How He Wants To Be Loved Based On His Astro Sign

We all define love in different ways. For some of us, it may be sweet notes left in our pockets or on our nightstand by our SO; for others, it’s elaborate dates that require a ton of planning and preparation; and for others, it’s knowing how you take your coffee in the morning or remembering that you hate avocado.

There’s no “right” language of love, because everyone – and every sign – defines it differently. In our society, it’s often women who are given the grand gestures, the romantic moves. It’s guys who are depicted as doing the giving, while ladies are the ones getting the gifts. Of course, we don’t think that should stop any time soon, but relationships are all about reciprocation, which is why we’ve outlined the way your man wants to be loved, based on his astro sign. Your SO may be a combination of a few of these, but understanding what makes his "love language" could be the key to understanding who he is in a relationship and what he expects in a romantic coupling. We all love in different ways, and understand love in different ways – wouldn’t relationships be a little bit easier if we knew what our partner thought of love?

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20 Libra: Plan A Romantic Weekend

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Ruled by Venus, you know this guy is all about showing affection, and he prefers gestures of the showy variety. While you could totally take him on a grand trip (think hot air balloon rides and Michelin-star restaurants), chances are your budget won’t allow for that, so why not plan a small romantic getaway together?

Picking a place that’s far enough away as to feel like a real vacation is super romantic to him, and the little details will let him know that you’ve thought of everything.

Since this guy can be a bit of a pushover in relationships, someone who puts in the effort to woo him gets full marks in his book.

19 Gemini: Introduce New Bedroom Ideas

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Gemini is an adventurous sign, which is great, until they start to get bored with just about everything. This sign of the twins needs someone who can keep up with them emotionally, intellectually, and, well, physically. This Air sign is also huge on communication, which means certain bedroom taboos should fly out the window (and other explorations should be embraced to the fullest). Introducing some saucy new ideas to your Gemini guy lets him know that you trust him and you’re also just as playful as he is. Plus, this requires a ton of open and honest communication, so you’re pushing all of his buttons.

18 Aquarius: Build A Friendship

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Anyone who has ever known or dated an Aquarius knows that these guys aren’t exactly open books when it comes to relationships. They would much rather operate as a solo entity than pair up, which can cause them to run for the hills when something serious starts moving towards them.

To show an Aquarius man that you’re serious but also want to give him space, build a friendship first.

This is a man who can be attracted to flashes in the pan, but they rarely hold his interest for long. Building a solid foundation lets him know you’ll be there no matter what and, if anything appeals to an Aquarius, it’s someone who not only accepts but appreciates their quirks!

17 Air: Spirit Him Away

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Energetic and effervescent signs like those born under the element of Air (Libra, Gemini, and Aquarius), these men are prone to boredom and hate the idea of being in a relationship that feels like a never-ending rut. In fact, getting stuck in one place is their number one fear when it comes to dating!

Let him know how much you love him by taking him away for a while! A weekend, an evening, a week – it’s up to you! Spontaneity is very appealing to these signs, and they’ll love the fact that you’re willing to step outside of your possible comfort zone to show them a good time! Casting off routines and exploring somewhere new is super hot for these signs and will feel like hitting “refresh” on your relationship.

16 Air: Express Yourself

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Air signs aren’t always the most forthcoming when it comes to relationships or feelings, which can make discussing the nitty-gritty difficult. That being said, Air signs (Libra, Gemini, Aquarius) are extremely appreciative of partners who make their emotions known without smothering them. They want to be praised and have someone behave affectionately towards them! Be straight up with your guy about how you feel, because this element isn’t so great with reading between the lines. Making the first move by telling him how you really feel is exciting for him and will truly make him swoon.

15 Scorpio: Be Open About Taboos

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Getting a Scorpio man to commit to you emotionally is a difficult thing to do, so kudos to you, girl! This sign has a reputation for being the most, um, experienced sign, but that doesn’t mean the only way to his heart is in the bedroom.

Be open with your Scorpio man about taboos of all kinds.

