How Appealing You Are To Guys Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Stars, tell us: who is the fairest of them all? Yes indeed, someone’s birth month and date can be an indicator of how pretty they are. Of course, people who fall under the same zodiac can differ in many ways but it can also be pretty telling and accurate about someone’s looks. And if they are not so aesthetically pleasing, they can be pretty in other ways. Beauty can come within and that is the strongest type of beauty of all. After all, it indeed in the eye of the beholder.

Guys can be pretty shallow. They tend to go for appearance first, personality second. It's really bad that they do that, but that's the harsh reality. So when you're too lazy to wash your hair, or you wear the same clothes 4 times in a row, they take notice and they're more or less turned off. So if you care about your appearance, guys will gravitate towards you, trust us.

Or, someone can surround themselves with beautiful things and try to be the best version of themselves. Some signs are higher maintenance and some are chill, read on to see which your zodiac falls under. In honor of Scorpio season, we added a bonus entry for them! Happy birthday, Scorpios.


15 Aries: You Take Great Pride In Your Appearance

Aries are the strongest and boldest of the zodiacs. You don’t take anyone’s sh$t and you demand respect when you walk into a room. You always want to one up and be better than everyone and that includes in the looks department. Aries are a force to be reckoned with and you better believe that they have the wardrobe to match. You are a fire sign and you look killer in red, which is the most attention-drawing color in the spectrum which matches your personality wholeheartedly. Or, you probably sport sporting this color on their lips or on the bottom of their shoes: Louboutins, of course! You will never catch an Aries doing nothing on their couch, you are constantly on the go you will never have a bad, lazy hair day or wearing no makeup. That is not in your vocabulary- you are always looking and feeling their best.

14 Taurus: You Probably Haven’t Washed Your Hair In Days


The Taurus is the perfect example of a girl who could really care less about how pretty she is. First of all, the Taurus is not exactly a people person – they are known to be quite the homebodies and introverts. And you are pretty secure with yourself. So, you also don’t care what anyone thinks of you, which can be good and bad. You are not looking for validation or approval from others. So, you can also be pretty lazy and that includes in your appearance. You also probably have no idea how to do makeup and you were or still are a total tomboy. Tauruses are practical in all aspects of their lives, so you would be caught dead before you spend a bunch of money at Sephora or Saks Fifth Avenue. You would rather be saving up for a house or paying off your college loans… or doing whatever it is real adults do with their money.

13 Gemini: You Can Look Great Or Horribly Gross

Geminis have two sides to them: they are the twins, of course. So, depending on their ever-changing moods depends on how they look. I myself, am a Gemini and my appearance changes every other day. Some days, I slay. Other days, I have potato chips on my shirt and I could not be bothered to even brush my hair. Regardless of their appearance, however, Geminis can charm anyone who comes their way to death. So even if I look like an ogre, I can probably still get someone to like me. Geminis have a very active social life and are constantly looking for others approval. So, when we go out to dinner or to a club, best believe we are dressed up from head to toe trying to impress everyone. We can’t help it, it is just in our nature. We take great pride in having large groups of friends and being the most popular person in the room.

12 Cancer: You Are Extremely Feminine And Graceful


The Cancers are sensitive, passionate creatures. You care deeply for your loved ones and you can make a great homemaker and a mother (if that is your thing). You exude femininity and delicacy. You love flowy dresses and you love to be a girly girl. You were probably that sweet cheerleader that everyone adored in high school, or the cool girl next door that every guy longed for. After all, men automatically gravitate towards you because you are not only down to earth and easy to talk to, but you are drop-dead gorgeous. You also are such a people pleaser and you want to make everyone around you happy. So, if you have a boyfriend or a husband, you are probably dressing up to the nines on date night to keep him happy. Always doing things for others, Cancers are truly amazing women - and their appearance matches that.

11 Leo: You Are Beautiful, And it’s Annoying

The Leo is the King of the jungle: or Queen in this case. You are every guys dream man, every girls’ envy. You are on point from head to toe. You love the best of the best, and that includes in your attire. You are known to gravitate towards successful men, because you are the best of the best and you want the same. So, you are probably part of a power couple that everyone looks at and says - “goals.” You have a closet that any girl would die for, Neiman Marcus is probably your favorite store. On top of that, Leos are known to be a little materialistic. And by a little I mean a lot. Sorry, but it’s true. You are a true believer in the saying “diamonds are a girl’s best friend.” And if you are single, none of your girlfriends secretly want you to meet their man because they know that guys see you as a total catch.

10 Virgo: You Are A Perfectionist, So Of Course You Want Your Image To Be Perfect As Well


You are nothing short of gorgeous, Virgo. You are hyper-critical of others, but you are the most critical of yourself. That has both negatives and positives. The negative side is, you are way too hard on yourself. You pick at everything you see as a flaw – especially on your appearance. On the other hand, that comes with great motivation to look and feel your best. You are a fitness freak and you eat all of your vegetables in a day. You also probably have a great athletic build. But it doesn’t come naturally, you earn every inch of it! Virgos are not partiers, they would rather get up early and go for a bike ride, or a long run. Productivity is your middle name, Virgo. You are a go-getter, and you definitely spend a lot of time making sure you look good while doing it.

9 Libra: You Are Flawless

Libras are the perfect balance and so is their appearance. They make sure to keep all of aspects in their life in equilibrium. The Libra is always reading and intellectual, and they are always up to date with the latest trends in the fashion industry. You are charismatic to no end and your beauty shines from the inside out. Even if you are not the prettiest girl in the room, you make sure to make up for it with your personality and quick wit. Everyone loves a Libra, they almost never have enemies - which makes you even more attractive to the opposite sex. You almost never have a man who is in love with you in some way or fashion, but Libras can never be held down. You ensure to never be a part of drama and confrontation and let’s be honest: both of those things cause wrinkles and stress acne.


