How Many People Each Zodiac Sign Should Kiss Before Settling Down

When you were younger, there was probably a vision you had in your head about many things, like the person you would marry, the beautiful dress you would wear during your wedding day, what your future house would look like, how many kids you would have, and more. But we all know that before we get to that special happy ending, we have to kiss a lot of frogs before we find the prince or princess that gives us the perfect wedding day, incredible vows that make us cry, and a life to truly look back on and smile at with fond memories.

We will surely all have different paths before we get to that, though. Some of us will see and kiss thousands of frogs before we get to meet our forever person. Others will simply just kiss a couple of people before finding the one they are truly meant for. Below we review each zodiac sign and how many people they should kiss before settling down with that person. Wherever you are on your love journey, read on to find out how close you are to finding that special someone. We promise-- it will happen and it will be pretty great!

16 Water Signs (Pisces, Scorpio, Cancer): Wide Range Of Kisses


The water signs, although they are similar in many ways, have a wide range of answers when it comes to their number of kisses before they settle down with that special someone. As water signs, Cancer girls, Scorpio women, and Pisces chicks are very emotional, sensitive in every sense, idealistic, and romantic. They are compassionate, almost to a fault, and they get hurt a lot because of it. When it comes to relationships, the water signs love to be in love, love to shower their significant others with kisses and love planning their futures, too. Their idealism can be a problem, as water signs fall in love with virtually everyone they date and get attached quite easily. Read on to see what the water signs' special numbers are forgiving and getting those kisses.

15 Pisces: Six People


Pisces girls are always looking to be with that special someone that they can be loyal to and, in return, someone that can be loyal to them. They won't waste their time being casual with someone. If they do, you know it isn't genuine because a Pisces just wants to find that special someone they can laugh with and shower with love. They are idealistic and dream up the perfect person, flawless proposal, and great life in their head in a rather eccentric and fantastical way. But that is why Pisces only need to kiss a few people, six to be exact, before they find that person they are meant to be with. When they do, it will feel as if they have known them all of their lives.

14 Scorpio: Fifteen People

Scorpio girls are similar to those sensitive Pisces girls in the sense that they are very compassionate and idealistic. They just want to be in love and happy. They just want to show someone that they are special. In return, they want to be reassured and loved as well, so there is a little insecurity that comes with that. That is why it takes a Scorpio a little longer to find that someone. They will kiss about fifteen people before they finally settle down. They can be insecure, possessive, and jealous, so it will take them a lot longer to find that person. What can we say? Scorpios have trust issues, as do all our water signs. Scorpios just have it a little worse than the rest of them.

13 Cancer: A Few Dozen, At Least


Cancers are the most insecure out of all of our water signs, so as you can guess this will definitely affect how long it takes them to find that special someone. Don't get us wrong-- a Cancer girl is fierce, adventurous, and a lot of fun in any social scene. She is also intelligent and easygoing when she wants to be. But, it will take her a few dozen kisses-- at least-- with the wrong people before she gets it right with the right one. That is just because she is insecure and needs constant around the clock reassurance. She will have way too high of expectations, too, so often she is let down and will just move on to the next person instead of working through it with someone. Don't worry, Cancer, you'll figure it out eventually.

12 Fire Signs (Leo, Aries, Sagittarius): Kisses Galore


The fire signs can't get enough attention, in their own unique and individual ways, of course. However, they all like the attention regardless. When it comes to relationships, fire signs have a hard time controlling their sporadic and up-and-down emotions. They often go off the deep end, show their true colors too soon, or stubbornly refuse to let their guard down to let someone fully in. The fire signs-- independent Aries, natural leader Leo, and adventurous Sagittarius-- will kiss many people before they finally settle down. This is two-fold: as stated, they like the attention and they also are extremely bold and will butt heads with virtually all of their suitors. Only the strongest of people will withstand the fire signs... read below to find out more!

11 Leo: A Handful, Maybe Two Handfuls

Leo women are interesting when it comes to relationships. Socially, they are rock stars. They are natural born leaders and can lead a group of friends around the city like it is no big deal. They are smart and catch on quickly, so they know all the hot spots, the best drinks, and they are great at making conversation. In a relationship, this great ability to socially interact and naturally communicate somehow does not translate, however. A Leo girl will kiss a lot of frogs before truly finding their special significant other because they have a hard time letting their guard down and letting go of control. They will kiss about a handful of people, possibly two handfuls, before settling down and learning to control their emotion, while finding that special someone that will deal with the fact that sometimes they just can't control that emotion.

10 Aries: Just A Few Because You May Settle

An Aries girl, although fiery and fierce and independent, is also really darn stubborn! In every sense of the word, Aries cannot let go of their stubborn ways. Professionally, they will have a hard time getting promotions or moving far. Socially, they will connect with people because they are bold and can make conversation quite well, but they will also stubbornly ruin friendships they don't need to ruin-- if only they put in a little effort! In a relationship, Aries girls will probably only kiss a few frogs before settling down, mostly because they will actually settle instead of fight for someone they deserve. They want everyone to think they are self-sufficient and don't need anyone but themselves... so fighting for someone special isn't something they will do. Like we said-- stubborn!

