How Emotionally Intelligent You Are Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Intelligence comes in different varieties, depending on what psychology text you’re reading. There are examples like analytical intelligence, intuitive intelligence, and perceptive intelligence, or some of the nine types of intelligence as outlined by a developmental psychologist in 1983, which included things like existential intelligence and musical intelligence! Today, though, we’re looking at your emotions, and how emotionally intelligent you are based on your zodiac sign.

Emotional intelligence is exactly what it sounds like: the ability to understand your emotions, the emotions of others, and how your feelings can affect those around you and your environment. To be emotionally intelligent, a general requirement is to be self-aware. You understand your feelings but even more than that, you understand why you’re feeling a certain way. Since emotions can get pretty tangled up and messy, it’s clear that you need some smarts to figure this stuff out! On the flip side, characteristics like impulsivity, ignorance, aggression, and delusions of grandeur hinder your ability to be emotionally intelligent. While certain zodiac signs are definitely at the top of the food chain of emotional intelligence, some fall way, way short. Which one are you?

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16 FIRE SIGNS (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius): Intuitive Intelligence

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As the leaders of the zodiac, Fire signs tend to do without thinking. Or at least, that’s how it seems. In reality, these signs possess intuitive intelligence, which is like following their gut to determine their next big move. Unlike the other signs in the zodiac, Fire signs like Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius don’t shy away from risks – they run full-tilt towards them. To them, ignoring a risk or second-guessing themselves means that they could miss out on something amazing, and these signs live for the thrill. It isn’t the kind of textbook intelligence we think of when we think of “smart people”, but Fire signs are the innovators. They have big ideas and big lady parts to actually pursue them. You may have had the same idea as a Fire sign, but your hesitance had you not follow through with it.

15 ARIES: Too Impulsive

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The short temper and moody nature of the Aries means that emotional intelligence isn’t really their strong suit. They’re too busy rushing into things and being spontaneous and impulsive to take a moment to think about how their actions impact others! While this kind of thinking can be great for going on new adventures or discovering new things, it doesn’t tend to lend itself well to creating emotionally attuned relationships.

Aries likes to be the leader in everything, and sometimes that means stepping on a few toes. They’re too busy trying to be first that they don’t pay attention to what they’re doing to get there and can end up hurting quite a few people in the process. As far as emotional intelligence goes, they’re right near the bottom.

14 LEO: Occasionally Delusional

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Leo is usually too involved with themselves and their own lives to look outward, which means that they are often delusional about how they are perceived by other people. They always see themselves as the star of the show, and when you’re that secure in your self-image, some emotional blindness is bound to occur. Since emotional intelligence involves a degree of self-awareness and a recognition of your strengths and weaknesses, the blowhard tendencies of Leo make them less inclined to be emotionally intelligent – but don’t tell them that!

Leo needs to always be in the spotlight and being the center of attention doesn’t usually bode well for everyone else’s interests. Sure, Leo can be generous when they want to be, but for the most part, they’ll act without thinking in search of the next best, biggest, and greatest thing.

13 SAGITTARIUS: Flaky To A Fault

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In all honesty, Sagittarius rarely stays in one place long enough to determine how emotionally intelligent they are, which says it all right there! Those born under this sign do not do well with too many people and have a tendency to fly solo, meeting people as they go for a few moments here and there but often having trouble forming lasting relationships.

It is usually a joy to be around a Sagittarius, even if they can’t shut up sometimes, but when it comes to emotional intelligence, they’re not exactly high up there. Acting impulsively, ignoring their feelings (and the feelings of others), and bouncing off the walls are all the opposite of attributes related to emotional intelligence. Those born under this sign aren’t stupid when it comes to feelings, they just don’t have – or want to have – the time or energy to devote to them.

12 EARTH SIGNS (Capricorn, Taurus, Virgo): Practical Intelligence

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Earth signs get a reputation for being stodgy bores, but it’s really just because they’re extremely practically intelligent. They work well with the every day and things that might confuse the rest of us, like doing your taxes or balancing a budget, are second nature to them.

