How To Get The Eyebrows We Deserve: A 20-Step Guide

Thanks to the likes of Cara, Lily, and Kylie, having "on-fleek" brows is a total necessity for the makeup gurus of this world. Gone are the days when having super-thin brows was the "in" thing, much to the relief of the naturally bushy-browed people of the world. Instead, having thicker, perfectly groomed and arched eyebrows is the desired look. No full face of makeup is complete without them... Or so we're told. It seems like every makeup guru and their mother has posted a tutorial explaining their personal brow routine.

Question is, how exactly can we make-up beginners get the on-fleek eyebrows that we totally deserve? What kind of makeup wizardry is involved in perfecting these dramatic arches? For those of us who've never really put much thought into brow makeup before, the multi-step brow tutorials of the makeup world's brightest and best can seem more than a little bit daunting. Luckily, though, getting your dream brows is a lot easier than it seems. There are a lot of very simple steps you can take to ensure that your journey to having on-fleek brows goes smoothly - and most of them involve simply accentuating your natural features!

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20 Get Yourself An Amazing Brow Brush

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Before you even think about slathering a ton of products on your brows, make sure you've got the right tools to hand. It can genuinely make a difference! If you're planning on using either powder or gel products to fill in your brows, you need to get yourself a good-quality brow brush. For starters, it needs to be fairly thin - you need precision and care if you're going to be able to create beautiful brows that look realistic too. An angled tip will also come in handy when you're trying to draw on individual brow "hairs." If you're not sure which brand is best, you can't go wrong with a good MAC brush: Best Products calls their 208S Angled Brow Brush a "must have" tool.

19 A Good Brow Comb Is Essential, Too

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The other brow-related tool that you're definitely going to want to invest in is a good brow comb. As Cosmopolitan notes, a comb can help you in so many ways: it can detangle your brow hairs, tame unruly areas, and even help you to remove excess brow product if you've gone a bit overboard. A comb is a useful tool to have before you pluck or trim your eyebrows, too: if you use the comb to brush all of your eyebrow hairs upwards, you can see which ones may be a bit too long, and which ones are tidy enough to stay put.

18 Make Sure Your Brow Products Are The Correct Shade

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Now, this may seem like a pretty obvious suggestion to make, but you'd be surprised just how many people use brow products that simply don't match their hair color or skin tone. Sure, we might all wish that we had dark, thick brows like Lily Collins or Cara Delevingne. Sadly, though, not everyone can pull them off! The rules for this are simple: if you've got a warm-toned hair color, you should probably avoid cool-toned brow products. To find out which tone and color of brow product will suit your hair color the most, check out this handy guide from Beauty Crew.

17 Figure Out The Best Grooming Regime For Your Skin Type

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When considering which method you should use to groom your eyebrows, it's best to consider what your particular skin type can cope with. For example, blogger Aimee Song revealed to Glamour that she prefers to get her eyebrows threaded and avoids waxing, mainly due to the fact that she has sensitive skin. While waxing can give her breakouts or even burn the skin around her brows, threading is far gentler. Obviously, it still comes with a little bit of discomfort at the time, but it's better for sensitive skin in the long run! If you're blessed with pretty hardy skin, though, waxing shouldn't be too much of a problem for you.

16 Do Any Plucking After A Shower Or Bath

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From time to time, we're all going to have to indulge in a bit of eyebrow plucking. Maybe you can't be bothered to go and get your brows waxed or threaded, and want a quick fix to their unruliness at home. Perhaps you've just noticed that there's one wayward super-long hair sticking out of a section of brow where it really shouldn't live. Whatever the case, before you crack out the tweezers and go to town on your brows, consider waiting until the next time you have a bath or a shower! All of that steam and hot water will loosen up your pores and hair follicles and make your job a whole lot easier - and less painful.

