How Prudish You Are Based On Your Zodiac Sign

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How Prudish You Are Based On Your Zodiac Sign

According to the Merriam Webster’s dictionary, a prude is “a person who is excessively or priggishly attentive to propriety or decorum.” But these days, most people think a prude is someone that’s intimately inhibited. But the word prude can also be attributed to how someone restrains oneself in certain aspects of life. Prudishness is not all about lack of physical intimacy. And each sign handles such aspects, how they feel about them, and how they respond, differently. Holding back is not a bad thing. Actually, in some cases it’s quite necessary. And depending on how you view life, holding back could be an excellent way to extend your life. For other signs, holding back would be the death of them, figuratively (not literally, of course). So, how much of a prude are you? Have you ever even thought about that question? Well, don’t think too hard because in this article, you will learn how prudish each zodiac sign is. Remember, the definition of prude is about how someone chooses not to be involved in emotionally charged situations or moments, often times sexual in nature. Surely you have an idea, but why not keep reading further to see how prudish your sign really is.

12. Prude does not become Aires

Being a cardinal fire sign means that Aries feels free to do and say whatever she wants. Aries is not constrained by social order or norms. Aries is way too independent to get caught up in rules that they create their own. That’s the hot spark of Aries. And being ruled by Mars will make them passionate lovers, too. Aries likes to show off inside and outside the bedroom. They constantly wear tight fitting clothing, offer plenty of sexual innuendo, and use their body to express themselves. Not shy to make the first move, you can count on an Aries to get things moving in the romantic department. Beware, Aries, don’t like to be tied down and might start something as quickly as they finish it. That’s why Aries are often viewed as flighty and commitment-phobic. That’s not entirely true, of course, but they’re just not that easy to tie down because they set their own pace.

11. Taurus is no prude with the finer things in life

Since Taurus likes luxury and beauty, they will spare no expense. It’s very rare to see a frugal Taurus. That goes for spending money and their performance in the bedroom. Taurus are inclined to be generous, so they have a giving nature even in bed. As much as Taurus desires to give, they also desire to feel secure, so the more you give to Taurus, the more they will give back. A Taurus might not tell you how she feels, but she will shower you with gifts. The one area where Taurus might be prudent is with emotions. Being an earth sign, she will be restrained and maybe a bit reserved. But once you get to know a Taurus, you will see how strongly she feels about things, so much so that she’s the most stubborn of all the signs. She will hold back and be prude with her emotions or ability to change.

10. Gemini is never prude

Gemini’s are way too flirty to be prudish. They are notorious for flirting with everyone in the room, regardless of if they have romantic interest with the person or not. Where others see flirtatious behavior, Gemini only sees friendliness because she is the friendliest of all the signs. She likes to engage in conversations as long as the conversations don’t get too deep. And a Gemini will be quick got to bed with someone should she feel moved to do so. Gemini’s are not worried about what others think. They are too lost in thinking about their own desires to get caught up in that mess. They are also notorious cheats, and while they may have cheated only a handful of times, they probably weren’t that faithful mentally. A Gemini is always cheating. Because their imagination runs wild, Gemini’s definitely can’t be classified as a prude with those thoughts.

9. Cancer is semi-prude

A water sign has a tendency to be a prude because they are caught up in their emotions. Cancer is the moodiest of all signs and can change her emotions at the blink of an eye, quite literally. Because Cancers are dictated by their feelings, they have a hard time letting go completely. It’s not easy for a Cancer to get involved with another person if there isn’t real emotional bonding or genuine displays of emotions. Cancer might have sexual needs, but they will often bury them in favor of building a lasting and meaningful relationship with a partner. Their flings will be just that, and they usually want to end them out of shame and fear. Cancer’s prudishness is based upon the Moon, the seeker of deeper feelings and meanings based on cycles. While you might see a prude Cancer today, they might not be tomorrow and could flip again in a matter of seconds. But instinctually, Cancers are prude because they are careful with their hearts.

8. Leo is the opposite of a prude

Yes, Leos love the spotlight. How many times have you heard this? Way too many, without a doubt. But that’s not what makes Leo the opposite of prude. The real nature of a Leo lies in their ability to create, to allow things to grow and prosper, and to flourish and blossom. Under the influence of the Sun, Leo is sure to be a beacon of light. Whenever you are around a Leo, there’s sure to be great insight and desire to bring to life those things which we hold inside. This attribute is reflected in the bedroom, sure, but they are skilled at doing this in life, most famously on the stage. Leos are the leaders and the creative workers. They can’t be bothered being prude because it’s just not part of their nature. There’s too much to manifest for them to be holding back like that.

