How Likely You Are To Change In A Relationship Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Change is not for everyone, but everyone must go through change.

We all know those friends who post up with a partner and completely change. You might be that friend, actually. It’s the friend who doesn’t just change once or twice, but in every relationship she gets in, she becomes a new person. Her style changes. Her interests change. Even the way she walks, talks, and acts changes, too. She’s not a fake friend or even untrue to herself, she might be a mutable sign or taking advantage of all of life’s experiences and experiments. There’s nothing wrong with change. Well, unless your adverse to it, allergic to it, or simple don’t know how to manage it. Change is not for everyone, but everyone must go through change. It’s a fact of life. It’s just the way things are. So before you go judging your bff again for altering herself for yet another fb, be sure you understand where she’s coming from. It wouldn’t hurt you to look in the mirror, too, and see where you stand on the issue of change.

15 Aries –Too Headstrong For That

Before things get too serious, you’ve already let your partner who you are and what you’re about. And you probably did it on the first date or within the first few weeks. Isn’t that right, Aries? You are not about to get boo-ed up and then have to change your identity. Not for no one and not for any sort of love that doesn’t involve self-love. You put yourself first before anything and anyone, so the chances of you changing for boo or bae isn’t likely. The love you have for yourself is miraculous and others would be so lucky to have a devotion to self like you have for yourself. All other signs should bow down to a spirit that is 100% about being genuine af.

14 Taurus –Stubborn To The Bone

You’re easy to win over, Taurus, like putty in the hand of someone who can make a mean breakfast and then give you the foot massage of your life. Give you some good food and some pampering and you're sold. You will sell your own soul up the river for a partner who worships you. However, that does not mean you’ll give into their every whim even if they are willing to give into yours. Your identity is fixed and you are a heavy sign, stuck to earth like a root takes to the soil. There’s no budging you from yourself. In all honesty, no other sign can be so soft yet firm. If someone does try to change you, you’ll make your way to the door silently and without any remorse.

13 Gemini –Flexible Enough To Get Twisted

Gemini, you are first sign who’s not only willing to change for their partner, but open to it. This means so many things to you, too. First, you are likely to become more like your partner as a form of flattery and demonstration of adoration. Second, you are flexible literally and figuratively meaning that you’re down for whatever and you are loads of fun, too. Finally, you are so likely to change that you can get lost in a new identity. By the time you realize you are so twisted up in another identity, you’ll have lost parts of yourself that once felt so sacred. But have no fear, as quickly as you change, you’ll quickly realize what’s happened and quickly disappear to reconfigure yourself again.

12 Cancer –On A Daily Basis

No other sign can change as much as a Cancer can. You are willing to make alterations for your partner although you would never admit to it, even when the changes are so obvious. This happens as a result of deep emotional and spiritual connections. Typically you get bound by psychic material, too. If you change for someone, it will be a symbol of your undying love. It will be you in a vulnerable position offering yourself completely. It will be based on a gut feeling. But you don’t just change for love, Cancer. You change on a daily basis because no other sign is as moody as you. It’s gotta be tough to be so full of energy that’s equally capricious as it is powerful. And it can’t be easy being blinded by your own moods because you feel others ups and downs, too. The life of an empath is yours all day.

11 Leo –To Augment Creative Energies

You portray someone who is all ego and you lead the world to believe you’re the ultimate figure self-centeredness. But in reality, Leo, you’re up for a little change if it builds on creative endeavors. When you look for someone, you’re really looking for a loyal partner and one who can increase your creative powers. If you sense that things are going nowhere in that department, you walk away to find another tribe. But it won’t be easy for you to leave. You’ll experiment with change if there’s even the slightest visible or tangible spark. Change isn’t for you, necessarily, but you’ll give it a go if both you and your partner can benefit in creative ways. It will hurt you to walk away and you’d much rather stay and work it out, but when the creative embers have died out, there’s not much else you can do.

10 Virgo –On That Mercury

Mutable to the hundredth degree, Virgo, you are the most likely to change, then change again and change back, then change again. For you, it’s a cycle. It’s not necessarily about taking on a new identity, although it could be. For you, it’s about experimenting with self and improving. No one knows how to work the energies of Mercury the way you do. Not even Gemini, your partner under the rule of Mercury. Being on those Mercury energies gives you the ability to change quickly, but you still maintain grounded being an earth sign. You fly high, yet with your feet on the ground. Change for you will likely not have anything to do with your partner at all. Your mission is to try all the experiences life has to offer, then decide who you want to be in the end. A work in progress until death do you part.

9 Libra –Half And Half

Here’s the thing about you, Libra. You want to change sometimes, but you’re not sure if you should. You’ve weighed the pros and cons and you’ve really studied the situation at length, yet at the end of the day, you’re still torn. Leave it to you to be indecisive and have no clue which way to go. The problem is you’re always on a mission to balance things. So if you change it will be at the mercy of balancing everything in sight. You can’t just change one thing and expect the rest of fall in place. Being in control of your change is very organic to you. You could very well do it for love, but it could be about self, too. In love, like most things, you are forever at a crossroads wondering which route is best while keeping the scales nearby because that’s how you roll.

