How Much Can He Really Love You Based On His Zodiac Sign

Getting into a new relationship can feel like the most exciting time of your life. Suddenly, your whole world has changed for the better, and you’re absolutely head over heels for a guy that seems to love you just as much as you love him! But what happens when this fairytale romance simply isn’t reality?

We all know that some relationships can be completely imbalanced. Unfortunately, not everyone you fall for is going to feel the same way about you. Realizing that a guy doesn’t love you nearly as much as you love him can be absolutely devastating, and it’s a harsh truth that no girl wants to face. How can you tell if a guy is going to let you down this way? The stars actually might have a clue. If you know his sign, you may get your answer. Here’s how much he can actually love you, based on his sign.


16 Aries: Wears His Heart On His Sleeve

It can be exceptionally difficult to convince an Aries guy that it’s time to settle down. These guys are the king of short term romances and steamy summer flings! They live for excitement and adventure, and for a young Aries guy, a steady relationship might seem too stagnant and boring for his tastes. However, if you connect with an Aries guy at the right time in his life, you are one lucky girl. Aries guys can actually be very loving under their fun party boy exterior. You may be shocked, but it’s true! They have a whole other side to them that only you will get to see. An Aries guy has the capacity to love you like you’ve never been loved before, and once you’ve been totally spoiled and swept off your feet by a guy like that, it can be hard to turn around and even consider dating another sign!

15 Taurus: He'll Never Give You His Full Attention


If you’re looking for a stable, secure relationship, you might think that you should look no further than a Taurus guy. And you’d be right—your relationship will certainly be stable and predictable, but it will also be totally devoid of passion. Don’t expect Leo style dates or anniversary surprises from a Taurus guy! Taurus guys tend to be very protective of their emotions. In fact, many of them don’t date very often for this very reason. They just aren’t that interested. They don’t fall in love easily. It’s rare that they develop a crush on anyone, so if a Taurus guy doesn’t seem to be returning your interest, don’t it personally—you’re probably not the only girl who he’s given the cold shoulder! Overall, many Taurus guys are simply very closed off emotionally, and they may not have the ability to love you the way that you truly deserve.

14 Leo: Passionate Is His Middle Name

A Leo guy gives 100% to everything he does. And yes, that includes his relationships! You have to somewhat cautious around Leo guys, because they do care more about their public image than other fire signs. Therefore, a Leo guy might pursue you just because he thinks you’ll look good on his arm—this might seem very flattering at first, but it will quickly leave you feeling used! However, if you do click with a Leo guy who genuinely likes you for who you are, get ready to feel like a Disney princess. Your friends will all be jealous of you and your man, because you’ll have the kind of relationship that has everyone labeling you #goals. Leo guys are very passionate when it comes to romance, so expect fancy candlelit dinners, romantic vacations to your dream cities, and the perfect gift on every holiday. Plus, he’ll always remember anniversaries!

13 Sagittarius: He'll Love You And Then Leave You


Dating a Sagittarius can be super tempting, especially when you’re in your early twenties. This sign has a real lust for life, and dating a Sag can make you feel like you’re taking a flying leap out of your comfort zone and experiencing the world in a whole new way. He’ll invite you on road trips, take you camping and hiking in beautiful places, share his dreams and goals with you, and have you longing to run away with him to some exotic place halfway around the world. And for a while, it will all seem perfect—until he disappears. Compared to the other fire signs, Sagittarius guys are notoriously flakey, and this makes dating them feel super stressful. They’ll be texting you saying how much they love you one day, only to turn around and completely ghost you the next. Unfortunately, their charming nature makes them difficult to resist!

12 Virgo: He's All In Or Nothing

Now, you might find that Taurus and Virgo guys have similar personalities in many ways. After all, every earth sign shares a few common traits. So you may be assuming that a Virgo guy would treat you just like a Taurus guy in a relationship. However, this is not necessarily true. Virgo guys are often more emotional than Taurus guys, and many women find themselves in very happy relationships with Virgo guys. However, you should expect things to move very slowly at first. Virgo guys are the type who will actually want to take you out on a date before rushing into hooking up. And don’t expect him to ask you to be his girlfriend if his heart is not 100% in it—that’s just not his style. But if he realizes that he truly cares about you, he’ll be a super dedicated and compassionate boyfriend, and you’ll be one happy girlfriend!

