How Easy Are You? Your Zodiac Sign Reveals All

Sure, you’re a catch. But how easy of a catch are you? You see, everyone has different ideas when it comes to what happens (or shouldn’t happen) after that first date or after that first time you lock eyes across the bar and one of you buys a round of drinks.

Do you drop down and thank your date with more than a simple “thank you”? Do you immediately take a leisurely walk to first and second base, but reserve the home run for a future date? Or do you make him work hard before things get hard and heavy?

We are all influenced by different standards and expectations. For some of you, it could be your upbringing. For others, it could be your friends, the media and your past experiences.

But we’re also influenced by forces beyond us.

If you’re trying to figure out if you’re too easy when a guy wants a little something-something, here’s what the stars say about your bedroom antics (or lack thereof) when you swipe right and meet up for coffee or dinner. Your astrological sign could shine some light on your night and give you insight on what excites you and what pours cold water on steamy pastimes.


12 Aquarius Has Mind Over Matter


Have you ever sat across from a handsome dude — nice smile, great hair, and clearly packing some heat down there — but thought to yourself, "Ugh, he's so BORING."

Then you meet a guy that you can't get out of your mind, but your friends are flabbergasted and keep telling you the first guy was way hotter.

If your sign is Aquarius, thank your lucky stars. Your astrological symbol means you're highly intellectual and want a guy with wit to match. That means you often find relationships unattractive if they are built on purely physical attraction. You want to connect with a guy and find out what he's got in his mind before you let him show you what he's got in his pants.

That means no one-night-stands for this gal, at least until she sees what books are in the guy's nightstand.

11 Pisces Wants a Relationship Before the D


If something smells fishy (and we're not talking about your own hygienic practices), look out! Your stars might be trying to warn you.

If you're a Pisces, you've humble, modest and very relationship-focused. On one hand, that makes you attractive and you'll find that it's often easy to find yourself in a relationship.

But on the other hand, your humbleness means it's often easy for guys to take advantage of you. If he wants to give you a pearl necklace and that's just not your thing, you might find yourself giving in to the pressure anyway.

If you're a Pisces, watch out for those innate traits in yourself. Don't let your humility mean you let guys walk over you. Watch out for guys with checkered pasts like cheating (once a cheat, always a cheater!), or guys who treat women poorly. And before he slides into your DMs and slides between your sheets, think carefully and don't put out just because you're a Pisces and he asks for it.

10 Aries is Independent Women Part III


You bring Destiny Child's song to life, you independent woman you.

If you were born under an Aries sign, you're strong. You're independent. You know what you want. And you do not compromise.

This means guys often find you a difficult catch. They have to work hard to woo you and get your attention. But inside every hard shell is a soft center. With your independent streak, that means when you fall for a guy, you fall HARD.

You'll likely not be able to put your phone down when you're away from him, and when he's around, you might not be able to put his "gadget" down either. This might confuse him after all that hard work you put him through, but just tell him it's his reward for winning over this not-so-easy chick.

9 Taurus Wastes No Time to Get to Playtime


If you had a price tag, you'd be on sale. You might even be on clearance. If you were born under a starry Taurus sky, we've got news for you: Taurus is quite commonly the easiest of the zodiac signs.

When this plays out, that means you might wonder why you always end up with someone who leaves a bad taste in your mouth (and not because of some late night snacking, if you know what we mean). Taurus people often sabotage their own happiness and their own love life by settling.

See, a Taurus does not like taking risks. You like to know what your safe options are, and when it comes to dating, that often means settling for a guy that you're 100% guaranteed to be able to get versus chasing the guy of your dreams but who is more of a wild card.

So, you'll get down and dirty with a 5 when you deserve a 10. But here's the good news: Taurus is also one of the most sensual of signs, so if you find the guy you truly want, you'll WOW him with a passionate drive unlike any other.

8 Gemini Wants to Keep Those Batteries Charged


You're super social. That means when you walk into the bar, in the words of wise guru Britney Spears, "All eyes on me."

Your super social nature also means guys gravitate to you like a magnet. But Geminis also crave variety. You probably have already discovered that you have many different interests both in the bedroom and outside of the bedroom.

The guy you let into your bed will have to be similarly interesting, and you should remind him that if he wants you to be "easy," he better surprise you. A Gemini hates repetition, so kiss missionary style goodbye and find someone who will give you the variety you want.

That variety often means you've got a shoebox under your bed well-stocked with toys and gadgets. You might want to get a Costco membership just for the batteries.

7 Cancer Wants to Netflix and Chill


If a guy asks you out to a fancy date, you could care less. Michelin stars? Your stars say "Nah."

