How He Shows He's Interested Based On His Sign

We always catch ourselves asking anyone who’ll listen if our potential new man is into us, when a crush gets especially hot. The male species is a puzzle that will probably never be solved, but we can help if you know your crush’s birthday. Find his zodiac sign, by birthdate below and we’ll spill the tea on what to look for when sizing up the likelihood of a potential matchup. We’ll let you in on how he’ll act when he likes you and how you should react in order to keep it that way. After all, who doesn't want to find out if their man is crushing on them, and who doesn't love a good zodiac article too? We've got everything covered here! Good luck!

16 Air Signs Are One With Emotions

Okay, hold on for a bumpy ride because these cuties can be a little confusing! The men that fall under the air sign category are Gemini (May 21-June 20), Aquarius (January 20-February 18), and Libra (September 23-October 20). So if any of these hotties is your hottie: pay very close attention. For the air signs, human emotions can be sort of second nature, they have a deep desire to make “sense” of things, even if they don’t always make sense themselves. So for this eclectic group of gentlemen, let’s flashback to elementary school: if he teases you, he likes you. However, not all air signs are created equal. If your potential man is a Gemini, he’ll be strong and creative like famous Gemini, Kanye West. If he’s an Aquarius he’ll be authentic and intelligent like famous Aquarius, Evan Peters. Lastly, if he’s a Libra he’ll be charming and sociable, with a style to die for, like famous Libra, A$AP Rocky.

15 Earth Signs Aren't As Easy As You Think

The element earth is extremely telling for these complex cuties, just like the earth they are extremely grounded, tangible, and realistic. Which means if you’ve caught their eye, that’s half the battle. Our earth ruled men are Taurus (April 20-May20), Virgo (August 23-September 22), and Capricorn (December 22-January 19). Though often regarded as some of the easiest men to deal with, we’re here to give you a reality check: navigating the choppy waters of Earth sign men, will require some assistance and you’ve come to the right place! If he’s a Taurus he’ll be strong willed and determined with a low-key softie side like our fav Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, a mega famous Taurus. If he’s a Virgo he’ll be calm, cool, and collected-at least on the outside, like famous Virgo Nick Jonas. Lastly, if he’s a Capricorn, he’ll be a practical cutie with a little bit of a wild side like famous Cap, Liam Hemsworth.

14 Water Signs Are More Like Hurricanes

Uh oh, we hope you have your life jackets handy because they don’t call them water signs for nothing, though the name seems docile these signs are more comparable to a hurricane than a gently running stream. These men are the kings of mixed signals, so stay tuned and we’ll tell you just how to tell whether or not he’s REALLY into you. Our water babies are Pisces (February 18-March 20), Cancer (June 20-July 22), and Scorpio (October 23-November 21). Before we get into specifics if your potential beau is a Pisces, he’ll be romantic but wishy-washy like famous Pisces, Justin Bieber. If he’s a Cancer, he’ll be tenacious and sensitive like Irish hottie Conor McGregor. And lastly, but certainly not least, if he’s a Scorpio he’ll be intriguing and no nonsense like our main Scorpio, Drake.

13 Fire Signs Are Scary But Fun

Last but certainly not least, these combustible characters are much like a roller coaster ride: scary but fun. In order to make sure you don’t get burned, read carefully. Our fiery contenders are Aries (March 20-April 19), Leo (July 23-August 22), and Sagittarius (November 21-December 21). If he’s an Aries, he’ll be direct with a bit of a temper, but a sense of humor, just like famous Aries, Big Sean. If he’s a Leo he’ll be confident and romantic like famous Leo beau, Austin Butler. Finally, if he’s a Sagittarius he’ll be a free spirit with a smug sense of humor like the lizard king himself, famous Sagittarius Jim Morrison.

12 Gemini: Two Sides To Every Story

We know what you’re thinking when you hear the word “Gemini”, but we promise they’re not as bad as they seem… well some of them. Gemini’s ruler is the twins, meaning this beau can be a little two-faced, unintentionally of course. All this means is Geminis have two very distinct sides to them, two different voices in their heads at all times, which means their signals tend to be very mixed. However, when a Gemini man knows what he wants, he knows what he wants, if you know what I mean. So, since these men are so flighty, how will you be able to decipher if he’s really into you. In the beginning, superficial stage, if a Gemini man is attracted to you he’ll let you know, either directly or through very special attention. Geminis are passionate, creative creatures, if he’s really into you you’ll become his muse. Refer to famous Gemini demi-god Kanye West and how many times he’s used his love interests as the focus of his art. *Cough* yes we’re talking about Ye plastering his wife’s backside on his latest album cover. Once your Gemini has opened up, and stopped making a joke out of everything, you’ve got him hooked.