11 Capricorn: You're Definitely Not His Number One Priority


Capricorn guys often seem very attractive on paper, and in person. After all, these guys work harder than anyone else you know. And while you might have found that nerdy in middle school, you realize how important it is as you get older! You may want a guy who is more mature and serious than many of your peers, and a Capricorn guy just might fit the bill. But here’s the sad truth about Capricorn guys—they will never love you as much as they love your work. If you’re a super independent woman who is also highly dedicated to your own career, that dynamic might be just fine for you! Just be aware that a Capricorn guy will never share that deep emotional connection with you that some couples enjoy, because so much of his time, energy, and effort is being poured into whatever project he is working on.

10 Gemini: Couldn't Be More Afraid Of Settling Down

Gemini guys get a bad reputation in the dating world, and if you’ve ever fallen for one, it’s easy to see why! Once we explain the issues with dating Gemini guys, you’ll understand exactly why this sign is represented by the symbol of the twins. To make a long story short, Gemini guys have a hard time settling down. They tend to be huge players, especially when they’re young. They’re the ones who are all over Tinder, have a different girl over every weekend, and seem absolutely incapable of holding down a serious relationship. But every once in a while, a girl comes along who thinks she can change him—consider this your warning against being that girl! Gemini guys don’t have a lot of love to give to one woman. They’re far too busy chasing after any girl who will give them the time of day. Just stay away!


9 Libra: He'll Take His Time, But He'll Eventually Get There


Libra guys do make great boyfriends, but you could be waiting a long time before he actually wants to take on that label. While Virgo guys move slowly because they’re being cautious, Libra guys are simply very slow to fall in love. They’re not the type of guys to notice you in the street and think, “Wow, I HAVE to talk to her.” Nope! They’re the type of guy who sits next to you in a lecture, asks you to study at the end of the semester, and then decides over winter break that hey, maybe you ARE kind of cute...might as well send a text and try to reconnect back on campus. Libra guys can be very sweet and loving, but honestly, you have got to be super patient if you want to make it work with one of them. But if you can bide your time, it’s worth it!

8 Aquarius: He's Charming on the Outside, But A Devil On The Inside

An Aquarius guy has probably caught your eye at some point in your life. Even if you never ended up dating him, he definitely gave you butterflies. We can’t blame you—they often come across as unique and confident compared to other guys. They have their style, they’re passionate about their hobbies, they’re not into petty drama or gossip—what’s not to like, right? We know that Aquarius guys can be super appealing, but there are a few things that you should be aware of. Their confidence can quickly turn into arrogance, and they often like to walk alone. Honestly, they aren’t really cut out for relationships. You could easily fall for a guy like this and end up feeling super disappointed after building up the romance in your head. Aquarius guys can be the type to drop you with little warning, so guard your heart when it comes to this sign!

7 Cancer: He'll Love You Forever and Always


Girl, if you manage to snag yourself a Cancer guy, consider yourself set for life. Cancer guys are known for being the sweetest guys out there, and if you really click with a Cancer guy, get ready, because you may have just met the love of your life! Cancer guys are the ones who will send you a “good morning” text every morning and a “good night” text every night. And if you happen to say “I love you” a little too early, he won’t freak out—he’ll still be super chill and let you know that he’ll say it when he’s ready. Best of all, a Cancer guy would break up with you out of nowhere. They are great at communicating, and they will never leave you in the dark about how they’re feeling. If you find a Cancer guy, hold on tight and do not let go of him!

