How He'll Distance Himself, Based On His Zodiac Sign

Sometimes, it’s easy to tell that a relationship is on the rocks. Even though neither party is totally able to put their finger on the root cause of the problem when issues first start popping up, there is a sense that things are ending, and there may not be anything that either person can do about it. This isn’t always a bad thing. Not every relationship is meant to last forever. Some people are only together for a short period of time, and after growing up and learning some lessons, they realize that they are not right for each other and go their separate ways. Of course, some breakups are very dramatic and difficult, but most of the time, people are eventually able to look back and realize that saying goodbye was the right decision.

Sometimes when a person is unhappy in a relationship, they won’t just come out and say it. A guy might get his friend to relay the message, or he might just ghost. How can a girl tell how he is going to act? Luckily, the stars might hold a few clues to his behavior. Here is how he will distance himself, based on his astro sign.

20 Fire Signs: He Won’t Be Clear About His Intentions


Men born under fire signs can seem very bold when they first hit it off with a woman—they are confident by nature, and that it easy to see right off the bat. But when it comes time to say goodbye and call it quits on a relationship, suddenly some of that boldness just seems to evaporate.

They are not always brave enough to voice their true feelings out loud, and they might hide behind their friends, careers, or social lives to simply distance themselves without actually just calling it off. It’s not the most straightforward way of handling a breakup.

19 Aries: He Will Flake On Plans


Aries men are known for being quite spontaneous—they don’t like to make plans, and they just sort of bounce from day to day without knowing exactly what they will do next. Of course, at the beginning of a relationship, this seems fun and exciting. But what happens when things go sour? How will he handle it all?

The answer is that he probably will not be able to be direct about it. It’s a shame, but Aries men will typically just start flaking out on plans until the girl they were seeing gets the message—it can be confusing.

18 Leo: He Will Start Hanging Out With A New Girl


Think that Leo men are always confident and forward? Well, think again, because this is far from the truth. Leo guys may seem that way when they first meet a woman they are interested in. But just wait and see how they act when things start going south after a while—suddenly, they won’t be so straightforward anymore, and the woman will be left in the dark wondering what is going on.

If he hasn’t made it “official,” he will probably just start hanging out with another woman without much explanation. The relationship will be over as quickly as it began.

17 Sagittarius: He Will Totally Ghost


Sagittarius men are known for having commitment issues—it is simply no secret that these guys will turn around and run at the drop of a hat. They don’t always see the point in long term relationships. Many of them would rather just have flings than really get to know someone and take those big steps with a girl, like moving in together.

That’s why when a Sagittarius guy wants to distance himself, he really has no problem with just ghosting. He knows it isn’t the nicest thing to do, but unfortunately, that just so happens to be his style.

16 Fire Signs: It Won’t Be An Easy Breakup


Let’s face it—when a fire sign decides to basically drop off the face of the earth without telling a girl why is he doing it or what happened to make his feelings change, it’s going to be a rough ride for everyone involved. There is no getting around that fact.

Dating a fire sign can feel like a fun adventure at first—and in the beginning, it is. But as time goes on, his negative qualities will begin to reveal themselves, and suddenly, that fun adventure starts to feel more like a disaster. Guard those hearts, ladies.

15 Earth Signs: He Will Be Honest


Here’s something to feel relieved about: when an earth sign isn’t feeling a relationship anymore, he isn’t going to beat around the bush.

Nope, these are guys who are not afraid to sit down and simply be honest and open about what’s really going on with them. They won’t leave a girl wondering why they decided to leave, or what made them change their minds. It won’t be easy for them to do—after all, it’s never easy for someone to admit that they have fallen out of love. But honesty is pretty much always the best policy.

14 Taurus: He Will Admit That His Feelings Have Disappeared


A Taurus guy is the type to sit a girl down and just lay his cards out on the table. He is the one who will step up and say, “Look, this isn’t working out anymore.” He won’t be harsh about it, he won’t be mean, and he will be understanding when she is visibly upset.

He is not the kind of guy who will disappear with no notice, or who will stop answering her texts and calls out of the blue. It will be a difficult conversation for sure, but it is certainly better than remaining in the dark without any answers.

13 Virgo: He Will Say “We Need To Talk”


Virgo guys will also be ready for a real conversation about why their feelings have changed and why they are ready to say goodbye, no matter how awkward it may be. It’s not exactly a picnic to have these kinds of talks, but sometimes, it is simply necessary.

Nobody wants to feel like the bad guy and be the one to say, “It’s not working out anymore. It’s time to break up.” The reality is that avoiding this kind of conversation might feel better in the short term, but it will certainly make everything worse in the long term.

12 Capricorn: He Will Start Spending More Time At Work


Capricorn men aren’t super emotional. Unlike some of the other earth signs, they may not be as eager to sit down and have that tough yet necessary conversation. They often try to avoid doing so by spending far too much time at work.

It is a well-known fact that most Capricorn guys are basically workaholics, so they think that their absence will be justified and that they can just write it off as being busy at the office. But the truth will catch up with them at some point, and the Capricorn man will have to fess up to his feelings.

