Use These Simple Steps To Build An All-Natural Cosmetics Collection

There has never been more emphasis on "clean" beauty than there is in 2018. Most of us are pretty set in our ways when it comes to our favorite products, but consumers are becoming more and more aware of the harmful chemicals that many companies use in their products. As a result, people everywhere are dumping out their traditional cosmetics in favor of something more natural. Making the change to all-natural products can seem like an impossible task when we've spent years trying and testing different items to get to our current faves, but have courage - it can be done. Try this handy tips from Popsugar to make the transition as smooth as your future skin.


Do your research. There are so many different chemical-free companies out there that it can seem difficult to know where to start. The Environmental Working Group is a great resource for those making the switch and offers advice from experts across the board. They have a special section on their website dedicated to beauty lovers and you can go through all of the products you currently own to see exactly what's in them.

Start slowly. The best way to begin the change is by centering on products that touch your skin on the daily. Harmful chemicals are absorbed this way, without us even realizing it. Say goodbye to your aluminum-based antiperspirant and go to something all natural, like Lush's solid deodorant bars. Next, think long and hard about your face products. What moisturizer do you use, and how could you change it up? Neighbourhood Botanicals Cleanser could be your saving grace.

Find your store. Next, find a reliable retailer that you can do your shopping from on a frequent basis. Lush offer a wide range of all-natural, cruelty-free and vegan bath and shower products, as well as a selection of beauty products. If that isn't what you're looking for, then other websites such as Content Beauty and Naturisimo might work for you.

Don't be scared. Yes, switching everything up and ditching the ol' faithfuls might be scarier than trying to remove waterproof mascara, but it's worth it. It might take a little money, time and patience but in the end, you'll be making a great positive change. Kissing goodbye to chemicals has never felt so good.

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