Hormones And Husbands: Getting Busy While Pregnant Can Be GREAT

Hormones and husbands go hand in hand while pregnant because getting busy while pregnant can be great!

Cosmopolitan spoke to seven different women who all got candid about what sex is like when pregnant. The most important thing to remember is that each woman and each pregnancy is different. The overriding theme with all the pregnant woman: the hormones will either make sex better than ever or will completely stall your sex life.

In the case of these seven women, only one did not like having sex while pregnant. She admitted sex got weird for both her and her husband, so they stopped having sex while she was expecting their child.

Six of the women were raring to get their bump and grind on during pregnancy, but each lady felt different. One woman explained it was only during her second trimester when her sex drive was on overdrive. During her first and third trimesters, she wasn’t into getting it on at all.

Although everyone is different, the good news is that it seems most ladies love pregnancy sex! Not only because their sex drive is revved up, but also because the actual sex feels better. Plus, because of the baby bump, couples are forced to try different positions which can spice up anyone’s sex life. Also, as one of the soon-to-be mommies pointed out, what feels good one day may not the next day or next week. Therefore, the sex is constantly changing.

One thing all seven women agreed on is that having sex for the first time after finding out you are pregnant can be awkward. Both partners are concerned about hurting the baby, but the women say to press on! The sex gets oh-so-much better.

“My sex drive was so much higher than normal and my husband did not mind. Typically we would have sex three times a week and it changed to three times a day,” explained Kiedra to the magazine.

While Kerry shared, “When I was pregnant, multiple orgasms became regular and rather expected.”

Those are just two examples of why hormones and husbands go hand in hand while pregnant. The sex is can be great. If pregnancy sex does not feel great to you, do not feel bad. Not all women react to sex the same when pregnant... and it could always be different the next time around!

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