder. The ways in which your partner reacts to stressful triggers can certainly vary, and this adds confusion when trying to decode his behaviors and patterns. Not to worry; we have you covered! Based on your man's astrological sign, we have put together a guide that can be consulted when times get tough and you need a little push in the right direction. Don't forget, your own personal reactions and tendencies can make his anxiety better or worse, so before overreacting, try to tune into his thoughts and feelings.

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16 Water Signs (Scorpio, Pisces, Cancer): Feel All Emotions At An Exaggerated Level

Water signs are naturally emotional creatures, so you can expect their fears and anxiety to showcase themselves in very dramatic ways. Often times, water signs are overwhelmed with how much and how deeply they feel, and this can get the best of them.

While there are certainly benefits to feeling intensely, there are also some challenges.

It's almost like a yin and a yang; the good has to come with the bad, and until your water sign partner learns how to properly channel his emotions, even he could be at the mercy of them.

You can expect some majorly intense moments when anxiety strikes this guy down, from going completely AWOL to having very dramatic outbursts and throwing out some rather hurtful words. You have to try to keep in mind that while you are not the enemy, he could very well lash out at anyone in his path when fear or anxiety gets the best of him. Scorpio, Pisces, and Cancer men all show their emotions differently, but the underlying constant is that their emotions show themselves in a big way.

Read on for tips on how to deal with them when they are in the midst of a major meltdown moment.

15 Scorpio: They Will Seek Shelter To Escape Their Intense Feelings

The Scorpion is arguably the most intense sign of the zodiac, for both its male and female counterparts. The Scorpio is an emotional powerhouse; in one breath they can profess their undying love for you while casting spells on enemies who have crossed them. So it's no surprise that the Scorpio man can keep your head spinning with his mysterious and intense manifestations of fear and anxiety. When this guy is feeling stressed or fearful, you can expect a variety of side effects, but the most likely is for him to retreat.

Like a real scorpion, this sign needs time (alone!) to process the darker sides of life. You might be taken aback by this, at first, but the Scorpio man means well and at his core is a loving and huge heart. The time away is necessary for a Scorpio to get in tune with his feelings and his fears. The good news? Once you have earned the trust of this sun sign, he will let you into his world and open up about his deepest thoughts and fears. You might be surprised at how open he can become, really, after getting comfortable and knowing that you are safe. The best approach? Give him his breathing space when he's showing signs of being frazzled. Show him you're available if he needs you, and wait for the magic to happen.

14 Pisces: He'll Start To Retreat But Gets Over It Quickly

Pisces is one of the most misunderstood water signs, and for good reason. The conflicting sides of a Piscean personality make him hard to decode: he is a complex individual with traits that make him not the easiest to read. He himself might not even fully understand the confusing emotional rollercoaster that he is capable of creating, at times. Although the Pisces man is generally laidback, likable and friendly, he can sway into darker waters if provoked. Always wanting to keep the peace and be relaxed, a Pisces will get easily thrown off of his emotional equilibrium when faced with fears.

When feeling stressed, anxious, or upset, a Pisces can behave in ways that might surprise you.

Outbursts followed by intense silent treatment might be how he tries to deal with the things that hurt him or freak him out. So, how can you help your Piscean man return to calmer waters and show him that you are there for him? The best approach is to watch your reactions. Erupting in the aftermath of his anxiety spell can and will only make matters worse. Give him space, let him cool off, and he will most definitely start to feel the effects of his guilty conscious in no time.

13 Cancer: He Will Most Likely Have A Pity Party

Cancer men are the most emotional of all of the water signs, and perhaps even the most emotional sign in the complete zodiac. In an effort to escape their intense feelings, Cancer men will retreat as a form of self-preservation. They are famous for putting massive walls up, and not letting people see or know what they are feeling inside. The trouble with this? Cancers are famously transparent, and despite their best efforts of keeping people locked away, their feelings and emotions are worn all over their faces.