11 Cancer: Opened To Everything, Keeping Him Is The Hard Part

These cuties may seem cuddly, but don’t let them fool you, under that fuzzy exterior lies an in depth index of emotional manipulation he’s waiting to use on you. The key to keeping the Cancer male? Don’t let the player play you. It’s not always hard to attract a Cancer male, because they’re generally open to everything, keeping him interested is where the textbook is needed. Cancers are naturally flirtatious beings, making them always the go-to when you’re in the mood to have fun. However, what Cancer really longs for is emotional support, they love being nurtured. You’ll be able to tell when you’ve really got this crab hooked when he drops his carefully crafted and put together persona, and starts telling you about his bad days and his fears. Show that you understand with touches of support here and there, and you will always be where he wants his head to lay.

10 Leo: When He Lets His Pride Down, You Win

Sit tight because we’re about to teach you how to tango with the king of the jungle. Leo men often exude confidence in some way or another, it doesn’t have to be arrogance (although it certainly can be), but you’ll always get a sense that they are sure of themselves. It can be tough to crack that tough exterior and find out what he’s really thinking, if he’s really into you, or just being friendly, like you know him to be. Here are the telltale signs: when he sucks up his pride. If you have a Leo man in the position where they would rather lose the argument than you, understand that you’ve got them in the right place. They’re fiercely loyal once they’ve found someone they truly admire, but you must always keep them interested. Once your Leo has sacrificed their ego to court you, you’ll never have to wonder where their heart lies.

9 Virgo: Catching His Eye Is The Halfway Mark

Virgo the purest of signs, and the men are no exception. To the naked eye these men can seem aloof, unimpressed with everything. This is just Virgo's carefully crafted persona, in order to ward of any potentially meaningful contact. So, in translation, if you’ve even caught the Virgo's eye, you’re already halfway there. Virgo men are very selective about who they give their time to, be mindful that this does not mean they’re selective about who they give attention to, just time. It doesn’t cost Virgo anything to pay attention because they’re already doing that anyway. Time, is the key word, if Virgos even want to see you one on one for some alone time, you’re halfway there. If you can distract Virgo from whatever is going on in their head and make them focus on you, it’ll make you their star, don’t take the opportunity lightly.

8 Libra: You Got What They Like

Lucky Libras are the chameleons of the zodiac, effortlessly blending in at every cocktail party, and not just blending in: thriving. So, how do you get this effervescent nymph to notice little, old you? Libras are incredibly obsessed with image; they can border on shallow. Chances are if you’ve caught a Libras eye either you’ve got a style to die for or you’re already just their type. Like their air sign brothers, Gemini, they’ll make you the object of their charisma and flair. If a Libra is really into you, expect them to dress you up in their favorite outfit they picked out, just to jet you off to show you off as his new arm candy. Libras are naturally adventurous creatures, always seeking out new things, so prepare for late night texts asking you to get ice cream. Dates to art galleries and festivals are a must for this sign.

7 Scorpio: Sweet Nothings

Yikes! If you’ve scrolled your way down to the Scorpio section, that clearly means you’re interested in a Scorpio, so sit tight because we’re about to give you the play by play on how to navigate the most notorious sign. Scorpio men are naturally sensual creatures, so if they’re into you expect lots of whispering and touching. A Scorpio man will make sure you hear his voice in the crowd and you’ll feel his hand on the small of your back guiding you through the crowd. The only way to tell if a Scorpio is in it for the long haul: if he drops his bad boy act and starts taking you as seriously as he expects you to take him. You’ll know a Scorpio has you on his mind and nothing else when he’s considerate and thoughtful. Scorpios struggle to be vulnerable, so giving sentimental gifts and planning romantic dates kind of cramps their style, however, if they do, you are the chosen one—at least for the time being.