9 Sagittarius: Dozens Because Of Adventure

That adventurous, carefree and kind Sagittarius girl is the one that will kiss plenty and plenty of frogs before settling down. Naturally, this is because of her thirst for adventure, her incredible ability to socialize easily, and also her carelessness. Yep, it's true! Sagittarius girls are pretty careless because they get bored easily, so they tend to hop from frog to frog until they find that special someone. That is why a Sagittarius woman will kiss dozens of frogs before settling down because of that adventurous and restless spirit inside of her. So, if you're in the middle of this now, don't fret Sag! You'll find that special person after you sow your wild oats and you'll be that much more ready because of it!

8 Earth Signs (Capricorn, Taurus, Virgo): Grounded Kisses


Earth signs are what you would think that they are... incredibly grounded like the strong and timeless roots of a tree, also very strong and prominent like the trunk, and helpful like the branches (you're welcome squirrels, birds, bears, and the like)! The people versions of the earth are just as grounded, strong, and helpful, too. They give great advice. They are loyal friends that always listen. They can have strong opinions, though, which can clash with their significant others at times. Either way, the earth signs-- practical Capricorn women, intelligent Taurus girls, and cautious Virgo gals--always connect with those that they attract to in a big way (just like the trees). Read below to see that they don't really need a lot of kisses with frogs before settling down with their special someone!

7 Capricorn: A Handful

Capricorn women only need a handful of kisses before settling down. This is because they are really practical and sensible. They can rationalize why someone is great for them and can build on a basic foundation of friendship or acquaintance before really falling hard. Their emotion will not get the best of them, like many other signs, because they are down to earth. They will love giving love, but it will not be the forefront of their world. They are also patient and slow moving, so they don't need to hop from guy to guy just to find one to be with. Their independence will be their strength. That's why a handful of kisses is all she needs before finding that special someone. Timing is everything. Timing is key!

6 Taurus: A Few People

A Taurus girl is similar to that of a Capricorn girl-- she is patient, grounded, and very practical. Her emotions can get the best of her at times, but for the most part, she will make rational decisions in any part of her life. When it comes to friendship, the Taurus girl will connect with people she has things in common with and those will be the people she is loyal to no matter what. When it comes to relationships, a Taurus girl connects to every man that gives her attention. She is smart and mature, so he will attract to her easily. She will love the attention and the reassurance he gives her. That is why a Taurus girl only needs a few kisses before settling down and creating a great life with someone special.

5 Virgo: Dedication To Just One


Virgo girls are the most grounded of all the earth signs, arguably. The Virgo girls are practical, very sensible, cautious, and patient. They will never make a decision or a fast move without rationalizing it first. They consider their emotions, but they'll never decide solely based on how they feel. They are also incredibly loyal-- and this is the key personality trait that makes them connect to the first person that they fell in love with. That is right-- a Virgo girl just needs to kiss one person to settle down. Their dedication and loyalty is unlike any other, with an Aquarius girl not following far behind. Her calm grounded-ness in her decisions will carry her through the love and happiness she has with her special someone.

4 Air Signs (Gemini, Aquarius, Libra): Several People To Kiss

The fantastical and free-spirited air signs will need lots of kisses before settling down with a significant other that they feel are right for them. Air signs are the 'idea' people... they give great advice, different perspective, and love to socialize, when they are in the mood, that is. They are also intelligent, very friendly to everyone around them-- strangers, family, and best friends alike-- and very willful in the things they think and how they feel. In a relationship, air signs are very connected with their lovers, give free and new ideas, and offer logic and sensibility where there may be irrationality or too much emotion. Read below to see what the air signs will do-- or kiss-- before settling down with a special someone.

3 Gemini: Four To Eight, At Best


The intelligent and social Gemini women are very charismatic. These types of things come very easily to them. They can go out with their friends and focus on girl talk or go out with one friend who is determined to find a man and be the best wingman they can be. They are balanced and therefore they are easygoing, too. They don't need to have control of every situation or everything in their lives. When it comes to finding a special someone, the Gemini girl just needs to have about two to four serious relationships, with a few casual hookups thrown in, before they can really settle down. They can be their charismatic and independent self with or without someone special, but they prefer to have someone next to them to do life with.

2 Aquarius: You're Loyal, So Maybe Just A Few Until You Find That Special Someone


That loyalty you have Aquarius is what makes you special-- and it is what will make that special someone fall hopelessly and madly in love with you.

Aquarius girls are kind and loyal, yet indecisive. They are willful and persuasive yet have a hard time being reliable for their friends. Ironically, they are a great support system when they can be counted on, however. In a relationship, the Aquarius girl will be supportive, loyal, and incredibly fun, if she is in the mood. She can be incredibly reserved, however, which can put a damper on any relationship. That is why it will take a few hiccups before you find that special someone, but it won't take you long thanks to your loyalty to that person you really love.

1 Libra: Less Than Ten, For Sure

Libra women are peaceful, easygoing, and very friendly. They love to be social and connect with different people. Talking to others and making memories with others are both things that are very important to them. They attract others easily because of this, as well as because of their clever wit and incredible intelligence. That is why it will take a Libra girl only a handful of people to kiss, date, and break up with (maybe a little more-- give or take) before they really settle down and make a life with someone. They want love and the social aspects that come with it, so it won't take them very long! However, their sarcasm and tendency to defend themselves in a not-so-nice way will have them make a few mistakes before they find that person.

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