How Likely You BOTH Are To Cheat, Based On Astrology

We all like to think that we would never cheat. But sadly, many of us will slip up at some point and end up doing something we shouldn’t. It’s true that not everyone cheats, plenty of us will always be loyal to whoever we’re dating. However, there are also lots of people who go into a relationship thinking that they can be faithful, and a few months later, they’re leaning in to kiss someone else. There are lots of things that can lead people to cheating, they may not be ready for a real relationship, they may actually not be cut out for monogamy, or they may be unhappy in their relationship. But what if our zodiac sign could also have something to do with it? The truth is that certain signs are just more likely to cheat than others. Here’s how likely you are to cheat, based on your zodiac sign.


24 An Adventurous Aries Girl Is More Likely To Cheat

Okay, Aries, time to face the hard truth: you’re definitely more likely to cheat than some other signs. Don’t take offense to it, just take an honest look at yourself instead. The fact is that you love adventure. And to you, a relationship is another kind of adventure. Unless you’re absolutely sure that someone is “the one,” you’re probably going to be tempted to cheat at some point, and there’s a good chance that you’ll act on it, too. You get bored easily. Aries, in order to avoid cheating, don’t waste your time dating anyone that doesn’t meet your high standards. If you find yourself feeling like the relationship is getting stale, either give it your best effort or get out. Otherwise, you’ll just end up back on Tinder, hoping to meet some random hook up that will distract you from your dissatisfaction with your relationship for a night or two.

23 An Aries Guy Is Easy To Love But Tough To Date


Aries guys aren’t so different from Aries girls when it comes to cheating. Unfortunately, this sign can be difficult to deal with for people who are looking for serious, long term relationships, especially when they’re young. Aries guys tend to think highly of themselves, and it’s not without a good reason. They’re generally quite charismatic and good-looking! High self esteem is one thing, but being too confident is another, and Aries guys can easily move into that territory. Because of this, they’re fairly likely to cheat. They get a lot of attention from women, and it’s tough for them to turn away from it even when they have a great girl standing right in front of them who is totally loyal. It’s a shame, because Aries guys are easy to love, but tough to date. Stay away from Aries guys until you’re at least out of college, because they will only break your heart!

22 A Taurus Girl Thinks Cheating Is More Trouble Than It's Worth

Taurus, you’re generally a pretty loyal sign. As an earth sign, you put a lot of stock in being grounded and keeping a strong sense of stability in your life. Therefore, when you get into a relationship, you put a lot of effort into making it work. To you, cheating isn’t fun or exciting it just seems like more trouble than it’s worth. After all, if you were to cheat, you would have to deal with the added pressure of keeping a secret from your significant other, and you know that there is no way you would be able to handle that. If you were unhappy in your relationship for some reason, you wouldn’t seek out physical affection from anyone else. You would just do the sensible thing and break up with the person if it was no longer working. Congratulations, Taurus, you definitely have a good head on your shoulders.

21 A Taurus Guy Will Change Your Mind About Men


If you’re the type of girl who has been cheated on a lot in the past, set your sights on a Taurus guy, because he will show you that not all guys are the same. Even when Taurus guys are young, there is something different about them. Simply put, they prioritize stability. A Taurus guy will have his best friend from high school as his best friend at his wedding. He wants a white picket fence, a couple happy kids, and a golden retriever. He’s traditional, but that doesn’t mean he wants a woman who will bend over backwards for him. Simply put, he’s looking for something real and solid. He’s not the type of guy to go for flings. Taurus guys are very unlikely to cheat. They do have trouble ending unhappy relationships, but at the end of the day, Taurus guys can make some of the best boyfriends.

20 Gemini Girl's Many Personalities Make It Hard To Stay Loyal

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Alright, Gemini, you probably already know what we’re about to say: you’re pretty likely to cheat. You know that you can be flakey and indecisive, so hearing this does not come as a shock to you. The reason that it’s difficult for you to be satisfied with just one person is because you have so many different sides to your personality that it’s tough to find that one guy who will “be your everything.” Gemini, in order to avoid cheating, you need to realize that this is an unrealistic expectation. You need a good group of friends who you can turn to for different reasons, and you need to understand that there is no way you will find one single guy who shares all of your wildly varied interests. If you avoid putting all your eggs into one basket, you will have a happy relationship and friendships to balance it out.

