How The Pink Moon Influences Each Zodiac Sign's Flirting Game (His & Hers)

The Pink Moon tends to occur in April and this year, made its appearance on April 29th. Don’t be misled by the name, however, as the Pink Moon is not actually ‘pink’ in color, but is named so because of a moss pink herb that grows rapidly during this time of the year.

This particular full moon in the year is considered significant, because it coincides with the onset of spring, and thus initiates a change.

In the astrological world, the Pink Full moon holds a lot of importance. Since it marks new beginnings, the Pink Moon is also said to reset the zodiac balance and impact each zodiac sign individually. Depending on its relative position, it might impact a particular sign positively or negatively.

Although it has been a few weeks since the Pink Moon, it is only now that you will start feeling its complete influence. We have put together a list of possible things it can result in, especially in your love life, based on your zodiac sign.

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24 Aries Man: Lucky In Love

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An Aries is not afraid to be adventurous and bold. They love grand gestures. even if they barely know the object of their love, they don't have the patience to wait for the other person to make the first move.

It’s time to make a bold move when it comes to the matters of the heart, Aries men!

While it is not in your nature to hold back, you do think a lot about love. Leave the doubt and dilemmas behind, and take a risk. If you’ve been meaning to ask someone out – this is your chance! Approaching someone you like and taking a risk is likely to pay off now more than ever. Aries men are in for some good luck as the Pink Moon substantially increases their chances of finding the perfect match. If you have been waiting for the right time to approach someone, now is the perfect time to do so!

Guys, it is 2018 already! Playing it coy isn’t in anymore. You need to be strong, confident and assertive in order to be attractive. There is no need to go through the ‘will she-won’t she’ ritual. The only way to know if someone you like reciprocates your feelings is declaring what you feel! The influence of the Pink Moon might just up your game a little, and help you in finding the love of your life.

23 Aries Woman: Making Meaningful Relationships

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Aries Women are entering a phase of immense prosperity and satisfaction in the matters of relationships. Interestingly, the Pink Moon might help strengthen all your relationships, personal, and professional. Gear up for making some new friends, deepening existing friendships, establishing beneficial networks at your work and coming closer to your partner.

The Aries woman is insatiable when it comes to love. She is a caring and intense lover. You should be thankful and appreciative for the love and support your family and friends provide you with, and make sure to express your gratitude for the same. Do not take friendships and relationships for granted, for that could result in problems.

You need to brace yourself for some temporary challenges with those closest to you, but worry not, your relationship will become stronger than ever. Along with the challenges, you will also have plenty of chances to revel in the company of those you like and simply enjoy the smaller pleasures of life.

The Pink Moon seems to have a really favorable impact on your life and how you connect with those around you. Make sure you make the most of this exciting time before the charm runs out, and accept all the goodness that comes your way with a smile!

22 Taurus Man: Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone

Taureans are known for being strong. They have the endurance to go on for however long it takes for them to complete a task. They are a bit selfish with their love and won't just give it out freely. A Taurean's love has to be earned. While you might be known for being stubborn and rigid, the Pink Moon is giving you a chance to consider other options. You have a ‘type’ when it comes to dating, and you always play it safe. Not anymore!

If you listen to your heart and make a gamble, you will be rewarded! The Pink Moon is allowing you to ditch the safe and secure routine for someone who thrills you beyond your imagination. All you have to do is step beyond your comfort zone and be open to possibilities.

If you have been itching to ask someone out, but have already found a hundred reasons in your head as to why it won’t work out: break the cycle!

Do something unexpected, and surprise yourself and you’d be amazed to find how things have a way of working themselves out. But you have to take the first step.

Listen up, all Taurus men: It is okay, even necessary, to date different kind of people, in order to understand yourself. Don’t be afraid to take a chance, for this time around, the Pink Moon is on your side.

21 Taurus Woman: Don’t Jump The Gun

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It is time to exercise caution, Taurus women. If you have been considering making a life-altering decision recently, you should hold on just a little bit longer. Things in your life are not comforting at the moment, and you have been yearning for a change. However, if this chance is untimely or hasty, you might be better off without it.

