H&M's New 'Close to My Heart' Collection Was Designed With Cancer Survivors In Mind

Swedish clothing retailer giant H&M is launching a capsule collection called 'Close To My Heart', and it is designed with breast cancer survivors in mind. As it turns out, one of H&M's employees brought to the attention that she had not been able to find any bras that were both reasonably priced, functional, and fashionable in her time of need. H&M realized how this, of course, is a struggle for all women who have had a mastectomy and started the process of designing bras that would meet their needs.

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Since October is the official Breast Cancer Awareness Month, the capsule collection is now available both in H&M's physical stores and online. The bras have been designed in close collaboration with women who have had one or both of their breasts removed, and look similar to a conventional bra. The main difference is that they have a mesh pocket to place the prostheses and that they cover more of the breasts. The Close To My Heart collection offers three styles of bras, a sports bra with a front zip-up, a lace bra, and a basic microfiber bra.

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As reported by Teen Vogue, H&M's collection has been created in collaboration with The American Cancer Society, and they are donating 100% of the collection's proceeds to cancer research. The goal that they have set for the end of October is to raise $125,000.

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The Close To My Heart collection offers bras that are functional and comfortable for any woman who has battled breast cancer or currently is. Even though they are made with women who have had a mastectomy in mind, the bras can be worn by all women. The sizing runs from a 32A to a 38D, and the design is elegant and the colors muted. H&M has said that they hope the bras from the Close To My Heart collection will give women the ability to look and feel good.

H&M's initiative is amazing, and they are definitely setting the bar high for other big retailers on the market. The fact that they are not only providing a product that will benefit women who are battling breast cancer, but also will donate all the proceeds to research is remarkable.

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