How To Get The 15 Looks We're All Obsessed With

Have you ever spent hours watching non-stop YouTube videos just so you can learn the best beauty tricks? Don’t worry – you are not alone! Because we can’t help it, we love watching our favorite beauty gurus as they teach us everything from properly shaping brows to getting those beach waves. The Internet has got it all for us girls who love to spend a little extra time on defining our beauty.

Of course, there’s one little problem. There are so many looks to choose from! Not to mention, celebrities want us to try everything – even when the style is a bit wild. Trends come and go, but there are a few beauty looks that have become almost timeless and some that mix in a little modern inspiration. After looking at these gorgeous ladies, we can’t help but want to try their look, even if it means watching many Youtube videos. So instead of going through hundreds of videos trying to find your favorite looks, we've done it for you. Take a look at 15 excellent videos that clearly explain how to get your favorite Hollywood looks. Enjoy!

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15 Extreme Contouring

Do you ever wonder how celebrities like Kim Kardashian always look, well, flawless? Don’t be fooled. Her makeup artists have perfected a look with a technique known as extreme contouring and now, other makeup artists are teaching us how we can get the look for much less. While we all have different face shapes and skin tones, once you find out which colors and application angles suit you best, you will be contouring like a pro.

14 Top Knot

The top knot is the grown-up version of the messy bun. Jennifer Lopez is one celeb that truly knows how to rock this look and now you can too. This is a no fuss hairstyle that will take you minutes to do and won't look that way. The best part is that you don’t need any fancy tools to pull it off either. Yes, not even a sock bun! Take a look at the video above, the top knot tutorial starts at 5:55, the makeup tutorial is just a fun bonus!

13 Metallic Eyeshadow  

Shimmering eyeshadows are very popular right now and we are all trying to find out how to get this look without looking like a glitter monster. Your colors of choice can vary but it is the shimmery affect we are after. Not only does this video provide us with detailed instructions but we learn which products to use when trying to attain this look. We hope you enjoy this video as much as we did.

12 Messy French Twist

We love French twists, but never seem to keep them up all day long without losing any flying hairs. Why not start with a messy French twist instead? It only takes a few seconds as soon as you master it too! For those of you with shoulder length hair, no worries, you can pull off this look too. The best part about this look is that you don't have to worry about any loose strands, as the messier it is, the sexier it is!

11 Berry Lip Stain Look 

This look has been around for a very long time, soft red or pink lips are classic and can be worn almost all the time. This tutorial helps teach us the best ways to achieve this look without looking too overdone. Find your favorite soft colors and give this look a try, it might end up being your go-to look for your next night out.

10 Kylie Jenner Matte Makeup Look

Matte makeup is the secret to getting your face to look flawless. If you want to get the Kylie Jenner makeup look, you have to learn about the best products and techniques. Take a look at this video to learn how we can achieve her popular look, which can be toned down for a daytime look or brightened up for a night out.

9 Half Bun

The half bun is perfect for those days that you aren't loving your hair, don't feel like styling it, or just want to change it up. But it isn't as simple as just throwing it up into a bun, it does require a little fixing in order to perfect this look and the video above will show you how.

Styling bonus: The secret to pulling off the half bun look is by creating some beach waves. Use a sea salt spray to dry your locks and have them stay that way.

8 How To Fake Big Lips 

We hate to admit it but Kylie Jenner has made us want to have fuller lips. Do not try her challenge though! You don’t need shot glasses or lip fillers to mimic her look. Here’s an injection-free way to get fuller looking lips. Enjoy!

7 Dark Smokey Eyes

Regardless what time of year, the smokey eye look is perfect for a night out. As many of us love this look, it is hard to do without giving ourselves racoon eyes. This tutorial will teach you the best colors and tequniques in order to perfect this look. If you prefer a softer smokey eye, make sure to use lighter colors.

6 High Ponytail

The high pony is a cute, youthful look that is great for work or or a night out. Also, it doesn’t take too long to put this look together. Like shown in this video, if you want to add volume and length to this look, you can buy clip-in ponytail extensions as she uses, or simply regular clip-in extensions.

5 Red Matte Lips

Red lips have always been in, even before the Marilyn Monroe days. But, lately, we’ve seen a rising trend of red matte lips. If you do not own any matte lipsticks, this video will teach you how to turn any of your current lip colors into a beautiful long lasting matte. If you would rather buy a matte lipstick, MAC, NARS and Rimmel have beautiful shades of matte red. Feel free to try a few on, and if you aren't sure which color suits you best, don't be shy to ask a beauty consultant.

4 Cat Eye

The “Cat Eye” has been popular since ancient Egyptian times and it’s a makeup style that will seriously always be trendy. We think our favorite part about this look is that you can add the cat eye after adding on all your usual makeup. Try this style the next time you are planning a night out.

3 Nude Tones

In recent months, the nude makeup trend has been on the rise with celebs choosing this look for their red carpet events. Although there are a few additions to this tutorial, which you don't have to try, the point is to achieve an everyday nude makeup look. If you prefer to keep your lips looking natural, you can forgo the lipstick in exchange for a clear lip gloss.

2 Beach Braid

Beach braids help us rock this hairstyle at any age. You can even be bold and wear one for a more casual approach to your night out. While we seem to worry about achieving the perfect braid, a beach braid allows us to relax and accept the looseness to make our hair feel more comfortable. Another tid bit; guys find it sexy too!

1 Graphic Eyeliner

Here’s a signature beauty look that is definitely not for everyone. Some of us love to take our makeup skills to the next level. Let’s face it, we especially love when our eyes get the most attention. What’s great about this new trend is that you have the freedom to try pretty much anything. There isn’t any correct technique for this bold style. Check out this video which provides different styles for those wanting to add dramatic eyeliner to their look.

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