In the matters of the heart as well, you have been wanting to take it to the next level for some time. But the Pink Moon, unfortunately, isn’t in your support. Refrain from taking decisions in the heat of the moment or picking up fights with your loved ones, they might have a lasting domino effect. Put extra effort in showing your friends and family just how much you cherish them and don’t hold back your appreciation for them.

Taureans feel strongly but their feelings are buried down deep. It’s natural to go after the things you want, but the timing is also of crucial importance. Be patient, and try to lay low for some time, and good things are bound to follow! Just be a little cautious and exercise restraint, and you will have nothing to worry about.

20 Gemini Man: In Need Of An Emotional Check

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Geminis are famous for being versatile and sociable. They rely on what goes on in their head rather than what they feel. When in love, the head and the heart all gets mixed up and they themselves have no idea what to expect. Well! Gemini men, prepare yourself for some emotionally turbulent times.

Keeping your feelings inside might be your second nature, but the time has come to let them all out.

The Pink Moon is likely to throw your carefully crafted reaction into a tizzy and force you to feel what you are actually going through. This might be a new territory for you, but do not be afraid of it. Feeling emotions like anger, disappointment and frustration is natural and the longer you’ve been brushing them under the carpet – the more intense they are likely to be. It is not healthy to keep feelings and emotions bottled up, and hence, it was only a matter of time before they came to the surface. Refrain from getting into heated arguments, for you might say something you will regret later.

The Pink Moon is going to put you through a grueling emotional workout, and honestly, this has been pending for some time. In the short term, you are likely to be off your A-game, but in the long term, you will benefit a lot. You will come out of this phase as a strong and rejuvenated man, ready to take on the world.

19 Gemini Woman: Falling Head Over Heels

The Gemini women love surprises and the excitement, but love tends to keep them off-balance. The Pink Moon has had a great impact on your life, and particularly, your love life. So much so, that you might just meet the love of your life soon. The chances of encountering your perfect match through an acquaintance are very high.

There is a strong possibility of you connecting with someone who changes your life completely. When you least expect it, you are likely to be swept off of your feet. Word of advice: don’t resist. If you feel yourself falling madly in love, don’t hold back – it’s meant to be! If you already are in a relationship, don’t worry, several pleasant surprises are coming your way. It’s safe to say, your love life is entering an exciting and rewarding phase, thanks to the Pink Moon. Just be open to possibilities and do not write off people soon!

You are not only more likely to meet someone perfect for you, but also are set to be successful in your professional life, come closer to your friends and bond with your family. Way to go! Cash in your chips, for the Pink Moon, is showering a lot of good luck in your life.

18 Cancer Man: Trust Issues Aplenty

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To say that things are about get difficult for you would be an understatement. The Pink Moon is playing with deep trust issues, and your recent experience has left you more vulnerable than usual.

In the recent past, someone hasn’t been able to keep your trust, and it is natural to be on the edge. Trusting a loved one after a betrayal is never easy, and creates challenges. However, communication (something that is not your forte) is very important.

You need to make an extra effort in vocalizing your feelings and engaging with your partners.

Things might be hitting a rough patch, but you can navigate through it with some peace and effort. Try not to let recent challenges get to you, and do not forget the bigger picture. If find yourself overthinking, take some time off of your normal routine, and give your mind a break.

Hang in there, Cancer men. You need to slow down and understand the source of the problem. Once you have identified the same, work towards fixing it. The Pink Moon has flared up your trust issues, but you need to be able to keep your faith that good things are coming your way.

17 Cancer Woman: Focus Is On The Family

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Cancerians have a deep love for home. Friends and family are treasured by them. They are guided by their emotions. While you are naturally close to your family, this month, you will come even closer to them. Your family members are likely to play a very important role in your life this month, providing you support in multiple ways, and especially when you need it the most.