Earth signs are extremely detail-oriented, which means that they usually catch mistakes before they make them. They’re often fiscally responsible which might make them a snooze on a night out but they know where to allocate their funds for the good stuff. Practically intelligent people are problem solvers. They look for the logic in a situation and usually provide advice rather than acting as a sounding board. They see an issue and know exactly how to handle it, which is something the other signs can’t lay claim to.

11 CAPRICORN: Feelings Come Later

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Look, Capricorns aren’t the people you go to when you’re feeling low, plain and simple. Like fellow Earth sign Taurus, Capricorn will try and offer solutions, but grow impatient when you don’t take their advice. While they understand their strengths and weaknesses, they often ignore the latter in favour of the former, without trying to strengthen their weaker spots.

Easily the most motivated and in control of all the signs of the zodiac, Capricorn likes to think things through before diving in. These are key components of emotional intelligence, so Capricorn checks some boxes – except for anything related to emotions, especially the emotions of others. Caps simply have no time for something so frivolous. They prefer stable things they can quantify. They’ll rarely blow up in an argument, but will have marshaled their thoughts enough to eviscerate their opponent.

10 TAURUS: Problem Solvers

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The sign of Taurus is a practical one, occasionally to a fault. When presented with a problem from their friend or significant other, the responsible Taurus will seek out ways to fix it, rather than simply lending an ear – which is sometimes all that’s needed! The stubborn streak in this sign means that when they give advice, they expect it to be followed, and when it goes unheeded, they take it as a personal slight and shut down.

Not every issue is necessarily a problem to be solved, but Taurus doesn’t understand that and will wonder why you came to them in the first place if you didn’t expect a solution. They will try to put themselves in someone else’s shoes, but the moment you start behaving in a way that they deem impractical, they simply can’t connect, so emotional intelligence isn’t a major asset for this Earth sign.

9 VIRGO: Practical, Not Emotional

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The analytical mind of Virgo has them searching for the logical and practical over the emotional. This sign likes something that they can count and categorize rather than the messiness that comes with dealing with matters of the heart.

That being said, Virgo does possess some emotional intelligence, because they know themselves extremely well – almost to a fault. Their critical personality has them regularly beating themselves up, but we can’t deny that they’re aware of exactly what they’re doing. They are also extremely picky and being selective about what you put your energy into means that you have a sense of priorities. In Virgo’s case, that’s often “all work and no play”, but hey, no one said being emotionally intelligent was always fun! Unfortunately, Virgo’s tendencies to beat themselves up makes them fall just short of getting past the middle of the pack of the most emotionally intelligent signs.

8 AIR SIGNS (Aquarius, Libra, Gemini): Analytical Intelligence

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The Air signs of Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius are most often associated with analytical intelligence, which is the kind of intelligence we most often associate with brilliance. These signs are all about high IQs and big ideas. They’re the thinkers and philosophers of our world, but they’re not always so good at the execution part. They prefer to talk about everything they have going on without actually putting it into action, which means they could probably use the discipline of an Earth sign!

Socializing is a major characteristic of these signs as well, who use their experience with and knowledge of other people to influence their ideas and theories. While the Air signs’ type of intelligence is traditional, they’d much rather learn in untraditional ways, like through dialogue and discourse.

7 AQUARIUS: Scared Of Emotions

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On the surface, an Aquarius looks emotionally intelligent. They are often philanthropical and progressive in terms of their ideas, but don’t be fooled, because this sign would rather go skydiving than express how they’re really feeling.

Emotions scare this zodiac sign, plain and simple. They are emotionally disabled, as it were, and are unable to express themselves emotionally or handle that kind of expression from others. Aquarius prefers to look at things through an intellectual lens and indeed, they are often considered the most analytically intelligent sign in the zodiac (which is measured by things like IQ). Unfortunately, this sign falls short of almost everything required to be emotionally intelligent because they refuse to look past the black and white of most issues, preferring intellectual discourse over emotional.