But if he invites you over to his apartment where he's got candles and a home-cooked meal, you can't wait to lick it all up (literally). Extra points if the recipe was passed down through his family for generations.

Your sign means you're sweet and nurturing, so the way to your heart (and your bed) is a nurturing, chick flick-style guy. You want the homegrown romance. You want the warm, kind gestures. You want someone who is soft and cuddly in all the right places, and hard and passionate in all the other places.

If he has these qualities, book a room and let him take you to Stars Hollow. But if he doesn't, you could care less. Bye, boy!

6 You're Gonna Hear Leo R-R-Roar


There's a very good reason your astrological sign is a lion, and it's not because you need to shave your mane down there.

As a Leo, you're passionate and as ferocious as a lion. Guys tend to always notice how energized and confident you are. They can't easily get you, but if you want what they're offering, your ferocious and confident spirit makes it easy for you to take what you want.

This doesn't make you easy. It makes the guy easy, in a sense, as most won't be able to resist you. And once you've got them where you want them, you'll have your way and blow their minds (and blow other things too, maybe). In the end, you're the type of girl guys tell stories about, as your bedroom habits are legendary.

5 Notoriously Quiet And Timid Virgo


At every party, there's that person in the corner staring down into their drink while everyone around them raucously parties. If you're born under the Virgo sign, that could very well be you.

See, Virgos are notoriously shy. This definitely makes it difficult for a lot of potential dates to find out more about you.

But Virgos are also unabashedly loyal. If someone takes the time to invest in you and find out more about your story, that loyalty kicks in and draws them in. This is one of your most attractive emotional features and many people find this irresistible. However, you definitely make them earn the attention you're giving them!

How many licks does it take to get to the center of a Virgo? It takes time, but it's worth every drop.

4 Libra is Head Over Heels For Romance


There are two types of people: Those who think chick flicks set unrealistic expectations for men, and those who think it's fair game and every guy should be moving mountains to catch the girl he wants.

You're part of the latter group. You want the romance before the slow dance down the hallway to your bed.

That means you could care less about most guys. If he walks up to you and buys you a shot at the bar, you'll likely roll your eyes and text your girls about the lame dude you just met. But if he hands you a handwritten card or stands outside your window with a jukebox like John Cusack, your pants drop and you can kiss your chastity goodbye.

Libras are hopeless romantics. Any small gestures he makes will get you excited in every way, and you'll be sure to show and share that excitement between the sheets.

3 Scorpio is Stand Off-ish


If you were born under this sign, you have innate trust issues. You think he's up to no good, like Beyonce dishing some lemonade at Jay-Z. This means you are probably one of the least easy of the 12 astrological signs.

You definitely aren't one to kiss and tell after the first date and you're very cautious when seeking romance. Just the idea of swiping left or right on an app makes you want to get out of the dating game, because how are you supposed to trust someone when they're just a profile photo and a "sup?" on an app?

Once you meet a guy, avoid every temptation and urge you have to pull out his phone. He won't mind you pulling out other things, but that phone should be a no-go as your natural distrust can make it hard for you to find a lover. If you aren't careful, you could sabotage something good, and Beyonce wouldn't want that.

2 Sagittarius is the Taylor Swift of Dating


Don't get us wrong, we love Tay-Tay. Just like her, you captivate and capture attention.

But also like T-Swizzle, you quickly push people away and break hearts. You're pretty and smart, but you probably have a long trail of broken hearts behind you.

That's because you have no problems splitting for something better. In a sense you're easy if someone offers you something unexpected like a new experience (including a new lovemaking act), because a Sagittarius loves exploring new territory and new ways of doing things to that territory.

But once things go a bit stale, or at the first sign of a better option, you're out the door. So before making a decision, take a moment to breathe and think carefully. Just because something more intriguing could be around the corner doesn't necessarily mean you'll be happier when you've taken that turn.

1 Capricorn Wants Commitment


If you were born under a Capricorn sky, you want stability and commitment. Marriage brings people together, and you've probably been bringing together your own marriage plans since you were 10.

Even after the first date, you're on the phone with your girlfriends dissecting whether or not he's the one. What did he mean when he said that? What did he mean when he looked at you that way? Quick, someone check out his Facebook and try to find whether or not he's ever been in a long-term relationship!

Depending on your dating style, you might put out on that first date. But since you're a Capricorn, that's solely to figure out if he's your soulmate. If he is, you're all in. If he's not, you cut those strings and move on quickly. After all, nothing is hotter than commitment.

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