You can expect to spend a lot of time with those closest to you, and connect with them all over again. A family gathering is a strong possibility, and news about a wedding or engagement in the extended might be on the way. Make sure you display your deep affection and gratitude towards those you value. While everybody in your family knows how much you cherish them, you still need to find ways to express it on special occasions. Remember, it’s the small gestures that count!

The Pink Moon is giving you an opportunity to forge closer relations with your family. Don’t hold back, confine them in, and be thankful. Once the cycle of the moon ends, you will be able to see clearly how your relationship with your kin has improved, and just how blessed you are to have them in your life.

16 Leo Man: Prepare For Love And Heartbreak

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Leo loves having the spotlight on them. But when they're in love, they become obsessed with the person they love. The chances of a Leo man entering a new relationship in the near future are extremely high right now. But, there’s a catch: there is also a good chance that this won’t be a long-term relationship. (Ouch!)

The new relationship is likely to be intense and deeply important for you and your prospective partner.

However, the Pink Moon has created certain circumstances which diminish the possibility of making this into something permanent. So get ready to dive deep into falling in love, and then not having it work out. Doesn’t sound good, but, if it is any consolation, you will come out stronger and wiser.

There is, however, a slim probability of reuniting with your partner after a gap, but nothing is clear as of yet. There is a lot of uncertainty when it comes to your love life at the moment. If you are looking for short-term and casual dating, this is your time! But if you are hoping to find the one and settle down, you might have to wait longer. The Pink Moon is impacting you in a curious way, no doubt about that!

15 Leo Woman: Lots Of Love To Go Around

Leo women are in for a treat! The Pink Moon is extremely gracious to you and is providing you with lots of avenues to love and be loved. You are heading into a very exciting part of your life, all thanks to the Pink Moon.

The chances of you meeting new romantic partners are definitely high, and rest assured, it will turn out to be a meaningful and blissful relationship. But that’s not all! You are likely to be more social, connect with more friends at your workplace and also feel closer to your family. The friendships, relationships, and associations you establish now will leave a positive lasting impact on you. If you are already in a fulfilling relationship, be ready to take it to the next level. Leo women, you are in for some deeply fulfilling, happy and loving times.

Leo women think constantly about their lover, even when they're right there with them. The favorable impact of the Pink Moon has made matters of love very easy. You will make ample meaningful relationships that are likely to stay with you for the rest of your life. Make sure you enjoy this phase, say yes to new experiences and are not afraid to make the most of it.

14 Virgo Man: Love Comes Knocking

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Virgo men tend to be over-thinkers. They can be critical of themselves and others. Criticism or sarcasm comes more easily than compliments, so they need to work on turning up their charm. Pull up your socks, Virgo men, for you are about to lock horns with an equal. The chances of you meeting someone who is in perfect sync with you are through the roof.

You are about to meet your match, and the timing couldn’t be more right.

It is hard to please a Virgo man, but you are about to meet someone who understands you emotionally and physically and basically sweeps you off of your feet. However, be cautious, for this person might come with a bit of heavy baggage and might not be the easiest to deal with. If you make it through though, it will be one of the most beautiful relationships you’ve ever had. Don’t resist, and put up unnecessary barriers to allowing your partner to know you.

The Pink Moon is conspiring to get you to connect with someone who is likely to stay. A lot depends on you and what you make of this opportunity. Play a gamble, and jump right in. You will definitely make a lot of new memories, and also have a very real chance of finding the love of your life.

13 Virgo Woman: Period Of Uncertainty

While you are a strong and confident woman, you are entering a part of your life that is not very familiar to you: uncertainty. You like knowing things and having control over them, which is why the coming time is going to be all the more challenging.

You have been considering a change for quite some time now, and have been itching to explore new things. This has obviously created problems in your life, and, unfortunately, they are not likely to end anytime soon. Be careful of not hurting those around you, and be mindful of what you say to them, especially in the heat of the moment. Do not let internal challenges become bigger than they are, and overshadow the better aspects of your life. Don’t be afraid to speak up and clarify things with partners, family, and friends to avoid misunderstandings.