15 If You've Overplucked In The Past, There Are Ways To Promote Growth

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Remember that phase in the early 2000s when it was super-cool to have thin, over-plucked eyebrows? Yeah, we all have a lot of regrets from that time. Some of us still have thinner-than-usual brows that haven't quite recovered from being tweezed and waxed to within an inch of their lives. Don't panic too much, though: there are ways to promote brow growth and reverse the effects of that dreaded past trend. According to Marie Claire, doing something as simple as moisturizing your brows with Vaseline could help to lock in moisture and promote skin and brow repair. All that for just a few dollars!

14 Throw Out All Of Your Brow Stencils Immediately

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While using a brow stencil may, in theory, seem like a good idea, these products are actually ones to avoid if you want truly on-fleek eyebrows. Yes, they may seem inviting if you're a brow-styling newbie and want the security of being able to trace a shape, but they don't really take into account the natural diversity in people's eyebrow shapes and sizes. According to Good Housekeeping, these stencils can also encourage people to try brow shapes that simply aren't right for their face shape. You might give yourself brows that are too long, too short, too thick, too thin... The possibilities for disaster are endless. A one-size-fits-all approach simply doesn't work in the world of brow grooming.

13 Know What Kind Of Mirror You Should And Shouldn't Be Using

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Another common brow styling mistake that Good Housekeeping outlines is using the wrong kind of mirror when you start a good old plucking session. This is a mistake that you probably don't even realize you're making - I certainly didn't! However, it can be pretty disastrous in the grand scheme of your brows. Whatever you do, don't use an over-magnified mirror when tweezing your brow hairs. Yes, it makes the hairs easier to see, but this is both a blessing and a curse. It frequently leads to over-plucking, thanks to the fact that it shows off every single tiny hair you've got growing in your brow area. Not all of them actually have to be removed! They're probably invisible to everyone without a magnifying glass!

12 Make Sure To Start And Finish Your Brows In The Right Place

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One of the most crucial steps when it comes to creating your perfect brows is working out where your brow should begin and end. Having brows that are too short and stubby - or that cover way too much of your face - just looks incredibly strange! You've got to make sure that the proportions are right. Luckily, Blink Brow Bar has a simple guide for anyone who's not sure where their brows should begin and end. The beginning of your brow should be placed in line with the outer corner of your nose. For your brow's end, measure a line from the corner of your nose through your outer eye: the spot where it lands on your brow should be where they end!

11 Mark Out Your Desired Brow Shape With A Pencil

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So, you've got all of your products ready, you've plucked, waxed, or threaded your brows to perfection, and you're ready to start filling them in... What now? Well, the first step is to plan out where you want your brows to be. Using your eye pencil, draw an outline around your desired brow area, whether that's simply around your natural shape or a little bit bigger. The reasoning behind this is simple: it's always best to plan! You don't want to go in blind and end up creating a thicker or thinner brow that you were intending. You'll find that keeping within the lines is a simple yet effective approach!

10 Use A Pencil To Fill In Your Patchy Areas

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Next, it's time to fill in the areas of your brows that are a little bit patchy, either naturally or thanks to some over-plucking. Glamour advises using a good-quality brow pencil to do this initial filling-in work. However, don't get too carried away: you want to keep your pencil strokes light and thin to make them as realistic-looking as possible. You want to create the illusion that you actually do have hairs in those patchy places, not that you've colored in the gaps with a felt-tip pen! It's a lot more difficult to tone down over-penciled brows than it is to thicken those that have been under-penciled.

9 Don't Stray Too Far From Your Natural Brow Shape

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One of the key things to remember when styling your brows is that you should be accentuating their natural shape. Everyone's unique face shape suits a different kind of brow, and if you try to force your brows to fit a mold that's unnatural to you, it's just going to end up looking a bit weird. If you've got naturally straight brows, adding in an arch that looks good and not too out-of-place is going to be pretty difficult. Likewise, if you have a natural arch, you should probably just embrace it rather than try to move it to a different spot on your brow.

8 Get That Arch In The Correct Place And Angle It Well

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While it's preferable for you to embrace your natural eyebrow shape, we know that not everyone is going to heed that advice. So, if you're absolutely determined that you want to add in an artificial arch to your brow, there are a few things to bear in mind. Firstly, as Good Housekeeping notes, you don't want your arch to be too close to the center of your face - unless, of course, you want to look permanently furious with the world. The best trick to establish where your arch should be is another eyebrow pencil measurement job. If you angle a pencil across the corner of your nose and through your eye's pupil, the spot of your brow that it hits should be the highest part of your arch.

