How Often Should You Clean Your Bathroom? 10 Tips To Know

No one likes to clean their bathroom, but it is something that has to be done. There are some people who are clean freaks and have it down to a science as to when they need to clean different parts of their porcelain throne room. Others, like ourselves, need a bit of help in that department to decide how often we should be cleaning the filthiest part of our home.

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We have made a list of different bathroom amenities and how often you should be cleaning them. It is understood that one day a week should be the time to deep clean every crevice, but some things require more or less attention. Keep reading to learn about ten tips that help you understand how often you should be cleaning your bathroom.

10 Sink (Daily)

It is not an exaggeration when we say your sink should be cleaned daily. You brush your hair, trim your beard, brush your teeth, and more in front of your sink every day. This can lead to a buildup of hair and spots of hardened toothpaste that can be difficult to remove.

It is a good idea to keep a bottle of wet wipes in your bathroom, so you can do a quick rubdown of all of its surfaces. This can make your life easier, and your overall bathroom cleaner as you rid it of some of the things that can make it unappealing.

9 Empty the Trash Can (1-2x/week)

We generally don't keep giant trashcans in our bathroom, which can lead to our tiny ones filling up fairly quickly. It is recommended you empty it once or twice a week to keep its contents from overflowing onto the floor. It will make your space look tidier, and its something that can be done in as little as thirty-seconds.

It is a good idea to line your bathroom trash can with a grocery bag or other small bags to make it easier to empty and go. No one likes staring at their own filth, and neither should you, which is why this is something that should definitely become a part of your routine.

8 The Toilet (1-2x/week)

Toilets are gross, and touching them is even worse. if you clean the toilet ball once or twice a week it can help minimize the work you have to do when you get around to deep cleaning it. When you let your toilet fester, it can cause rings to form within the bowl that can seem impossible to get out.

A simple scrub with some cleaner should do the trick and keep your bathroom looking fresh. If your rings do not come out, then you should consider purchasing a pumice stone, which can be used to buff out any gross looking stains that were left behind.

7 Mirror (Daily)

The same goes for the mirror as it does the sink because they have a tendency to get dirty. Toothpaste has a habit of ending up on our mirrors, and if they are left alone they harden and can become impossible to get off. You can have a designated rag that you use to wipe the toothpaste off before it becomes an issue later in the week.

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Microfiber cloths are the best thing to use on the glass as other types tend to leave lint or smear pretty badly. It might seem like an inconvenience at first, but those two seconds it takes you to wipe it down are worth it.

6 Wash the Bathmat (Weekly)

Most bathrooms usually have at least one bathmat that soaks up water from your feet after you get out of the shower. These should be washed weekly because when they are left to sit they can begin to smell moldy.

It will not only improve the smell of your bathroom though because it will also extend the life of your abused bath mat. You might think you don't have the time to spare, but the few minutes it takes you to throw it into your washing machine will make all the difference in your grungy bathroom.

5 Change Out Towels (4-7x/week)

You might have the bad habit of reusing your towels over and over again, but they should actually be switched out daily, or every other day. When they are kept hanging for too long, they can begin to smell moldy, which in turn can cause you to smell just like it rather than your lavender shampoo.

If you don't like cleaning your towels every other day, then you might want to consider buying enough towels to last you the week so you only have to throw in one load. Hampers are also a nice thing to keep in your bathroom so you always remember not to reuse your towels out of laziness.

4 Sweep (2-3x/week)

Throughout the week your bathroom will accumulate a lot of dust and debris, which is why it is always a good idea to sweep your bathroom two to three times a week. This number might seem overkill, but you will be surprised how much you end up collecting in your dustpan.

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This method not only keeps your bathroom cleaner but also makes it easier on you when you finally dive into your deep clean routine. It lets you focus on other things like the grout or the doors, rather than the floor debris that you are having issues gathering.

3 Mopping (Weekly)

You should be breathing a sigh of relief that you only have to break out your mop and bucket once a week. This task can be tedious as you set up your mop with the right head and fill your bucket with soap and water, but you can make it easier on yourself. If you have a small bathroom or just don't mind crawling around in your cleaning clothes, then you should try washing the floor by hand.

It not only reduces the number of supplies you have to use, but it ensures that you never miss any debris that is tucked away in a corner. A simple rag will do, and you can even use another rag to dry at the same time if you want to make sure no one leaves any tracks.

2 Shower Curtain (Monthly)

The one aspect of our bathroom that many of us forget about is the shower curtain. This should be cleaned or replaced monthly, and it might be in your best interest to buy a cheap plastic liner. You can use the plastic liner on the interior of the curtain, and its lowcost makes it worthwhile to replace each month.

A shower curtain, even the plastic varieties, can go into the wash with a couple of towels if you don't feel like scrubbing it by hand. If you have mildew stains then you might want to consider adding vinegar and baking soda to your wash instead of replacing the entire thing.

1 Shower and Tub (Weekly)

The shower and tub should be cleaned on a weekly basis as it helps reduce the amount of soap scum buildup on all of its surfaces. If you have layers of soap scum that refuse to come off it is a good idea to spray it once, let it sit, and then spray it again before wiping it down. You might need to employ a hardy sponge or brush to help remove all of it.

Showers with glass doors should only have a glass cleaner used on them, otherwise, it can cause streaking to occur. It is also a good idea to buy a small shower squeegee, so you can remove any water from the glass before it begins to stain.

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