7. Virgo is the ultimate prude

Because a Virgo is always analyzing, she is one of the most prude of the zodiac signs. A Virgo is almost always cautious, weighing the options several times over before making a final decision. No other sign knows how to dissect a person the way a Virgo does. And this is why she’s such a prude. She can see through the bull crap and decides not to get involved. A Virgo is selective, and this is where prudishness serves a Virgo well. Virgos also use that ability inside and outside of the bedroom. They are always discerning. In the bedroom, it might take them time to warm up, but once they tear down that wall, watch out because Virgo will aim to develop her sexual prowess like nobody’s business. Often times, she watches what she says and wears, erring on the side of caution. This is never more obvious than looking at the Virgin symbol that represents her.

6. Libra doesn’t know what a prude is

Don’t get this twisted. It’s not like Libra doesn’t know what being a prude is because she’s dumb. No, on the contrary. It’s because she’s so clever that she doesn’t let herself be a, and she’s too absorbed with love, art, and beauty to be caught up by notions of being a prude or not. A Libra will likely have several loves or lovers, and that’s just the way they operate. Don’t fault a Libra for being in love with love, that’s the influence of Venus talking. Libras will be masters at handling several love interests and won’t see the big deal about it. They will shrug off any judgements as though the rest of the world is crazy to deny oneself of loving so many people simultaneously. This does not mean Libras are unfaithful, but they have a different relationship with love than most. They don’t act like a prude because it deflects from the type of love they so desperately need to explore.

5. Scorpio embraces emotional prudeness

Most people will confuse a Scorpio with being all the way freaky, sensual, sexy, and sexually charged all the time. This is not the case. While Scorpios do think with their libidos, and are under the energies of Mars and Pluto, this does not make them one hundred percent consumed by sexual endeavors. They will involve themselves with lovers frequently and perhaps more frequently than other signs, but that’s only for sex. Scorpio are known to hold back on their emotions. Again, waters signs are dominated by feelings and the same goes for a Scorpio. They will not share their feelings with you and they might even have secrets that they will take to the grave. That’s just the way a Scorpio rolls. Don’t expect deep conversations, at least not in the beginning, and not for a while. They are most likely to give you their body than their heart or soul.

4. Sagittarius laughs at the prude

Why is Sagittarius laughing at the prude? Because to her, she sees nothing wrong with taking things to the extreme, including in the bedroom. The influence of Jupiter makes Sagittarius boisterous, jolly, and push the limits. Holding back is not part of Sagittarius’ nature. That’s not who she is at all, at least not when it comes to adventures of any sort. They have a need to move, to be moving, to keep it moving. That desire will also be reflected to their life, careers, and relationships. A Sagittarius is likely to go all the way in, head first, and without looking. She also doesn’t feel bad for how fast or hastily she dives in either. She doesn’t have time to feel guilty because she’s too focused on the enjoyment of life itself. In romance, Sagittarius will take each one as it comes and not question much. Each relationship is its own separate adventure, and Sagittarius is determined to enjoy each and every one that comes her way.

3. Capricorn is another ultimate prude

Capricorns tend to put emotions on the backburner in exchange for the ability to accomplish goals. Capricorns have a reputation for being frigid in the feelings department, but that’s not entirely accurate. The fact of the matter is Capricorns have tons of emotions, many of which are tied to their childhood trauma. This is exactly why they are so reserved, because they fear exposing themselves and becoming vulnerable. In this way, Capricorn sees hiding or distracting themselves from emotions as an easier way to handle all life situations and stresses. They are deep and dark, in fact, but you might never know this about a Capricorn because she is the master of her emotional domain and even better than the rest because she’s so grounded. She is happy to bury her emotions in favor of having personal or professional success.

2. Prude isn’t part of Aquarius’ vocabulary

The lifestyle of an Aquarius doesn’t permit prudish attitudes. There is too much to do and see in this life to let prudishness get in Aquarius’s way. They are unconventional and often times misunderstood. While the world sees them as outgoing friendly rebellious types, they are really philosophical philanthropists who see the world as a place to exercise their humanitarian nature. Aquarius can’t be bothered with being a prude concept because they are too busy trying to explore themselves and, at the same time, help the world. In many ways, Aquarius tend to be distant towards their fellow human. This isn’t because she isn’t emotionally charged, but rather it protects her from getting too involved and distracted her from her goals. Prude is just another word for Aquarius and this means she won’t be too bothered by it or its concept. She’ll just keep on moving on the road of life, searching for meaning in the bigger picture.

1. Pisces ponders about prudes differently

If there’s one thing that Pisces is good at, it’s reflecting about themselves. Pisces is the deepest of all the water signs and she can meditate for a really long time just to reach enlightenment. It’s no surprise that Pisces might not know exactly how she feels about prudes, but once she gives herself the time to dissect it, she will have a different viewpoint. Pisces will probably define prude by standards that don’t adhere to the status quo. They will fortify the concept through meditation and dreams. The world of Pisces isn’t so much about labeling as it is about immersing in themselves and then going deeper into the abyss. Pisces won’t care about being labeled prude either because she isn’t much into caring about what others think. However, should someone ask her what she thinks about prudishness, she’ll have an answer that will astound and provoke others to change their minds.

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