How He Will Ditch You Based On His Zodiac

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How He Will Ditch You Based On His Zodiac

Astrology: It’s not just for predicting who you’ll fall in love with. It’s also useful to find out how he might leave you too. Most relationships, especially when you’re young, aren’t going to work out. They’re going to be flashes in a hot pan, and you might end up getting a little burned. Is it the end of the world? It certainly feels like it sometimes, especially when there’s so many different ways to leave someone now. Ghosting, benching, or just plain old breaking up are all things that people do. Some people are definitely more prone to different ways of ditching, and we’ve tracked down the signs of the signs to tell you what to watch out for. While it might not help with the actual relationship breakdown (you two can work that out for yourselves), knowing that it’s not personal might help to ease the sting of the harsh end. It’s just the way these guys are built and doesn’t have anything to do with you. Now relax, read through, and find out how your guy might ditch you based on his zodiac sign!

12. Aquarius: He’ll get bored of you

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We hate to be blunt, but it is really the only thing that happens with Aquarius guys. Because Aquarians always like to be talking about the next newest and best idea, they tend to get sucked into the idea that only new things are interesting… Which does not bode well for their romantic life. While once in a blue moon you mind find an Aquarius guy who will be challenged and content with you, it is difficult to keep them engaged. Don’t take it personally though. This is a fault within them, not you. Aquarius folk are too often looking ahead to notice what’s beside them. No doubt you’ll have a great time with your next bae, since you’re smart, strong, and totally hilarious. People will be falling all over themselves for you! And don’t worry about your Aquarius ex-man. He’ll start to realize his mistake after he examines his situation.

11. Pisces: The Honeymooner

You know that phase at the beginning of the relationship where everything is great and you two become each other’s whole worlds? It usually lasts about 3 months, and during that time you’ll be eagerly climbing all over each other, as well as discussing your marriage and what house you want to live in. Pisces people LOVE this phase. Because this sign is all about romance, you’ll be stuck in the most all-encompassing part of your romance forever. Don’t like it? Don’t worry, your Pisces man will move on quick if you decide it’s time to phase out of the honeymoon phase. And it will happen. Pisces folks need people who care as much about the romance as they do about each other. It can be tiring, especially if you’re more inclined towards pleasant conversation and staying in (like a Taurus). While Pisces won’t up and leave, keep your guard up… At least for the first little while.

10. Aries: Direct

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This fire sign won’t beat around the bush. When he’s tired of the relationship, he’ll make it perfectly clear. Especially if he’s angry. Sometimes couples fight; it’s no one’s fault, and it’s silly to ascribe blame. Just like starting a relationship, it takes two people to end one too. No one is more at fault as to why it self-destructed, but the Aries man will take the initiative to end it when things aren’t working. Because he’s so direct and go-get-’em, he won’t wait around for things to improve. Unfortunately this means that conflicts in the relationship are often “solved” by ending the relationship… And not actually fixing the conflict. Because of this, the Aries man will find himself repeating his mistakes. He might start to get angry or question why he can’t hold on to a relationship, but don’t worry; you know that it wasn’t meant to be, and you can take comfort in the fact that someone better is out there.

9. Taurus: Slow fade

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If you find yourself in a relationship with a Taurus man, you can rest assured that he won’t leave unless it’s really, really not working. Taurus men tend to stick around like rubber cement on work jeans. Tauruses are hardworking and loyal, and value commitment over many other qualities. It goes without saying that these folks won’t give up. However, they’re also smart. Their keen, problem-solving brains will tell them when something is wrong, and when it’s not worth continuing the relationship. Unfortunately, coupled with their dislike of confrontation and anger, this means that they won’t be giving you the boot. Even if it’s not working, they’ll stick around and keep you on the hook. At least, for a while. The “slow fade” is a contemporary dating term used to describe people who gradually cut down contact, eventually removing all contact and (you guessed it) breaking up with their significant other. If you catch your Taurus using this tactic, don’t be afraid to call it out. Have a conversation, and cut that slow fade short!

8. Gemini: Benching

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Have you heard of this term? The idea of “benching” is the dating equivalent of what happens in sports. You’ve got your starting line-up: maybe it’s a significant other, maybe it’s a series of really good FWB. What do you have on the bench? That guy or girl that you’re interested in, but not enough to really pursue. They’re your convenience hook-up. Unfortunately, if you’re seeing a Gemini man, you might find yourself stuck on the bench. Geminis are famous for being inconsistent and indecisive. They’re the kings of the 11 pm “hey what’s up” text, and aren’t afraid to throw in a winky face now and then. You might not hear from them for weeks, but rest assured: they haven’t forgotten about you. They’re just distracted by their starting line-up. How do you know you’ve been benched? Trust us… You will. Our advice is to cut it off before you’re stuck pining on the pine.

