How Likely You Are To Break Hearts Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Before we start jumping to any conclusions, first let’s remember that while astrology is one of the oldest methods for divination and self-discovery around, there are other factors to consider. Sure, we can talk all day about Sun, Moon, and Rising signs. We can even talk planet placement and all that other mystical material. But what matters most will be your surroundings. Our environments shape us. Yes, this is a nature versus nurture discussion, albeit brief. You will learn your heartbreaking ways from those closest to you. Or in some case, those who were not close to you but who broke your heart from afar. You will learn heartbreaking from friends and family.

Mostly, you’ll learn about it from other lovers and those traumas will determine how down you are for the heartbreak. Some of you have had so much already, you’d rather just walk away, unscathed and wiser because of it, wiser for having avoided yet another heartbreak. For those who want to delve into self, observing your environment is important, but so is the birth chart. So study both and study closely. For one heartbreak too many can break the best of us.


15 Aries –Not On Purpose, Probably Totally By Chance

Starting things is easy for you, Aries. You are the queen of getting the ball rolling on most projects and even the first person to make the move in relationships. But just as quickly as you start things, you’re likely to finish them. It won’t be on purpose, it’s just how you do things. As much passion as there might have been brewing between the two of you, it can quickly and suddenly resort to nothing and leave you feeling the same way. And our the door you’ll go, onto the next chapter in your life. You will not be cold about it, nope not in the least. You’ll be stern and a bit aggressive about wanting to part ways, but you’ll be full of ideas on how the two of you can make it in this world separated and on independent vibes.

14 Taurus –If Trying To Come Up And Find Something New


If there were ever an opportunist of the signs, it’s you, Taurus. You are always about the up and up and really able to seize moments in order to reap the most benefits. While you are a gentle lover who is attentive and even hard-working, you are not beyond being fast to ghost. You will leave your new boo should you see another one who scratches your itch better. Breaking his heart will be about building yours into something sturdy. The mission –to find the best match possible. That might mean breaking a few hearts in the process of you getting yours. Leaving him won’t be such a challenge if you can see eye to eye on why the separation needs to happen. And you will be headstrong when wanting to get your way –nothing but nothing will change your mind.

13 Gemini –Heartbreaker Extraordinaire

Here lies the skilled heartbreaker, the sign that’s both full of physical energy and flirtatiousness which can be a dangerous combination. Gemini, you are a heartbreaker if the world ever saw one. And while you might not always do it on purpose, there are many instances when you totally do. You have a love ‘em and leave ‘em attitude because you don’t go so deep into the relationship. Much of your love is surface and fleeting which is cool with you. Not often will you build super deep ties, but when you do, do you ever. When you love hard in the bedroom, which is your go-to way of expressing yourself, you give the wrong impression to some dudes. They get sprung and when you leave they are left clinching their hearts knowing they’ll never find another lover like you.

12 Cancer –To Protect Yourself, Without A Doubt


Without much thought yet full of emotion, Cancer, you will break a heart in a heartbeat to safe yourself from impending doom. Being one the most intuitive and psychic signs of the zodiac, you are connected to vibes and can see the future as if it were right in front of you. Should you see something shady or shaky, you’ll bounce and not think twice. You are about protecting and not doesn’t just mean loved ones, but rather yourself before anyone else. The heartbreak you’ll put on will feel sudden. It will even feel heartless. When you want to leave, you won’t mince words. The way you approach the break-up is as matter-of-fact as ordering a meal or drink –there will not be any purple prose what-so-ever. And you’ll go on your merry way, free of any pain and ready for some well-deserved alone time.

11 Leo –More Loyal Than Meets The Eye

Even when things might be rough and you should pick up and go, you won’t, Leo. You are loyal to a fault. And you will stick around even if you endure pain on a regular. For you, being with someone takes work and there are plenty of creative options to make things world. You’re not about giving up. This means instead of breaking his heart, you’re more likely to have yours broken. But you don’t dare tell a sole. You’ll safeguard that information as if your life depends on it. You put on a face because the show must go on. Rarely, if ever will you up and leave or want to break up without sufficient cause. If you do break his heart it will be as a result of exhausting all other options.

10 Virgo –In A Way That Will Surprise Everybody


Methodic enough to know how to pull off a heartbreak well, Virgo, you will break a heart as though it needs to be broken. You are not known as a heartbreaker. As a matter of fact, you don’t often get your heartbroken because you already know which type of relationship you are playing with. And yes, Virgo you play a lot with relationships. For you, it’s all about testing waters and self, it’s about experience and self-development. So when you feel the relationship has run its course and you’re ready to move on, well –that’s that. You’ll simply shut down and off, then break a heart like it’s a university course lecture. The heartbreak you have will be full of life lessons and you’re totally fine to be that one who helps someone improve despite heartbreak in the room.

9 Libra –Time And Time Again

When it comes to being a matron saint of relationships, Libra you got the game on lock. Relationships are everything. Like you can’t even navigate this world without having someone by your side. And in many cases two or three. You are in love with love. This means you’re not shy to go chase it despite the feelings of those who are already involved. Should you see another love potential, you won’t hesitate. You’ll just do. Not consulting or having a sit down. And this means you leave people hanging on or aren’t brave enough to leave them. Your heartbreak comes from stringing alone several at once. In the end, it might be you who is hurting if you don’t watch your wild ways. But this isn’t your first and it won’t be your last, you don’t learn so easily because love got you crazy.


