18 Hollywood Starlets Who Pretty Much Just Gave Up

We were all young at one stage in our lives - no matter where we'd come from, we all looked up to the leading ladies of Hollywood, transfixed by their auras and mesmerized by their flawless looks. The boys hung up posters of Pamela Anderson, strutting down the beach in a red bikini on their bedroom walls, while the girls looked up to to the likes of Tara Reid and Julia Roberts as exceptional industry talents worth idolizing.

Sadly, perfection never lasts, and we've seen that first-hand in the entertainment world of Tinseltown. Whether a result of manic lifestyles fueled by booze and partying, or last-hope plastic surgeries that backfired, these once-adored women seem to have really let themselves go.

Some women age like fine wine. These gals age like sour cream.

18 Pamela Anderson

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As arguably one of the most iconic symbols of female beauty of the last decade, sadly, Pamela Anderson is finally starting to look her age - in fact, she's starting to look years PAST her age. The former Baywatch eye-candy, despite attempting to stay relevant, has clearly let herself go.

17 Tara Reid

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If we hop in our celebrity time machine and jump back just a couple of decades, we get to see Tara Reid as her prime. When American Pie hit cinemas in 1999, she'd emerged as a beauty icon - a perfect woman for any teenage boy's bedroom wall poster. Then, well, take a look for yourself...

16 Meg Ryan

via The Sun

Looking a tad shiny there, Meg. As tends to be the case in the world of Hollywood, famous faces do whatever it takes to attempt to maintain their youth, often resorting to endless plastic surgeries. In the case of Meg Ryan, the surgeries have only made her look older, and she may as well have given up.

15 Kelly McGillis

via Entertainment Tonight

Oh dear, Kelly, what on earth is going on with that hair? Ever heard of a hairdresser or at least a hat? Back in the 80s and 90s, Kelly Ann McGillis was turning heads in roles on the big screen, like Rachel Lapp in Witness. Nowadays, however, the heads are turning the other way.

14 Donatella Versace

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What you're thinking is correct - Donatella Versace is the same Versace behind, well, Versace. You'd think that an undisputed icon of the fashion industry would be able to keep herself looking fit and fab, however, that's clearly the furthest possible thing from the truth. We can't unsee it...

13 Courtney Love

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We used to love Cortney (hey, see what we did there) for her talent and appearance but, sadly, nothing lasts forever. After Kurt Cobain passed away, Courtney took a turn for the worse, experiencing rapid weight fluctuations and undergoing far too many unnecessary plastic surgeries.

12 Kirstie Alley

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Are these two photos actually of the same human? You'd be right to be a little unsure about it all. Props to Kirstie, as she's embraced her challenges with weight over the years and used it to her advantage in the industry. That being said, the aging process hasn't been overly kind to her.

11 Brigitte Bardot

via Daily Mail

On your right, ladies and gentlemen, you'll notice a stunning icon of the entertainment industry. On the left, we're not entirely sure if that's the evil stepmother from Cinderella or the Wicked Witch of the West. Seriously, Brigitte, how could you have let yourself go in such a drastic manner? It's okay, we still love you.

10 Goldie Hawn

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Back in the day, Goldie Hawn really did have it all. She had the looks, the personality, the talent, and the charisma to back it all up. Unfortunately, while three of those things stuck around, one did not. As the years passed, it seems as though Goldie stopped caring entirely about her looks.

9 Janice Dickinson

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When you dub yourself as the "world's first supermodel", you better be able to back it up with proof. Granted, Janice Dickinson did have that portfolio at one stage, however, it was extremely short-lived. After multiple attempts at plastic surgery, it's hard to imagine that the photos we're seeing are actually the same person.

8 Melanie Griffith

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It seems as though yet another Hollywood starlet has fallen victim to the ruthless aging manipulator that is plastic surgery. When she was in her prime, Melanie was a natural beauty - that's hard to deny. Fast forward to today, and she's even admitted herself that "People tell me that I look horrible" (via Daily Mail).

7 Kathleen Turner

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From Romancing The Stone to The War of the Roses and Serial Mom, Kathleen Turner's filmography is truly something to marvel at. The former blonde beauty made an impact in the projects in which she starred, however, as we've seen with a number of the lovely ladies here, she cared far less as time went on.

6 Geena Davis

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Sliding back to the Beetlejuice days,  Geena Davis was young, vibrant and, in the eyes of most viewers, quite attractive. As the years passed, she too fell victim to the beast that is plastic surgery, attempting to combat the aging process while, in reality, only speeding it up.

5 Amanda Bynes

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Not only was Amanda Bynes a massive hit on the Nickelodeon series All That and The Amanda Show, but she was also, objectively, a very attractive young adult. Fast forward a handful of years and it's rather evident that, for whatever reason, the former star actress has seriously let herself go.

4 Lindsay Lohan

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Are you surprised to see Lindsay Lohan make an appearance on this list? Of course not! The former Disney child star and internationally-renowned actress dominated the industry in her teenage years, before slamming head-first into a period of instability and poor choices. Clearly, those took their toll.

3 Julia Roberts

via InStyle

As much as we absolutely adore Julia Roberts and off of the impressive work that she's done over the course of her career, it seems difficult to look at this photo and not be just a little bit taken aback. With 3 kids under her belt, Julia's starting to look a little older than she'd like.

2 Kate Moss

via Irish Mirror

It actually wasn't too long ago when Kate Moss was one of the most notorious supermodels on the face of the earth. Judging by this photo, however, that seems a little hard to believe. Now edging toward 46 years old, it's clear that Kate's partying lifestyle has become a little too much to handle.

1 Britney Spears

via The Mirror

Ah, yes! Nothing quite beats a bald Britney wielding a bent green umbrella as a weapon now, does it? It's not exactly classified news that the famous singer went through a tumultuous time in her life where all seem lost - thankfully, however, she's been able to reel it back in since then.

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