8 Scorpio: You Are The Hot Girl That Everyone Wants


Scorpios are passionate and seductive – a true force to be reckoned with. You are THAT hot girl that guys dream about and you know it! Your energy is hard to ignore and you probably have killer looks to go with it. Sultry is your middle name so you probably love a good LBD and a bold lip. In addition, you usually know exactly how to manipulate a man to fall in love with you. There is no escaping your spell. And you are also killer in bed, so if your manipulation tactics didn’t steal the deal, your skills definitely will. Your mystery is what makes you so attractive, you won’t let just anyone see the vulnerable side of you. You are exotic and magnetic, so all of these qualities are pretty irresistible. You would also do anything and everything to make your partner happy.

7 …However, Your Jealousy And Spite Kills Your Looks Sometimes

Scorpio, sorry to break it to you, but sometimes your crazy behavior overpowers any sort of attractiveness that you have. If you have an ugly personality, it doesn’t matter if you look like Megan Fox. No amount of makeup can hide the fact that you suck deep down inside. You need to take it down a notch on the insanity scale. A little jealousy can be endearing, but you don’t do a LITTLE jealousy. You lose your mind if a flirt with bae, or if you catch him liking another girl’s pictures. This is sure to make any man run, so relax! You don’t need to be so possessive to keep someone in your life. If you can keep the crazy to a minimum you make a phenomenal girlfriend and any man would be lucky to have you! Like I named earlier, you have so many great qualities about you.

6 Sagittarius: You Are The Laid Back, Natural Beauty


Sagittariuses are the down to earth, cool girl that doesn’t give a damn about the latest fashion or how done up she is. She finds those kinds of things to be pretty ridiculous. You are all about the comfort. Cotton and linen are your go-tos – a t-shirt and jeans girl for life.You are minimalistic when it comes to your makeup, as well, a fresh face is your preference. There tends to be somewhat of a bohemian vibe to a Sag, but that doesn’t stop you from being extremely desirable, considering men love the “natural look” (apparently). Overall, you are not a stranger to the mall, but you would rather be catching a plane on your next adventure. You are way too worldly to give materialistic things a second thought. You would rather go to the dentist than to go to a fashion show. You love nothing more than freedom, so you feel that too many items just tie you down.

5 Capricorn: You Are A Total Girly-Girl

The Capricorn woman is very strong in her career life. You the boss of the bosses. Nothing or no one can mess up the path to success for you, nor would they even think about getting in your way: they know that they will surely get trampled on. You probably own some pretty badass professional wear. However: you love to be delicate and girly when it comes to your personal style. Because you are so serious about your career, you love to let your hair down and be delicate in other aspects of your life. You can go from rocking an edgy pair of Milono Blaniks at work to a sundress for an afternoon date. No matter what, you are always shining Capricorn, the best of both worlds: a total catch. You will hardly find a Capricorn having a bad hair day or wearing sweatpants, after all: you have a reputation to uphold.

4 Aquarius: You Don’t Keep Up So Much With Your Appearance


Aquarius, you are too busy dreaming and doing soul-searching to be bothered to get ready in the morning. You don’t really care about outwards appearances because you know that it is all about what someone is like on the inside: not the outside. You know that you don’t need to conform to the ideal standards of beauty to be beautiful. After all, you are brilliant. You are also adventurous, two attractive and amazing qualities in of themselves. You don’t need to do your hair and makeup for people to take notice of you. Your originality and your worldly views will make anyone swoon - who wants a copy when they can have an original? Your confidence and energy is also contagious and people naturally draw themselves to you. You want to change the world for the better and that is just as beautiful as any supermodel on the runway.

3 Pisces: You Have Beautiful Taste

The Pisces woman has a love for the finer things in life, designer everything for you. You belong on a Yacht in the south of France. Over your dead body would you be seen as looking nothing but the best. You are also extremely unpredictable and emotional and your outfits tend to stand out and be as intense as you are. Your appearance in general really depends what you are feeling at that exact moment: quite the emotional creature, you are. When you are feeling your best, you have no problem taking fashion risks and having heads turn on the street. Rihanna is a Pisces! You also have a mysterious way about you and paradoxically exude love and warmth which make you irresistible to others: everyone wants to know more about you. You probably love a great pair of shoes, too: the Pisces rules over the feet – weird, I know.

2 The Highest Maintenance Sign: The Aries


Aries, I’m sorry to break it to you but you are very much a princess in a lot of ways. You are a good match for a knight in shining armor type of guy. Because of you viewing yourself as high and mighty, nothing anyone does for you is good enough. Not only do you want everyone to conform to your needs and wants, you also need the best of the best: nothing else will do for you. Your selfishness and stubbornness is a major turn-off to a lot of people. Not only do you possess these qualities, you can be quite bossy. The laid-back, cool girl is something you will never be. And it’s okay! It actually probably is a good thing in your career life and accomplishing things. However, for your social and love life – not so much. You’re also pretty snobbish and stuck up. Take a chill pill lady.

1 The Lowest Maintenance Sign: The Aquarius

Aquarius, you are the very definition of cool and collected, it’s almost annoying to the rest of us mood-swinging females. There are a lot of reasons behind this demeanor of yours. First of all, you are a water sign – and like water… you are always going with the flow (no pun intended). Second of all, being mushy and loving are not your strong suits. You can come off as cold and uninterested. You will never be caught crying in public or showing your emotions in any type of way. You don’t let anyone get the best of you. On top of this, you could care less about other people’s opinions of you – you are usually in your own little world anyway, so why would you? All of this combined makes you the lowest maintenance sign. But, try to at least wash your hair once a week, would you?


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