7 If You Want A Heavy Brow Look, Powder Is The Way Forward

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Now that we've totally covered how to shape, outline, and pencil in your desired brows, it's time to cover the other kinds of products that you can use to get the eyebrows of your dreams. First up is powder, which you usually apply using the eyebrow brush that we recommended you get as the first step of your brow transformation! You can use the brush to fill in more hair-like flicks with the powder - like you will have done with your pencil, but with a slightly heavier effect. As Marie Claire notes, brow powder is the best option for someone who's looking for a heavy, thick brow. If you want your brows to be slightly less defined, there are other products that you should opt for.

6 If You Want A Lighter Look, Opt For A Brow Tint

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For those of you that aren't looking for thick, highly-pigmented brows, it might be best to avoid using powder and go for a brow tint instead. These products are incredibly simple to use - you simply comb them through your brow in the same way you'd use mascara on your eyeshadows. A light amount of product will be transferred onto your brow hairs, giving you a look that's still on-fleek but a little more subtle. A major bonus of using a brow tint or a tinted brow gel is that they usually set your brows as well as coloring them, meaning you don't have to purchase a separate brow setting gel!

5 Be Sparing With Product - You Don't Want To Overdo It

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One of the major mistakes that people make when filling in their brows is taking the "more is more" approach to using brow products. In reality, "less is more" couldn't be truer in this situation. Totally caking your brows in a product won't make them look any better - it'll just make them look completely fake and unrealistic. You want to be building on and enhancing your natural brow shape and thickness, not totally covering all of your hairs in powder or gel. Let those natural hairs shine through! They should be visible in conjunction with your product, not completely swamped.

4 Remember The Saying: Eyebrows Are Sisters, Not Twins

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If you've spent ages working on your brows only for them to not be completely identical, don't panic. Remember the age-old saying: "eyebrows should be sisters, not twins." Having brows that are completely symmetrical is incredibly rare - in fact, it basically doesn't happen at all naturally. As long as each brow is the same vague shape, color, and size, you're all good. As Good Housekeeping notes, spending ages trying to make your brows look identical may lead to you overplucking them in your quest for symmetry. It's not worth it. Remember, while hairs can be plucked in a second, it can take weeks for them to grow back.

3 Avoid Creating "Tadpole Brows" At All Costs

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If there's one type of brow that you should absolutely, categorically avoid creating for yourself, it's the infamous tadpole brow. You know the kind we mean. It has a big, round section at the beginning, and quickly tapers out into a long, thin "tail". This brow shape looks good on approximately nobody, so don't even try to make it work. As The Huffington Post notes, your brows should taper out almost like an ombré: there shouldn't be one super-thick area following by a super-thin one. Tadpole brows are more often than not the result of over-tweezing, so remember: less tweezing is more. Don't risk having what looks like a juvenile frog sitting on your forehead.

2 When You're Happy With Your Brows, Whip Out The Setting Gel

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Once you're happy with the color, size, shape, and thickness of your brows, it's time to make sure none of that product goes anywhere while you're going about your day! Use a brow setting gel to make sure that everything stays in place. While you can splash out on a designated brow gel if you want, a cheap clear mascara will do the same job for a fraction of the price. Brow setting is a pretty quick step in your overall brow routine but is definitely a worthwhile one, especially in hot weather. You don't want your brow product to start melting down your face!

1 Make Sure To Highlight Your Brow Bone

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One aspect of brow styling that a lot of people forget about is under-brow highlighting. Highlighter is all the rage these days - everyone and their mother is using it to make their cheekbones pop. However, a well-placed bit of shimmer can be all it takes to make your brows pop too! As Allure notes, all you need to do is place a little bit of highlight both directly above and directly below your brows. This tiny amount of work will help to "lift" your brows and has the added effect of making them stand out even more than before. Give your brows the added glow that they deserve!

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