Get Holographic Hair, No Dye Required

Holographic hair colors have been a hot trend on social media since 2016. Artistic hairdressers all over the world are spending hours bleaching hair and painting on multiple pastel or metallic hair dyes to create a three-dimensional illusion.

As beautiful as the results are, the process can be daunting, so some hair-color enthusiasts have opted to just keep the pretty photos saved on Pinterest and dream of the day when achieving holographic hair becomes easy. Break out the inspiration photos, hair junkies, because that day has arrived. A method for getting holographic hair without using any dye has resurfaced, and it’s straight out of the early 2010s.

Hair tinsel, also known as shimmer extensions or hair bling, is made of ultra-fine thread that can be knotted into hair strands. The reflective tinsel can be used on any hair type and last for about 1-2 weeks depending on the care methods. To avoid pulling the tinsel out during brushing or washing, Superior Threads suggests putting pressure on the top of the tinsel with one finger. The material is heat-resistant, so hot tools can still be used with caution. Hair tinsel should not be exposed to heat for too long as its melting point is 490 degrees Fahrenheit.

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The hair tinsel trend first took off in 2010 when pop icons Kesha and Beyoncé sported the glittery strands in their hair. While Kesha often wore them in music videos and during shows, Beyoncé included them in her 2010 Grammys look. Hair tinsel was tied into hair close to the roots throughout the entire head, giving the appearance of classic dyed highlights.

The trend died off until just recently when K-Pop star, Heize, performed a set at KCON NY with glittery tinsel in her hair. The South Korean singer had several silver pieces of tinsel tied in the front sections of her hair, towards the middle of each hair strand rather than at the roots.

Tinsel may last the longest when it’s added to hair professionally in a salon, but there are also DIY kits sold on Amazon. Watch the video below for a tutorial on how to properly knot tinsel into the hair.

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