8 Scorpio –Only If It Will Change Others

Don’t act all surprised, Scorpio. You know you will only change if others change, too. Being vulnerable is never where you want to be, but ultimately it’s where you always end up. You’re ability to change isn’t likely. There’s a great deal of pride you’ve put into your identity and to change it out of the blue would not be like you. Staying true to yourself is key. So if you decide to change it will have a measured outcome that goes in your favor. Using change as a form of manipulation is not beyond you. As a matter of fact, it might have been who you created that tactic. Changing yourself will take a lot from you, but if you see benefits at the end of the road, you’re totally down for those uncomfortable feelings knowing they’re only temporary.

7 Sagittarius –Change As In Location

You are not the one, Sagittarius. Too tough and too smart to fall for most games, you won’t be caught up in changing yourself, at least not for the long haul. In a relationship you are loyal and you appreciate adventure, you even accept your partner wholly, flaws and all. And you want to believe that your partner has your best interest at heart, but sometimes you end up getting burned. Even when you had the very best of intentions. Whatever the case is, you won’t budge. You won’t hear no sob story and you won’t flinch over a face full of tears. Here is where you’ll change at the drop of a hat and it will look like you moving to a new place, far, far away from your ex. You might not change for your partner, but if you’re partner does the old change on you, ghosting will be soon to follow.

6 Capricorn –To Secure Ties

It will not come second nature to you to change, Capricorn. As a matter of fact, you get set in your ways quite easily. You like habits and schedules and orderly things. Change for you is tough. But you’re up for it if it means saving your relationship or saving yourself. The change must have a purpose and a damn good one for you to even consider it. If you cannot see any other way to win the heart of your lover, then you will change. At first, you will despise it. Yet in time, you’ll see how the change can positively affect you both. Change to save yourself is also an option as you have a tendency for destructive behaviors. Again, it will be a road full of anguish, but should you be of right mind, body, and spirit, you’ll see the benefits outweigh the challenge itself.

5 Aquarius –Sure, Why Not

When looking at life and all its many changes, you will feel quite at home with the idea of changing yourself because what is life, after all, if not a series of changes. Aquarius, you are shaking your head right now because you welcome change as a fact of life. For you, change is inevitable. All it takes is for us to study nature and the skies to know change is an integral part of us all. You accept change and even feel a bit indifferent about it. It’s neither good nor bad. Worth or not worth the effort. It just is. You will consider changing for a partner because you feel like you’ve already changed a few times over since first getting to know them anyways. So sure, why not, bring on changes.

4 Pisces –Several Times Over

You are the zenith of all signs and yet you are beyond signs. It’s paradoxical, but that’s what you’re all about anyways, right, Pisces. Change is not only necessary but vital. It’s also like the air you breath, the waters in which you swim and sleep and eventually drink. You are transforming even before our very eyes. And it will feel like this to your partner. You will change as often as there are hours in the day, but instead of being emotional like other water signs, you’re stoic about it. When you change for a partner you do it out of love, but not any earthly love we are accustomed to. It’s about a universal change that must happen with all of us, time and time again.

3 Cardinal Signs –Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn

Starting each season off are the cardinal signs. Aries activates spring, Cancer starts summer, Libra begins fall and Capricorn brings the first signs of winter. These are leaders and the people who add the spark to the world. They are the idea people. Being the first to do something is their motto. They like to start something, but might not follow through. Their energies and intentions are high, super high, actually, but they sputter out, often times, before they reach the end. Count on cardinal signs to initiate ideas into action, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they adapt well to change.

2 Fixed Signs –Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius

Fixed signs are the stable signs, the signs that transition us from cardinal to mutable. They are the follow through when the cardinal sign loses momentum. Essentially, they are the middle people passing along the torch. With the cardinal spark, they can make a lot happen. They run off the energies already put into motion. So they don’t change anything, rather, they just keep things sturdy and balanced and moving forward, forever forward. Or at the very least, they hold ideas steady. Fixed signs like consistency and habits. They can be trusted to get the job done. Fixed signs are reliable and for that reason alone are not prone to change too much. Although that does not mean they won’t change. Should shifting need to take place, they will manifest through the change, period.

1 Mutable Signs –Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces

Finishing each season and reading us for the next one are the mutable signs. They are always aware of the change, they see it coming, they anticipate and welcome it, and they ready the rest of the world for the upcoming changes, too. Each season has a lesson to teach us and mutable signs transmit that knowledge. In knowing that all things must end because a new beginning is right around the corner, mutable signs prepare us for the fact that everything is temporary. Mutable signs adapt and grow. They are the chameleons of the zodiac and fit easily into numerous groups and situations. More comfortable with change, they set up the scene to assist those who are averse to change. Their role is to be flexible, so flexible they be.

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How Likely You Are To Change In A Relationship Based On Your Zodiac Sign