6 LIBRA: Looking Out For Others

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As the great harmonizer of the zodiac, Libra is always careful when choosing their words in order to not offend anyone within earshot (or any who might hear about it later). They are constantly looking out for others but as a result, can put themselves second in any given situation. While this might sound like the kind of behaviour exhibited by an emotionally intelligent person, it’s not.

Emotional intelligence requires some introspection and acknowledgement of what YOU need, in addition to everyone else. Libra isn’t often willing to take a hard look at themselves because they might not like what they see. Conflict is one of the scariest things for people born under this sign, so they will avoid it at all costs, but any emotionally intelligent person will tell you that determining which situations warrant a reaction is a vital component.

5 GEMINI: Ideas Over Emotions

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Feelings can make those born under Gemini feel uncomfortable. Feelings and emotions are ephemeral to them, and they’re not so adept at voicing their emotions at any given time. They would much rather consider things using their brain rather than their heart, because ideas and theories are where this curious sign shines.

That being said, the Gemini is very skilled at active listening, which is a part of being emotionally intelligent. They want to soak up all the knowledge of the world and their nosy natures has them curious about everything, so they’ll happily pay attention to your long-winded rants and ravings. Since they’re also skilled conversationalists, the Gemini reads body language like a book, and will adjust their behavior accordingly, making them a bit more emotionally intelligent than some of the other zodiac signs.

4 WATER SIGNS ( Scorpio, Cancer, Pisces): Perceptive Intelligence

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According to Chinese astrology, water is the element most associated with intelligence, which could explain why Water signs are the most perceptively intelligent members of the zodiac. Water connects the world and people, and so too does perceptive intelligence. The signs of Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces are known for being introspective, passionate, and occasionally tumultuous, but they are also fiercely loyal and devoted to those they love. Perceptive intelligence allows Water signs to understand themselves as well as others by picking up on subtle cues, whether in language, voice, or movement.

It is also worth noting that the Water signs tend to be the most interested in artistic pursuits, choosing to express themselves and their thoughts via creating rather than thinking, doing, or analyzing.

3 SCORPIO: Thirst For Vengeance

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To be emotionally intelligent requires a person to be able to let go of the past in order to move on to a happier, healthier, and fuller life. While the Water signs are often linked with emotional intelligence, the grudge-happy Scorpio falls short of their compatriots.

While Scorpio has always kept their heart close to their chest, they understand themselves well. Like Cancer and Pisces, this sign is very introspective and deeply thoughtful, but their guardedness has them hesitant to expose any vulnerability lest it be used against them. Their strategic mind may have them picking up on body language cues, but their thirst for revenge has them filing away every bit of information in order to use it to their advantage later on. Other than these faults, though, Scorpio is right up there with their emotionally intelligent brethren!

2 CANCER: Introspective And Insecure

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One of the most emotionally intelligent signs of the zodiac, Cancer is a very introspective sign, often delving deep into their hearts and minds to determine why they feel a certain way or think a certain thought. They love to focus these thoughts and feelings in art-based hobbies like music, art or writing to better understand themselves and how their emotions affect others. This sign thrives in solo environments, which gives them plenty of opportunities to discover more about themselves than other signs might.

While that level of introspection has a tendency to make them feel insecure, their bleeding heart will also have them laying down for their loved ones. Their empathy and loyalty is almost unparalleled and they tend to stick with the people they’ve become close to. Depending on the day, the Cancer can be extremely emotionally in-tuned with others – or totally absorbed in themselves.

1  PISCES: Sensitive And Self-Aware

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Naturally, a water sign had to top our list of the most emotionally intelligent zodiac signs, and no one deserves it more than Pisces! Highly intuitive and perceptive, Pisces is able to read people like a book and can easily put themselves in other people’s shoes to understand what they’re going through. Sympathy and empathy are just natural facets of this Water sign’s personality, and they put them both to great use.

Friendly and selfless, Pisces also possesses a keen sense of self. They love being around others but know when they need to have some me-time to create the art that fuels them and allows them to work out their own emotions in a healthy and productive way. Occasionally, their sensitive personality has them feeling the hurts of others a little too sharply, but overall, this sign is the most emotionally intelligent of the zodiac.

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