The conflicts and the dilemmas are here to stay for a while and will continue to wreak havoc in your life. The Pink Moon is stirring up trouble and tempting you to take rash decisions. Do not give in, for any impulsive decision today will cost your dearly tomorrow. Leo women try to play it cool in love, but they're secretly terrified of being vulnerable. They're hard to read, but they feel love intensely.

12 Libra Man: It’s Time To Be Introspective

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Things that have been bothering you for a long time have reached a flashpoint now and you need to break the cycle in order to come out wiser. The Pink Moon is creating conditions for you to look inward and get in touch with your soul.

Somewhere along the way, you have focused too much on what is on the outside, and in the process, neglected your own emotional well-being. Now is the time to undo the damage and remind yourself of the things you have forgotten. No matter if you are single or in a relationship, this is a journey you need to take for your own self. Expect support from partners and family, because they sense that everything is not as calm as it seems.

It is time to reevaluate some of the life choices you have made and introspect on your decisions.

The only way to avoid falling into the same routine is by making a change, and thankfully, the Pink Moon has set the perfect base for you to do so. Make the most of it, and do not be afraid to rediscover yourself. If you navigate this period of uncertainty, you will emerge achieve permanent balance and strength in life.

Libra men tend to make their lovers wait a long time before they agree to a commitment. They are extremely organized and goal-oriented. Librans express their love constantly through thoughtful gestures or small affectionate touches.

11 Libra Woman: Be Guarded And Careful

Gear up for a period of intense scrutiny, Libra women. The Pink Moon has ensured that you are at the center of everyone’s attention, and every move you make is being watched. You have a lot riding on you at the moment, but worry not, you will balance it all effortlessly.

Exercise restraint in making important decisions, and think them through comprehensively. Offer your best to those around you, and be open to helping others. You are entering a phase where you will be very attractive to potential partners, and they will go out of the way to woo you.

Make the most of this opportunity, and do not hold back. Psst! That means a lot of Tinder matches, a lot of potential dates! If you happen to already be in a relationship, the chances of taking a misstep are high, but nothing you can’t get avoid by being thoughtful and compassionate.

The Pink Moon is giving you a chance to live it up in the spotlight. While this is an exciting prospect, you need to be careful while taking important decisions, especially if they impact people other than you. Be guarded, and mindful of the repercussions of your decisions.

10 Scorpio Man: Let Your Hair Down

Scorpio men, you’ve earned it, and you’ve earned it well! The Pink Moon is making arrangements for you to enter relatively enjoyable and trouble-free times. You are just beginning to rediscover lost passions and find new hobbies. This is perfectly timed to help you make the most of them, as the Pink Moon has a very positive impact on your peace of mind. Plan a trip, a picnic or even just a night out, and you are likely to enjoy a lot.

Plan a weekend getaway with your partner to reconnect.

You’ve been working hard recently and have been through a lot, so make sure you don’t while away this wonderful opportunity. Also, don’t hold back while splurging on yourself, or treating your loved one to something fancy. Don’t initiate something new right now – just focus on yourself.

The Pink Moon is really giving you a chance to set yourself free without any guilt – which is a bit of a rarity – and hence you need to make the most of this opportunity. Especially with the challenges you have been facing recently, you need to unwind and recharge your batteries. All thanks to the Pink Moon, you have a real shot at doing the same.

9 Scorpio Woman: It's Time To Focus Within

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The Pink Moon is reminding you to focus on yourself, take care of your needs and tend to your health. While you were already on the right track, to begin with, the Pink Moon will definitely give a big boost to your efforts.

Take a step back and enjoy how far you have come. Take out some time to catch up with family and friends (they are feeling neglected) and just take it easy for some time. Recently, you’ve really had to step up at home or at your workplace and that has you really stressed out.

Now might not be the best time to get into a new relationship, but if you are already in one, this is a great chance to deepen it. You know that you have been not making an effort for your partner recently, and it is time to fix that. The Pink Moon is offering you a chance to fix and straighten out the kinks in your life.