7. Cancer: You’ll end it

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While Cancers are sensitive and empathetic, they’re also moody and prone to inconsistencies in matters of the heart. Most Cancers don’t mind if there’s arguing in the relationship, as they’ll blame themselves for it. They don’t tend to break up with people, as they like to be in control. While sometimes they can be manipulative, it’s not a guarantee. Many Cancers just get used to the routine of having someone in their life. They start to rely on their significant other for opinions, decisions, and self-worth. That’s not a good relationship! Your Cancer man might turn into the dreaded man-child, and might expect you to take care of his basic needs. We know that you’re better than that, and don’t need that added stress in your life. You’ll cut it off before things go too far, and we’re proud of you! Keep making yourself a priority, and don’t date a guy that needs you to be his parent.

6. Leo: Catch and release

You’ve caught yourself a fiery one with this passionate sign. Leo men are especially prone to vanity and are often considered to be players. They’re hard to tie down because they love the chase. While many tend to enjoy the passion and intimacy that comes with a relationship, many more are difficult to secure. They like the attention and validation that comes with the catch-and-release style of dating. Being free to flirt, woo people, and be fawned over as the attractive new man in your life has fed their ego to the point of stuffed. Once they’re done using you to boost their esteem, they’ll release you. It might come in the form of a gentle “I’m not looking for a relationship right now” or could be more abrupt, like a brush off or continuously cancel plans. Either way, you’ll find yourself left in the cold after this whirlwind romance.

5. Virgo: You’re “healed”

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Ever had a guy come in and try to save the day? Try to fix all your problems? That guy was probably a Virgo. Virgos like to help and often identify themselves as caregivers or healers. Emotionally they tend to be very shy, keeping their hearts guarded until they’re sure they can trust you. In relationships, this means that they’re attracted to those who wear their hearts on their sleeves. They like people who are vocal about their problems, and then try to fix them. Virgos will leave when they feel like their job is done. While you might be shocked when they turn around and say “I don’t want to be with you anymore”, know that it’s nothing personal; they just feel the need to move on to the next ‘fixer-upper’. They need to have a concrete purpose in the relationship, and if they don’t see that then they’ll move on. On the bright side, at least they tried to help… Right?

4. Libra: An explosion

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No matter what sign you are, a relationship with a Libra will end in an explosion. Libras tend to hold grudges, and when paired with their inability to confront others, the grudges tend to build up. It’s like a fermentation process. The grudge gets bigger, deeper, and more sour until eventually, it explodes. While they don’t like violence, they do get frustrated. They’ll speak up if it’s important, or if it’s too much for them to contain on their own. Because Libras are happiest in a partnership, they’ll eventually need to unload some of their burden on to you… Even if you’re the one they’re frustrated with! Likely the break up won’t last though. Libras also fall into the trap of self-pity and don’t like to be alone for long. Don’t play the break-up-make-up game though! While it can be tempting to give your Libra man another chance, we suggest you don’t fall for it. You’re better off without the mess.

3. Scorpio: It’s a mystery

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Scorpios are water signs, which means they like to go with the flow. However, they’re also incredibly decisive. It also means they’re very in tune with their emotions and like to live fully on the rollercoaster ride that is the human experience. You’ll never see it though! Scorpios are known for their mystery and charm, sliding in and out of places before anyone registers that they’re there. They’re the detectives of the 1950s gumshoe books, and in the same way, you never know what clues they followed to find you, you’ll never know how they’re going to end it. The fluid nature of their emotions makes them hard to predict. They could commit any of these dating crimes, and you won’t even know it’s coming! Our advice? Keep getting your Scorpio to share his feelings. While he might resist at first, it might save you from becoming the victim of a dating crime.

2. Sagittarius: Ghosting

Bet you were trying to guess which sign would get the ghost, label! Without a doubt, Sagittarius guys are the ones most likely to commit this modern day dating sin. Ghosting, for those unfamiliar, is when you go out with someone, have a great time, and then never hear from them again. They might have blocked you on social media, or maybe they’re just ignoring your calls. Either way, you won’t hear from them again. Sagittarius guys might seem tempting at first, especially if you’re attracted to the free-thinking philosopher types, but they’ll end things quick. And you won’t even know! Because of their love of freedom they sometimes miss out on basic social tact. This is frustrating for someone who likes tradition, or even just common decency. Don’t be mad though; on the bright side, if you are ghosted, at least you know you’ll never have to hear from them again.

1. Capricorn: The drop off

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You’ll be plunged into the deep end with this sign. Capricorns take things very seriously, and you’d be surprised at how intensely they feel. While they might not say it, they value emotional integrity and openness in the relationship. They’re the ones who want monogamy, marriage, and maybe a dog or kid to round things out. If it works, of course. Unfortunately for you, if you’re a free spirited Pisces or a passionate Leo, you might get stuck dealing with the fact that traditionalism isn’t for you. Your Capricorn lover will try as hard as he can to get you into his box, but you just won’t have it. He’ll end up dropping off pretty quick if you keep up with your own life rather than falling into his. That being said, things can just as easily go the other way. Capricorns are steady and stable, and if you’re a Taurus or a Scorpio you might find yourself perfectly happy with the routine of the Capricorn. Instead of him dropping you off, you might get plunged into the deep end with this hardworking guy. Whatever makes you happy, we suggest you go for. Just don’t compromise on your own life goals!

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