6 Sagittarius: If He Lets You In, You're In

Sagittarius may be one of the hardest men of the zodiac to leave an impression, it’s not your fault, they’re just under the impression that they’ve seen it all before. Sagittarius are naturally more concerned with whatever demons they’ve decided to manifest in their lives that day, but for the right catch, they’ll perk up and take notice. If you can take Sagittarius’ mind off their bizarre interests, you’re in for a wild ride. You’ll know a Sagittarius man is into you when he starts to let you in on his interests and hobbies, because he’s usually under the impression normally that others won’t understand. Sagittarius’ individuality is extremely sacred to them, so if they let you peek into how their mind is working, chances are they see something special in you.

5 Capricorn: What's In It For Him?

Some astrologers refer to Capricorn as the “sugar baby sign,” and yes, that goes for the men as well. So, just how did they get this devious little stigma? Capricorns are notorious for their “what’s in it for me?” attitude, so if you’ve caught the eye of a Capricorn, chances are you have something he wants. However, fear not, because that thing he wants could very well be you, and he sees potential growth. Capricorns are notoriously practical and rigid with their expectations, so once he’s sized you up and decided you meet his requirements he’ll pursue. Capricorns may seem all about the independent care free lifestyle they love to brand themselves with, however, they’re really just looking for a ride or die to hold them down. If a Capricorn thinks that can be you they’ll be uncharacteristically sweet, with good morning texts and homemade dinners for two.

4 Aquarius: It's Really Hard To Know

Many things can be said about Aquarius men, but none can say that they aren’t authentic, and believe me they’ll always make sure you acknowledge that. Aquarius men tend to be very out of touch with their emotions, almost like a second language to them. Coincidentally, they are also extremely polite and politically correct, so it can be extremely hard to tell if they’re into you because even when they are, they have a hard time showing it. However, here are some telltale signs that even the Aquarians can’t hide from: he’ll give up his alone time for you. As somewhat introverted individuals, Aquarians value their alone time to recharge from the strain of interpersonal communication. In short, if your Aquarius elects to go on a vacay without separate rooms or a cross country road trip: he’s into you.

3 Pisces: If You Choose, You're In

Water signs, potentially the most exhausting subject in the English language, are no match for the depths that a Pisces can reach. Unfortunately for Pisces, they don’t live in reality and often are wearing rose colored glasses. Pisces aren't known for their loyalty, and they love their variety, because legend has it they hold at least a few traits from every other zodiac sign. Catching this water baby’s attention won’t be hard, but keeping it will prove to be more challenging. At first, Pisces is the dream come true in courtship: thoughtful, rosy, hanging on your every last word… until you do something human. Pisces crux is that they have standards of monumental proportions, without wanting to offer much in return themselves. You’ll know a Pisces is into you when they would rather do for you, than do something for themselves, this can be as simple as letting you choose the movie on movie night.

2 Aries: If They're Showing Off, You're In

If Leo is the king of the jungle, Aries is the king of everything else. These twin titans are reminiscent of Zeus and Poseidon, and though Zeus rules Mount Olympus, Poseidon rules the bodies of water. Much like Leo, Aries will show off when they’re sizing up a suitor. They’ll turn into the alpha male, the Leonardo DiCaprio in a Martin Scorsese film. However, behind all that bravado lies somewhat of a selfish creature, interested in instant gratification at every turn. So how can you tell if Mr. Class President and Captain of the football team Aries is into you? If an Aries has ever asked for your help in any way, or confided in you, know that that means that you are very special to them. Aries do not let their guard down easy, so if it’s come down around you: they may be looking for something a little more serious than bumper cars and theme parks.

1 Taurus: If Your Opinion Matters, So Do You

Tactful Taurus never comes to just play, these level headed individuals are always looking to work an angle, and their love life is not off limits. Don’t worry, we’ll teach you how not to get scammed by the scammer and keep you in the loop as to what their stars are saying. Taurus may feign that they are impressed here and there to get by socially, but that is rarely true. Being authentic and able to teach Taurus something new is essential in making it stick with them. If you catch a Taurus asking you for your opinion, and actually taking it into account, they’re into you. Taurus has a hard time coming to terms with negative things that lie inside them, therefore they are always on the offense when it comes to criticism or discussion in general. However, if they can admit to you times when they have been wrong, and look for opportunity to grow: they’re into you.

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