11 Earth Signs: He Will Feel Guilty About Leaving


No matter how easy it is for an earth sign to speak up about his reasons for distancing himself compared to guys born under other signs, one thing is for sure—these guys always feel guilty about leaving. They do not want to be the guys to just up and ditch someone.

They don’t like goodbyes—they tend to get very invested in long-term relationships, and they are not the guys who will go for casual flings. Therefore, saying goodbye feels very heavy for them. They acknowledge how hurtful it can be, and they feel that pain, too.

10 Air Signs: He Won’t Want To Admit What He’s Feeling


Air signs are not super emotional. When an air sign realizes that the relationship he is in does not have much of a future, and that he is going to have to be the one to end it, he tends to get a little scared.

He won’t want to admit that the way he feels has changed, and he may find it tough to open up about his feelings and just be honest. In fact, many of these guys will never end up being totally open and honest at all. They will be vague about their reasons for leaving.

9 Gemini: He Will Click With A New Group Of Friends


Gemini men tend to be very social—and a Gemini guy will totally use his social life to avoid the difficult task of going through with an honest breakup. Slowly, he will start making less and less time for his girlfriend, and more and more time for a new group of friends.

Parties and get-togethers and other social obligations will fill his schedule, until his girlfriend barely knows where he is anymore. He will slowly just start to fade out of her life and her friend group, and he will spend more time with his brand new crew.

8 Libra: He Will Be Vague About His Reasons


A Libra guy won’t just drop a relationship by ghosting, or cutting the girl off completely—but if a woman is hoping that the Libra guy who just dumped her is going to be totally honest about his reasoning and why he did it, she has to stop getting her hopes up, because it is not happening.

A Libra guy will simply be very vague about his reasons when he is distancing himself from a woman—he won’t really get specific or elaborate on what he’s feeling or why things changed. He will brush off some of her emotional questions.

7 Aquarius: He’ll Say, “It’s Not You, It’s Me”


Aquarius men are the guys who practically invented the line, “It’s not you, it’s me.” An Aquarius guy doesn’t want to be the one to say that it’s time to break up, but they also are totally fine with being single, living an independent life, and essentially just living their truth, even if it means being alone for a while.

They don’t drag out relationships that have gone stale. Therefore, he will take kind of a cop-out approach. He will try to cushion the blow of saying goodbye by adding that phrase, “It’s not you, it’s me.” But it won’t help.

6 Air Signs: He Will Have Trouble Facing Her


When an air sign knows that time is up on a relationship, and he has no choice but to call it quits and say goodbye, he won’t want to face his girl. He will feel guilty about being the one to say that it’s over.

He will miss all of the good times that they had together, and even after they have walked away from each other, he will think of her for months, wondering how she is doing and if she is okay. He doesn’t forget about past relationships easily, even after a lot of time has passed.

5 Water Signs: He Won’t Want To Hurt Her


Men born under water signs tend to be very emotional. They do not handle conflict particularly well, and they don’t like to stir the pot. This is why getting distance from a relationship and, eventually, going forward with a breakup when the time is right is so difficult for them.

They will drag their feet, and they won’t want to be the one to say those final words, but sometimes, it’s just the right thing to do even though it feels so wrong. Some water sign guys will handle it with maturity, but unfortunately, others might not always do that.

4 Cancer: He Will Slowly Fade Away


Unfortunately, Cancer guys are not exactly known for their confidence in difficult situations. When a Cancer guy knows that the relationship he is in is essentially game over, and there is no saving it, he won’t really know what to do or how to handle his feelings.

He will feel too nervous to confront the woman that he is dating. Instead, he will typically just fade away slowly. He’s not quite ghosting, but he’s not quite being honest about his intentions, either. Eventually, things will sort of just fizzle out on their own, and the relationship will be no more.

3 Scorpio: He May Start Picking Fights


Scorpio men are not the best when it comes to handling tough emotional situations. This is because they feel everything so deeply, and talking about their feelings can get complicated. They struggle to open up sometimes, and at other times, they take things a little too far and start getting upset.

Basically, when a Scorpio guy wants to distance himself from a woman, he will usually just start picking fights and creating arguments when he really doesn’t need to. He will try to push the woman away so that in the end, she is the one who calls off the relationship.

2 Pisces: He Will Tearfully Say Goodbye


A Pisces guy is the type who will not be able to say goodbye without getting a tear in his eye. He will try to hold off on officially breaking up for so long, but at the end of the day, he will know when the time is right, and he will have to acknowledge that everything is finally over.

It will be one of the hardest things that he has ever done, since he typically tries to avoid getting involved in any kind of conflict, which is why he won’t be able to help tearing up. It’s his natural reaction.

1 Water Signs: Leaving Won’t Be Easy


For a water sign, saying goodbye to a relationship is never easy. Even if both people involved know deep down that they are all wrong for each other, and that absolutely nothing good is going to come from hanging on to a failed relationship, the water sign guys will still struggle to walk away for good.

This is why some of them don’t always handle distancing themselves in the best way. It’s not an excuse, but unfortunately, it is just in their nature. Being so emotional can always make breakups extra difficult, and these guys feel all the hurt.

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