You need to grab this opportunity with both hands and make the most of it. Focus within, pay attention to partners and touch base with family and friends – don’t worry, your professional life won’t take a backseat or suffer! Scorpios love having a big and bold life. They are fearless lovers who experience love and emotions very deeply. They have a tendency to feel possessive about the ones they love.

8 Sagittarius Man: Freedom Is Reckoning

Sagittarius men, the Pink Moon is doing you a favor by allowing you to be in touch with yourself and helping you understand who you really are. If you’ve been considering leaving a partner, or a job, chances are you might act on it soon. You have been vying for a change for some time, and the Pink Moon has set the perfect stage for you to do so. While this is obviously a temporary setback in your love life, in the long term it is beneficial, because it helps you become more aware.

Worry not; this is just a cosmic intervention to help bring you back on your path. From here on, things start falling to place without much effort. Do not get into new relationships right now, because this time is meant to be spent with your own self.

Embrace who you are, and spend some time with your own self.

Get to know yourself all over again and revisit old friends. Be reminded of everything you did, and the things you have accomplished. In a rare instance, the Pink Moon is supporting these changes and giving you a real shot at turning things around. Sagittarius men are enthusiastic and upbeat. They're always full f passion so when they are in love, an explosion of passion can be expected.

7 Sagittarius Woman: Break The Cycle

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If you are feeling that you have been missing out on a lot of things lately, it’s because you have been. Fret not; for the Pink Moon has the perfect remedy!

The time to find love couldn’t be riper. Do not be afraid of giving into your romantic feelings and start trusting what your gut says. You’ve been a bit of a loner lately, and it is high time you break the cycle. Remember, your past experience only shape your thoughts and perspective. They do not influence the kind of people you will meet and like.

So, step out – go on a date, or plan a trip with your friends. Leo women are happiest when they're pleasing the object of their love. The connections you make now will be exceptionally nourishing and will have a positive impact on your life. The chances of finding a stable and supportive partner are very high – but only if you step out of the bubble you have been living in.

Let your hair down just a little, and learn to take things in a lighter vein. The Pink Moon is giving you a chance to shed your skin and reinvent yourself, but the real question is, do you even want to take it?

6 Capricorn Man: Your Time Has Arrived

Your day is finally here! All the Capricorn men out there venture out and seize the day, for the Pink Moon is by your side. No matter what you do, tasting success in love life is a very strong possibility right now.

Capricorns can be rigid and too responsible. After a period of many struggles, you are finally ready to focus on the most important thing: You. If you want to make a move on someone you’ve been attracted to, meet up with new people, or even try something out with your best friend – go for it!

No matter which path you choose, your love life is expected to be solid, stable and extremely fulfilling.

You should be able to find a partner who can provide exactly what you are looking for. You are used to being secretive, but with your new partner, you won’t feel the need. The odds have never been so favorable to you, all thanks to the Pink Moon.

The Pink Moon rarely has such a generous impact on love lives, so you better waste this chance. Capricorn men put on your best suit, and step out – you are likely to meet someone special just around the corner.

5 Capricorn Woman: No Time For Love

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You have a lot of things going on for you, Capricorn women, but unfortunately, love isn’t one of them. Things have shaken up recently, and you are still struggling to firmly place your feet in the ground.

The Pink Moon has taken cognizance of this fact and is not unnecessarily evoking any drama in your love life. If you are in a relationship, expect things to remain smooth and calm. However, the chances of connecting with some new are low; lower still for finding someone with long-term prospects. Focus on friends and family; do not push yourself to meet new people if you don’t feel like. When the time is right, you won’t have to go looking too far.

On the bright side, however, you are likely to climb the ranks at your workplace, be in the peak of health, and might even receive an accolade very soon. Finding love is not a priority or a possibility right now, because you simply don’t have any time left. You are too busy to focus on your career and work and might consider approaching people once you feel like you have progressed adequately.