The Cancer man might have a hard time connecting with himself, and this leads to an even bigger problem when he is dealing with stress or anxiety. In order to deal with this sensitive water sign, you need to tread lightly. The Cancer man is very receptive to open and honest conversations, you just need to approach subjects lightly and without making him feel even more on edge. Take baby steps and watch the way you word things when bringing up heavy topics; your Cancer man might not have the right words to express his feelings, so you will have to guide him into the conversations in a way that feels comfortable, not too calculated.

12 Earth Signs (Capricorn, Virgo, Taurus): Generally Reclusive When Trouble Strikes

Earth signs are perfectionists by nature, so any fluctuation in their routine (including emotions!) will send them into a frenzy. Not to mention, these guys tend to be big thinkers, so they will spend a lot of time mulling over the details of their stress and anxiety. In fact, sometimes the overthinking can cause them even more of a problem. Manifestations of their stress can show up in different ways, but typically involve one of two things: a total retreat into his head, or a physical manifestation of his emotions.

We're talking about throwing things, not using his words to express his feelings, and generally making his presence known and felt.

Depending on the sign, your man might want to get you out of his space, or the exact opposite. A Capricorn, for example, will want to be left alone. If you don't give him enough space, he will retreat to his thoughts anyway, and this might manifest as him being spacy and not very present. A Taurus will want to talk, express himself and show how he feels without any restrictions. These guys are masters of their own minds, so you might need some pretty good problem-solving skills to crack into their secret worlds and figure out what's up.

11 Capricorn: It's All In His Head

Capricorn is an often misunderstood sign. Appearing spacy or absent-minded is really just a side effect of them spending so much time thinking! Not only are they thinking, they are often setting themselves goals and making private lists of expectations that they ought to live up to. Their standards are highest for their own performance, and they can be quite hard on themselves if they don't reach or exceed the expectations that they have set.

A Capricorn might seem edgy, serious or somber when stressed out. They might also not respond to you when you ask them a question, simply because they are so lost in their thoughts! The best way to help a Capricorn out of his anxious rut? Try to help him relax by offering positive reinforcements and giving lots of thanks for the things he does for you. Believe me, he will be taking stock and if you appreciate the things he's done for you, he will feel accomplished and perhaps even loosen up a bit. A really anxious or stressed out Capricorn should be encouraged to share his thoughts before they eat him alive. Make your support shown, but don't be discouraged if it takes awhile for him to open up.

10 Virgo: Goes Silent When He Deals With High Levels Of Stress

A Virgo man is another creature that is guilty of overthinking...and thinking and thinking. A Virgo virtually cannot handle anything unplanned, so spontaneity will send him into an anxious frenzy. That might sound like bad news until you consider that as a master planner, this is the go-to guy for amazing surprises, birthday weekends away and well thought out and meaningful gifts. When he's stressed, he does what comes naturally to him: silence.

Although a Virgo is a natural problem solver, your guy might actually be more gifted when it comes to solving other people's problems.

This means that he will offer you great solutions when you are needing some advice, but he isn't as great at solving his own problems. Thus, the silent treatment. In all fairness, a Virgo won't have any ill intent when he ghosts you. It's basically his natural defense to go into major thinking mode when he's not feeling his best, so don't take it personally if he suddenly isn't texting you back as regularly. Want to help? Try to use some role reversal and take on the task of helping him solve his problems. A bit of firm perspective and clarity might help him snap out of his rut.

9 Taurus: Needs A Physical Challenge To Clear His Mind

The Taurean is a natural outdoorsy man, who thrives on physical challenges. Building things, exercising and being outside are all things that are important to a Taurus, and these are the things he will naturally crave when he isn't feeling himself. An anxious Taurus will try to work out his issues alone, first and foremost. Another zodiac sign that is prone to perfectionism, a Taurean man will feel like a failure if he is struggling with personal issues. Anxieties, fears and upsets will really drag him down, emotionally, and the only way he knows how to feel better is to literally work out the problems physically.

You might notice that your Taurus partner is already a pretty hands-on guy when he's in a great mood. This guy will play with your hair, spontaneously start tickle wars and excel at pillow fights. All of that masculine and earthy energy needs to come out somehow! A Taurus is so sensitive to failure, so make sure that you approach his low moods with caution. If you don't bring up your concerns in the right way, he might get his feelings hurt, and further retreat. Try to bring up the subject playfully, and see how quickly your Taurus lets you help.