19 A Gemini Guy Can't Figure It Out


Gemini guys and Gemini girls are very similar when it comes to relationships. Unless you’re in the mood for a fling, do not go anywhere near a Gemini guy. He’ll have you planning for the wedding one day and crying on your bedroom floor the next. Gemini guys behave similarly to Aries guys, but for different reasons. While Aries guys know that they can get with a lot of women, so they’re going to take the opportunity, Gemini guys just have no idea what they want. Maybe on Monday he feels like he really wants to settle down, and he asks you to be his girlfriend. But Thursday night rolls around and suddenly, you check his Snapchat story and he’s at some party with girls hanging off him. Dating a Gemini guy is a rollercoaster of emotions because his feelings towards you could change at any moment, which leads to cheating.

18 A Cancer Girl Is Forever Loyal, But Her Partner Isn't

Cancer, there is no way that you would ever cheat, but you are definitely at a higher risk of being cheated on! Does that seem unfair? You’re right, it totally is. The fact of the matter is, you are so caring, compassionate, and kind that you cannot imagine ever cheating on someone else. It is just completely out of the question for you. If you were no longer happy with your relationship, you would rather go through the difficult and painful process of breaking up with the person than actually cheat on them. But because you are so loving, it is easy for others to take advantage of you. Make sure you are giving all that love and trust to the right person, not someone who will only stick around for a little while and then run off with someone else. Spread the love, but make sure to guard your heart!


17 A Cancer Guy Will Be In The Middle Of It


Here’s the thing about Cancer guys: you might think that since they come across as so sweet and caring at first, they’ll also be loyal. However, that is not always the case. A Cancer guy is probably the most likely to get caught in the middle of a love triangle. He’s the type of guy who can truly convince himself that yes, he really does love two girls at once, and therefore, cheating isn’t so bad, he can’t help how he feels, right? Well, no, he can’t help how he feels, but he can help how he handles it. The truth is that Cancer guys can have a tough time settling down because they can easily fool themselves into thinking that any girl who walks past them on the street could be The One. A Cancer guy can make a great friend with benefits, but they’re hit or miss in relationships.

16 It's A Gamble With A Leo Girl

Leo, relationships with you can be precarious. This is because you can approach relationships in one of two ways. You may meet someone who you genuinely adore and who can match you in boldness and confidence, and in that scenario, you will never cheat, but because you may put them on a pedestal, you’ll have an increased risk of being cheated on. But you might also meet someone who intrigues you but isn’t up to your high standards yet. You may feel like you’re doing them a favor by dating them because you view yourself as “above” them. This is a very toxic mindset, and when you feel this way, you’re a lot more likely to cheat because you’re not actually dating this person out of love. Leo, don’t date someone because you view them as a “project.” Otherwise, you will never feel like you have to be truly faithful to them.

15 A Leo Guy Puts Too Much Effort To Cheat


You might be surprised to hear that Leo guys are actually not as likely to cheat as some of the other signs. Why? Well, a Leo guy thinks highly of himself. Sometimes that may be undeserved, but either way, that’s his mindset. Therefore, when it comes to relationships, he will often shoot for women who are a bit out of his league. However, he can be quite charming, so sometimes, his efforts are successful, and he gets the girl. When a Leo guy puts a ton of time and effort into something, he does not let it go easily. So if he manages to win over a woman who he really adores, and who he didn’t always expect to be with, he’s going to work hard to keep her. Leo guys can definitely be a handful in many other ways, but the bottom line is, they are actually quite faithful.

14 It's Pretty Rare For A Virgo Girl

Virgo, you’re not really the cheating type. In fact, cheating in general is pretty rare for earth signs. You basically view cheating as something that will not only ruin your current relationship, but future relationships as well. To you, avoiding cheating is not just a way of keeping your current relationship happy, it’s also an act of self-preservation. You feel that if you were to give in to that urge even once, it would be easier for you to do it again in the future, so you simply choose not to. Just like the other earth signs on this list, if you are uncomfortable or unhappy in a relationship, the idea of cheating generally does not even cross your mind as a viable solution. You will know when it is time to walk away and move on to better things, and you would rather just break up than cheat.