This sign is naturally drawn to the darker side of things, so nothing you can say will shock him, and this type of conversation will make him feel more connected to you and as though you’re more accepting of his own vulnerabilities and flaws. Openness and honesty are two of the biggest aphrodisiacs for this sensual and mysterious sign, and the best way to show him how you really feel.

14 Cancer: Dote On Him

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This is a sign that can need constant reassurance in matters of the heart, since their personality makes them prone to insecurity, suspicion, and moodiness – all of which definitely aren’t fun to deal with!

When you want to show a Cancer guy how much you care, we suggest doting on him.

Brining him things that he enjoys or appreciates lets him know that you’re thinking of him even when he’s not around. Taking care of chores (if you live together) or rubbing his back after he’s had a particularly rough day make him feel seen. This sign is big on family and, to an extent, he requires a bit of maternal care to feel as though he is truly loved.

13 Pisces: Write A Love Letter

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Another romantic sign, Pisces are suckers when it comes to love.

They fall head over heels and hard where matters of the heart are concerned, but, too often, their intense emotions aren’t reciprocated, which can lead them to draw back into themselves.

Letting your Pisces guy know how much you love him may not come easy to you, in word or in deed, so why not go the old-fashioned route and write a love letter? Pisces men love things with a history behind them and have a true appreciation for the arts. Putting your feelings into words that he can read over and over again will reassure him of your relationship and give him something to treasure for years to come!

12 Water: Love His Flaws

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Water signs are plagued by insecurity, which can make relationships with them difficult to sustain. These signs (Scorpio, Cancer, Pisces) can fly into temper tantrums and expose the ugly feelings they have underneath, usually as a result of their moodiness or suspicious minds.

The truth is, Water signs know all too well about their shortcomings, which is why they are often poised to fight if someone pushes that particular button.

Loving these signs and their flaws – not in spite of them – is the key to showing him how you truly feel. Understanding that some of his less attractive qualities still contribute to the person he is makes him feel understood, which is really what these signs crave. Don’t try to change him, baby, just let him know you’re there.

11 Water: Treat Him As Your Muse

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Water signs are drawn to the world of art, music, and literature. They are dreamy, romantic, and occasionally (read: often) dramatic. These signs (Scorpio, Pisces, Cancer) often fantasize about the romance and drama that comes from TV, books, music, or movies, and even the guys imagine a kind of swoon-worthy love that lasts through the ages.

One of the best ways to let him know how seriously you’re into him is to treat him as your own personal muse. Water signs love to feel as though they’re part of something bigger and grander than themselves, and committing themselves to their art (or someone else’s) makes them feel important.

10 Sagittarius: Support His Dreams

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Prone to flights of fancy and spontaneity, Sagittarius guys can get carried away with themselves and end up lost without a clue as to how to get back in one piece. Their creative minds and expansive imaginations has them chasing multiple dreams and, in their past, these guys have had partners who have rained on their parade.

To show him that you’re really the one for him, he asks that you support his dreams, and provide a realistic and practical way for him to achieve them.

Sure, he might be the idea guy, but his execution isn’t so great. Being his partner in life shows him that you’re just as willing to go along for the ride.

9 Aries: Praise Him

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A passionate Fire sign who needs spontaneity, adventure, and fire when it comes to his romantic relationships, the Aries man enjoys a little bit of competition in his couplings.

Dates where you guys are challenged against one another is a huge turn-on for him, but, more than that, is the praise you heap upon him for his accomplishments!

This sign loves to have his ego stroked and, while he could be showered with compliments from anyone, he truly appreciates them when they come from the person he loves. Feeling important is something the Aries guy craves, and little compliments go a long way.

8 Leo: Surprise Gifts

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A sign that adores being adored, the Leo guy laps up his time in the sun. However, he never feels more beloved than when he’s the apple of his lover’s eye.

Surprise gifts that show you’re thinking of him will make him swoon because, as one of the most generous signs, he appreciates when the favor is repaid.

