You Can Become A Southside Serpent And Join Jughead's Crusade Thanks To Hot Topic

Riverdale fans, you can now fulfill your dreams of becoming a Southside Serpent or a River Vixen, thanks to Hot Topic. The retail chain, which is known for supplying television show fandoms with affordable merchandise, has come in clutch once again and restocked their most popular items inspired by the hit CW show. Included in Hot Topic’s Riverdale collection are Southside Serpent leather jackets, River Vixen cheer uniforms, Riverdale Bulldog athletic gear, and more.

Hot Topic’s unisex faux black leather jacket ($69) comes with a Southside Serpents patch on the back that looks like it came right off Riverdale’s set in Vancouver. For all the DIY-ers out there, the brand also sells a small Southside Serpents circular patch ($4.90) that can be ironed on to any jacket or vest. Of course, Hot Topic couldn’t forget about the iconic Cheryl Blossom Serpents jacket. Feel as good as Cheryl did when she joined the Serpent family by putting on this soft red leather jacket ($79.90-$83.90) complete with a silver zipper, two waist pockets, and a zipper side detail.

If you’d rather be a Riverdale High athlete, Hot Topic’s got you covered. Step into the River Vixens’ cheer practice wearing this girls’ varsity cheer jacket ($59.90) and these bulldog girls’ shorts ($16.90). Complete the look with Cheryl’s Riverdale varsity cheer gym bag ($44.90). Or, you can get cozy in a Riverdale football t-shirt ($20.90-$24.90) and a “Property of Riverdale Athletic Department” sweatshirt ($39.90-$41.90).

Some of the clothes seen on Riverdale are so cute, and now you can own them too. Shop Veronica’s black lace dress ($49.90), Betty’s corduroy pink A-line skirt ($39.90), Cheryl’s cherry cardigan ($34.90), and Josie’s leopard-print bodysuit ($32.90-$36.90) exclusively at Hot Topic.

Hot Topic also carries a number of Riverdale collectible items, such as pens, wallets, posters, backpacks, pins, makeup, jewelry, socks, POP bobbleheads, and t-shirts. The truly dedicated fans can even buy pillowcases with Jughead’s or Archie’s faces on them and a Southside Serpents comforter ($74.90).

The complete Hot Topic Riverdale collection has arrived just in time for Halloween. There are tons of apparel and accessory options to choose from—start planning your epic Betty and Jughead couples’ costumes (or your Betty and Veronica BFF’s costumes!).

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