13 A Virgo Guy Is Faithful To The End


Virgo guys are faithful to the end. Virgo being one of the most practical signs in the zodiac, these guys really value relationships and absolutely hate unnecessary conflict. If a Virgo guy is unhappy in his relationship, the last thing on his mind is cheating. First, he will do pretty much everything in his power in order to work things out. And if the relationship is truly broken for good, he will do the right thing and simply let you know how he feels. He won’t cheat, he won’t lie, he won’t freak out and yell at you, he’ll simply tell you it’s over and that he hopes you can still be friends. Yup, being with a Virgo guy is really that simple. No lies, no games, and no nonsense. It’s like a breath of fresh air compared to being with almost any other sign! Virgo guys are one in a million.

12 A Libra Girl's Pedestal Is Her Downfall

Okay, Libra, you might be surprised at this, but you might actually be more likely to cheat than you expect. When you meet someone, you may put them on a pedestal immediately if you feel attracted to them right off the bat. And then if you start dating, you will quickly realize how many expectations you had already put on them. So once they start stepping down off that pedestal you put them on, well, you might turn to someone else for affection rather than breaking up with them right away. Why wouldn’t you just dump them? Well, Libra, you already know that you don’t like admitting that you’re wrong. So you would rather put up a good front and act like everything is fine than just give in and say it isn’t working. The moral of the story: if you put a guy on a pedestal, he will disappoint you.

11 A Relationship Is A Status Symbol For A Libra Guy


A Libra guy probably won’t cheat on you, but it’s for all the wrong reasons. Libra guys have a tendency to view relationships as a status symbol. It’s a box they need to check off in order to be happy. They like to have their lives in order, and they like to feel successful in the eyes of society even if deep down, they’re unhappy. So when a Libra guy gets into a relationship, he’s always unlikely to be the one to end it if things go south. But he won’t cheat, either. Libra guys don’t like to start drama. They’re generally pretty low-key and don’t like to draw a ton of attention to themselves, so the last thing they want is for all your friends to hear about how they cheated on you. So yes, Libra guys will be faithful, but it might not be because they truly care about you.

10 A Scorpio Girl's Emotions Are Her Downfall

Scorpio, you’re pretty likely to cheat. And you already know why. When your emotions go into overdrive, you will act on them no matter what. Let’s say that you’re in an otherwise happy relationship, and one night, you get into a big fight. You decide to go out for drinks with some friends to blow off steam. You meet a decently cute guy, and when he makes a move on you, you don’t even hesitate to kiss him right back. You let your emotions in that moment make you forget all of the good things about your relationship. This is a dangerous mindset to have, because you can easily end up ruining a happy relationship over one fight or misunderstanding. When you do feel like your emotions are getting out of control, try to spend some time alone instead to work through what you’re feeling instead of rushing into someone’s arms.

9 Every Girl Is Special To A Scorpio Guy


Scorpio guys can have you falling head over heels in minutes, but beware: that emotional rollercoaster will never end if you decide to stay with him. Scorpio guys can make you feel so special because they’re masters at fostering a special connection with people right off the bat. They feel everything on a whole other level, so they know how to bring out your emotional side. But this can easily go wrong, fast. Why? Because they’re like this with EVERY girl. That’s right, they make every girl feel as special as they make you feel. As a result, it’s difficult for Scorpio guys to settle down. It’s tough for them to focus on staying with one woman when they feel connected to so many others. When Scorpio guys are young, relationships are usually mistakes. They need time to learn how to process their emotions and learn the importance of loyalty.

8 A Sagittarius Girl Thrives Off Chaos

Sagittarius, you’re similar to Aries in that you love a good adventure, and like Gemini, you’re not always the most reliable. So how does that affect your relationships? Well, you’re always looking to trade up, and this can have some major consequences. It can also make it very difficult for you to be faithful to someone. Out of all the signs, Sags generally have the toughest time with monogamy because stability is just not in your nature. You tend to thrive off chaos. Sagittarius, our best advice for you? Don’t even bother with long-term relationships while you’re young. You’ll find it boring and unsatisfying. Give yourself time to explore and figure out what you really want until you genuinely feel like settling down for a long period of time. And when you’re truly, truly ready, look for someone you really like. Until then, it’s just not worth it for you.

7 Sagittarius Guy


Sagittarius guys and girls are actually perfect for each other. Why? Doesn’t it seem like they would cheat on each other? Well, sort of. The thing is, Sag guys have the same views on relationships as Sag girls. They basically just want to have fun and not deal with any pressure to commit. A lot of signs say they can handle this, but the truth is that they simply can’t. It’s a lot more difficult to separate the emotional and physical side of things than people think. But Sagittarius guys and girls are masters when it comes to short term hook ups and summer flings. Put a Sag guy with anyone else, she’ll want a relationship, and he’ll just want to cheat. Put a Sag guy and a Sag girl together, and they’ll keep their expectations low and leave things open for each other. But other girls-be careful with them!