For the Leo guy, little presents that are given for no reason make him feel like royalty and are physical proof that you love him. Sure, it might sound superficial, but these gifts don’t have to break the bank! Picking up his favorite beer when you’re already out or treating him to a lunch while he’s at work are sweet, thoughtful gestures he craves.

7 Fire: Show Devotion

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Fire signs are exactly what their element suggests: fiery. These signs (Sagittarius, Aries, Leo) are passionate people who crave drama and romance when it comes to their lives and relationships.

They are in search of things and people that make them feel alive, and require a partner who can provide them with that (and keep up with them along the way).

Showing devotion is the way to these signs’ hearts, because they love feeling like they are your sun and stars. In addition to having a partner in crime and adventure, they like having someone who is their biggest fan, too! Appreciating their attributes and encouraging their endeavors is what these guys need to know you love them.

6 Fire: Show Him Off

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Fire signs can be notorious for their ego. They’re loud, possessive, territorial, and dramatic. They need to be in the spotlight at all times and will do whatever it takes to get there. This can make these guys difficult to manage in a relationship setting, but they are truly some of the most devoted partners (once they’re done all their running around).

For all their bluster, Fire signs can have surprisingly fragile egos, which is why he may need you to proudly show him off to let him know that you’re psyched to have him on your arm! Laud his accomplishments when you’re introducing him to new people or brag about his abilities when the opportunity presents itself and he’s yours.

5 Capricorn: Understand His Schedule

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Workaholics through and through, all too often, Capricorn men have been forced to choose between family and career. Rather than be yet another woman who makes him make that decision, understanding his schedule and its demands is what he really needs to know you love him.

At his core, Capricorn dudes are total softies, but it takes a while to get there.

Showing him that you won’t make him choose between his two great loves (his work and you) is huge for him, because it’s such a major part of who he is. Plus, it allows you to have your own life outside of a relationship!

4 Taurus: Cook For Him

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A sensual sign with a taste for all things home, Taurus men are a bit traditional when it comes to love. That phrase, “the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach” was definitely invented with the Taurus guy in mind.

This sign likes to keep things traditional, and family is hugely important to him, which is why a woman cooking for him appeals to his inner nature on multiple levels.

Cooking is a sensual act, involving both food and love, and he appreciates the effort you put in to making something that you both can enjoy. Not one for cooking? Baking or setting up something simple, like a picnic at home will do the trick!

3 Virgo: Anticipate His Needs

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Virgo is notorious for overthinking. Analyzing every part of any given situation is par for the course for this sign, and they can spiral out into anxiety if they’re not calmed down.

This sign also tends to take care of others, even if it means putting themselves second.

So, to offer him a break from all that care-taking and overanalyzing, we suggest anticipating his needs as the way to show him how much you love him. Taking the time to help him without being asked will give him the affection he desires, like loading the dishwasher or running errands, will take some stress of off him. These acts of service are his love language and something he won’t ever ask for but will always appreciate.

2 Earth: Acts Of Service

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Earth signs are the caretakers. They are the ones who follow the traditional ways of life, with families and marriage, and tend to get wrapped up in their heads, usually due to overwork or just general stubbornness. All too often, these Earth signs (Capricorn, Taurus, Virgo) put others before themselves (or work before anything), and so any happiness they find in relationships can be tainted by being with those who ask too much of them without understanding the cost.

One of the love languages is “acts of service,” and that is the way these Earth signs want to be loved. Anticipating their needs and making them realize that they don’t have to do everything on their own is the number one way to these guys’ hearts.

1 Earth: Chill Him Out

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Earth signs, contrary to their element, are some of the most neurotic signs around. Capricorn, Taurus, and Virgo are hardworking, stubborn, and determined signs that all too often get wrapped up in their own anxieties and perfectionistic tendencies. Because of that, your Earth guy might push you away when he needs you most, which is why he needs you there to help chill him out.

Without invalidating or discarding his feelings, being able to anticipate his needs and help him to relax is the permission he needs to take a break.

Having someone there to take care of him when he won’t take care of himself is invaluable to Earth signs.

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