8 Fire Signs (Leo, Aries, Sagittarius): Have A Hard Time Expressing Their Fears

Fire signs all have a few things in common. First of all, they like to be totally in control of their own lives and actions (and often the lives and actions of others!). Second, they love to be the life of the party, and when they aren't feeling good, the hit to their social life can be upsetting. The thing is, they are naturally charismatic creatures that thrive when given attention. Most fire signs are naturally charismatic, charming and good-looking people. They attract people to them with their flirty natures and playful moods.

But get on the wrong side of one of these guys and you will see the wrath that the fire signs are capable of unleashing!

The good news is that their sudden outbursts are quite infrequent, and generally not long-lasting. You could say that a fire sign has a more intimidating bark than anything. They will very often feel super guilty if they snap, and genuine apologies are definitely in the cards if they've wronged you (unless you are on the forever blacklist, but that's a whole other story!). Fire signs don't like to admit defeat or own up to any personal shortcomings. If they are struggling, they will find ways to deny the facts before making changes.

7 Leo: Will Talk It Out...Over And Over

Although a Leo is perhaps capable of the most intensive blow-ups in the entire zodiac range, they are also natural socializers and know how to problem solve and fix problems. If a Leo blows his cool, it's usually because something has been bothering him for a long time. These guys tend to fester and let problems eat at them, and then they erupt. If your man is suddenly exploding, keep in mind that something has likely been bothering him for a long time.

The Leo man, being ever so perfectionist, will not like to admit defeat when faced with fears or anxiety. Anything that stresses this guy out will likely be kept inside, although the Leo has a hard time hiding his emotions. Everything will show on his cute little lion face, and in no time you'll be wondering what's up. A Leo is receptive to an open ear, however. Once you show that you are a faithful listening partner, the Leo will talk and talk and talk. Their way of bonding with you is to share deep dark secrets and personal feelings, even if it takes some time to open up, initially. Keep working at your Leo and make sure that he knows whose side you are on. The Leo is extremely sensitive when it comes to loyalty.

6 Aries: His Fears Manifest Explosively

Fiery Aries is perhaps the most energetic of the sun signs. This guy has a seemingly unlimited supply of energy, and an unprecedented drive to get things done. A natural go-getter, this guy's to-do list is a mile long, and he has the confidence and charisma to achieve what he sets his mind on. Professionally, he is a powerhouse, but sometimes, he falls in love.

The Aries' inability to relax or slow down leads him to feelings of anxiety and stress when things don't go entirely to plan. Furthermore, an Aries will beat himself up if he has not achieved what he has set out to do. This leads him to feel like he has let himself, and others, down, and there is nothing worse in the eyes of an Aries. So, when Aries is erupting, watch out: they are prone to explosive outbursts, which could range from yelling and screaming to throwing things.

An Aries likes stability and order, so any threat to his perfectly planned out life will send him into an anxious tailspin.

In a romantic fight, an Aries will use his persuasive skills to talk you out of a breakup. Trying to get your Aries to share his genuine feelings without it seeming like a professional transaction is the name of the game here. Try to urge him to connect with you in order to work through problems more efficiently.

5 Sagittarius: He Will Brood And Mope Around

No sign in the zodiac appreciates his freedom more than a Sagittarius. In fact, that's a massive understatement, as any threat to a Sag's personal time and space can end disastrously. Beware clingy girlfriends: this is not your ideal mate if you are into lots of texting time, constant reminders of love and a sense of security. A Sagittarius has a hard time committing to things; be it a job, a girlfriend or an outfit. Their natural sense of adventure and desire to be social keeps them in a state of constant flux.

The Sagittarius gets really bored when things are too routine. Office jobs, conformity and the status quo all send Sagittarius into a major panic, and he is particularly prone to anxiety and depression if he feels like his individuality is being repressed. Although the Sag is often misunderstood, they really are caring and deeply loving partners. They will never try to tie you down, so instead of freaking out about this, try to see the benefits of having a loving and trusting relationship. If your man does have periods of anxiety, he will likely brood and mope. Try to coax him out of his by inviting him out of the house to talk about what's going on.