When Capricorns fall in love, they feel that every aspect of the relationship are on them and they go all out trying to make it work. They love with the intent that it will last forever and they will do everything in their power to make it so. Some partners may find that a bit too overwhelming.

4 Aquarius Man: Accept The Inevitable

Aquarius men have a big heart. When in love, they devote all their attention and time to their partner. Their selflessness makes them wonderful lovers.

If you are tired of hanging onto someone just for the sake of it, the Pink Moon gives you a chance to let go of the baggage.

You have got to start putting your needs ahead of others, and this time around, you might be able to do just that.

You need to learn and understand that people are the way they are for a reason, and despite what you think is better, everyone makes their own decisions. Getting into a new relationship is not advisable right now, but ending a relationship that has become very challenging is a strong possibility.

Seek support from friends and family and you’d be surprised just how far they are willing to go to ensure your well-being. Do not force yourself to be ‘out there’ and ‘available’ on the insistence of friends and family. Remember being able to enjoy your own company is more empowering than being with someone who makes you miserable.

The Pink Moon is giving you a chance to start fresh, and depending on where you are in life right now, you might want to take up on it.

3 Aquarius Woman: Self-Discovery Through Self-Indulgence

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The time to work on yourself is opportune in every sense. The Pink Moon is very considerate this time around and allowing you to take care of your needs. As a matter of fact, in addition to preventing any love related upheaval in your life, the Pink Moon is also actively sorting out your life and helping you maintain a healthy work-life balance.

While you might not be going on dates, that doesn’t mean you will be sitting idle at home. You will focus on getting in shape, catching up with friends, attending family events and just unwinding. A trip, solo or in a group, is also very possible. You will leave behind insecurities and baggage, and become more fun and spontaneous. If you happen to be in a relationship, expect smooth sailing with no turbulence. Your partner will fit into your schedule perfectly and you won’t have to make any effort to balance everything.

The Pink Moon is being extra generous to you by allowing you to be yourself and not stirring up trouble. Make sure you make the most of this opportunity and find different ways to enjoy the smaller things in life. It would be a perfect time to restart a forgotten hobby, or even take up a new one.

2 Pisces Man: Love Is In The Air

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Pisces have a lot of feeling and are always thinking of others. Gear up, Pisces, your world is about to change forever. There is a strong chance that you will meet someone perfect for you very soon. And yes, you have the Pink Moon to thank for that.

Your love life, which has been rather uninteresting for some time now, is all set to step into the next gear.

When you least expect it, you will bump into someone and connect with them instantly. The ‘spark’ that everyone keeps talking about, you are about to experience it first hand. Be ready to fall head-first into a deep, intense and life-changing relationship. The bad news, however, is that it might not last very long. That might sound disappointing, but should not stop you exploring something new that comes your way.

The Pink Moon is trying to whip up mischief and is playing with your heart, by uniting you with a perfect lover and then ripping you apart. However, don’t lose faith. There is a chance that a possible rekindling of romance happens at a later stage in life. The foundation for that is, however, being built now, and you must spend some time to ensure that it is solid and stable.

1 Pisces Woman: A Fresh Start

Being in denial is easy and comfortable, however, the Pink Moon has no intentions of letting you stay in denial. When Pisces women are in love, they're devoted to the person they love. But, work, family, friends, and particularly, love life, is about to be shaken up very soon, and there’s nothing you can do about it.

Don’t worry, once the dust settles, you will be able to clearly see things and make informed decisions. A major shakedown and change seems very plausible in your love life, and it is not recommended that you meet someone new at the moment. Use this time to focus on other aspects of your life, mend relationships with family and friends and focus on your health. Very soon, when things start falling into place, and you feel more in control, love will come knocking on its own.

On the plus side, once you face the core of what is bothering you, you have a real chance to fix it and heal yourself. Somewhere along the line, you have lost focus on what really matters to you and this is a great chance to hit the reset button. Make sure you don’t miss out on it.

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