6 Capricorn Girl

Capricorn, you may not think of yourself as a potential cheater. But you do know that you can be a total workaholic. The thing is, those two qualities tend to go hand in hand. Let’s say that you get into a relationship and things are genuinely happy between the two of you. But you’re spending so much time at work that you don’t have a lot of time and energy left at the end of the day to devote to your relationship. You may end up looking for affection from other people in order to fill that void. And if you neglect them for long enough, your partner may actually end up doing the same. You need to learn how to achieve a satisfying work-life balance before you can be in a happy relationship. Otherwise, there’s a good chance that both you and your partner will end up cheating on each other.

5 A Capricorn Guy Doesn't Have The Energy For It


Capricorn guys are also workaholics, but they’re less likely to cheat than Capricorn women. While Capricorn girls will cheat to blow off steam after working long hours, Capricorn guys will usually just feel like they don’t even have the energy for that. Honestly, dating a Capricorn guy may seem like a fun whirlwind because he’s likely to be quite successful, and you assume that he’ll put as much effort into your relationship as he does into his job. But that is often not the case, and you are likely to be disappointed. You may often suspect that a Capricorn guy is cheating on you, even when it’s not the case, just because he is staying late at work so often! When he tells you he’s pulling long hours, believe him-he doesn’t even have the time to find a sidechick, so there’s usually nothing to worry about when it comes to Capricorn guys.

4 A Relationship Maters To An Aquarius Girl

Aquarius, you’re actually a pretty faithful sign. You may slip up once in a while and start to get attached to a guy friend while you’re in a relationship, but it’s unlikely that you would ever act on that attachment. This is because you don’t get into a relationship with just anyone. You’re not going to make that commitment to someone that you don’t already really like, so it’s unlikely that you would end up in an unhappy or unsatisfying relationship in the first place. If you want to stay single, you’re just going to stay single. You don’t let anyone pressure you into relationships. You do things on your own terms. You keep doing you, Aries. You’ll never have an issue with cheating if you stick to your guns and save your affection for people who you truly care about avoid boring relationships and people who don’t really love you.

3 A Rare Occassion For An Aquarius Guy, But Watch Out


Aquarius guys usually don’t cheat. When they find a girl they like, they stick with her, because it’s tough for them to find a girl that they really click with. But on the rare occasions that they do cheat, watch out. Aquarius guys are the last to say they’re sorry. They can easily get on the defensive and somehow turn the whole situation around and act like it is your fault. So when it comes to Aquarius guys, keep your head on straight. If you think that something fishy is going on, nip it in the bud right away, because if you let the problem continue, it could spiral out of control. And if it does, there is no saving the relationship, once he cheats on you, he has already decided that it is totally over. If you fall head over heels for an Aquarius guy, make him earn your trust!

2 Pisces Girls Get Carried Away In Romance

Pisces, what you’re about to read may surprise you. Yes, you consider yourself a very loving and romantic sign. Being in a happy, committed relationship sounds like heaven to you, and if you’re not already in one, you can’t wait for the day the right guy comes along. But here’s the problem: since you’re a very imaginative sign, sometimes you get a little carried away when it comes to romance. If you’re already in a relationship and then meet someone else who catches your eye, you may convince yourself that you’re in the middle of some dramatic love triangle, and both men will be fighting over you so you have your choice of guys. Newsflash, real life is not a young adult dystopian novel, and you are not Katniss Everdeen. Focus on creating a beautiful love story with one guy at a time, not getting into a weird love triangle.

1 Pisces Guy's Act Without Thinking


When it comes to cheating, Pisces guys can be the WORST. Just like Pisces girls, they can easily trick themselves into thinking they’re at the center of some grand narrative. If they happen to like two girls, well, what’s the harm in seeing what could happen? Certainly it will all work out okay in the end, right? Absolutely wrong, of course, but Pisces guys don’t seem to realize that. They will often act without thinking when it comes to relationships, and this can land them in some deep trouble. They will go acting out some romantic fantasy, and then when it doesn’t work out as they wished and two girls end up hurt, they’ll feel guilty and promise to change but the truth is, most Pisces guys have a lot of growing up to do! A Pisces guy can be sweet, sensitive, and charming, but watch out he might have a dark side!


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