4 Air Signs (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius): Prone To Outbursts

Air signs have the tendency to take life a little too seriously, and thus, they are prone to anxious spells. When things don't go according to plan, these generally calm souls will go into panic mode. Not only do they over think things, they also have a really hard chilling out. Wanting to please everyone, while simultaneously ticking off every item on their to-do list's can prove exhausting for air signs. Always thinking, the air signs tend to be chatterboxes as well.

Talking nonstop is one manifestation of their anxiety, and can be an unconscious tool that they use to self-soothe and calm themselves down.

Unfortunately, this sometimes leads to more anxiety and stress. In order to really calm down their anxiety, the air signs could benefit from some meditative exercises. Quieting the mind and allowing themselves some respite from day-to-day tasks and obligations can help them feel more grounded and less frazzled. The sometimes overly critical air signs can also benefit from mindfulness, as they tend to judge others quite harshly, which can lead to interpersonal issues in their most intimate relationships. Helping your air sign chill out can be as easy as proposing a walk in the park or other quiet activity to take a break from the real world.

3 Gemini: Will Scream And Shout

Gemini has one of the most active minds in the zodiac. Always thinking and always on, these chatty souls are usually the life of the party, unless they are feeling down. Because they feel everything so intensely, the Gemini has a hard time being objective when disagreements or challenges arise. The Gemini man will take everything personally, and his feelings are hurt very quickly. Unable to brush off small disputes, this guy will get way more upset than is appropriate for the situation.

Sometimes, life gets so overwhelming to a Gemini, that he feels like he can't handle his own thoughts. This might lead to him having some particularly vocal outbursts, especially in love. In order to keep the stress and anxiety to a minimum, you can help your Gemini man see that it's not necessary to get permanently upset about temporary situations. Fights and periods of feeling low are part of life, and they will be balanced with harmony and happiness, in due time. In order to lead a balanced and calm life, your Gemini guy must learn to ride the waves of the hard times and breathe until the good times are back.

2 Libra: He Rarely Speaks His Mind, But When He Does It Could Be Explosive

Libra is the sign that is most passionate about justice and fairness. Being treated badly or not given proper credit will send a Libra into an anxious frenzy. Because they are so passionate about what they believe, there is very little room for grey areas with your Libra guy. He will make up his mind about people and situations, and stick to his convictions. This can be good, but his lack of flexibility can also get him in trouble.

Libra might focus way too much of judging the pros and cons of people and situations, rather than learning to live in the moment and just to enjoy the variety that different people and perspectives can bring to the table.

A Libra has strong feelings and opinions but rarely speaks his mind when a nerve is struck. Instead, he will hold on to his anger and frustration and let it fester, until it finally erupts. This might manifest in some pretty ugly ways, including door slamming, name-calling and losing control. To keep your Libra in check, make sure you explain to him that he is not the only one with a perspective and that opening his mind might ease his anxiety when faced with differing perspectives.

1 Aquarius: He Will Break Down Easily

While Aquarians like the idea of being cool, calm and collected, the reality is that they rarely behave in these ways. A naturally organized sign, the Aquarius gets stressed out thinking that they do not have enough time to complete all of their daily tasks and activities. They typically take on more than they can handle and then rush around trying to get everything done. They are often in a rush and racing against the clock, for menial, daily activities that most people wouldn't get stressed out about.

Sadly, this frenetic pace is working against the Aquarian, but it is entirely self-inflicted. The stress and anxiety are man-made, and can only be combatted once the Aquarian learns to slow down their pace and stop taking scheduling so seriously. Poor Aquarius will break easily if he isn't getting everything done in time, so you can definitely help him out by reassuring him that time isn't really of the essence! Try to challenge him to a day without his watch (or to-do list!) to help mellow out his natural tendencies to run around doing things. Aquarius needs to realize that life is too short to be so concerned about silly tasks.

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