6 Scorpio: He's All Over The Map, Doesn't Know What He Wants

If you’ve ever dated a Scorpio, you know exactly how difficult it can be. But you also know why it’s so hard to step away. Scorpio guys are often known as the most outwardly emotional signs of the zodiac (along with Scorpio girls)! They are the exact opposite of Taurus guys! This may seem like a dream come true at first, because Scorpio guys do have a lot of love to give. But handling their mood swings can really take a toll on your own emotional state, and therefore, dating a Scorpio guy is no picnic. Yes, these guys have the ability to love you like you’ve never been loved before, but at the same time, they can make you want to tear your hair out. Honestly, any relationship with a Scorpio has the potential to turn into a rollercoaster romance, so you better learn how to hang on tight.

5 Pisces: You'll Feel As Though You Fell In Love With A Prince


Pisces guys are super sweet, and they are true romantics at heart. These guys are not players at all—they could not be further from typical Gemini dude behavior! This often comes as a relief for girls who have been treated badly in the past. Dating a Pisces guy after a rough relationship with another sign can feel like a breath of fresh air. These guys are so loving, and they are always in the mindset of a long term relationship. They’re really not into quick flings or casual “friends with benefits” situations. So if he senses that you’re girlfriend material, he’s going to give you all he’s got. It can actually be tough to get used to this kind of treatment, because we’re often not used to being spoiled like this. But don’t let it freak you out—Pisces guys make some of the best boyfriends in the whole zodiac!

Alternate Signs

4 Fire signs

Dating a fire sign guy can seem like a crazy adventure. These guys definitely make for the best short term flings, but you’ll have so much fun with them that you’ll want to turn it into a long term relationship. Unfortunately, many fire signs aren’t really into that—at least, not when they’re still in high school or college. These signs can take a long time to grow up and feel emotionally ready for a real relationship. But when they are content with settling down, they can be some of the most loving boyfriends in the entire zodiac. There’s a reason that fire signs are represented by the element of fire—they are passionate, romantic, and go for what they want. If a guy born under a fire sign truly cares about you, you will feel his love and support every step of the way for as long as you’re together—with some exceptions!

3 Air signs


Guys born under air signs can come across as mysterious and intriguing. Even if they are extroverted and outgoing, you can always sense that they have another side that not everyone gets to see—and something about that is super attractive. It’s easy to fall for these guys. You want to be the one who sees underneath the mask they show the world and connect with them on a deeper level. This might be possible with some air signs, but with others...well, good luck. Air signs can vary greatly in terms of their personalities, so it can be tough to generalize exactly how they’ll treat you in a relationship. Gemini guys, Libra guys, and Aquarius guys all have a different approach to romance, but don’t worry, we’re obviously going to break it all down for you. Here’s exactly what it’s like to be in a relationship with each air sign.

2 Earth signs

From an outsider’s perspective, a relationship with an earth sign might seem easy and comfortable. After all, these guys rarely get involved in drama, they definitely are not the type to cheat, and they all have great manners. Earth signs are the kind of guy you’d bring home to your parents if you really want to impress them! But the truth is that while earth signs might seem like great partners, many of them are emotionally stunted. These guys really take pride in being stoic, reasonable, and level-headed. There’s nothing wrong with that—in fact, those are all good qualities that you SHOULD look for in a man—but they’re not very romantic, and you may end up feeling like you get put on the backburner compared to other priorities in their lives. If you want to date an earth sign, you better be independent, because he won’t be showering you with attention.

1 Water signs


Water signs are some of the most romantic signs in the zodiac. And if you have ever dated one, you know exactly what we’re talking about! These guys are very in touch with their emotions, which can be a rare quality in many men (looking at you, earth signs)! In our society, men are often encouraged to hide their emotional side, to hold back from crying when they’re upset, and to express themselves with anger rather than being honest when they’re sad. And for us women who are encouraged to share our emotions, this can be upsetting—we want a guy who knows how to be raw and vulnerable, right? We don’t want an emotionally stunted guy. Water signs are the perfect guys for the job, and because they’re not afraid to be mushy and sensitive, they can be some of the most romantic and loving signs in the zodiac.


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