8 Scorpio –If Revenge Is On The Plate, Then Yes Please


Heartbreak is a dish best served cold, right, Scorpio. Well, you might even serve it hot if it means the person will burn themselves. You are cruel when it comes to love and it’s not because you’re naturally an evil person. On the contrary, you are sensitive and vulnerable and in order to protect that side of yourself, you’ve got to pull out the stinger. The goal is not to break hearts, but if it must be done, then so be it. Even more so in situations where people have put the hurt on you. If you are wounded even slightly, you’re likely to go for the jugular and break all the hearts in the vicinity. Being vindictive looks good on you, but beware that what goes around comes around and some of that pent up dark energy could be used for creating light.

7 Sagittarius –Love ‘Em And Leave ‘Em

Sometimes you like to break hearts just because you can, Sagittarius. You’re a little unkind in that regard because you disregard the feelings of others for your own self-experiments. Pushing boundaries is your life force. You like to try new things, places, and people. Life for you is but one giant experiment that will lend itself to your ultimate happiness. But not the happiness of those lovers whom you decide to love and leave. Trying to tie down a Sagittarius is like trying to pull in the reigns of Pegasus. It’s just not gonna happen. Before the other person can even evaluate what’s happened, you’re off again, flying onto the next place, looking for the next lover with whom to share experiences and build memories only to repeat it again a few months later after you’ve broken a few hearts.

6 Capricorn –In The Coldest Way Possible


Everyone knows you’re the ice queen, Capricorn. Don’t feel bad about it. Just accept who you are, learn to love yourself, and know that you’re a cold hearted snake when it comes to the heartbreak. You care for people, surely, but you don’t get all deep with it. The love you seek is one of practicality and one that serves a purpose. There are no flowers or moonlight walks with you, nope. Love for you is about setting boundaries and not crossing lines. So it’s very easy for you to pick up and move on because making connections so deep that you might get hurt isn’t your thing. Actually, you’re cold as a way to preserve and protect yourself from heartache. You’d much rather be the one in control, with the power to let go rather than be left out in the cold and shivering. You’ll break a heart over breakfast, finish your plate and whatever is leftover on your partner’s plate, pay the bill, and be on your way.

5 Aquarius –Only If Relationship Follows Conventions

No one wants a relationships free of conventions like you do, Aquarius. You are very particular about the people with whom you surround yourself. Not just anyone can enter your circle. You are selective and take your time. That means should someone try to pull the wool over your eyes, be someone they are not, then reveal themselves later –without a second thought, you’ll be out the door. Being authentic means so much to you and you have zero patience for those who go about this world fronting and faking to death. More than likely, you’ll break a few hearts, too, even before any relationship gets started because you’re off in your own world and not willing to get tied down. Posting up with a boo is not your primary objective, so when you find one who catches your attention, better believe it’s something real.

4 Pisces –To Escape Or To Defend


The mission is sacred and spiritual and not about sex at all, right, Pisces. While sex is fun and all, you’re goal is to transcend such notions. Sure, you are social and have tons of friends and lovers, but to really fall head over heels, to really win your heart –the dude’s gotta have a-game and be on another plane. You want a love that’s complete different than what everyone else has and expects. So should your partner try to trap you or give you another type of love, you’ll ghost so quick that they won’t even know what hit them. And winning you back, yeah right. You have left to defend yourself and escape notions of society. Both mean the world to you. So once you leave, you leave for good, no matter how big the heartbreak is for all involved. Often times the heartbreak you cause is also your own, but you don’t talk about that because you’re too deep in dreams and other realms.

3 Fifth House

It might feel like an unlikely house to focus on, but in matters of the heart, the fifth house, ruled by Leo, is a house that can shed light on the heartbreak issue. In medical astrology, the fifth house is the heart and the spine. Not only does this reveal your physical state, but also your mental state as well. Planets can give some insight about your heartbreak potential. Saturn, the planet of boundaries, could indicate heartbreak. Uranus, the planet of rebelliousness, could also signal some trouble with the heart. Remember a healthy heart means a healthy body, mind, and soul; and a flexible spine speaks of youth and resilience in all matters. Pulling on these heart strings of the fifth house can lead to revelations that weren’t so obvious before.

2 Seventh House


If you know anything about the natal chart, you’ll know that the seventh house governs relationships. Understanding how to read your seventh house can tell you if you’re a heartbreaker or not. Again Saturn here will mean you require plenty of boundaries and could easily creep into heartbreak territory. But also so could the lovely energies of Venus as she is so in love with love and beauty that she’s likely to pick up and leave when the next new pretty thing comes along. Being able to see what’s happening in the seventh house can be help in how you handle or dish out heartbreaks, but it can also reveal how you feel about relationships in general. Should the North Node be here, you’re primary focus in this lifetime will be about connecting with others which could mean you might have to endure if not tolerate some heartbreaks.

1 Ninth House

Maybe not a likely place to look, but if you can understand yourself on a very deep, philosophical level, then you can see where you stand on relationships and heartbreak. The ninth house is ruled by Sagittarius which brings fire and plenty of thought. In studying this house, you’ll be able to see how you feel about life in general. When you analyze your own philosophies on life, then you’ll grow closer to knowing thyself. While primarily a house of travel and even siblings, this house is known for it’s intellectual capacities and need to break things down, tear them apart, see what’s at the base, and then build again should it make sense. Jupiter here means you are likely to expand far out until the point of being unreachable whereas the Moon here will make you sensitive, intuitive, and even nurturing. What is your philosophy on self? Know that, know thyself and then you can know how you truly relate to others.


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